In those rare moments of snuggling in bed, it’s either I go full on potato style and wrap myself up in dozens of layers of warm pyjama fabrics (animate socks included) or, on days where I don’t want to feel too ashamed of myself, I take advantage of relaxing to still kind of look fresh and chic. It gives me a little impression of being effortlessly elegant, you know… This article showcases this situation quiet properly! We got some super luxurious Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas, a beautiful rose gold Chopard time piece and, well, a full make up on as I just had it done before getting ready to head out.

Investing in comfort wear has probably been one of my biggest luxuries and indulgence as it’s something you don’t buy for work, or to show yourself with to the world. It also isn’t much of a productive object, so we could say that it isn’t such a smart investment. At the end of the day, it’s something you’ll mostly wear for yourself and can so easily live without. I mean common, I can sleep with my radio head XXL t-shirt and feel awesome about it. BUT there’s just something so elevated about having a silk pyjama on and rolling around in white bed sheets while sipping on some hot coffee. You feel like a princess in your castle, even if you might just be twirling on the couch.

For a long time, I kept wondering about the utility of investing in home wear and even lingerie as really nobody but me will truly enjoy. But the more I grew up, the more I realized that in this whole fashion game, the most important actually is to please yourself, have fun, bring some lightness and beauty in your life through these little details that you only will know. Now, I spend like crazy on pyjamas. It’s probably my favorite thing to buy with candles, and I don’t even spend that much time in bed… But it’s just this idea of pleasure and of snuggling in style that I find so fascinating.

When I travel, I like to have beautiful essentials with me, either it’s a bathrobe, a cashmere wrap, some slippers or an eye mask, I like to have these little details to elevate my experience and make me feel like home anywhere I go. When I was in New York for fashion week, I had the opportunity to stay in the popular Empire hotel (Chuck Bass’s hotel in Gossip Girl hehe, had to mention it, just had to). Their comfy beds were a dream and the day after we won our blogger of the year award, we kept receiving flowers and gifts in our room during a morning which was more laid back that the others. These kind of moments are truly unforgettable.

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PYJAMA : Olivia Von Halle

WATCH & RING : Chopard


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Sometimes its necessary to slowdonw and relaxing :))

Oh yes! Everything you do, shows how much you love and appreciate yourself.
Investing in great homewear doesn’t come naturally, but as you grow “older” you
do understand that anything you put on or inside yourself matters and does make a
difference on how you feel and think… Great piece of homewear def. makes me feel
great when I need to stay at home and do lots of work from home or when I just wanna
have a lazy and pampering kind of weekend…

Beautiful photos. I like the watch and the ring!

Your PJs look amazing. Beautiful hotel!

xx Mira

Comfy pajamas are just the best thing in the world :D.

Super relaxing and gorgeous photos… So much quality!


Gorgeous photography! Your silk pyjamas look chic and comfortable.


It’s great to just be able to relax and unwind in comfort.


Beautiful captures and post! Love your hair!!

Liebe Kristina

Du siehst klasse aus.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

You’re the cutest!
and those pjs looks so comfy!

Oh, what a cool moment, Kristina! Your hardwork really deserves it, I really adore you! Have a nice day <3 xx

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So beautiful photos.
And you are right about the sleepwear. Lot of people think that it doesn’t matter in what they sleep..but once you discover little bit luxurious and more pleasant material, than it elevate your sleep to another agreed =)
Enjoy your stay and I am envious now with the Milano..I love that city so much..
Cheers from Prague,
Michael / facebook

Beautiful pictures!

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Congratulations on you award! Yes, what woman doesn’t like to indulge in the luxury sometime? :-)
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Congrats on the award! Love the photos of New York x

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Oh come on, if you can afford it I think that good night wear is very important, especially if you rarely have any time to relax it can really help you enjoy yourself :) Treat yourslef girl :) But why are you holding Fiona’s coffee? ahah

you deserve all your success!

Congratulations too!!!! Greetz Edwin.

Beautiful photos!


Love this post! It’s such a luxury to please yourself with a good quality bath robe!

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Amazing post and pictures! =)


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I totally agree with you that it matters the most to please ourselves! Love the pyjama! The Hotel looks beautiful!

Denina Martin 21 November 2014 / Reply

I know it’s been a lot of travel and work for you recently, but I miss your regular posts. Can’t wait for you to get back on track :)

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Stunning pictures! So jealus of your time at NYFW! And of your pajamas, of course!

How exciting! You look stunning.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

I love beautiful pyjamas! The pictures are great!:)

Great post! I can truly relate to your opinion of luxurious comfy clothes even if I personally can’t afford such a high quality pyjama like yours ( but a black satin kimono from h&m does its job to make me feel a bit more elegant too).
Love, Caroline

I’ve recently become obsessed with home wear too. I used to wear loose comfy outfits but right now I’m looking for chic knits and lace in pastel colors which are also comfy but beautiful at the same time. When you look good, you feel good. No matter if you are indoors or outdoors :)

Wonderful pictures. There is nothing more to say.

All my Love. MS

You look so pretty !

Love from Paris

Congrats again and again. And you look stunning as always.

what a lovely post! you’re so lucky you can stay at Chuck Bass’s hotel in Gossip Girl ^^

SO stunning as always Kristina!! I love following your Instagram :)

These photos are so beautiful and you definitely look effortlessly elegant. I get such a cosy feeling just looking at them!

there definitely is something about lounging in silk pyjamas!
great post

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you’re an angel even in pyjama! so beautiful! congrat for the bloglovin award!

<3 Mary

Very well written. love your great pictures!

Amazing pictures!!!!

But why are you drinking Fiona’s coffee? :P

even in a pyjama you look absolutely stunning!

xxx from Paris!

I’ve always thought that clothing makes us feel better somehow, and as important as outside clothing are inside clothing, like sexy underwear for confidence, or luxurious bedtime clothes to feel like a princess. It’s not only to show out to the world but what makes you feel better about yourself

Love the photos! your posts are amazing! The flowers are gorgeous too!


Congratulations on your award! Well deserved! )))

Nice place – The Smith.

Marina Teenmagic 23 November 2014 / Reply

You look so sweet in this super good pyjama, Kristina :)
And congrats for the Blogger Of The Year AWARD! So happy for you, Kayture Team <3

Looks very relaxing and cozy! And the view looks out of this world. so so gorgeous, Kristina :)

x Sarah

It does make a difference when you invest in yourself! Hope you are getting a good amount of rest!

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beautiful pictures from my beloved nyc.

Those pajamas look so silky and comfy!!! Congrats on the Blogger of the Year award<3 You truly deserved it


seeing u wear that silk chic elegant yet comfy pajamas, feels like i was saw a princess in in the castle, indeed…you are such a beauty it self Kay ^^

Such a beautiful and elegant pyjamas! and that must to be such a great experience to stay in the famous Chuck Bass hotel! ;)

Beautfiul pictures! <3 Elegant, chic and classy as always! I'm totally into that kind of style.

Kisses from Vienna,


stunning set, stunning beauty… can’t get enough of these mesmerizing eyes, quiet beauty and elegance :)

Perfect post! are adorable!!
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So, so well-deserved!! Congrats :)


These Pyjamas look so nice.
Good pictues as alwasy ;)

I love to spend time with myself, it helps me a lot!! Jajaja by the way, I loved your mention about Chuck Bass, now I’m seeing FOR FIRST TIME Gossip Girl, and I’m really obssesed! jaj
Hey check ;)

Cute pijamas are the best thing in the world <3!

Beautiful New York and gorgeous cosy pictures!

Quelle chance! L’hôtel Empire! Quand je l’ai vu à NY j’ai été complètement dingue!


pretty face, pretty look and pretty room you’re perfect !

I like your style you’re so pretty

Hey! I am new on your blog and i read you with pleasure. Thisis a lovely world and i can travel with you around the world – this is my dream since i was a little girl! The pics are gorgeous you look so amazing! :)
I want to tell you “Congratuations!” for your work…for bothofyou!