Recently, I had the chance to work with the awesome Coveteur team in Paris during fashion week. Like they’d say, I’ve been officially Coveteur’d!!! Being a big admiring of their website and general aesthetic, it was seriously the coolest thing ever. I was thrilled to work with the awesome Jake Rosenberg, who’s a great photographer and shot the images you’ll be able to discover bellow. You might have already seen these pictures on their website, but I insisted to repost them as I love them so much.

The whole idea of the shoot was to get into my closet and play with all the pieces, mix and match everything and just have fun. I love how the images came out as it’s so different from anything I’ve done. I think it’s so nice to have a different photography style, even though James is incredible, it’s always quite fascinating to see how somebody else can capture your universe.

Today’s sunday. We just had a fabulous brunch with some friends in the Hollywood hills. Had to pinch myself while overlooking the landscape. Felt so happy, grateful and just so excited for everything we’re working right now… Los Angeles is the most incredible place ever, with so much happening and so quickly. I feel surrounded but such an amazing creative energy. Just makes me wanna wake up each morning and work, work work, create, create, create and create. Hope you guys had a wonderful week-end! Sending you much love.

Kristina_Bazan-5 Kristina_Bazan-7 Kristina_Bazan-11 Kristina_Bazan-12 Kristina_Bazan-13 Kristina_Bazan-14 Kristina_Bazan-15 Kristina_Bazan-16 Kristina_Bazan-17 Kristina_Bazan-18 Kristina_Bazan-19 Kristina_Bazan-20 Kristina_Bazan-9Kristina_Bazan-21 Kristina_Bazan-22 Kristina_Bazan-23Kristina_Bazan-10Kristina_Bazan-24Kristina_Bazan-6Kristina_Bazan-25Kristina_Bazan-1 Kristina_Bazan-27Kristina_Bazan-4Kristina_Bazan-28 Kristina_Bazan-29Kristina_Bazan-8Kristina_Bazan-30Kristina_Bazan-3Kristina_Bazan-31 Kristina_Bazan-32 Kristina_Bazan-33    Kristina_Bazan-37 Kristina_Bazan-38   Kristina_Bazan-41 Kristina_Bazan-42 Kristina_Bazan-43 Kristina_Bazan-45 Kristina_Bazan-46 Kristina_Bazan-47 Kristina_Bazan-48 Kristina_Bazan-49 Kristina_Bazan-50 Kristina_Bazan-51



DRESS : Cameo

WHITE BAG : Mansur Graviel 

BLUE DRESS : Mr. Selfportrait


WHITE CULOTTE PANTS : N°21 (Similar Here)



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Oh my… You in that white dress?!? Simply outstanding! Love the way you’ve
put your hair too.

Prudence Yeo 3 November 2014 / Reply

Really gorgeous collection of shoes, bags and accessories! Love the clean and pristine look of the pretty maxi white dress too!


What a cute photo shoot! I love your shoe and accessories collection!

Congratulations! These photos are amazing and you look beautiful

Fabulous white ensemble! So chic! Awesome purses! Especially BB’s one! Super light blue pumps too!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
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As always all of these photographs are stunning! I really love the high-end pieces in a more grungy environment.

What an amazing picture heavy post! Love the atmosphere these pictures breathe, really awesome :)


Love all the pictures! They are pretty different from your usual style, but I agree, it’s always cool to see how someone else can capture your life!

Amazing pictures!

Absolutely gorgeous… Love the dress and the contrast with the fruits <3

Wow sooo lucky of you!! I really love the white dress you are wearing and the bags are gorgeous! :)


So many awesome photos! Love it<3

Shall We Sasa: Blanket Scarf Three Ways

I’m a big fan of Coveteur and seeing you there made me really happy! I loved the interview and how all the photos turned out! <3



Love it Kristina! x

Love every single item! The photos are amazing!!


I love geometric pattern black jacket with statement necklace!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Oh jeah!! Amzing High Heels!!

Congratulations, this article is amazing! These photos are really cool, love all these look because all of them are so your style and absolutely chic. My favorite outfit is the total white look, this outfit can’t be more fabulous and represent the perfect look for the PFW. Adore the first pair of heels, they are so fancy

Great pictures! I love your white look – so fresh and stylish!

ahhhh i love the coveteur
you look amazing and so does your closet

This is so cool, I’ve been waiting for you to get coveteured, it’s one of my favorite websites.

xx Cheyenne

The Fashion Fraction 3 November 2014 / Reply

That white floor length dress is seriously to die for

Congrats Kristina!
That’s awesome! I love Coveteur and your closet is to die for :P

wow, such amazing pieces! You’re really lucky!

Amazing work! You seems to be such a talented and smart person. Love this story.


Congrats ! Amazing photos !

Love from Paris

Amazing! The pieces are wonderful and the white dress is a dream!! :D

Ahh I’m so jealous. It’s like my biggest dream to be coveteurd! So cool! And the photos are great :D

Lucky Girl – the pictures are stunning. Love the blue dress the most. The color really suits you a lot!
best wishes

such amazing and colourful pictures ! you look gorgeus x


Love it!! Love your blog, your style is so feminine and chique!
Could you do a blogpost about your sportsroutine?

You look amazing! and these pictures in front of the fruit shop are incredible! the white dress you’re wearing is to die for

Impressive collections, wow <3

I’m going to model for Door of Diamonds ( year 2016, can’t you attend too I really want to see you?

That’s incredible, you really made it !!!! And your wardrobe is To Die For !

Great looks, you look so nice on those pics!


Wow you own so many fabulous things! These pictures are very inspiring! thank you for sharing!

x Karen

Amazing post ! They are really talented

Love these photos,they’re brilliant as usual

I was very glad to see that you finally was coveteur’d. The website is really nice, the photography is incredible.
I’ve talked a lot with them on twitter these days. We were talking about you and the article. It was really cool haha

Gorgeous pictures, you look amazing! So lucky to be shot by Coveteur!

Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

Stunning pieces…I love them all!!
XOX, Gap.

Great photos! I’m a big coveteur fan!

I like the Black and White looks mostly, even though you look as beautiful as always.

I love the casual chic and relaxed vibe of the photos!

Characters & Carry-ons

I love the casual chic and relaxed vibe of your photos! :)

Characters & Carry-ons

OMG I’m so jealous ! Pictures are beautiful and all the stuff are amazing, I want all of this ! You’re so beautiful :)

Loving these pictures and the Coveteur-website!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

O wauw pretty you. I am more then jealous, all those nice bags… Oh my!

Great pics! It’s nice to see something different for a change.

Love the shoes on the coat!

Beautiful photos.


nice shoot! I like your blog very much you inspire me everyday! Thx for that!!!

Congratulations! In the fashion world, this means you’ve made it haha!

Congrats on being coveteur’d!

The white dress is gorg, per the usual!!


So much fashion inspiration in one place! Beautiful! :)
Best wishes from

Coveteur always has such a cool photos and yours are no exception! Jake Rosenberg isn’t just hot but also very talented! ;)))

Every single picture is art in itself! They’re all stunning! You look absolutely gorgeous too. I love the one of the guy looking over his shoulder at you in a double-take. It just makes the shot!

Love from South Africa

Congratulations! You have an amazing bag collection!


Amazing photos! Perfect looks!
My Fantabulous World

Love the white look…. :-)

Your white dress is amazing, love your pics and congrats for the Coveteur spread!

You’re unstoppable haha… seriously, you shine!

The Fashion Fraction 4 November 2014 / Reply

Well, now I’m a little jealous about your shoes and sunnies collection

I cant believe this is the first time i’ve heard of your are absolutely breath-taking! I love how minimalistic, classic, and elegant your vibe is and that’s exactly how I want to portray myself. I can tell i’m gonna be visiting your blog everyday now. You are already an inspiration and i’ve only seen your blog in over an hour ago.


I loved this article! You came across really well x

Liebe Kristina

Wundervoll siehst Du aus im weissen Kleid.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

I love the clutches, the bags, the heels, the jewels, everything !
The pictures are so inspiring, great job !

die Annakonda

This white dress is absolutely adorable!

Gorgeous, I love the difference in photos. It is interesting to see you through different photographer’s eyes.


you’re amazing
I have a new casual look in the blog!

NEW OUTFIT POST IN THE BLOG: casual november

Oh I love these pictures !! You look stunning. xox


The sunnies!! The shoes!! all so amazing

You’re so beautiful in the white dress!!
The pictures are great! I opened my blog two months ago and you are of inspiration for me!!
If you want to have a look…

Nossa seu blog é incrivel!!! Amei os looks.

The Coveteur just does the best job shooting accessories!

ブランド靴コピー Love everything you’re wearing – and I love those extra photos!