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Hey everyone! It’s Fiona back here and I’m taking over for another #Kaytips article that will hopefully be quite accurate judging by the weather shift we’re facing. Winter is here! Days are getting shorter, coats thicker and more oversized than ever… It feels like the right time to winter-ize our routine! My skin (and mood) tend to totally freak out when winter arrives. We all talk a lot about skin and body protection for the summer days but it is also important to be well informed and prepared when it comes to winter. Harsh wind, dry air and cold temperature leaving our skin red and irritated is one thing, it is also scientifically proven that we tend to eat more sugar and fat due to a lack of sunlight.

Don’t worry guys, we are all on the same boat. You’ll find below a list of tips to smooth your winter transition “The Kayture” way. Bellow, you’ll be able to read about a few tips which hopefully can inspire you to elevate your winter by  changing your beauty routine, trying new products, enhancing your eating habits to cold weather-proof your body. Let’s get started!

1   S T O P  C O F F E E ,  D R I N K   T E A


Hard one, I know… I can’t live without it either but a fact is a fact, caffeine dehydrates your skin like crazy. So take it easy with the 5 lattes per day…! Hot water on the other hand is a great hydrator. I promise that having an hot tea wrapped in your fluffy blanket while watching “Love Actually” is the best thing that can happen to you on a freezing night.


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 2  H Y D R A T E ,  N O W!

A few weeks ago Kristina offered a “Magic Cream” from Charlotte Tilbury to me and man, I don’t know how I was living without it. Whenever I feel dehydrated or tired and my skin needs some boost, I go ahead and use it. It makes me feel fresh like a flower all day long. It’s a very rich, nourishing moisturizer but it doesn’t leave your skin too oily at all. You should also try to change your usual cleanser for a creamy, balm version as the formulas tend to be more natural and friendlier to your epidermis. Our favorite is from Eve Lom and yes, it’s a little investment but it’s for a very good cause… your skin!!! And if you’re still not convinced, Vogue US declared that it’s “probably the best cleanser in the world”, so you know, just saying’…



I like to avoid toner (especially those with alcohol) during winter and go easy on face exfoliation (once a week) because the skin is fragile enough and believe me, you don’t need any more aggressive formulas to irritate your skin when weather conditions are already unpleasant. However it is important to get rid of dead skins and renew your skin cells, so don’t forget to scrub it out! If you’re on a budget: Strawberries and Honey. It’s not only a tasty snack, it can save your skin’s life during the drier months. Just mash 4 strawberries with honey and scrub it all over your face. For a major glowy skin -au naturel- leave it on for 15 minutes. You’re welcome.



3  I T’ S   A L L   A B O U T    

W H A T    Y O U    E A T


Avocado is your new best friend. I learned that from Larry Sims, celebrity hairstylist. Because of the natural oils that promote hair health and antioxidants such as Vitamin E and selenium, it is one of the richest and healthiest snack your could find. Same for nuts, it’s the gem to maintain a healthy complexion. Using a daily moisturizer isn’t always good enough, you need to hydrate your skin from the inside : Omega-3 fatty acids are ruling it. We’re talking tuna, salmon, spinach, kale… Juices and Smoothies are the best energy booster, be creative!





4   H O T   W A T E R    I S    O V E R


A hot, steamy bath is probably this one ultimate craving you may have during colder months… but what many don’t know is how bad it is for your skin as heat will dry it out and leave it susceptible to outdoor damage. The only hot water you should have is tea. So try to avoid long showers or baths… Yet if the temptation is still too big (bubble baths are the best, let’s just admit it), you definitely should use lukewarm water. No matter what happens, don’t forget to MOISTURIZE after every  shower to keep those cells regenerating!





5   L I G H T    A    C A N D L E


Burning a candle and snuggling in bed is the best thing in the world… Imagine yourself on a Sunday afternoon, it’s 5pm and already dark outside. You had a very cozy day, just re-organized your closet, been listening to some music in your bedroom… What’s missing there? Obviously candles! It brings the comfiest vibe (and scent) possible to a room. To be honest I tend to burn 2 jars every week. I’m so obsessed with candles, it quite crazy. It makes me feel amazing. Don’t need a lot, just gimme a BYREDO and a DYPTIQUE and I’m an happy woman.

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aah such an amazing post! well job, i love it.

I love this post!

We are lighting candles whole year, it’s so relaxing in the evening with candle light surrounding us ^_^

Have a sweet day,
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wow, for what you write in this post, i love Winter

I like that i don’t have to deal with winter this year for more than 2weeks! Great tips!


Diana Cloudlet 13 November 2014 / Reply

Dear Fiona, thank you very much for this article! I found out so many interesting & useful things!
Will wait for your new article!)

Diana Cloudlet

hello, fiona :D
i lvoed this article, good job

You have a wonderful type of writing – and I have to know it, I study philosophy and german ;)
Great article and you are so rigth with the eating…its harder to resist than in summer…

Greetings from germany :)

Makes me happy, just reading this.

I just love the way you write, it’s very intelligent, just enough humorous and well put together. And the content is actually what is says it is, not an excuse to advertise. I had not idea that hot water was so bad for my skin. When you published your first kaytip I was so happy but also worried that you wouldn’t post as often as we’d like to but it turns our you’re a hella productive girl! (of course that’s the kind of person Kristina woud be friends with). I just wanted to point out what a nice idea it was to mention “the Kayture way”. This only helps to solidify the blog’s status as a place for true lifestyle inspiration.
Plus, the illustration is incredible, especially the lipstick stain on the cup, quite quircky!
So, to conclude, a big well done!

Love your tips! I just did a post on staying healthy during the holidays also:)

The avocado on toast looks so yummy! For me there’s only one rule for winter: moisturize, moisturize and moisturize ;)

I love your kaytips!

Great great tips ! I am all about tea, candles and mosturizing :)

Really great post with cool and useful tips! I agree about drinking mooore tea – I am doing it right now! And about eating more healthy food, you said it perfectly!

great tips!!

giveaway on my blog!


This is likely to be buried among the comments. You shouldn’t rip off photos from other sites and not give the photographer/website the credit. For instance, that bathroom photo overlooking New York is taken from the showroom photos of the new building in NY that’s going to be the tallest condo in New York- 432 Park. It’s copyrighted from the CIM group:

That just cheapens the quality of the photos on this blog. How would you like it if others stole photos from Kayture without giving you credit?

really nice
enjoy my new burgundy look!


Definitely some lovely tips! I don’t know if I could give up my coffee or hot showers but the others sound wonderful!

I love these #Kaytips, they’re all very informative. You have a fantastic writing style. I can’t help but comment on how delicious that avocado on the bread looks too!


Oh, I love your post, this moisturising cream sounds great, should have bought it in New York on my last trip!)))

Some traveling inspirations on


I keep read it ’til end even though in my country (Indonesia) we doesn’t have winter session. Anyway the #1 maybe the hardest one for me if we were on the same boat LOL

Happy winter #Kayteam ~ xoxo

I enjoyed the read. Its 06:30 here in south africa. Good morning from down under :-)

All the above tips except the cream are in my life now;) Great post!

Good tips, thank you! Enjoy reading your blog

All the above tips except the cream are in my life now;) Great post!

Really like this post and your style of writing!

Thanks for the great winter tips! I love candles too<3


pfff shame on you dearie you didn’t gave any tea recommendation !
Lucky for you, here I am !
If in Geneva, try the teas from Betjman and Barton, the best green teas, rooibos, and so on. also from “Palais des thés”, you find that worldwide I think,

Such a nice post, loved it

Loved the tips :) Can I drink two coffees in a day?? Please say yes :P

Fiona, your posts are really interesting ones and so helpful!

I will definitely have to try this cream out!

Thanks for sharing

Caitlin Confidential 16 November 2014 / Reply

I love Charlotte Tilbury magic cream: plumping and moisturizing!
 Caitlin Confidential

Helpful tips!

What a wonderful article!
I love winter time. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea, a good book and candles. :)

Kisses from cold and grey Vienna,

The charlotte tilbury magic cream is my fave thing ever!

More winter tips please! I would to read an article on stylish winter clothes and dos and don’ts of winter. Love the article btw! xoxo

Absolutely agree! Great tips for those who live in a cold districts =)

Thanks Fiona, i’m ready for winer !!

Fiona your articles are awesome. I just love the way you’re writing!


Pinar Ersoy 24 November 2014 / Reply

Its absolutaly agree! Love your articles :)

Love your article, Thanks

Didn’t see this post earlier, but I kinda did almost all the things you said… thank you tho, this post is really good and I could use it next year (and it is never too late right ?)
Love xxx