So happy to look back at these images as I know how cold it got in New York lately! Looking back at these images that we shot in September, I remember that it was that time of the year where the air was still hot, a time where a simple jacket of the blazer was perfect. That day, we worked on a massive shoot with my good friend photographer, Oriana Marie. Can’t wait for it to come out! Due to this fun project, my hair was all made up and of course it felt like the perfect time to shoot this article. Usually when I try to curl it myself, it just never looks that good. Wish I had magic hands, or a magic curler, to make these locks last more than 5 minutes…!

The streets of New York are always such a wonderful background for any shooting. There’s just so much life and energy. It feels like it definitely translates through the images. My outfit idea that day was to dress up my super loose H&M boyfriend jeans that I bought and ripped my self years ago. They’re still one of my favorite pairs so far. I never managed to find a pair of boyfriend jeans I liked better than this one! And it costed me nothing more than 20 bucks at the men’s department… Golden find!

A good black blazer is always a massive GO for me. Especially when it’s worn with nothing underneath but a black Stella McCartney bra. Some manage to pull it off with actually nothing underneath, no bra, no nothing… but the sudden swirls of wind in the streets of New York made me feel unsure whether I wanted to take the risk to have my everything pop out in the middle of crossing an avenue… If you know what I mean hehe.

To tailor the blazer even more nicely around my waist, I decided to take my black Louis Vuitton bag, which I’d usually wear on the shoulder, and turn in into a belt bag… or a fanny pack as some would call it! What I did is that I took that strap and adjusted it to my waist securing it with a black rubber band that I stuck inside the bag so that It’s super discrete and unnoticeable! I can tell you that many stopped me in the street to ask me when did Vuitton release waist bags!!! I was so excited, might need to pitch this idea to them ;)

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BLAZER : H&M (Similar Here)

JEANS : H&M (Similar Here)

SHOES : Zara (Similar Here)

BAG : Louis Vuitton (Similar)

EARRINGS : H. Stern courtesy of LoveGold


Add yours

These boyfriend-jeans are just perfect!
And to think that you ripped them yourself.. Kudos to you! haha :D

Oh and I love how your hair is really glowing in those pictures!
Great job :))


Amazing, so simple yet soo chic! I love it :))

You look drop dead gorgeous Kristina! I love everything about this outfit, and I’m crazy about that YSL crossbody!

X Sara

Your photos are out of this world as usual Kristina !

This simple yet very chic and elegant look is great! And bravo to accessories!

You look absolutely stunning !


Love from Paris

wow!! love the details k and that bra is definitely something that makes me stare twice the look
amazing !

I have to say, I love love love! how these images turned out. It’s not a groundbreaking outfit, yet your hair and those beautiful boyfriend jeans completely elevate it. ^^ Gorgeous!

Heels and a good pair of boyfriend jeans are my favorite combo!

Such a simple but beautiful and so feminine outfit!

This is one of my favorites post!! It suits you so well!! Love it when you leave your “style”-comfort-zone!
Awesome look!!


Lovely outfit! you’re so beautiful Kristina!!! :) xo

Oh my god this outfit is wonderful, exactly as you ! So simple but so effortlessly chic.

WoW! love the trousers and your hair is amazing as always.


An absolute laid back look I love, Kristina! Very innovative of you to wear your bag differently and I agree, pitch the idea to LV! I have never found a pair of great fitting boyfriend jeans, so I pay have to do what you did!

These photos are great.
You look great with these beach waves, you should try this hairstyle more ofter.

xx Cheyenne

Love this look! So elegant and chic.

One of my favorite outfits you have worn as of late. I may have to copy this one, especially since everything besides your bag is from affordable stores like H&M/Zara!


I love your style! I like u too, because you seem really polite and well manered :) way to go!

you look fantastic
love the outfit

great shots


These photos are so inspiring, you look totally gorgeous!

Fab look, I love it!!
xo, Diana

You look gorgeous, love your hair and the outfit is one of my favourites!

The mix between the blazer and these boyfriend jeans is super fabulous and sexy, it’s really amazing. Love the detail of the bra, it’s just perfect. These sandals are so beautiful and fancy. Adore the YSL bag, it can’t be more chic

Love this more casual look on you! Your hair looks divine <3

best wishes

Amazing and chic outfit! Your hair looks gorgeous! =D


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really awesome and beautiful pics!

On adooore! Really simple but nice, you inspire us <3


This is such a cool outfit! I love how you added your own personal touches and also, the mix of high and low end is great!

love the idea of a bag as a belt! Gorgeous pictures!

Your hair looks fantastic !!! :)
I will do the same with my jeans!!

Love your outfit especially your shoes! Xo

love your jeans and shoes

Love this outfit! It is very New Yorker Chic.
Your ripped jeans look amazing. I might try and rip up a pair myself!


Maravilloso outfit y fotografia.

Lovely pictures!! I love the detail of the bra below the blazer… Good job!

Love the look – so stylish!


Absolutely gorgeous look!

Love this look – black in New York is classic

Prudence Yeo 7 November 2014 / Reply

This is such a cool and sexy style, love it! The waist bag look is so creative, chic and clever too!


Hi Kristina,
I love how you managed to dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans to look super chic in New York City. I love all of the little details you put into the outfit, especially that ring! Love it.


wooow you make an H&M outfit like a stunning match!


This look is so cool! Love the boyfriend jeans with the long blazer!

xx Su

such an amazing outfit! :) Looove this jeans and this bag <3
xx, Brini

Great outfit, very chic!!


Absolutely great outfit! I love the rings – so pretty!

Beautiful! You look stunning as usual!

love EVERYTHING about this look <3


Fabulous look! Welcome to NYC again!:-) Love you LV purse and fantastic rings!
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So cool idea to mix bf jeans with classic girl’s sandals and jacket! I was inspired to repeat this outfit with black heels and more classic bag for the office

I love this look and the bag really tops it off!

your hair looks stunning these photos and i really like this chic yet laidback look

wow – this might be one of my favourite outfits from you so far – so chic, so laid back, its simply amazing! and I love the fact that the pieces are mostly from H&M and Zara, meaning all your readers can afford such an outfit, too.
Always good to relate :)

Wow this look is definitely one of my favourite from you fashion looks! I love how you mix different styles, and this jeans and the bag are to die for!

Your hair looks so good this way! Big waves really suit you.

What an amazing look!!! And the pictures are simply insane!

Love from Munich, L

Love the boyfriend jeans with the blazer and the strappy sandals! Your hair looks gorgeous!

what an amazing outfit, so chic ! and your hair looks absolutely perfect x


Love the bra and the jacket! It looks so chic. I have the same problem with curling my hair. When I do it it lasts up to 30 min. Your hair actually resembles mine so much so I think I understand you:)


Can you please show a video or explain instructions on how you did the Louis Vuitton bag xxx

I absolutely love this! x

I really like how you wore your bag! Such a creative idea :)

I am so so so so soooo jealous of your hair ahhh :(((( But the heels and the jeans look perfect together <3

Love this look, so cool, sexy and chic!


You look gorgeous. Use this bag as a belt bag was a really good idea . xx


Your hair looks amazing, gorgeous images! Also I love how you’ve styled the bag, so clever!

Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

OMG this look is incredible! Your hair looks gorgeus!!!
Great post!!
Kisses, Gio

Awesome outfit, one of my favourites! I love your hair and jewelry!

I miss New York. I lived there this summer and it was fantastic; a summer of exploring in the heat and learning all the nuances of a new city. Love that outfit too!

Très bonne idée le sac autour de la taille !! J’adore tes bagues <3 (giveaway on my blog !)

i love this kind of casual chic outfits! and I am obsessed with YSL bags.. SIGH

greetings from Paris :)

Wow this outfit is amazing and you look gorgeous! Casual yet sooo sexy and chic :)


love the combination of ripped jeans w/ long blazers and heels!
u look stunning as allways! ;)

I love this outfit and hairstyle♥

gorgeous! love the bra-lette
ladies in navy

Great outfit! Loving the casual chic on you <3

xx Nicola

Now that is my definition of a chic, urban, street-style outfit. Would wear this as my everyday outfit if i amazing as usual.

Just published my recent favourites blog. Hope you guys can check it out and feel free to leave a comment! Trying to build up my blog, would appreciate the help.


all the best x

I simply just cannot believe that those jeans are from the men’s department and you ripped them yourselves! Like I love them so much haha :)
XO Janina

Ces photos sont sublimes ! Bravo pour ce look ;)


You look stunning!!! However, the outfit is too revealing IMO. It’s great for a fashion photoshoot but it’s not something you can wear to work ;)

Shoes, jeans and bag look so gorgeous with the perfect touch of coolness. Love your entire outfit so much!!
xx Hannah

Love it, really!

Such a great look ! Absolutely love your hair styled like this

LOVE. I own all of these pieces and wear them together as well. So chic.

Love this outfit! Especially the ring! x

I love how this look is affordable. I’m glad you’re showing the diversity between your style, Kristina. Lovely post.

Ahh this post is gorgeous, so beautifully made!
great photos!

Love it! Good job on James for continuously providing amazing images!

You look amazing!
Love how you’re wearing your bag!


Chic-est bum bag I’ve never seen :)

Loving the blog vibes

Much Love, Karen

Cool jeans, love them <3

Love the contrasts in this look! The lace bra with elegant blazer and loose boyfriend jeans! Amazing outfit!

love your style!!! you look perfect :)

This is totally my style! You look AMAZING!


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I just looove what you’ve done with the LV bag! It’s just the perfect addition to assemble the whole look! Stunner! ♡

Cheraine from CHANEXT

AMAZING outfit !!!! The shoes, the boyfriend jeans and the blazer are all perfect together, and the bag worn thiw way is genius !!

Love NY, you definitely like a chic New Yorker here !

I love your hair! And once again, pictures are just beyond amazing!


This look is perfect! And your hair is beautiful :)

Love this look! Let’s bring back the fanny pack! So practical and I love how chic Kristina makes it look.

Really stunning picture – so simple and glamorous at the same time! Love it! <3 All the best from Munich,


Totally agree with Hannah, beautiful fashion photography but not practical to walk around in, far to revealing. I wouldn’t feel dressed properly or safe on my own like that.
I liked this blog because the clothes were stylish but not to high fashion and out of reach for the average person to wear. Now I feel its just pretty photographs and not much else.

Where is your necklace from? I love it. Need close up shot.

What a beautiful casual chic look. I love it so much!

beuatiful outfit, and gorgeous waves!

Very inspiring! I never thought of buy some jeans in men’s departmen lol! Love how you match it with that sexy blazer!

These photos are amazing! Love your outfit!


This outfit is PERFECT! And so are you! Your hair looks gorgeous!

Looooove the bag so much! Love the whole look!!


Amazing Outfit <3 Great Style and great Pictures

Amazing look. You re adorable person

That is a super idea for the waist bag, it helps give curve to the oversize blazer!

Thanks for the tips, I didnt think it was as simple as that lol

OMG I LOVE this outfit !!! Love it so much that i repost it on my blog :)

Really beautiful photos! Your jeans is perfect you’re right!
Your hair are so beautiful!

me encanta como te queda el pelo asi

Hi Kristina! I just wanted to say that this look has inspired me so much. Love the casual blazer and boyfriend jeans, and the fact that it was DIY is amazing.

Whoa, I love that beautiful New York setting and your outfit. It’s a great combination of relaxed but still polished.

Characters & Carry-ons

This is such a great outfit of you! :)

I am so obsessed with this outfit! Such a gorgeous mix of elegance and street-style! Love it. Nice work Kristina :)

x Sarah

This blazer with the bra underneath is just perfect, love love love !

Liebe Kristina

Wunderschöne Fotos von Dir.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

Your outfit is amazing, love the NY setting!

one of my favorite looks of yours! Absolutely in love with the hair and the fanny pack Vuitton idea:)

Indeed, very chic outfit! I love the whole look!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

What a beautiful and sexy, but still somehow laid-back look! I love it!

Kisses from Vienna,

Those are the PERFECT boyfriend jeans…and from H&M!! Yay :)


just so in love with this look <3
It's perfect <3


Your outfit is totally amazing! Your elegance is always the protagonist

So beautiful pictures!

Love the outfit! Especially the boyfriend jeans with the blazer and heels. Recently discovered your blog!

One of your best shoots! Great, great images.

Classic and chic look. Your hair i always on point.


J’adore les bagues, surtout celle de la main gauche, à l’annulaire, sublime.

J’adore les bagues, surtout celle de la main gauche, à l’annulaire, sublime.

Such a simple and chic outfit for a day in the city! Check out a similar one on my blog xx

Love this outfit so much! Those rings!! <3

you’re so sweet
the best blogger
I have a new look, perfect for this autumn!!


this bag is amazing! It’s been one of my favorites. Oh also.. your hair!! You should do a tutorial on how to get that looK!

Frank Vinyl

Absolutely stunning. Those jeans are absolutely perfect. I love the fact that they were so cheap from the men’s section. Also love what you did with the bag!

Love from South Africa

Well, this is totally my favourite outfit!!! So chic, elegant and feminine.
Thank you for sharing!

I love the idea about bag!!! It is very smart! Jeans are perfect, i should look for a nice pair of jeans at the men’s department as well)

Hi, I love your style, especially this outfit,…Could you pleeease make a tutorial video for this hairstyle? I would like to wear this hairstyle for my birthday party which is in 3 weeks, but I don’t know how to make it, your tutorial would help me so much.

Kisses from Croatia,
Ela :)


Nice look, simple chic, pictures are so beautiful. Your outfits are amazing, I love wearing jeans, love your mini bag!

Love this style!
Please visit our blog :( .
We need :(

Love this outfit! Looks really cool and right on the edge!


I LOVEEEEEEEEEE everything about this outfit. Just the right balance of risque and chic.

Much love!


Gorgeous! Please show us how you turned that LV crossbody bag into a belt bag!


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I just surfed a bit on your blog and found this AMAZING outfit ! The ripped jeans is such perfect and O.K the whole outfit is perfect … And yes you are perfect as well !!!

Chloe xxxxxxxxxxx

The ripped jeans is such perfect and beautiful

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