Love… Isn’t it what we live for? Isn’t it the strongest, most powerful emotion in this world? Isn’t it the very trigger of our lives and the unique thing that outlives everything and that one could never buy with all the money in this world? One of my favorite quotes has always been “The Greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return” that I heard for the first time in the movie Moulin Rouge and marked it forever in my notebook…

You never know where life will take you. The pace of today’s society is so quick, so unstable, yet the love we have and share with our families and friends is what tops everything. It keeps us grounded. It’s like a rock : no matter what happens on our path, the love that we are being given is the most precious thing we have on this earth. But it is not only about receiving external love, it’s also love we give to ourselves. It’s about accepting ourselves, respecting our dreams, listening to our heart, following our instincts without any regret in order to live a life that’s worth every second.

My vision of love is based on what my parents taught me : it is something you give without waiting anything in return. I am lucky to say that I grew up surrounded by so much love from my mother, my father and grandmothers… Knowing that they care about me, and that they would always take me in no matter where I go is probably the reason why I took so many risks and became so ambitious, The values they taught me is what keeps me going and what makes sense in my life. What they gave, will always and forever remain in my heart. Their love, and the one I give to them, is stronger than anything I will ever own and I am so thankful to have such a beautiful family to live for and to honor. In the hardest, most humble moments of our lives, having each other was what helped us get through everything.

The love I share with my friends, is just as deep and fusional. They give me so much strength, so much courage to fight for my dreams and believe in myself. When I met James, I knew that we were hopping on a ride for life. Our personalities just clicked right away and I have never met someone that understood me so well. Our minds were working together on perfect synchronization and to this day, I know that the connection I have with him is one of the most beautiful things that happened to me… And I know, no matter what, it will last forever. And even though our romantic relationship ended last October, the love we have for one another has grown even bigger : as friends, as business partners and as founders of this incredible adventure we are on.

The love I share with you guys, even though is virtual, is probably one of my biggest accomplishments I have. To be totally honest, it really doesn’t feel virtual to me. It’s beyond real. In my heart, I know you all. I know your dreams, your fears, your ambitions… I know that you know me as well, and knowing that you care enough to give me some of your precious time is one of the craziest things ever. How can I be grateful enough? I can only hope to give you as much love I can in return, to grab your hand and take you on this ship to inspire you, to give you drive and ambition so that you have the strength to believe in yourself and acknowledge your passions. When in doubt, I think of all of you… You give me more hope, motivation and passion that you can imagine. Without you, I would never be here. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for that.

Before the snow falls on our rooftops, turning the cities white, let’s all take a moment to celebrate love. I have the absolute honor to open a new chapter in our collaboration with Cartier and to share with you this second part of our Winter tale campaign. I chose to create a story around the bracelet Love because for me, love is a universal language and the most beautiful thing, us humans can express. With winter holidays so close, it’s a time that we take to be with our beloved ones, to step back, slow down and breath. Feel thankful for everything we accomplished this year. I feel so blessed to wear this bracelet on my wrist. It reminds me of one thing : through thunder and storm, love remains. Always.

So spread the love. 

We have a magical third part of this Cartier project waiting for you guys… as soon as snow hits the roofs!

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Beautiful pictures!



beautiful gorgeous style coat cool

Amazing photos, I think those are some of the loveliest shots you ever posted. I love the serene atmosphere!

xo Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

You are such an inspiration! Congratulations so much!!
Beautiful photos too!

I think all your readers love you soooo much ! Because you’re a creative, ambitious and grateful person <3

Wonderful pictures. Wonderful words! You really have the ability to touch hearts with words and images. Thanks!!

Wow…ce sont les seuls mots que j’ai pour cet article qui m’a réellement mis les larmes aux yeux. La façon dont tu décris tout ces sentiments est tellement authentique.
Merci Kristina pour être mon inspiration au quotidien, je suis Kayture depuis de nombreuses années mais c’est la première fois que je décide de donner mon avis. Tu as réalisé tellement de choses extraordinaires, et cependant, je suis convaincue que tu les mérites vraiment.
Merci pour partager tant d’émotions avec tes lecteurs et surtout, ne t’arrête jamais. Il y a encore sûrement beaucoup de choses à réaliser et d’après ce que j’observe en suivant ton blog, tu es capable de beaucoup.
Je te souhaite une très bonne continuation et le meilleur pour les années à venir et continue de me faire rêver!

Amazing post, Kristina! May you be surrounded by love and your loved ones forever :)

The love bracelet is one of my favourite pieces of jewerly in the world! It’s timeless and classy!

x Karen

Hello Kristina! You’re a beautiful person, inside and out and that’s a beautiful photoshooting. :)
I have one advice. Addressing your readership as one sounds a little bit unconsidered. These are all different people, not identifying with one another. :)

Hi Kristina!!
We love your message and the pictures are beautiful!!
Happy Holidays!
Best Wishes,
Sofia & Maria

This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

- Josephine

your hair is more and more beautiful

really really love the sharpness on the photos, makes them unique <3

wow, the pictures are so beautiful! Just breathtaking! <3

Once I started reading this post, I just couldn’t stop. I feel such a warm heart and lots of love from this post. Thank you for being such an inspiration and good luck with everything…

Absolutely loved this post! :)

I am always impressed about your posts and your looks are so inspiring!
In love with Cartier, the bracelet is so beautiful and elegant!

These pictures are absolutely stunning; that view is to die for! And I love the gold jewelry against the cream coar! Lovely!

Wonderful and so emotional article, Kristina! I had almost tears in my eyes.
Can’t wait to see my family again after more than 4 month away…all the best to you :*


Quel beau texte, je partage ton avis complètement ton avis! Noël est bientôt là, des moments avec nos proches sont planifiés, que demander de plus? C’est la bonne période pour être reconnaissant de tout ce qu’on a!
Passe de belles fêtes! Bisous, Virginie

This have always been my absolute favourite of Cartier jewellery. So easy to wear too.


Gorgeous photos!!!!!!!!


Love like you’ll never be hurt..

kisses from

WOW! Beautiful words! Thank you so much for all the inspiration, and amazing photos! :)

Love this bracelet! Really beautiful look.

What a beautifully written piece. I’m sure your family are bursting with pride and admiration to see what a poised, eloquent and intelligent young woman you’ve grown into. I hope you have time to take a few special days off over the holidays to spend with your loved ones.


This is such a beautiful post and story about love. Thanks for sharing with us :)

xo Pam

What a magical tale, I can tell you really do care about your family, friends, and readers, and that’s what makes this campaign with Cartier so much more than just advertisement. You grasp the essence of what the love bracelet signifies, and why it is so special to wear.

Keep up the amazing work, Kristina!

Hello Kristina!

First, those pictures are amazing! I really fell in love with them. Paris is such a beautiful city (in every time of the year) and you are so beautiful as well. They really capture the idea of love and peace and harmony, so beautiful.
It’s great how you really care about your readers, I really appreciate that.

Hope you will get some snow there, but I must say that I doubt it, because I live in Helsinki, and still we do not have any snow at all, it just rains all the time. And after all it’s Finland…

Love your blog and you! And great last days before Christmas for everyone!

Love from Finland

Beautiful both in pictures and writing. Stunning photographs as always, and love the choice of neutrals, such elegance. Beautiful post!



An absolute beautiful post, Kristina! The outfit AND your words. I think it’s so great that you and James were able to work past relationship issues (I’m sure it’s hard being in the public’s eye all the time) to become friends, business partners and dream chasers together. That’s how you know you guys truly love each other even as friends. It’s so incredibly rare and I wish you both and the Kayteam all the best as you guys continue on this magnificent adventure.

You do love your readers in return. I KNOW you do. Considering the amount of followers you have and to STILL respond to me on Instagram means a lot and it shows that you care (started following you on my other account @huongctvo, hehe). What you do and how you think has kept me coming back to your blog time and again. I strive to surround myself with big dreamers and doers and even though we haven’t met, you truly are one of them. You should really see my vision wall or dreamboard as most call it. I put you (and Nicole Warne) all over it because you remind me of so many things: to be classy, to have fun, to get out there and see what the world has to offer, to share your message/voice and to always enjoy life’s moments all while looking like a classy bosslady, haha! You are following AND listening to your heart, dreaming big and have never cease to amaze me. You push yourself to go outside your comfort zone all the time (I know some might not agree when you venture outside your classic looks, but I admire you for just being different and trying new things) and truly are a FASHION blogger. I’m so happy that social media connected us because I want to be around dreamers all the time! xo

I like this series a lot better than the one you did for Louis Vuitton. You look so elegant and classy and the quality of the photos is brilliant as always

Lovely bracelet and photos!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
Fashion Advice, Events and More

Amazing photos.
Love your hair and your make up

Beautiful photos. The bracelet is so pretty! *swoon*

This was maybe the most beautiful thing I have ever read… Big love to you xxx

That bracelet is timeless, I’ve always loved it!

Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

I absolutely love this article and all the phots! The best thing about the shoot thought is the coat, so beautiful, where is it from?

Wow, the pics and the bracelet are stunning! L.O.V.E.! :-)


These pictures are just crazy beautiful!!!

so beautiful!

dreams forsale and fairytales?

That was so beautifully written! And that quote from Moulin Rouge is also one of my favorite quotes… it just sticks! This love bracelet is so beautiful and I’m hoping I’ll get one one day. Can’t wait for the third installment! :)


Such beautiful lighting. This collaboration fits you perfectly. Timeless & elegant just like yourself.


The images are stunning and the words you wrote are beautiful! I can’t wait for the third instalment. x

Beautiful! x

Blog Marjorie

You’re the best, Kristina!!!!!

Thank You Kristina for been an inspiration for young women around the world for giving us such good visual and textual content in every post. You deserve everything that you want in life cause you are really a hard working women Congratulations on all your success this year

Greetings from the Dominican Republic <3

Rodolfo Plasencia 19 December 2014 / Reply

Is a great honor to have such a wonderful person around us with such a loving capacity! Your words had confirmed me that we’re not in the anonymity. You left me astounded with your words and, to the degree that corresponds to me, loved back.

I personally got impressed with this words. I really thought you were to announce a great Mr. Super Someone that got to your heart and..taran.. there were weddings plans which, in any case are well deserved since you had worked so much and really don’t stop doing so.

I reiterate my support, utmost admiration and love for you, your work, your family and everything you do. Much successes to you in everything! Keep just being as amazing as you are, por favor! :-)

Prudence Yeo 19 December 2014 / Reply

Lovely cream and white ensemble and the gold bangle is such a classic beauty! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feeling on love too, I really enjoy reading them!


I love this bracelet! Great choice!


Love those photos, very beautiful!

Wow these photos are amazing, Paris is so beautiful in winter and the view is breathtaking. The Cartier bracelet is one of the most fabulous thing in the world, it’s classic, delicate and, in my opinion, it represent love. It’s a piece of art

I love the dreaminess of the pictures! xx

“… I know that the connection I have with him is one of the most beautiful things that happened to me… And I know, no matter what, it will last forever”

u know my skin feels goosebumps, we never know what’s life bringing us…indeed
But you have to keep focus of what’s ur goal….have a lovely white December Kay

luv luv luv ^^

Dear Kristina,

Thank you for sharing this heart felt and very personal entry with us. I could feel the sincerity in your words as I read them. Love is truly a beautiful emotion. It’s such a personal experience. You look so beautiful and elegant in these photos & you did such a wonderful job at modeling the bracelet. Your success and passion for what you do is such an inspiration. I greatly look forward to following your fashion adventures and life journey. Keep posting and always stay true to who you are ♡

Nikki – The Stylish Foodie

wonderful text and breathtaking photos <3


Amazing photos, love this bracelet !

Love from Paris

Your words make me happy! Love the pictures
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

bonjour petite fée ! magnifique texte sur l’amour !l’amour bracelet est d’une grande beauté et une source d’inspiration ! james et toi kristina partagez une immense complicité !!!vous êtes beaux tous les deux ensembles !!! je vous souhaites de joyeuses fêtes !!! attendons la suite amours avec CARTIER !!!!

Your cat eye is eye catching! Haha, lame pun aside, I’m not anti-romance but id like to think that love is what a perfect friendship rather than the universe settling into alignment

How is your make up always so flawless?? You look amaaaazing!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Great post, “love is all you need” ;)

I love this beautiful bracelet

I love when you write about personal things and things in live!
Love is the only one, I agree with all that you say :)

Beautifully written! And gorgeous photos! I’m sending much love your way :**

Such a lovely and beautiful outfit! I love the scenery of the photos.

Perfect pictures with the skyline behind. The light is beautiful and so are you. Your hair and the coat look amazing together!
best wishes

This post was so well written, and the LOVE bracelet is gorgeous!

My blog –

I love the pictures you look stunning as usual

Beautiful Photos Kristina!
Love this bracelet from cartier.
xx, nissi

I love this post! The pictures are simply amazing and the outfit over all is thought through very well! The jewelry looks amazing with the rest of the outfit! Love your work <3

Cartier love bracelet is such a megical piece of jewelry! It’s absolutely adorable!

Firstly, i love your blog and your website is amazing. Well, it’s beautiful written and this pictures are just perfect!
I really want your opinion about our blog because your an inspiration for me and so many women.
The blog is :
if you give your opinion : we will be happy :)

Good day. xx

Perfect coat and you look great.


je rejoins quelques commentaires plus haut, c’est naïf d’affirmer que les choses durent… particulièrement les relations, les sentiments, quel qu’ils soient. après ce qui dure, c’est le souvenir, c’est sûr que quoi qu’il arrive dans le futur, James et toi, vous aurez partagez tout ça ensemble (et c’est assez énorme!) et ça ne s’effacera pas, c’est inscrit et vous aurez un passé en commun. Mais pour le reste… who knows… Ca n’empêche en rien les projets pro d’avenir, mais s’aventurer sur le terrain de la “promesse à vie” c’est un enfermement et ça empêche parfois d’aller de l’avant. il arrive que les chemins se séparent, pour se rejoindre plus tard parfois. ou pas. tout bouge, tout évolue, et… heureusement! ça veut dire que nous aussi on évolue, qu’on avance. Parfois pour avancer, il faut détacher des liens, seulement si ces liens nous empêchent d’avancer bien sûr. Et loin d’être une vision triste, c’est juste lucide en fait. A partir de là, on vit toutes ses relations autrement, peut être même de manière plus précieuse, parce qu’on a pris conscience d’une certaine “fragilité” dans tout ça…

Joli week end à toi Kristina!

So beautiful! I love your photos

You are perfection! Stunner! ! Check out my latest classy look on my blog.


Loving the heartwarming message you’ve written here!
It’s really inspiring and makes you think about the things that are important.
As for the outfit. I love how it’s all clean and cozy perfectly showing the incredible Cartier jewelry!
Kisses from London! :*

This is such a sweet message you wrote. Your emotions really come through in your writing, it’s excellent.

Patric Garcia 20 December 2014 / Reply

Wishing you Kristina Bazan and James Chardon a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The Kayture Team has breath taking moments each time. Love your work!

Good article!!
I am your reader from Hong Kong and your website is amazing !!
Really appreciate you so much and you are really successful in being a fashion blogger !!!;)
I know you care your reader so well , and thanks for sharing so much amazing things on your blog, instagram …

Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit and the whole styling!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

Such a magical images! and a beautiful article!

you look great! :)

What a cute and inspiring article, understand your words so well. I truly love the quote from Moulin Rouge, it’s also one of my favorites! The bracelet is adorable and looks so chic :)
xx Hannah

These photos are beautiful! I love Cartier’s jewels. :)


such a great post! wonderful pictures and touching words!

This post almost brought me to tears. What inspiring, heartfelt and warm words about love. Your posts are amazing and everyday I check for something new from your team because I’ll always know that whatever you do and share will be worth it. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy life and have a peep into yours – into the journey you have and will continue to ride. I for one cannot wait for what you have in store in the future …
Love from Australia.

Such a beautiful text !
the picture are amazing and the bracelet is so timeless, always beautiful !

die Annakonda

you are such an inspiration, in every single way. lovee you xx

LOVE Cartier Love bracelet!!


Everything about this shoot is flawless. The girl is beautifully real and the styling on point!

You look stunning! Need a coat like this!
Congrats on this new Cartier collaboration!

These photos are beyond beautiful! Love it!

Katharina x

wooow that piece of jewerly is so lovely <3!


This post is awesome, everything is perfect, love the jewel!

just amazing! love your elegant look.

Absolutely amazing! I love your posts!


I lvoe those pictures, they are amazing ! You’re so beauty et Paris is Magic !

Beautiful post & love the photos =)

Love is a difficult thing… It is so abstract that it is hard to explain. It is so intense that it is hard not to…

Love the bracelet!!!
Merry Christmas and happy holiday to all the KayTeam

Love it! So stylish! Amazing captures as well

i love the coat and Whole outfit, I think its really simple yet sophisticated..

your blogs really inspire me and motivate me to keep up with what i want to achieve when i finish school and i really thank u for it :)

Cet article est écrit avec tellement de sincérité, merci pour tout Kristina !

One of my favorite bloggers x

God! i just can’t express how much i love u!!!

Love it, your photography is flawless !

xx marie

You look gorgeous like always. Your coat look so soft but in the same time it looks so classic and elegant.

beautiful article…and beautiful girl

This bracelet… I fell in love with it !
Love xxx

Beautiful !!


An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this
onto a co-worker who has been conducting a little
research on this. And he actually bought me lunch because I discovered it for him…
lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your site.

i love ur words and ur photos.

this is stunning!!!!! who takes this awesome pictures?

J’espère que tu vas vivre encore de merveilleuses aventures, je t’admire énormément pour avoir eût le courage de poursuivre tes rêves, c’est un magnifique article :)

I love your photo ! Keep amazing :)


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