One of my favorite periods of the year to play around with fashion is definitely fall/winter. It is the perfect time to experiment with layering, interesting coats, scarfs, boots, beanies. There are so many options and so much room for creativity. It is less about the outfit you wear underneath, and more about the outerwear you pick which becomes your statement of the season. So pick wisely!

I always have so much fun choosing my coats as there are so many options out there right now. Since I know that I’ll be freezing in winter, I tend to gravitate towards cuts with a bit of a high neck and ultra long sleeves. However, you might not want to look like a refrigerator all packed up in your ultra layers of wool, so a coat with a sleek cut is definitely a plus to lengthen and slim down your silhouette.

As soon as I saw this Virginia coat from Fay, I knew if would be a great statement for this season as it’s so different, unique and original. I loved the stripped sleeves, the burgundy color, the sleek cut, the high neck and the bold metallic details. Everything about it stood out to me. It’s best quality seems to be that even though it’s quiet an eccentric piece, it seems to fit to everything and to any situation. I think that it’s shade and design that is perfect for everyday life and completes any winter look quite amazingly.

It’s actually the perfect representation of a versatile piece for this winter season. It can be easily worn over a cocktail dress for a night out or a super cool effortless look to spend the day out in the city. It’s a great statement piece that fits in this idea of double life : a transition from day to night, or from work to leisure time! It’s your goal to get playful and creative on how to reinterpret it perfectly with your own codes!

It’s a cool statement piece that I’ve noticed myself wearing all the time these past couple of weeks. Whether it was to walk around in the busy streets of New York in the middle of the rain, while checking in my hotel in London with all my suitcases or even just while chilling, it just felt right.

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COAT : Fay


LEATHER PANTS : Zadig & Voltaire


BOOTS : & Other Stories 


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You look great. I make a coat for myself every year and I take care of the same things you mention here: warmth and cut. ^^

Amazing vest and bag, this is such a gorgeous outfit! Love the way you style all of your looks!

The coat is very interesting and you look great in it:) Fay has got really nice coats and cuts for this season.

You look so glamourous in these photos – as per usual. I never really liked dressing for winter because I feel so bulky & heavy walking around with so many layers on but after experiencing a really cold winter, I can appreciate how it keeps you so warm during colder months & I agree that it’s one of the best times for experimenting with outfits.

Love the look here.


your hair looks perfect! and that coat is just the greatest thing ever… so chic and elegant, reminds me a little bit of some Chanel pieces ♥

i did a Chanel-like look a few days back too, head over to my blog to find out more ;)

greetings from vienna
Ina from

Beauty !

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Prudence Yeo 11 December 2014 / Reply

Gorgeous coat! As you mentioned, it is indeed a unique piece and I have never seen a design like it! Particularly love the sporty chic vibe from the striped prints on the sleeves and the high collar, such a fun piece that is sleek too!


The coat is so original, amazing and perfect for Christmas because it remind me The Nutcracker look. You look really beautiful with it, it’s a unique piece of clothes, perfect for a day in the city for the night, Love the way you wear it with this wonderful bag, the mix is just super chic

Love those shoes, this outfit is really nice!


Love the jacket and the clutch! Very nice look!


Interesting coat and I love the bag too! Xoxo

Such a beaufitul outfit! Perfect for London :P I love the bag
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Very beautiful and natural photos, look so spontaneous. Casual outfit for winter days is very practical, but also so stylish.

New post Bohemian story on my blog:

Black + white + burgundy color palette is one of the reasons to love winter. For me it’s a traditionally winter thing)

BarbarianMe Blog

I also think that fall winter is perfect for being creative, because there are so much more layers for put and design.
I like this outfit, also colors too.

Hi Kristina!

You look gorgous as always! I was wondering if you could tell me where your beanie is from in the first couple of pictures?


I love this coat! It is supper stunning!

When will you write about your experience on the Plane with the VS’s Angels?

Love the coat, definitely a good piece for this season! Thanks for the tips, my wardrobe definitely requires more winter coats!

The coat truly is amazing. The style is very unique and I love how you combined it. What I also really like is the clutch in the first pictures, it matches the colour of the coat so perfectly! The pictures in the rain are sooo nice as they realy convey the cold winterish atmosphere :)
best wishes

I love your style – perfect outfit <3

Kind regards
Luise |

You look stunning !

Love from Paris

This coat is great and i loove the combo!

xx Chris

That coat is spectacular! And so necessary when travelling this season :)

Des |

So in love with your coat! And love how you styled it! <3

this look is one of those why I started to read your blog and following you on Instagram! It’s simple, yet so stylish, it’s elegant and edgy, it represent’s it all! I don’t know if it’s colours that I like or cuts that I gravitate to, it just leaves me admiring your article.

tenues magnifiques pour cet automne hiver froid et humide !!! kristina toujours aussi belle et dynamique !!!bravo pour tout !!!!

Stunning <3 love the coat xx

Love this look :)

Sarah //

Hello! I really love your outfit, especially the coat. I follow you on Instagram and tried going on to check out the price of the coat and if I can get it shipped to me somehow to New York. I know you’re a very busy person, but it’ll be awesome if you could help me out. Thanks.

These photos are absolutely stunning!! The rainy background looks perfect :))

Yeah, layering, one of very few reasons why I like fall/winter =)
And amazing always =)
I wish you sweet day,

Like the first pics with the wet effect in your hair

Gorgeous coat. Might be a bit too expensive for me thought but it is lovely.

Wow, I just love the pics from this blog post, you look perfect even when it’s raining. You are truly stunning, dear Kristina!
Love, Stefi

Absolutely love your coat and cool boots!

Your hair always looks amazing! Great outfit xo

My goodness, with all your traveling how do you find the time to keep up on your blog??
But I’m glad you do ;)
You are flawless…. Would you ever consider doing a make-up and hair tutorial?
I’m sure so many of your fans would love to see how you make yourself so gorgeous!

i love your photos soooooo much <3 <3 <33
Surprise Inside 7

The coat looks so comfy yet chic as well! I love it!

x Karen

fall and winter are definitely my favorite fashion months too! gorgeous photos!

This look is a little bit different form your previous ones, urban sporty

The coat is so cool<3

Shall We Sasa

great! love this outfit :)

Nice coat! Love these pictures under the rain! – travel inspirations

eclética and chic 11 December 2014 / Reply

So chic and fab! Amazing coat!

Love the purse! Fantastic “double life” outfits! Great coat!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
Fashion Advice, Events and More

You look awesome!

All the best,

I am in loveee with this coat! Its so beautiful and versatile for the season and I love how you styled it.

Check out my latest post about a great fashion opportunity!

love the layering!

Stunning pics! The coat is so cool! Love it!



that coat is gorgeous!
ladies in navy

such a great look! love the jacket

Gotta love fall/winter- favorite seasons ever! Love this look so much :)

x Sarah

Beautiful! I love that coat. Such good pictures too!


Pamela Gonzalez 11 December 2014 / Reply

Such a unique coat, stunning!

This outfit is stunning, especially against the city background! I’m in love with your coat and bag! Adorable!

The pictures shot in NYC are absolutely amazing!!

Love from Munich, L

Only you could look so good in the rain! Still so glamoroous! i love this outfit!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

You are so beautiful! Love all your photos and posts! Great job!

Check out my last post for my trip to New York city!



Love this outfit. It’s perfect for London.

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Gorgeous outfit, I’m in love with that coat!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

Such a chic yet casual look, I love it!

You are so right, that is one seriously fantastic coat! I like how you dress is up and down all in one sweep. I’m such a sucker for burgundy and it’s such a great color on you.


I absolutely adore the coat! x

Blog Marjorie

Olivia Evens 12 December 2014 / Reply

Lol. Wonderful.
Hey check my blog too

This coat looks like a mix of military and letterman jacket. It’s a tad quirky but well-balanced. I love the streamlined cut paired with the fun stripes on the sleeves, looks very versatile. Adoring this coat now!

This coat is my dope now ♥
so amazing
you look flawless
I already do

Love the clutch and the coat so much!


I absolutely LOVE your coat!!

Love this como. It’s gorgeous. The coat is absolutely dope!

I love everything about this outfit! The colors, the flawless layering, the shoes, the hat…

I guess you don’t get a chance to wear fall things as much anymore because you moved to LA. I’d trade fall fashion for warm weather any day though! I guess I’ve just been traumatized by New York’s bitter winters.

Characters & Carry-ons

Amazing photos and outfit! :)

Such fab photos!

Hugs, Camilla

lovely outfit !


keep it up

This coat is amazing, the cut fits very good.

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i love your blog and a lot of looks ! You are so beautiful and chic ! ♥

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