Hey my loves! I am happy to kick off the week-end with this dreamy set of images that I was truly thrilled to show you. It’s been a couple of days that we’ve been back in Europe after spending a tremendous amount of time in the United States. As we are progressively planning our move to L.A, we’re still coordinating all the logistic details and organizing the transition to make sure that everything goes smoothly. So after attending the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in London, we flew in Switzerland for a couple of days to unpack, see our beloved family again and to do some meetings/ shooting with some of our good partners. Busy time!

While we were in L.A, we had the chance to travel quiet a lot not only within the states, but also outside such as in Tulum, Mexico with Lovers & Friends who were shooting their new campaign over there in this heaven of a place. We’ve already been in Mexico several years ago, but the area we explored was in Mexico City, in Polanco which is obviously much more urban compared to what we experienced this time…

It felt quiet surreal to be totally honest, just to know that we were in the middle of the month of November, on the beach, sipping on coconut water, toes in the water, salty hair, eating tacos and taking Instagram selfies… My friends from Europe kept writing me to let me know how cold it was in Milan, or Geneva. I felt so incredibly lucky to wear tank tops and daisy dukes without even caring for a single snowflake or rain drop.

Also, even though our life can seem like an everyday holiday adventure (do what you love everyday and you’ll never feel like working!!!), it felt actually breathtaking to be back in such a summery destination and admire this mesmerizing view. The sea, the fresh air, the smell of fresh sunscreen… Just thinking back about it gives me chills. As I spent two months hibernating in the recording studio, it’s almost as if I forgot what it felt like to be by the beach. I was so not ready for it after all the pop corn pleasures we allowed ourselves in the studio! Totally ready for some new work out sessions.

That day, I wore this super cute Zimmermann bikini top after dinner at the beach. I really love it though it flattens the chest even more than usual (not that I am the chestiest person ever d’uh) but still I am quiet used to wear more push-ups or build in structured bikinis. It was nice though to try something new and different, especially since I loved the print of this one this much! What I pleasure to walk around bare feet by the water. There’s nothing better that just sipping this freedom and allow creativity and new ideas to burst in…


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BIKINI TOP : Zimmermann 

SHORTS : Guess

WHITE LACE TOP : Lovers & Friends 


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wow i believe it must be a real paradise !

These images are absolutely gorgeous and dreamy. This place is definitely paradise.


These photos are amazing and you look really beautiful and happy. The bikini top is so cute and chic, love it with these white high shorts. The sea is so wonderful, it looks unreal

Ah, so peaceful and beautiful, you look so happy! xx

Stunning photos as always! Miss the beach so, so much – but it is almost summer here in Australia!

Wow those pictures really look like paradise!

Beautiful photos, breathtaking, paradise like location and enchanting you!
You are such a lucky girl to have been able to visit this kind of place!

Ce bikini est vraiment très joli! Tes photos sont sublimes commes toujours <3

Wow those pictures! And this place! perfect!
And i’m in love with your bikini top!

What a beautiful location! Love your cute bikini top. Enjoy your stay!

xx Mira

Beautiful post and stunning images!!!! xx

amazing pictures ,beautiful girl :)

Beautiful photos, love your bikini !

Love from Paris

seriously the most perfect figure! you work so hard, you really deserve all the amazing opportunities that come your way! :)

Rose and Weston x

You actually do look like you’re in paradise. SO jealous.
Have a great time Kristina!

Green And Turquoise

Gorgeous pictrues, that bikini top is so cute! :)

Nice look! Greetz Edwin.

Wow is such a magical place love it!

One word definition for paradise; heaven.

The place does look like a paradise on Earth, just like you wrote. The sea is so turquoise and the sand almost as white as snow. Enjoy the moments there!

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I love these images! You look so natural and beautiful as always! Love it, when you smilie :)

At these time I appreciate more all the photos showing nice and warm weather :) Thank you!

The beach look so nice! – journey to stylish destinations

These photos are really lovely x

What gorgeous photos! I love visiting tropical destinations during the winter months. Such a nice way to break up the season. The hubs and I just got back from holiday in Puerto Rico and all I can think about is planning our next trip!

Audrey |

Beautiful place and pictures! Love this white lace top and bikini is cute!
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You look glowing and so healthy I’m so happy after the skeleton look you had earlier (ew)!! Well done girl, remember to do what’s good for you and clearly some popcorn every now on then makes you only better looking!! x

I have those same shorts!! And the beach there looks wonderful! <3

wow very sexy, and love the qualities of your images. also your smile make me so happy. Have a nice day

These photos are perfect!

If I could swap this weather for that even only for a day :) Non stop raining Europe :(
Beautiful shots!

Printed or Plain

Love this photo diary! So beautiful nature there
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

looks gorgeous there! love your bathing suit top

I am SO jealous !! How lucky you are, and your body is insane !

Your swimsuit is also so cute !!

Such beautiful photos! x

Blog Marjorie

You are so lucky Kristina…this is a marvelous place!!! Kisses,

amodeworld 6 December 2014 / Reply

Beautiful spot and great pics.

These photos are amazing! I love your white lace top!

Love your make up. Amazing photos,!

Do you ever stop? These pictures are gorgeous <3

Wow beautiful pictures! and this places looks incredible! you’re so lucky to travel so much to all these amazing places :)

Prudence Yeo 7 December 2014 / Reply

You look absolutely lovely in the pretty floral ruffle bikini top! And the images of the beach is breath-taking, thanks for sharing!


So jealous of your amazing trip! Amazing pictures!

The white lace top and the short are stunning!

This place looks really amazing!
Nice post!


Love the beachy hair. You look gorg (:

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xo Megan

This looks like paradise! You look so pretty!
xx Elle

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You’re beautiful!
Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

Kaja xx

Haha I’m from California and the weather here is too good to be true sometimes! Beautiful beach shots and that bikini is so cute!

what a magical place!


Your pictures are amazing, they make me dream of summer!

Wow such an amazing place, real paradise! Love these photos! Xoxo

You look amazing. I love your top.

Looks wonderful – also looks like you must be having a fantastic time.
Have a look at my post from 7 Dec – might inspire your next holiday destination;-)

Amazing pictures! Gorgeous place! =)


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This post is great! All photos are amazing and you’re so beautiful!
Kisses from SFC.

Beautiful photos and You look great.


wonderful beach!!


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Wow, this is truly paradise! You look amazing!

xx, Eleonora


Juan Diego Farez 9 December 2014 / Reply

Awesomely lovely Kristina, the best ;)

Wow, the colours in the sky are just incredible! What a beautiful shoot :)

– DV

Love, love, love these photos! It’s great seeing some summer shots in this horrid cold weather! You look stunning, Kristina :)

Denina Martin 9 December 2014 / Reply

I was in the area last year and must say this is the ultimate Paradise (at least for me) :))

Purely Me by Denina Martin

I was there in august. It´s definitely the best place I´ve ever seen! I hope you enjoyed that trip, photos are amazing! :)

The smiling picture in the end is by far the very best! LOVE it

Such a great spot to make some pictures, stunning!!

x Chris |

I’m glad you enjoyed your time in my beautiful Mexico! -Xoxo
P.D. : I think you are an incredible person and I admire you so so much.

Incredible pictures! :)

this is definitely the paradise. wow, what a beautiful place. Right now I wanna go to the beach.
I love the pictures and your amazing bikini top. Love the color and pattern. And you hair is looking amazing as always. I wish you made one day a post about your hair especially about your color.
I wish you a wonderful day in Athens. Enjoy it.
xo, Petra

Beautiful pictures !!!

Stay beautiful …

Amazing photo! Make me wish for a beach vacation too!!


Awesome pics! Looks like an amazing vacay spot!

Beautiful ! You’re such an inspirational person.

Liebe Kristina

Traumhafte Bilder.
Wie eine Meerjungfrau steigst Du aus dem Wasser auf dem ersten Foto.
Zauberhaft wirklich.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

These pictures look so amazing! Love them.
I recently got also some vacation pictures on my blog –
But I must say I like your pictures more. :)

what a beautiful place! such great photos with a lovely lady :-)

Amazing pictures! Amazing place! And beautiful you! So pretty! Perfect!



It truly is a small paradise! <3 Kristina have you ever considered writing a book? Because if you had ever thought about it, I would be the first in line to get it!! I think I would be lovely and simply amazing!

Love you loads!!! You are my inspiration!!

I love it – “do what you love, and it won’t feel like work”. Totally words to live by! Seems like you had an amazing time!

Amazing photoshooting! Love the bikini top by Zimmermann! ;)
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Your way of life is inspirational. Keep living, keep laughing and being so productive =)
if you ever want to visit St. Petersburg (Russia), so not hesitate to have a look on my website
All the best to you =)

The images are amazing! What a beautiful place. Just want to jump there trough the window of my computer :)

Such a beautiful images! Just love this place :)

u r sooooooooo lucky babe
travelling all the time
stay with ur boyfriend all the time
wear the super beautiful dress all the time

Ann Gajdzik 1 January 2015 / Reply

I love your style. It is amazing! Beautiful girl :)

Spectacular photos of this beautiful destination. The white lace crop top is one of my favourites. Thanks for sharing!

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