You guys already had a serious teaser yesterday on Instagram and now here it is, live, our Holiday project with Gucci is finally revealed! As you guys might know, we are currently in Paris for a little over a week. We’re in the city to attend a couple of important events and meetings as well as work on some special projects planned for the end of this year. A perfect occasion to enjoy the atmosphere of France during winter time! The streets are are lit up by hundreds of little light that scream “Christmas”! I swear it just makes you wanna rush in all the beautiful shops and start a severe shopping session.

The windows are paved in sparkles, there’s a truly magical feeling in the air. That’s what I love about this time of the year, it feels like everyone gives the last efforts to enjoy blissful time with their families starting from next week. All we have on our minds is to bake cookies at home (it’s going to be gluten free ones for me this year!), wear comfy socks and just snuggle, snuggle, snuggle. On a personal note, all I want right now is to order hot soups and lattes to comfort me while the wind blows and the rain pours.

It was nice to stay mainly in to shoot these images which I hope will inspire you for some fashionable Gucci Holiday gift ideas. We shot everything at the beautiful hotel Burgundy in Paris where we stayed for a couple of days. I had the chance to experience their biggest suite, “The Appartement”, right in the heart of Paris with the Rue Cambon right in Parallel. It’s all about thinking already about spring, or eventually leaving to a warm destination in order to celebrate new year’s eve if you consider the dress, now the shoes on the other hand, oh my lord, they are absolute stunners. So high, yet comfortable. Look at that arch seriously, and with the emblematic Gucci horse bit detail. Everything about them is gorgeous and it’s definitely one of my most coveted piece for this winter.

You guys recently learned about my obsession with backpacks. Wait… No! It’s actually already been a little while! I wore a backpack almost the whole summer and now I am coming back with a new one that I am absolutely dying over. White is probably my favorite color to wear in winter. I know it might sound crazy but I think it’s so beautiful and elegant when it gets a little foggy outside. This ivory Gucci bamboo backpack has been on my list for ages and now I can’t stop wearing it. It adds so much edge to any look and is so practical at the same time too. Definitely a must this season. Hope you guys will enjoy this series of images!

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Beautiful photos,you look stunning as always <3

This is incredible. Congrats to you!

Beautiful dress. I have been seeing this bag in lots of colours now. I want one!

how gorgeous! that backpack is to die for!
ladies in navy

Thrse pictures are absolutely lovely! And I bet Paris is wonderful this time of year! So jealous!

love it! gorgeous backpack

Christmas is here! It’s my favorite moment of the year, everything is so beautiful and everyone is really happy. These photos are amazing, they are so perfect. The dress is wonderful, the style, the details, all these things together created a little piece of art. OMG those boots are the new love of my life, they are so cool and fancy, so Gucci. The bag is just perfect, it’s supreme and I adore it.

Love your whole look, especially those boots! You look amazing, as usual.

This is a very magical and beautiful photo=shoots. I want to start wearing more white this winter like you said it looks great with the atmosphere.

wow, so beautiful! Love the pictures! <3

That dress is so special, unique… You are such a lucky girl!
Congrats on the colab!

Beautiful pictures and backpack!

Love, L

The dress is beautiful! Love all the florals and butterflies! Fantastic shoes and great bag!
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Beautiful! x

Blog Marjorie

The boots are incredible!

LOVE this outfit. The photos from this shoot are just gorgeous. You are stunning and are such an inspiration to me.

Sending love from California,

I’m obsessed with this outfit. The boots are great!

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Prudence Yeo 18 December 2014 / Reply

Love the fun and pretty garden prints of the dress! Cute backpack and the block heels design of the grey boots is so cool and chic, awesome!


Perfect photos! I love the light.

seriously neeeeeeeeed these boots !!! gucci nailed !

Beautiful outfit, love the floral dress so much and the bamboo backpack is pure perfection!

Wow you look absolutely gorgeous as always!! I love your dress and those boots are perfection! <3


Such beautiful outfit! Love your way of wearing backpack also with elegant pieces and dresses! I feel inspired
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

this prints on your dress is very unique way beautiful

Wow these shots are beautiful! xx

Beautiful pictures, the dress and the boots are perfect – so much 60s vibe in these images – love it! Your make up really makes it even more perfect, I am speechless :)
best wishes

Beautiful Combo! Like it.
Have a nice day.
xx, nissi


you look absolutely amazing! Love this backpack so much! It is highly on my whilst too and I hope I can buy it next year. It’s such a true beauty!


Wow, gorgeous photos! I love all the items so much! Especially the boots!

What an amazing dress, love the print!

Interesting look.. the photos are beathtaking!

Probably one of my all time favorite photo stories of yours!

LOVE THIS !!!!! What an awesome project.
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Love, love, LOVE! Can I just come shop in your closet? Ok, thanks. hehe.



This one has a vintage vibe! Really like the dress and that photo of your close up! Such a pretty photo!
Happy holidays!!

hi beautiful!!! i love that dress, i saw it Instagram and i was totally in love.

kisses from Spain

Oh my god! I love your boots, & your backpack it’s absolutely beautiful, I really like the way you write on the blog! :)

Wow that’s so incredible to collaborate with Gucci, especially as this printed dress is unbelievably pretty !!!

These photos are stunning! Did you use some sort of filter for the ‘behind glass’ effect? I love the pairing of shoes and the dress!


I’m so damn jealous of your hair, haha !! You look lovely <3

Wow those shoes really are high! They do look comfy at the same time though! Love the backpack, and I’m glad you finally got it off your list. Have been loving following you through your trip in Paris; it looks more stunning than ever with all the holiday magic <3

Gorgeous photos as always! I love that dress too! Ah!

Beautiful holiday project! The dress looks fabulous on you ♥

tout est beau !! printanier!!! merci kistina , Gucci !!!!à bientôt !!!!

Wow! Stunning pictures <3
I really love that cute, printed dress.

Kisses from Vienna,

Stunning pictures and lovely look !!

really nice outfit, and these shoes… I love them!
i love this time in the year too, Christmas in the air… i love that, it simply makes me happy and joyfull

Love this style, looks so sophisticated!!


love this dress !

Wow, you look amazing!!!! Your eyes are really pretty

This dress is so beautiful! I love the floral pattern – it looks very stylish, especially in a combination with this chic bag. Great photo session!

Love this look ! You are amazing !


LOVE these pictures, and the backpack!

I like that dress and your style I would love to draw an illustration of you!

The boots are amazing ! Thank you as always for the inspiration xxx

je viens de découvrir ton blog. Sublime. C’est un travail très pro, c’est un vrai plaisir et je te trouve superbe.
Les photos sont vraiment parfaites ! quel talent.
Cette série est particulièrement sublime. Belle continuation à ce joli blog !