I can’t believe we are a few hours away from the beginning of a new year… Growing up, celebrating New Year’s eve has always been a massive deal. The whole family would get together around a feast, gifts, songs, movies, fireworks…  I’ve always felt like that moment when the clock hits midnight, is pure magic. It always symbolized the beginning of a new chapter, a fresh new start and seemed to be the perfect reason to finally apply all of our heart felt New Year resolutions, especially the ones we’ve been trying to stick to for the last 5 years!

As you may know, I had the luxury of some downtime these last couple of days, something I haven’t fully experienced in a long time… I’ve been staying away from my phone as much as possible, not even checking my texts or emails really, just posting a tiny bit on Instagram. I love having a big break like that in December, when it’s so cold and snowy outside… All I do is stay in and snuggle in my pyjamas with a cup of tea while writing. I’ve been feeling so inspired, I guess it’s the perks of the end of the year : it enhances my creativity levels!

I also took advantage of this free time to stop and think about all the amazing things that happened so far… I can’t believe that it’s been almost 4 years since I first opened my blog and shared a part of my life with all of you. It was the craziest yet best thing I’ve ever done. So many great things happened so far and yet I got so many dreams… 2014 has been the warm up. I want to share with you an even bigger part of my life… Just like a movie. I am ready for a new beginning and all I hope for, is to keep living it with you all.

So before the clock ticks midnight, take a break and think about the precious year you have in front of you. Take everyday as a chance to go out there and become the person you want to be. Don’t wait to live. Just do it now.

See you on my Instagram @kristina_bazan for the official countdown!!!


This article was shot at the Galeries Lafayette. Thanks to their incredible crew for this magical experience!

DRESS : Lanvin

BAG : Olympia Le Tan 

NECKLACE : Shourouk 


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You are inspiring. I just recently started my blog, it’s been 6 months now and some opportunities have also come my way! I hope that I can be like you one day, I will keep writing and keep working hard. Thank you for being an inspiration. I love these pictures!

Beautiful! Congrats on a great 2014, with an even bigger 2015 to come I’m sure!

Incredibly feminine, breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring outfit! If 2014 was just a warm up for you, I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring to Kayture! :)
Have a great NYE!

You look absolutely stunning in this photos!

xx Cheyenne

I am soooo inspired right now. I’ve been going through your blog the past 2 hours….I aspire to be like you :)

Please check out my DIY: Succulents blogpost on my blog if you got the time! x

I love the jewellery. Your pictures are always so stunning.
Wishing the KaytureTeam a happy new year.


Oh, Lafayette in Paris <3.
I wish you all the best and joyful to the year 2015 ^_^,
Michael / facebook

Kristina, thanks a lot for sharing all of these shots, all of the memories and adventures with us, you do really inspire me! I wish you best things in the new year, great campaigns, trips, people and I wish you that all of your dreams come true! Thanks a lot for being with us this year! <3

Happy New Year to you and your whole team behind Kayture!

Thrilled to see the countdown, always love those “look back” articles. Great pictures and incredible location.
Have a happy new year!
xx, Lena

You look stunning, love the red lip, really classic look!
- Grace xx

P.S. Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you feel so inclined? <3

Lovelt pics.. Like a dream!

Beautiful pictures ! this dress is perfection

You look stunning, love this dress !

Love from Paris

Happy New Year Kristina!!!! Thanks for all inspiration and hapiness, love you so much!! Kisses from México

Prudence Yeo 31 December 2014 / Reply

You look absolutely amazing in this glamorous and striking red dress! And the statement necklace is so gorgeous too, such a stunning piece that matches perfectly with the dress!


That dress is stunning and the little bag is so cute! Happy New Year!

Happy new year sweetie! For one year awesome!
I love the red dress!!
new video-post on my blog :)

Amazing photos, you look like you’ve just came out of a 60′s Hollywood movie! Happy new year xx

wow, amazing pictures! So beautiful and feminine. And wish you a Happy New Year! <3

Wow, you look so elegant :)) Love it:))
Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you many more successes in the upcoming year. These photos are absolutely breathtaking.

Elsa Tysebaert 31 December 2014 / Reply

Déjà le 31 décembre… On se demande où cette année a bien pu passer ! 365 jours, c’est fou comme le temps passe vite. A minuit (et surtout dans le week end!) je prendrai le temps de faire un bilan de cette année, et de me demander quels chemins je veux prendre pour 2015. Environ un an( je crois) que je suis vos aventures, ici sur le blog, mais aussi via les autres réseaux sociaux et grâce à vous j’ai découvert tout un monde que je ne connaissais pas et qui me fait dire qu’il y a tellement plus à découvrir et à vire, tellement plus qu’être simple “assistante” (bien que pour moi il n’y ait pas de sous métier). Mais vous m’avez donné envie de me dépasser, de croire en de nouvelles choses et de vouloir pour moi le meilleur. Je ne sais pas si mon chemin aboutira, mais je tenais à vous remercier de partager votre histoire avec nous, et personnellement m’avoir donné l’envie d’aller plus loin dans la vie.
Keep going guys you are AMAZING

You looked absolutely beautiful! Great article and wonderful photos! Happy New Year!

The photos are gorgeous, Kristina!!! Happy New Year! I hope all your wishes come true in 2015! :)

wow you are so pretty and sexy! looks a perfect doll

Bonjour Kristina, Fiona et James!
Je suis une française de 18 ans et je profite de cette fin d’année pour poster mon premier commentaire sur votre blog! Je le suis depuis maintenant 1 an et demi je crois, et à vrai dire c’est bien le seul blog que je suis aussi régulièrement! J’ai d’abord découvert Kayture via Instagram et le compte de Kristina. J’ai immédiatement accroché avec la personne que tu es Kristina: simple, talentueuse, rayonnante. Et puis j’ai découvert le blog qui n’a fait que renforcer cette première impression. Les photos de James sont tout simplement magnifiques et je me suis d’ailleurs empressée de voter pour les BlogLovin Awards! Bref, tout ça pour vous dire, à toute l’équipe, un grand bravo! Bravo pour tout ce que vous avez accompli. Vous méritez amplement tout ce qui vous arrive non pas seulement car Kayture est selon moi le meilleur blog existant, mais aussi et surtout pour les valeurs et la bonne humeur que chacun de vous, Kristina, James et Fiona, transmettez à travers vos articles et vos photos. Je suis persuadée que vous êtes une source d’inspiration pour beaucoup, vous l’êtes pour moi en tout cas. Continuez à travaillez comme vous le faites, avec passion. Je vous souhaite une excellente année 2015, en espérant qu’elle vous permettra de réaliser vos rêves, et d’aller encore plus loin que tout ce que vous avez accompli en 2014!
Je suis une Kayturette j’imagine, et fière de l’être! Je continuerai à l’être pour les années à venir.
Continuez de rêver, et de nous faire rêver par la même occasion; Je vous souhaite sincèrement le meilleur.

Absolutely gorgeous!! All the best for 2015! x

I am so in love with the beautiful pictures from Galeries Lafayette, and in Lanvin no less… You are truly gorgeous, and I just can’t wait to see what 2015 brings to you !

You look amazing in that dress and I wish you all the best in 2015. “O)

you look fabulous just as always!

Amazing look :)

Oh wow, you look gorgeous! That dress is just amazing!
Enjoy and have a great new year :)

Pamela Gonzalez 31 December 2014 / Reply

Stunning! I’m in love with your outfit!
I discovered you this year and I would never regret it. Hope you have an awesome 2015 Kristina :)

Amazing dress and outfit! Love it!!
Giveaway on my blog! :)

Wow, ma belle!!! Ces photos sont dingues. Une vraie bombe

Bonne année


Happy New Year Kristina! Your blogging was amazing this year :D

You look amazing, loving the background!
Enjoy your NYE.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Amazing! Happy New Year to you, babe:)

Shall We Sasa

wow, you look incredible!

This dress is really beautiful, with it you look like a actress from the old Hollywood. The color is magic, it’s elegant and sexy, the necklace is a piece of art and the place for the shooting is just wonderful. The clutch is pure love, tres chic. This year was amazing and the next one will be even better, I’m sure. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So beautiful! Amazing photos as always

You look so soo beautiful! Your blog has just gone from strength to strength this year!!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Beautiful! x

Blog Marjorie

OMG, you are amazing, you really inspire me to go on and try to come true my dreams.
Keep writing and posting please. Do it for all of us.
The world seriously need more people like you.
Happy new year!!!!!!

These pictures are STUNNING! The mix of that red dress, the necklace, and the background is gorgeous. I hope you have a great new years!


what a gorgeous dress! you look amazing! happy new year :)

Rose and Weston x

Hey! I haven’t write here before (i thought you wouldn’t see my comment through the many you get everyday..) but i just have to now! I truly love Kayture and also you all! I’ve been so inspired by how hard you obviously work for your dreams to make them come true that i’ve finally started to work harder on mine. Anyway, i just want to thank you for being so sweet and for sharing your absolutely magical journey while making me be more ambitious! I absolutely admire you!!
Wish you all the bests and i can’t wait to see Kayture growing even bigger <3 xx

here’s to an amazing new year!

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Such a beautiful words.. you’re such an inspiration! Happy 2015!

You look absolutely stunning! I love the little purse! And Happy New Year!

what a gorgeous dress!
ladies in navy

I understand, Kristina! I wish I was home in my Superman pjs myself with some hot tea, wrapped up in a soft blanket and a good book. As always, your inspirational words push me to be better and better. I can’t wait to see your music career take off at the same time as you’re conquering the fashion world!

Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2015! xo

You look amazing ! The dress is stunning so is the necklace! Have a blast and Happy NEW YEAR 2015!
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Umm…. absolutely amazing!! Such a stunning look, and definitely just like the movies!! Congrats on all of your success this past year; it’s been great watching this blog grow!!

That necklace is absolutely gorgeous.

You look amazing! I can’t believe your blog is not even 4 years old! You have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. You’re truly an inspiration!

I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for the new year!

Cindi Johnson 1 January 2015 / Reply

Happy New Year from me to you. Just wanted you to know that you are so much an inspiration to a lot of us who read your blog. I look forward to reading about your adventures in 2015. <3 <3

Cindi Johnson 1 January 2015 / Reply

You have accomplished so much in just 4 years. Just wanted you to know that you are so much an inspiration to a lot of us who read your blog. I look forward to reading about your adventures in 2015. <3 <3

That’s a amazing dress and makeup look, you’re like and Hollywood star <3
Happy New Year to you and all the Kayteam!

This is a very inspiring post and gorgeous look, too! Happy new year! May all your wishes this 2015 come true, too!

Style Reader

Wow these photos are stunning!! I love your dress and bag! :)


Ecléctica & Chic 1 January 2015 / Reply

So chic and beautiful! Love the Shourouk necklace!

Ann Gajdzik 1 January 2015 / Reply

Kristina, You look absolutely gorgeous! I love Your dress,bag and hair of course. Amazing ♡

You look stuning!!!

Beautiful photos! The location really creates a magical moment.
Happy New Year :)

Amazing photos :) The location really creates magical moments!
Happy New Year :)

You look stunning in these photos, the dress is incredibly beautiful. Wish you all a happy new year :)

These picture are beautiful! you’re such a huge inspiration :)

Beautiful photos, you are gorgeous. xx

Beautiful pictures and Happy New year to you from

wow!! such perfect photos and outfit! you look amazing!



Tu es sublime, digne des plus grandes actrices ! Merci pour cette belle année de partage, tu nous fais rêver par tes tenues et tes voyages, merci encore !


You are gorgeous! Great blog love the dress! I followed your social medias!

wooow that dress is stunning! also the photos, you looks so pretty!


amazing, stunning, smashing, gorgeous…and can’t have enough words! you’re such an inspiration for me!
question: are your shoes Casadei?

<3 Mary

Wow, I really must say you look absolutely stunning. “Just like the movies” might be the title of this article because of your amazing year and your opportunities that are yet to come, but it also fits perfectly to these pictures. You look like a real Hollywood beauty, So amazing!
I wish you all the best for 2015! xx

omg the dress can’t be more perfect!!♥

Nice. You are such an inspiration.

Love this glam look! You look stunning! Happy New Year :)


you look perfect :) I love your necklace it is just amazing :)

That really does looks like the movies! Love how you paired the dress with the gorgeous lafayette ceiling.

Characters & Carry-ons

Wonderful dress! I love the atmosphere these photos bring :)
Have a happy and healthy new year!

Always looking breathtakingly gorgeous Kayture!!!
Please please check out my new DIY: Succulents video on youtube if you can, it would mean a lot!


You look so much like an angel !

Your blog is just amazing .. I Think I followed you from the very beginning & I have to say with every blog entry you get more and more creative and beautiful !

I wish you good luck with your music career and I believe that you will be one day not only a blogger star also a singer, actress and simply a superstar!

Kristina you’re a SUPERWOMAN ;D

xoxo Marita

I used one of your looks on my article. if you don’t mind please check it! it’ll be a pleasure !! :D

You look gorgeous on those pics !
Love xxx

Very elegant look and the Galeries Lafayette in the background is perfect x

Honestly such a gorgeous dress. I love it in red versus the blue Kim Kardashian wore to the MET Gala.
So pretty!