It’s been weeks that I’ve been teasing you guys on social media about a highly exciting project I’ve been working with one of my favorite luxury brands. It turns out, after the success of our first collaboration, Cartier and Kayture are partnering up again to share with you moments of Winter magic and bring you on a fairy tale of an adventure through the world of the iconic house. So buckle up! We’re up for a little ride.

The simple idea of receiving anything Cartier as a present from your family or beloved one is so symbolical. It’s a piece you know you’ll keep forever no matter what. Each creations transports you through a different story and you build such strong connections with each jewel you own, imagining that they give you the strength and confidence while being now part of the precious treasures you’ve assembled through your life. Not to forget that the box itself, come all dressed up in festivity, isn’t red the perfect color any type of celebration?

As I was invited to visit the brand new Cartier store in Geneva, I got fully immersed in the hypnotizing history and heritage of the brand. If there’s obviously the biggest quality and care behind each piece, there’s definitely something even more special about them than that. There’s something mystical about them. Each jewel, they all have something utterly magical about them, perhaps it’s the way these diamonds shine, or that the gold reflects the lights of the room : the pieces truly transport me. I hope these pictures will transport you too. Get ready for the part II which is coming up super soon!


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Such classic, timeless pieces. Such a dream.


Wow what an amazing collaboration! Congratulations! And these photos are stunning!

These photos are so, so beautiful!

Truly amazing designs with such statement looks and luxurious appeal! Especially love the watches and bangles, so elegant yet stylish!


Stunning photos as usual. I would love to own a Cartier love bracelet. Stacks of them, in fact. Can’t wait to see the second part ;)

Gorgeous post and photos! x

Blog Marjorie

Lol. Wonderful rly magical. More from this session into

omg so lucky! Did they gift you a love bracelet?

Cartier is pure excellence and sophistication for me. Great collaboration!
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Cartier is truly magical; a piece from them is definitely the perfect christmas present that you will keep for a lifetime.

You are incredibly lucky to be working with such an amazing luxury brand! Looking forward to part II

The post and photos are magical!
I agree that Cartier is one of those luxury brands that very unique, timeless and it’s pieces can be inherited by your family member. And isn’t it the name of timeless that gets it’s power in heritage? First piece I got (inherited, to be clear) from my Mom for my school graduation – it was a heart pendant from the Happy Diamond collection, and the second piece from this collection I inherited from her not so long ago – the square ring with a small “dansing” diamond. Can’t tell how I am in love with this pieces!
Thanks a lot for sharing this magic post! Can’t wait to see the new part of it)

I have a great contest with Westwing on my blog, check it out!

The ones that struck me the most are their Bangles. I just love how intricate and elegant they are. But I really couldn’t afford the S$10K-20K price tag so I only enjoy looking at others wearing them.

Nice shot for this collaboration. Really brings out the magical feeling of the brand. Its Christmas so these shots beautifully capture that. Love it.

Hints of Peppermint & Chocolate

No better face than yours to present Cartier! You look outstanding and their jewellery is top notch!

Really beautiful photos! I love the bracelet!

Cartier is just amazing, the jewelry is really beautiful, delicate and elegant. The jaguar ring is the most incredible piece of art I’ve never seen in my life and the bracelet is perfect, it’s pure love. Tres chic

You are so gorgeous♥
This spirit of Xmas is almost in the air
Espessialy on your blog

you have an amazing blog
I already do

wonderful photos!


These photos are stunning and I loved seeing all of the pieces! I have to say that the love bracelets are my favourite.

You even make Cartier look better!

Love, Farah

Great gift sugestion, Cartier is timeless!

Me encanta Kristina! Cartier es una de mis firmas de joyería favoritas y me han encantado las foto. Un besito muy fuerte


I love your pictures in every single post! There is such a strong atmosphere in every single one of them, such a strong expression! But this post really is kind of magical! So many beautiful pieces of jewelry, such a christmassy and warm mood even without christmas decorations yet the beautiful golden, red and glass details. I love your outfit because it’s chic and cozy yet modest. Just perfect to put the wonderful jewelry pieces in focus!
Wish you all the best!

xx Deborah Chloé

Wow all this jewelry is absolutely stunning, the “love” bracelets are my favorites though !

Love from Paris

Wow incrediblehotos I love them so magical!

WOW Kristina! It has to be amazing to cooperate with Cartier! You must be very happy :) You look stunning and photos are perfect! :)

Amazing Photos!! You look so beautiful.
Have a nice friday.
xoxo, nissi

woooow my eyes are making bling bling

the fashion peony

tfp on bloglovin

Great collaboration!

I absolutely adore this LOVE bracelet!

The photos are so amazing! You’re living every girl’s dream, to be able to work with Cartier, its too amazing!


I adore Cartier, I would love to own a piece of Cartier jewerly one day!

x Karen

All these people are so chic! Absolutely in love with these photos!

Beauty look! Greetz Edwin

Beautiful jewels!

What a beautiful collaboration, Kristina! I LOVED the first part (been looking for a simple necklace like that) and the second part is just as beautiful! xo

Stunning pics, Kristina! Cartier has the most amazing pieces.

Love the photos!!



Beautiful pieces! Love this post :)

x Sarah

I love Cartier’s jewels! these photos are amazing!


Lovely post! Makes me want to get all things cartier. love all the pieces!

Feel free to check out my fashion blog!

INCREDIBLE pics ! That must be one of the best partenrships EVER !

Wow. This is so special. Very happy for you!

How can it be a real fashion blog if you get paid for publishing things or wearing some brands? we want to see what YOU CHOOSE to wear, and not commercials.

The work of Cartier is absolutely adorable! The images are as ususally amazing! Cartier is a dream!

I want Cartier love bracelet so badly, OMG.. they’re perfect and sooo elegant!

Cartier pieces are so minimalist but timeless and yet so classy! A girl can dream lol! I love the pieces, very gorgeous pieces!

Daisy x

Conceptions vraiment incroyable avec ces regards d’états et d’appel de luxe! Aime particulièrement les montres et bracelets, si élégant et élégant!

Simply stunning! Love all the Cartier pieces and the presentation:)

Very beautiful pictures, and the jewels are very elegant!!!!Cartier is the best!

You always are a reference for us! Congratulations for this article with Cartier :)

I really like how you were “interacting” with your surroundings, it is a nice change from just posing. How did you keep such a cool face being surrounded by all these tiny gorgeous things though? I’d be drooling all over the amulets, haha.

les photos sont sublimes, j’adoore ! :)