I am absolutely thrilled to share with you all today this new set of images which I personally feel like stand out of anything I have ever really done before… As you may know, I’ve had an absolutely fabulous experience and relationship with Louis Vuitton and their incredible team since years now. Working with the house has definitely contributed to the growth of Kayture and I’ll forever be grateful for their trust in me, as cheesy as it may sound. To be totally honest, it almost feels like their team are part of our family now. We’ve spent so much time together, shared so many precious moments… All of this to say, I am very passionate and dedicated to the house.

We’ve all witnessed the exciting evolution of Vuitton’s aesthetic, especially ever since the arrival of the genius of Nicolas Gesquière. It feels like the codes are shifting as he’s creating a completely new silhouette and reshaping the Louis Vuitton woman into this new, modern, emancipated, adventurous character who’s more effortless and edgy. There’s this intriguing Parisian nonchalance infused all in the designs. It goes from retro, to pop, to rock and it just doesn’t stop.

It feels to me like it is quiet representative of the way Ghesquière portrays this new artistic direction : it’s about these old indie french movies where you don’t really get what the plot is all about but you keep watching because you’re so fascinated by the beautiful images… I am thinking Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, or even better, their daughter and Nicolas’s actual current muse : Charlotte Gainsbourg. When it comes to international references, I can’t help myself but thinking of this iconic 70ies vibe. Visions from “Clockwork Orange” keep popping in my head…

It truly feels like Nicolas Ghesquière is telling a poetic story behind each one of his pieces, and I can’t even tell how incredibly inspiring it was to attend the last show during Paris fashion week and see how he so remarkably  managed to take such a big house hold as Vuitton and make it his own. I was in such awe, that I ran backstage with my friend Anne-Catherine to wait for him in hope to get a picture or exchange a word while everybody else was rushing out for street style shots. I had a very intense fan-girling moment…

The silhouette he showed ever since he arrived is so unique and different from anything I’ve seen… I could recognize a Louis Vuitton piece by Ghesquière amongst hundreds of racks. I just could. And this only demonstrates how strong, precise and clear his idea needed to be. He managed to not only make pieces that would obviously become commercially successful (it’s also an important part of the game, let’s not forget) but he made a statement which he perpetuated in all of the shows he’s done with Vuitton so far : he kept a linearity and reinforced, show by show his intention.

But now, enough about my love for Nicolas Ghesquière… I think you all got my point : I am a little bit obsessed… It’s time to talk about these images. So the reason why they’re different is that we not only shot in a completely new context, we also used a new method to shoot these images and I decided to give up on my signature eye liner to try something more effortless and casual. We went up in Gstaad that week-end and stayed at the breathtaking Alpina hotel which had the most gorgeous interior and was filled with stunning art pieces, some we even used for this shoot. We were walking around the panorama suite with our little portable flash, capturing stolen moments.This is my interpretation of the new Louis Vuitton woman. I wanted to create a series of graphic images with a lot straight lines and an im-perfect feel. I wanted it to be less preppy, less pretty and just more easy going and artistic . I hope you’ll enjoy discovering this set of images!

KTR_7699KTR_7840 KTR_7703KTR_7706KTR_7835 KTR_7714KTR_7791 KTR_7716 KTR_7725KTR_7817 KTR_7753 KTR_7688KTR_7692KTR_7794KTR_7844KTR_7756


Images shot at the hotel Alpina in Gstaad


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Wow fantastic post Kristina! Absolutely love it! LV is also one of my favorite brands ever


Beautiful, love that bag!


Absolutely stunning pictures! I love this new way, especially the behind-the-window pictures and the 4th one.

Incredible photo shoot! This is so unique and unlike your other content. I’m so impressed.


I love how you’re branching out and trying new photography styles! These images are very in keeping with the new Louis Vuitton campaign of Freya! (
I Love this, well done! Let’s see more! xx

Love these images!. Love that you have done something different! This is fabulous :)

Amazing photos, love the bag !

Love from Paris

c’est génial !tellement cuir ,chaud car le cuir donne parfois une impression de froid !!! bravo à toutes et tous !!!je suis heureux de contempler ces photos d’ une nouvelle mode portée par une grande et sublime fée !!!!

These fashion items just combined with your perfect face and boom the magic has happened… Gorgeous attitude and lots of congrats to the photographer

These photos are unique, it’s a new way to see the Louis Vuitton style, The look is classic, elegant and you represent the parisian soul in every photo. The bad is just amazing, it’s so beautiful and chic. Love Louis Vuitton, it’ll be my favorite luxury brand forever

You look really different in those pics, the atmosphere is really interrsting it seems like there is a story to discover! Great job :)

Brilliant pictures! love your stunning look and your great make up :-)

Love the whole look so much! The bag is super cute and classy at the same time! The leather dress and the turtleneck are amazing together!

Such a dope bag! Absolutely adorable!!!

Gorgeous photoshoot ! Love the way those pictures were taken

It looks sooo amazing!! Greta idea and work :))

Genius. <3

Personally I only liked the make-up style, looks deep, especially the darker eyebrows

Beautiful photos, love the minimalism and androgyny of this look!
That LV bag is on my wish list!

Interesting shots! Love this LV purse and cute dress!
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I love this look and this bag, although usually I’m not that big fan of LV I love this “editorial” :)

Interesting and I love the new aesthetic of pictures. They look like Vogue ad spread with overwxposure and interesting angles.


I love this look for you, it is so different from anything I have ever seen you do!

I like to see you trying to capture the new Vuitton in these, and you definitely have. You ave such a distinct style, because you are so flawless and elegant but you have created a whole new side to you in these pictures. There’s something slightly obscure about them, but that combined with your natural composure just creates this beautiful contrast, almost jarring, but in a good way. Basically, I love them. Well done, I hope to see more post like this to see you in these new lights, as the outcome is so uniquely stunning.



Oh my you look like a sad little girl :( what happened ? Seriously you look like you’re 13 on those pictures… was that on purpose ? And you look ill or like you would play in a horror movie a ghost.

for the first time you turn out ugly and looking sick on pictures

Love the look! LV is amazing and even better on you! Love it!


Love the mood of these pictures,but you look so pale and tired…


c’est vraiment beau ,magique !!! bravo kristina !!!!

In my opinion this is your worst photoshoot, looks like it’s out of a horror movie.
Horrible makeup and expressions.

Love your dress and your bag :)

Wow! You look like a totally different person in these photos!

This is a gorgeous look! You look different but still amazing! x

Blog Marjorie

Wow I am obsessed with these photos and that outfit! Love the dress layered over the shirt! And I think the lighter makeup looks wonderful on you!

I love your makeup and the style of the photos, quite dark but cool.

Hmmm interesting photos, not my favourite, but is definitely something new..

such pretty pictures! you always look so amazing

james milligan 13 December 2014 / Reply

Yes. You succeeded as to less preppy and more easy going, but certainly you are as pretty as ever! Of course, very artistic as always!

Love this look so much! So sixties and so chic!

I love Nicholas Gesquière’s aesthetic as well. His pieces really stand out. Although I am glad that you are experimenting with new make-up looks, I have to say that this one, in my opinion, is a total miss. It makes you look older and rather sickly looking.

I love Nicholas Gesquière’s aesthetic as well. His pieces really stand out. Although I am glad that you are experimenting with new make-up looks, I have to say that this one, in my opinion, is a total miss. It makes you look older and rather sickly looking. Other than that, I love the outfit. Very futuristic looking.

These are stunning

Oh dear, to be honest, these are some of your most unfortunate pictures. Your makeup looks a bit odd and at first I thought you caught a severe cold or something

Gorgeous pictures! I love the look! Ghesquière is such an amazing designer to work with! xx

Beautiful very much! Stylishly

Hi Kristina!,
We love all your pictures! Great pieces! they are so beautiful.
Best wishes
Sofia & Maria

Wow! You look so different here! But so so amazing, that make up is flawless!

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Wow, you look perfect as always! I love the bag


Loving the pictures and the style!

But you look a little bit sad here….

Amazing post!

I really like this look. And the bad is gorgeous!
-Kaja xx

Enrique Martinez 14 December 2014 / Reply

Muy malas fotos. Tristes, sin deseos, cansada. Muy malas en realidad.

Beautiful pictures ♡ love the bag

Wow, definitely different than your usual signature glamorous projects you’ve done, Kristina! I love how you took a risk and went a different route and it’s definitely opposite of LV’s preppy look for sure. So much emotion in these images. I understand that for some of the comments, you look “sickly”, but to me, you look sad. The emotion is definitely there. Maybe a personal transformation in her life is happening and she decided to change her style to rocker-chic, kind of like a “take” charge attitude like the 3rd and next to the last image shows. Whatever it is, these shots definitely tell a story! Great job! xo

These shots seems hasty, james isn’t always behind a camera? I can’t see more his touch , i prefered the shots that you guys captured time ago that remainded me shot magazine’s . I agree whit someone that say you in this photos seems ill … Come back whit the old shot please !!!! Xo xo El.

I totally agree !

For some average-thinking people, who should better follow boring OOTD´s on Instagram, this might not be photoshoot they like. Surprise, surprise, not everybody can appreciate art in photography. Very very good Kristina, the face you are making in pictures is incredible, like from the magazine. Keep it up!
Btw. I had the funniest dream last night, it was me you and other girls, chatting about life with drink in your hands by the pool and feeling all summer-y. You know what´s the weirdest part, I dont actually have a pool. I guess some of your daily words came to my subconsciousness and mixed with my summer memories. Now that´s a new kind of interconnection right.

Prudence Yeo 14 December 2014 / Reply

Love the preppy chic monochrome outfit and the bag is such a beauty! Awesome images, thanks for sharing!


fantastic pictures, amazing outfit ;)
if you want come to visit my new post on my fashion blog:
kiss from Italy

Oh my god the bag is just amazing, I really love it !
And the pictures, as always, are awesome.

Interesting, but your team are more talented than the guys who made these pictures (photo and make up) even if the clothes are ok. Keep posting your style!

The pics taken outside are truly fantastic! There is some mysterious vibe about these shots, love it!

Printed or Plain

Love your outfit, great pics!
Kisses from Greece !!!

Love the different edgy look

lovely! ît’s unusual to see you without an eyelid line :)


Love those photos…such a cute handbag!

You look like Snejana Onopka:)

Ce shooting est très intéressant! Ces photos dégagent quelques choses de profond et plus authentiques.
Joli travail!

Very very Louis Vuitton! Love it!

That sweater and the leather dress make a great combo. They compliment the bag very well.


I enjoyed what you were trying to convey, but I was so distracted by looking up your nose most of the time. It is refreshing to see you branch out and grow though; that takes courage.

I absolutely Adore the way you look in these pictures!
The makeup is so modern, sculpted and hyper-real/natural looking. I love the wistful expression in your eyes…you always have that poetic, dreamy quality to you, but in these, you show a deeper side to yourself. Even your posture is different…

The fabulous, pared down simplicity of the clothes and the beautiful bag just complete the ambience.. the photography and lighting, the angles, details and reflections make for a 60s French Cinema feel.

It’s as though you’re aiming for a different set of stars than before.
I’m blown away.

Dear Velvet

I love this photo shoot! It is so different to what you have done before!

This is amazing!!! Absolutely stunning! xo, Christina

You’re amazing. I’m actually so jealous of you right now.

Wow you look amazing! I love the dress and the necklace is beautiful

Amazing shot! Love your outfit!

I think for the first time I don’t like your pictures. You look tired on them… :( Maybe that was the whole idea but personally I am not convinced. I generally admire so much all the photos on your blog, so will skip this post quickly this time;)

That necklace and handbag is amazing! You never seem to fail at creating jaw-dropping content for your platform! Great inspiration. x


wow no pareces tu! no estas muy favorecida o no se si es que te veo muy rara jajajaj un beso

Nice set of photos! The bag is so cute!

Perfect bag!! I like it!!


Oui effectivement, tu as l’air plus jeune sur ces photos, et le maquillage… j’aime pas du tout, d’un autre côté c’est intéressant de voir à quel point un maquillage transforme un visage…

Such a gorgeous dress, and that handag is amazing! Love it.

love the look!
love the leather dress!!


Beautiful outfit and spectacular photo session! As always, you look wonderful!

Toujours impressionantes tes photos, tu es sublime et j’aime énormément ce sac !

woooow you look so different with that make up style! greta and different :)


F**k yeah!!

Great look, I can’t wait for s/s 2015 to hit the stores! Gorgeous makeup by the way, very stripped back and natural x

I normally LOVE your photo shoots, especially the one’s for Cartier. But I can’t say that I enjoy these ones.. The focus should be on this gorgeous looking bad, but you seem to be in the way. Don’t get me wrong you are a very good looking lady, but the way you look into the camera doesn’t connect the audience with the bag. In some pictures you seem soo overly sad that one is not focused even a bit on the bag. In others the picture is blurry or you’re even I’m the way. Sorry but in my eyes you haven’t accomplished a very good photoshoot..

Great shots,
something different but I really do like it !!
xx Marie

I absolutely love the idea behind the shoot and the search for more graphic elements, but while some of the photos were successful, some others just ended up looking very unprofessional with that blaring flash and strange compositions… I imagine that after taking maybe a hundred of photos it must be really hard to cut down, but some of these maybe shouldn’t have been posted?
Anyway, I hope you keep pursuing a more poetic and artist direction in some of the shoots, reflecting not only your personality but also embracing the ideals and inspirations behind the collections