After more than 24 hours of travelling, a missed flight, more than 6 hours of wait, we finally made our way to what feels like our new home away from home in sunny Los Angeles. It was worth the panic. And it feels so incredibly good you guys… So good. As soon as I sat my foot at the airport, a huge smile appeared on my face : it’s definitely my happy place. I can’t help it, I’m like a little kid back at it’s favorite candy store. The sun is shining bright all day, I’m back at the recording studio and well, I can’t believe that I’ve been wearing crop tops and skirts this whole day. It’s absolutely crazy to even think that it’s winter right now. I feel like I am completely cheating on the swiss weather!

Here’s a little reminder of reality : bode freezing wind and wearing the biggest coat possible to deal with it. Luckily I got this huge white fluffy one from Gérard Darel, and it literally saved my life on our little Parisian trip a couple of days ago. To be totally honest with you guys, we spend quiet a lot of time in the States this year but being back in Europe for a while was so fulfilling : it felt so good to wander around through these beautiful streets, get inspired, do some exciting meetings and well enjoy days with friends and family whom we haven’t seen for a while.

Our stay in Paris was an absolute blast. We enjoyed a couple of days at our favorite spot, the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme right in the heart of the city, got some Christmas presents for the family and of course did our last reunions before the end of the year. Although everybody was getting into deep holiday mode, we still managed to get some work flow going and well, 2015, as you might have understood, is announced to be pretty exciting… That’s all I can say.

Thrilled to share with you this new look that I wore on one of those “I just wanna be comfy days” while in France. It’s all about the “barely no make-up” kind of face, messy long hair and a super, extra laid back outfit with these sick star print jeans from Stella McCartney. I have to say, I am quiet obsessed with them. Aren’t they the best? Lately, I don’t know yet if it’s because I got more lazy or busy, but I wanted to wear less make-up and underdress quiet a bit. Like they say, less is more, right?

P.S Guys do you remember the beautiful, timeless, black Hugo Boss suit we shot in Los Angeles? Well don’t miss my feature in their eMAG which is out now, click here to see! It’s live!!!

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JEANS : Stella McCartney

COAT : Gérard Darel (Similar Here)

SNEAKERS : Isabel Marant

RING : Louis Vuitton 

BAG : Valentino

SWEATER : Sandro (Similar Here)


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This look is so cool! Perfect combo! Love the coat and the sneakers!

xx Su

that coat is so perfect – looks very warm and cozy ! you look great x

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Adorable winter look. Love the cute jeans and coat!

xx Mira

perfect casual outfit and beautiful pictures! And I’m also so in love the your coat, looks so warm and comfy! <3

Cute as always. I’m in love with your sneakers !!

You look stunning, love your coat !

Love from Paris

How good you arrived in the end and that the time in Paris was a blast! Love your outfit with the stars trousers so much <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Love the ring. I havent seen LV jewellery on anyone let lately I actually forgot they did jewellery.


such an adorable look! love the fluffy coat…

You look great as always! This coat looks so fluffy abd warm! Looove the jeans, so cool!
Have a lovely day!

Oh how I wish it was sunny right now – we’re having some awful winds at the moment which make me crave the summer, even though I really don’t like the heat. Love the outfit you’ve got on at the moment – you barely wear jeans (like me!) and when you do, you make sure to fill them with your personality. The coat looks super warm as well. Indeed your style seems to be more minimalist as of late, and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You understand that fashion doesn’t have to be pretentious and it’s all about the person wearing the clothes. Have fun in LA. :) xx

Lubna |

Fantastic coat and jeans, you look so stylish and so cute in this outfit!

You always look fantastic,with and without make up.
I like this particular outfit a lot,mostly because of that huge cozy coat. It looks so warm and soft.

This is for sure my kind of outfit, I’m going through the same, all I want to wear are these kind of outfits.
The jeans are pure love and of course that coat is amazing! The outfit suits you!!!

This fluffy coat is amazing! So cuuuuute! *_*


You created another awesome look! The bag is so gorgeous, as is the coat!

x Karen

Love the jacket! However, I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of those jeans. But hey, tastes are different right ;)

OMG Kristina! You are never underdressed!! :D Love your shots, as always!

xx kim

that coat is dreamy. it’s refreshing to see you in a more relaxed look :)

Love this look! Very different from a lot of your previous outfits! It’s nice to watch your style and tastes evolve! I don’t usually comment, but sometimes I can’t help myself!

Lots of love from Australia!! :)

Oh I love this! It’s always so nice to see you in relaxed and causal looks, you still manage to make them look so so glam!

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this makes me want to go back to paris so badly!
fluffy coats are the best for cold days, i bought my first one this winter and it keeps me so warm! enjoy your time :)

Helena Seigner 7 January 2015 / Reply

Outfit au top, tout est parfait comme toujours! Tu es si belle ♡

Total in love with the coat and the shoes ! amazing pics in the most beautiful town of the world Paris i <3 u too :)

amazing coat, i love your photos! you are the best!

check all out instagram by my friend @vililein :)

This is such a fun and cute outfit!

Love the trainers and fluffy coat!

honey, i think what you meant to write was ”quite” since ”quiet” means no noise, silence.

I love your jacket!

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Amazing jacket! It look so warm and cozy but still super chic.

Kristina you should totally come visit in Israel, it’s very hot and warm here most of the year (april to september mainly) and there is a lot to see in this little country- from desert to green nature, the dead sea, the red sea, the Mediterranean sea and, of course- the city Tel Aviv (TLV)

The maxi fur coat is perfect, it’s comfy, cute and chic. Adore the way you wear it with these star jeans and these Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, I’m really obsessed with these sneakers, they are so much cool. The bag is wonderful

Love the coat so much! x

These stars are cute! Love it:)

Shall We Sasa

Love the look, so causal yet not boring!


You look adorable in that oversized coat. Glad it kept you warm and those jeans are awesome. xx

Audrey |

Love this look! It reminds me of my day to day outfits I wear to school hahahah. Just looking for comfort and warmness in a big coat, loose jeans and sneakers!
Btw you look beautiful with your “almost non-make-up” look, and you hair looks just as cool as always! ;)

Very cute casual look, warm and cozy.
Kisses from Belgrade,

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Ce fluffy coat je l’adore! J’ai juste envie de m’emmitouffler dans un truc pareil cet hiver. Il fait tellement froid en ce moment à Genève.
J’ai lu l’article ce matin, il n’y avait pas encore les liens vers les e shop, top de les avoir mis, merci!

Hey ! You’re really wonderfull. Nice coat. Kisses

your outfit is stunning, i love it! i orderd some white sneakers at the zara- sale and can’t wait to combine them, too!

love that coat with this outfit!

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Love this coat, it’s so cool :)
Amazing outfit !
Love, L

You look great with (or without) make-up! And this one is especially beautiful. Love it!

you make those pants look so chic!

Love this, you look gorgeous! :)

Nice look, it looks really comfortable


i love the coat, you styled this look perfectly.

I’m going to Paris in Feburary. Reading this blog post has got me so excited to go!!


p.s adorefesting over those jeans!

I was also in Paris two days ago…and I’m totally in love with this place!

I have seen these coats everywhere recently, and I love them! I really like how you paired this outfit together.


Cool outfit, your jeans are so fun.
~~ Diana~~

love all look but especially shoes !
new post

J’aime Paris, c’est la plus belle vile du monde!!! J’aime ton blog, et me pense que toi te mérites le meilleur!!!

Un gross bisou de l’Espagne ❤️

awww u look so cute with ‘almost no make-up’ make-up haha :) Love it <3

Your coat is fantastic!! I absolutely love your Sneakers! And your handbag is lovely!

the colors of this outfit are perfect, and i fell in love with this jeans

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I am SO in love with this look! I can’t wait to buy those jeans.

Beautiful coat!


Wow! What a trip, hope you enjoyed your flight(s) and welcome back to LA!

I love this look so much!

x Sarah

I love the outfit! The cozy coat and the jeans are more than cool!


Not my favourite look of you at all.. but I like the upper part of the outfit.

Hi Kristina!!
Love this article! Beautiful pictures:)
The jeans are great, we love the whole look!
Sofia & Maria

Ce manteau est sublime!!!

Bisous ma belle

so cool ootd! i love your pants and coat, i want it

Love the outfit and love Paris!!!! =D
You look very chic ;)

You look great! It’s nice to see you in a more relaxed outfit x

Glad that you had a lovely holiday! Love this look! Especially those pants, which add such a fun edge!

Great coat and I love your Valentino purse!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
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Love that ”no make up” look Kristina! It you have the time, could you do make up tutorials? I think that would be very interesting. I know you’ve done a few already and I love them! Happy 2015 by the way! All the best!

amazing jeans, and love your coat!!!
New look on my blog ;)

I love this coat! and this natural look suits you so well!

You look lovely in white colors <3 And the detail of the bag is awesome hahaha very nice idea. Lots of love and happy new year. Best wishes from

Love the outfit! you look amazing

Those pants are beyond cool! i love the star print!

I love love love! It’s always refreshing seeing you so laid back! Enjoy the Cali. weather! Down here in south Florida, we are experiencing the same summer-in-winter bliss. Haha <3

Lovely look! So chic! x

Blog Marjorie

i was also just in paris and had flight problems getting home :(
gorgeous outfit

i love the way u hold that bag ^^

This outfit is so gorgeous! I love your coat!


Hi Kristina,

First of all, I love the outfit! You always pull off the most unexpected amazing things. I especially love the big furry jacket. It would be much needed where I live! I like how you kept the outfit casual.

I wanted to say how much I love your blog! I discovered your last year, and since then it is the first thing I check every morning! You are such an inspiration, I cannot begin to describe how amazing Kayture is. After discovering Kayture, you inspired me to start my own bog. Its called Tres Chic (

I wish you all the best in 2015! I cant wait to hear what you have been recording in the studios. Your voice is gorgeous, I bet they are amazing. Have the best new year, and I am always excited to see the new Kayture posts!

Much love,

Prudence Yeo 8 January 2015 / Reply

Love the cool oversize style of the white fur coat and the star prints of the jeans are so chic!


super cool jeans!


The jeans and the coat are to-die-for!

I really like your coat. It looks so cozy and so fluffy :) I really need one just like it for the cold German winter. xx

I love no makeup days! I have them quite often, mostly because I just can’t be bothered with it but also great to give your skin a rest! Enjoy sunny LA! xx

You are amazing!!!

Thank you so much for sharing everything, such an inspiration!

home sweet home, welcome back to europe dear!

check out my fashion illustrations:

You look so perfectly cozy! You look pretty with minimal makeup!


OMG *_* that outfit is amazing! The combination looks so great.
Love the bag and the trainers.

xx Patricia

I am in love with your coat!!! Wanna sell it? ;)

It was very nice seeing you in Paris, your honesty and sweetness really underline your personality.
See you soon again !

die Annakonda

I love how this is a fun yet laid back and cool look, Kristina! I’d love to see more looks with sneakers, Converse and loafers for inspiration when you have time! Definitely need a fluffy coat, it’s starting to get super cold here in Texas!

P.S. I love the Hugo Boss suit you wore in their feature! VERY “woman in powersuit” ready to take on the world. #bosslady

Denina Martin 8 January 2015 / Reply

Kristina, I love your blog and follow it on a daily basis. Your photos are the best and most professional photos I’ve seen on a blog… ever. Yet, it seems like loading time takes too much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. What I’m trying to say is you’re just this little step away from being perfect. :)

Purely Me by Denina Martin

Oh this coat looks simply so wonderfully fluffy, warm and cosy! Perfect winter piece!

Love, L

You look great as always. And I wish I also could cheat on the weather here in Germany like you do ;)

I would love to steal this outfit from you! Your whole closet actually… hihi! ;) You look lovely babe! Especially in those jeans, they’re AH-some!

xxx Linsey from

You can also check my BLOGLOVIN & FACEBOOK if you like! :)

You never fail to inspire us viewers Kristina!!!!

P.S check out my new OOTD blog post on yesterday’s look for university! Would appreciate to hear some feedback from other bloggers out there. Would love to support other new bloggers out there as well, just let me know :)



These photos are so beautiful! Love this look!

Love this post and love the blog

That coat looks so comfy! I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the jeans but everything else, I love <3

You look amazing even on a casual day x

love this simple look & thanks for sharing a glimpse of your trip =)

Those pants & fuzzy jacket are TOO awesome.

Liz Lizo
Vogued Out

I’m so glad you’re happy with your move. I live in Mexico and it’s so not winter right now, kind of cold but for people in Europe and north of the US this would be warm. I’ve never had to wear such a big coat because I’ve never experienced that cold of a weather. I wonder what it’s like.

This is a beautiful outfit and those are really great pictures. I love the stars on the jeans and how you dressed a casual outfit up with a fur coat. Great job.

Such a great outfit! Cozy AND stylish <3

wow, you look amazing, I love soft colours on you they go so well with your pretty blonde hair and fair skin tone! :)
you became such a travel girl, right? it’s amazing how far you have come
and how many opportunities you got. Major envy! haha

xx Rebekah

Gorgeous coat and love your handbag.

You look fabulous! xo, Christina

I’ve been following you for over a year now, on Instagram and I have to say; I love your work ethic and style.
My first time commenting, and I have a little girl crush on you haha and you have inspired me to start my own blog.

You look absolutely wonderful with or without make-up. I love your Kayture ;)

Love the jeans and coat!


Loving this look!

you are gorgeous!!

J’adore ta tenue! Ca change un peu de ton style habituel, ça te va très bien :)

I really like reading your posts but please, do be more careful about your writing. It doesn’t send the right message when an article is littered with mistyped words ( quiet and quite for instance).

It was a wonderfull article and you were as lovely as always. Keep up the good work! kisses

Stunning outfit, I love the jeans so much because stars always look good <3
Your make-up is very nice and well done.

I really love this look, especially the sneakers! Dreamy!

You look absolutely stunning! And I loooove this fluffy coat <3
I just found my love for super fluffy coats and jackets. So I posted some fluffy outfits on my blog within the last weeks.

Kisses from cold and windy Vienna,

I’m absolutely in love with that fluffy coat :) And Converse are my all-time-favourites. Great look!

Kay you look gorgeous! Whatever you’re wearing, you’re rocking it. Love the natural makeup and I can totally imagine how happy you’ll get by all these amazing opportunities and trips.. You can do and wear things that most people can even dream of! Hard work pays of right :-)
Love, Charissa

Eliane Eisenring 10 January 2015 / Reply

Hi Kristina :)
This is my first comment on your blog, even if I have already been reading for a quite a long time. I just have to tell you how much I like your posts and what a great job all of you at KAYTURE are doing! You are a real inspiration, a tiny bit of sunshine at a rainy day ;)
I can’t believe you went to grammar school in Switzerland just like me and you came that far- living your dream every day.
Thank you so much for sharing all of your mind-blowing experiences with your readers. It’s obvious that each piece of writing and each picture are written and taken very carefully, with a lot of love for the details.
With all my admiration :)

Dear Kristina
Love the jeans and the relaxed way you wore it!

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What a gorgeous girl!!

I love the jeans! You look great :)


You look amazing, as always and those jeans are adorable! I love how the print is big but it’s not completely in your face.

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

Such a lovely fluffy coat, I am in love!!


I really like this look Kristina and the pants are really cute. The make up looks really natural and i think its perfect.

merci kristina de parler si bien de Paris où j’ai passé une partie de ma vie !!!je sais aussi que la Suisse est un beau pays!!!ta tenue est agréable et chaude !heureusement car ici en france ,aujourd’hui ,il fait trés froid!!!je voudrais vivre à Los Angeles en hiver car il y fait chaud !!!bisous petite fée !!!après plusieurs jours de silence !!! à bientôt princesse …………………………

I really love this look, so beautiful. I need that coat :)

I love those jeans! It’s true star print jeans are awesome x


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Love this look so much ! I have made a collection of you on popsico ,so much fun! Love you !

Oh, so perfect! LOVE IT!

You are my icon of style