This year couldn’t have started better… Within only a couple of weeks, I feel like I have gotten to know you all so much better. From the moment I posted the New Year’s Eve article to yesterday’s anniversary post : your feedback just keeps leaving me speechless… I always try to do the best I can with my writing, putting my whirl of excited emotions out there, but you guys have just outdone yourself lately. Thank you SO much. For everything. Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate it so incredibly much. I know how everyone’s days are so busy and I feel truly blessed to know that you read, care, and even take the time to put down a few lines (in some cases, lines even become beautifully written short letters). I of course, have a dedicated folder on my desktop to save my favorite messages, when I feel a little down, that’s where I need to go and an instant smile appears on my face. How I wish to meet you all. I hope that we’ll make it happen this year.

Making my twitter bounce with new images and little phrases made me enjoy my days like a kid! Not to mention Vine (Kristina Bazan) and Snapchat (@kristina_bazan) where I literally go crazy. It’s so much fun to start new social platforms (I had my Twitter for a while but honestly… I began to use it only a couple of weeks ago haha). I love  sharing the silly moments of my days with you, allowing you to witness my day-to-day mental craziness (and love for food). I’ve decided that Vine will be essentially dedicated for my music, because I’ve been talking so much about it and felt like it was time to share proper content with you, starting with some short covers! Make sure to check it all out. I am reading avidly all the comments :3

Also, today, I feel extremely honored to share with you the oh-so-awaited last part of our “Wintertale” project in collaboration with Cartier. You guys might remember the two initial articles I shared with you. Well, they were here to set the tone for this one that we shot a couple of weeks ago when a huge amount of snow covered the rooftops of my hometown in Switzerland. It feels crazy to look at these images as I spend two weeks in super hot Los Angeles, not worrying about the cold for a single second. Yet, there’s something so magical about winter and the snow turning the whole city white… isn’t it?

I’ve been dreaming about having a Cartier Love bracelet around my wrist for years. It seemed to me like one of the most iconic, timeless, and elegant accessories of all times. I love the idea that it’s something that becomes part of you as you have to unscrew it to take it off (not even a chance to loose it!). It remains close to remind you of precious memories, to remember the beloved one who gifted it to you or that time you decided to indulge and give yourself some love. A simple gold line that looks chic with everything and adds this little mysterious golden shine to your look. I love how it pops in these all white pictures, making it appear as such a beautiful, magical jewel that no one can take away from you.

webb_KTR_0033webb_KTR_0032webb_KTR_0047 webb_KTR_0057webb_KTR_0072webb_KTR_0036webb_KTR_0126 webb_KTR_0073webb_KTR_0168 webb_KTR_0172webb_KTR_0002 webb_KTR_0179


COAT : Gérard Darel

BOOTS : Zara

LACE TOP : Cameo

SKIRT : Cameo



Add yours

I am so glad that you find all our comments so useful and helpful for you when you feel yourself a little bit down! That’ the purpose of the comments I suppose haha <3
I do really agree with you that this Cartier bracelet is oh so gorgeous, timeless, tiny and beautiful! I love this king of minimal things that, I think, are the best in jewelry, you can wear them with different outfits, and everyday and evening ones and all the time this jewelry preferences are always wins!

Wishing you a great and productive day, well, as always ahah

Love, Anna

Wow you look marvelous. I love the bracelet!

xx Mira

My heart is melting…oh my god!!! You are beautiful, like true Princess of Ice
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

I love how a long existing feauture can lend itself to a deeper interpretation in our minds

You look so beautiful, this all white, lace look is gorgeous! I’m dreaming of the Love Cartier bracelet and think the same as you. It’s so iconic, simply beautiful and meaningful. And why we take time to write you, care about you is because you not only take time to write us, read everything we write you, but always thank us that we’re here. I follow a lot of blogs and this appretiation of followers is really rare. This is another thing we love about you.

Omg Kristina, you are so beautiful!! I never thought it’s possible to admire people that much without knowing them in person, but I am truly honest when I say that you inspire me everyday! And I’m sure there are soooo many other girls who think the same as I do. Since I was little, I’ve been a dreamer and a goal digger, but I was never confident enough to follow my dreams as I should have. That’s why you are a source of inspiration for me, its amazing how many things you have achieved in only 4 years! Congrats and good luck with your future projects and music career, I am sure you’ll succeed! Kisses and hugs!!! ❤️❤️

These are such amazing pictures! Great outfit, great make up, great setting, great everything :-D

Beautiful pictures and amazing outfit. Love the bracelet!
new look on my blog!

Beautiful pictures and amazing outfit. Love the bracelet!

new look on my blog!

Beautiful photos,you look stunning.I love your outfit,I love your makeup,your eyes look gorgeous.I’m so glad that your wish came true and that you wear this beautiful bracelet ♥♥

Valentina from

You look like an angel!
I love your style writing, you are great Kristina!
Love you!

Stunning pictures! You look like in a fairy tale and I love how your wear the delicate lace with th fluffy oversize coat. The light and the atmosphere is magical and the bracelet is amazing ofc.
best wishes

These photo’s are absolutely stunning!! I new I was going to like this post when I saw your sneak peak on instagram. I love the concept of the ice queen and how everything is white/silvery/blue tinged (just beautiful) and then there’s that gold bracelet. The contrast of the gold is very subtle and classy, perfect for such a delicate treasure. I love it! Oh and your make up is so so pretty as well – you make sparkly eye shadow look so elegant. Wow. That’s pretty much what I’m saying about this whole post haha. Big thumbs up! And cheesy grin :-D

Julia Andersen 20 January 2015 / Reply

Looking beautiful in snowy Geneva! Enjoy Berlin

Wow just wow. These photos are perfect for a fashion magazine, you totally look like a princess from a wintertale. The lace skirt and the top are so delicate, fresh and beautiful, love these boots, they put the rock touch on this outfit. The Cartier brazelet is wonderful, a little piece of art. Just perfect

Absolutely breathtaking photos, I love the Cartier love bracelet !

Love from Paris

You are the perfect snowqueen! Absolutly gorgouse!

Love this! You are such a big inspiration, Kristina! Keep up the wonderful work xx

you look so beautifuul, such a snow queen <3


Love your new collaboration! The photography is truly beautiful and you look magical! Cartier does add sparkle.

The photos are BEAUTIFUL! Love the full article Kristina! Hope to own this bracelet too one day :)


Sweet Perdition 20 January 2015 / Reply

Dear Kristina,
I am a follower for quite some time now and I think that is my 1st comment.. I just quickly wanted to tell you, thank you for writing such good and honest texts. That is something that makes you unique from all the other bloggers: your honest thoughts and keeping up this connection to your readers. I really enjoy reading your blog! Please never loose your motivation to write :-) Viele liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, Anne

You’re so pretty & you’re pictures are great!!
This bracelet is so precious, that’s beautiful ♥

Love xx

You really look like an ice queen in this pics! Loveing your perfectly outlined lips and the Cartier bracelet, of course!

wow, the pictures are breathtaking! Also love the all white look with this little gold accent, cause of this beautiful Cartier bracelet! <3

These photos are amazing!! You look absolutely stunning!


Wow! These images are incredibly magical. You look like a nymph in winter fairy tale. The whole post is stunnig…the images your words…everything. As always :). Wish you the best in this year and can’t wait for another amazing post.

This final part of the campaign left me in awe! I’m completely speechless!!!

Those pictures are truly magical!

Qué bonitas fotos Kristina, con todo nevado y tu vestida de blanco, lo que más destaca son tus ojos y los brazaletes. Me encanta! Un besito muy fuerte


You look SO angelic in these pictures! I thought you were wearing a dress at first – so clever to blend the top and skirt together like that. You blend so nicely against the snow and you and James really know how to set the mood with the projects you take upon yourself. The Cartier gold lock bracelet definitely is emphasized throughout these photographs. I hope you have an incredible time in Europe and all my best wishes to James! He definitely, definitely deserves to win the Stylight award. Although he’s more introverted than you, he’s as equally genius and you guys make the best team.

Oh Kristina, even though all you do is post pictures and text – you translate euphoric energy and every time I feel dry of creativity and inspiration you bounce it right back. Thank YOU for all that you do. For transporting us with you in the countries you visit, the events you attend, the things you do…truly one of a kind.

I really hope there’s a way for me to send you a little gift of appreciation for all that you do. Even if it’s to a hotel you’ll be staying at during fashion week. :)

Lubna Omar |

You look amanzing in the pictures! I love the bracelet (wish I could have a similar one some day!!! :D).
I have seen you talking about VS show on Vogue Spain! I bought it yesterday, and I started to jump for joy thinking ‘there she is!!!’ Hahahahaha

New social media is awsome, but, as you have said…little time!! So, I only use Facebook & Instagram! I’m in love with Instagram, since I love taking pictures and retouching, giving them a special atmosphere.

I want you to share your favourite music with us! I love music and I’m looking for something new :D I love recommendations ^^

Hi from Spain, and hope you have a nice time in Europe!!!!

It is so nice to read that you read every single comment we readers and followers made and archive some of that. Thats really cute and say that you a really amazing person. Not every blogger do that.
This post is amazing. The pictures are so beautiful. I`m really speechless how amazing and beautiful these pictures are. The style, the jewelery and the white snow is really perfect. You really look like a ice queen. So gorgeous.
I wish you a great day Kristina and a safe trip and a lot of fun in Berlin. Have a great one.
xo, Petra

These photos are so beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful! You look like a princess.

Dear Kristina,

This is my first time commenting on one of your posts even though I have been following you for nearly 2 and half years now but I have always been a bit shy to comment. I just want to thank you so much for making such a beautiful content, creating stunning outfits and giving inspiration to my life. Words cannot describe how much you motivate me, inspire me and just keep me going to live my life to the fullest. So thank you very much Kristina because one day I hope to meet you because I know that you will be even more beautiful in person. I know you get lots and lots of comments like this as you have over a million followers but I have finally come out and said thank you. Love you xx

Wow! Amazing pictures!!

Wow, these pictures are STUNNING!

Like a snowqueen !!! I love it !!! Your eyes ,still blue, reminded me ice , iceeyes

You’re simply gorgeous! A real snow angel :) That bracelet is a dream of mine, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen… I’ll keep dreaming with seeing it on others!

Wow, I have to say that these are by far my favorite photos. I even saved some for my S4′s home screen lol. I love Cartier pieces. They are so delicate and I always prefer delicate pieces over chunky ones.

Oh wow, these photos are so gorgeous and mystic!! I love it <3

Incredible pics !! You look like in a painting. And the first one when one can see your high socks is very sexy.
Kristina, thank you so much for sharing with us. Checking your snapshat has become totally addictive. And hearing your voice on vibe is so cool… I remember your first videos were you shared your songs and one can definitelly hear that you have been working on your voice. It sounds AMAZING now !!
I feel like in 2015 you totally opened to your readers, and it feels very nice.
Thank you.

This is just magical! Love you girl! Keep going!
Sending my best wishes to you!

Elsa Tysebaert 20 January 2015 / Reply

Indéniablement, cette série de photos compte parmi celles que je préfère. James s’est surpassé elles sont superbes ! Le blanc de la tenue sur le blanc immaculé de la neige c’est une combinaison parfaite et un décor féerique pour accompagner ce magnifique bracelet.J’aime sa délicatesse, le fait qu’il ne soit pas trop imposant. Il reste discret tout en aillant son propre éclat.Et pour le coup, alors là tu es ma Reine des Neiges !!

These photos are so incredibly gorgeous x

Kristina! I am absolutely in love with your outfit! The lace top is adorable! Keep on with your beautiful posts!

Wow! it is so beautiful post!!! love to come here and get inspiration!

Lovely pictures and look. I follow you since a lot of time, and this is my first comment. Keep up the good work! xoxo.

you look stunning
You really reminds me of Snow Queen, but the good one :)
wish you a great year, darlnig

Sofia Malinn 20 January 2015 / Reply

Gorgeous article. I love the contrast of the gold bracelet with the all white. It really puts a focus on the bracelet and how it makes the outfit stand out. Can’t wait to see more pictures from Switzerland!

These photos are bloody brilliant, Kristina! James is truly talented and I hope he wins the award for the Best Blogging Business tonight!

Also, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am. I discovered you way back when you were still uploading photos on – I found myself hyping your looks all the time so I checked out your blog and instantly fell in love with it! You’ve inspired and influenced my style in so many ways but I never thanked you for it. So, here I am. Saying thank you for being such an inspirational human being who brings so much joy in peoples lives.

Thanks for doing what you do. x

Kristina, this post is magical, and I mean it when I say that it’s pure magic. The bracelet stands so much, just like you mentioned, but you’re outfit makes it work in so many different ways. I would usually pair white with silver, but you gave me a new perspective. I love you, and thank you so much for inspiring my blog and my articles. Thank you ❤️

Hi, really love your take on shoot! It’s beautiful and seems to be a fantasy. Love your interpretation of Cartier Love bracelet! Enjoyed reading it too!

Kiriaki Arnaouti 20 January 2015 / Reply

Kristina you are perf in this photos… I hope I’ll get the chance to meet you some time, in Greece or outside it :)

I would love to have one, but sadly it is so unreal expensive! I just love the way it looks and I also think that it is always in touch. Now, after these awesome pictures, I want to have it even more!!

These pictures are so beautiful , you look gorgeous !!

your photos are always so gorgeous! in love with that love bracelet!

The bracelet is precious! Beautiful photos in this winter wonderland!
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ohh i looove the palett color of this shott!! you rock Kristina! i love de ice blue color here! and the article is cool
All my love,

instagram and twitter: @macalgorta

Prudence Yeo 20 January 2015 / Reply

You look absolutely beautiful in these pictures with an ethereal vibe! Love the gorgeous lace sleeves of the dress and the bangle is such a classic!


I am a fan of Cartier as well, love the watches and love the bracelet. It contains such an experience and story that can become uniquely personal depending on how you got it and who put it on you.

Accidental Icon

It has been amazing to see your success, Kristina. Congratulations! You do what you do very well. xoxo

It really is a winter wonderland ! Love your collab with Cartier, you deserve it so much ! Plus, the pictures are incredibly beautiful !

These images are stunning! You look absolutely gorgeous!
Personally I love winter so much more then summer, it feels so magical and peaceful to me.
All the best for the new year my dear <3

Some shots truly look like a screen grab from some fairy tale. Nicely executed guys x

Oh how lovely these pictures look – the blue shades, so so dreamy, so chic, and the Love bracelet stands out in its own delicate appropriateness. They are incredible! (surely on my wishlist too – so classical, so chic, yet not overstating at all)
Its great how you always talk about the readers, how it makes you feel to read what we write. It’s like getting an answer, even if it is one “large” answer to everyone – no one could expect you to answer every comment, there are hundreds I would guess.
keep up the great work girl!


I saw it on instagram! I’m really like it! You’re amazing! Great collaboration!


This shoot is amazing! You look so pretty and I love the color palette! Congratulations!

gorgeous bracelet! love cartier. so simple
ladies in navy

The Love Bracelet is stunning! I agree with you, it is one of the most iconic, elegant, timeless pieces a girl could have. Mine reminds me of the most important day of my life. My wedding. Love the post!

these photos are gorgeous

international giveaway on my blog!

Between your writing and these photos this was quite possibly the best blog post I have seen. This outfit is beautiful (especially the bracelet!), and that jacket looks so warm and comfortable. This is a great look!


Amazing photos<3

Shall We Sasa

Great post! Wonderful pictures. I am still dreaming of having mine!


Wow, the photos are amazing :O

wow was seeing the pictures and teleport to another place, reminds me a lot to Frozen

Kisses from Spain

You look like an ice princess in these photos and the make up fits in perfectly.
I think the love bracelet is such a stunning piece and the meaning behind it definitely makes it more special.
Just a quick advice: make sure that the screws are very tight, a friend of mine lost her Love bracelet during a city trip and she’s still so sad about it. Better take good care :)


Thank YOU for being real, Kristina. I know I say it a lot, but I’m telling you, I appreciate you being real and genuine with your readers. It definitely sets you apart from everyone else. You don’t go, “Hey, this is the outfit I picked and here’s why I like it and why you should buy it!” You take time to write paragraphs to us about what’s going on in life, how you feel, your emotions (even the weather, haha) not just a few sentences telling us to have a great day and that’s it. I can tell that money is not a driver for you because you don’t link your products all the time trying to make money off your readers. You’re all about community and relationship and it will go so far because “people won’t care until they know you care”.

You look beautiful in this post, like an ice princess! I agree. I think the Cartier Love Bracelet is so classic and timeless and definitely something meaningful for sure. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to in Geneva! Have a wonderful and blessed day, love! xo

P.S. I am seriously so excited to see where Kayture goes! Happy 4th birthday again to you and the Kayteam!

Your blog is just AMAZING, I love all the pictures you post. This love bracelet looks beautiful on you! I love the way you write and how much you love your followers. I’ve been following you for almost a year I think and I’m so lucky that I did find your blog. I like it that you tweet more often than before. I wish you the best with everything and a lot of fun and love and everything else! I hope that one day you will come to Belgium and that I will meet you! xoxo

Your eyes look so beautiful in this pictures, also the background is amazing *.*
Also, you hair looks amazing on every post you publish, I have long hair and its driving me crazy.

Great shots, Kristina! Love the look :)

x Sarah

Wow oh wow, you are always gorgeous but in these pictures you look like some kind of winter goddess or princess. Amazing pictures!

Heey Kristina,

You look very chic and elegant as always! I love that you combined just the simple clean white with that gorgeous bracelet. The coat and the dress are amazing!!! I love all your collaborations with Cartier. Soo luxurious.

merci kristina d’avoir bravé le froid pour nous offrir ces photos dans une tenue de princesse !c’est magnifique, pur avec cette neige !!! cela est féerique et me rempli d’ émotions !!! le bracelet cartier Amour me fait penser à un objet mythique de l ‘ Egypte ancienne offert au reines aimées des pharaons !!!je m’ embrouille ;serai ce l’effet du bracelet sur ta peau douce !…………………………à bientôt petite fée !!!

Dear Kristina,

I only started reading Kayture about six or seven months ago, but it has already become a big and important part of my daily life. You are such an endless source of inspiration, and Kayture, it’s just full of what I love. Fashion, beauty, travelling, lifestyle, different tips, health (there really could be even more health stuff, I really love all your health posts)…

I would absolutely love to meet you some day, you really seem to be such a kind, loving and humble person. We are the lucky ones here to have you writing for us!

Love, hugs and kisses,


And great pictures as always! Love them. <3

tu es un rêve ,immaculée comme la neige recouvrant ton beau pays ……………….!

That coat is amazing!


OH. EMM. GEE! These pictures look absolutely amazing, thank you so much for sharing these with us! You set the bracelet so beautifully in scene! Plus, with all the snow and the big white coat (which I fell absolutely in love with!) you look like an ice princess.. Especially the first picture looks like an Jasmin from Aladdin gone Elsa from Frozen :D This make-up suits you so, so well and I wondered if you could do a little tutorial, maybe on youtube? It´s been quite some time since you posted your last video ;)
Lots of love!

Dearest dearest dearest Kristina. You have done it again! Simplicity and elegance, all in one! I must say, I love this particular shot. Something about the nature of snow. Being covered in uncontrollable white blanketness (not a word but SOO necessary haha). This is beautiful. I appreciate you taking the time to actually write from your heart. I follow a lot of bloggers, most especially fashion, and you truly are my favorite. Rather than throwing out 2 lines, 5 to 15 pictures and calling it a day like most, you take the time to share the depths of your heart and for that I think you. I don’t if it’s the eyeliner, the “natural” look or what, but something about this isn’t just “pretty”, it’s beautiful. I must say I love the entire piece, but I love the TIGHTS haha. I know it’s not a main factor, but those TIGHTS I WANNNNTTT haha. And the coat! Living in south Florida…. I don’t have any use for the coat but maaaan I want that coat! haha Beautiful piece once again. Can’t wait to read more! Have fun at the Stylight awards! Y’all deserve it <3 I love being your faithful reader. You take me to places I can only hope to go myself one day! You are an amazing soul. Never change. Grow, but never change. I love what you do. You are fabulous. Sooooo much love for you from this Floridian raised Canadian. <33333
-Bwabs (My real is Stephanie BwaBwa haha; but nicknames are life!)

I’m in love with this photoshoot !
Your outfit and your make up are pretty.
Krisitina you are just perfect again !


Gorgeous photos. Beautiful bracelet.

Jeisy Garcia 20 January 2015 / Reply

Dear Kristina.

This year i want to start a blog. I can see how you deliver all of you for this blog,
you are a great inspiration for me because this is my dream be like you or more.

I’m 18 years old and however in my country ”FASHION” it’s like other thing more, i don’t know that i gonna do for this reason, but i contemplate this blog and my ”fashionlover” is reflected in my eyes, I often think that I’ll never be able to become like you and i’m very sad all day and days…
But i see your instagram and and I say: ” look those boots mother are beautiful and she’s my favorite blogger, I want to be like her someday” and i talk about you because you’re my most inspiration, i know here, in Costa Rica it´s so hard start with something like a blog, but i DON’T CARE this one is that i love and i love you because you’re change the way of think with only a description of this blog
and you do make that I want to comply that ” dream ” and i just say THANKS you’re very beautiful, amazing, as I said before I want to become like you…

Loves you Jeisy
blessings from Costa Rica XO
PD 1: I hope you read it, this is very important to me REALLY!
PD 2: I’m learning English, sorry if i made a mistake..

Jeisy García.

SO beautiful! You look incredible, your eyes look the most amazing colour!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Wow beautiful photos!!


Magnificent photos! Just like a winter dream…

Um I’m super speechless on this look/scenery/fashion/editoral… You are truly amazing!


These photos are just beautiful.


Dear Kristina,

I’m a recent fan of yours (I discovered your blog about 3 weeks ago) and already I’m so blown away with the content of Kayture. I can’t believe it’s only 4 years old! Congratulations to you and your team!!! I’m pleased to hear that you all are doing so fabulously and that 2015 is off to an amazing start <3 I genuinely enjoy reading your blog because you put so much of yourself, your love, and heart into it! You inspire to continue to go and make my dreams come true! And the Cartier pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!!!


wow absolutely gorgeous! congrats on your success, you are such a huge inspiration to me, honestly! much love x Sabina

Dear Kristina,

Thank you for being such an inspirational role model in my life. I have been following Kayture for a year now and cannot get enough…I visit everyday. Thank you for consistently posting such great content and quality making my day that much better with your articles and stories. Every post is magical and unique in it’s own way and I’d like to congratulate you and the Kayteam for all the success you are receiving; because you truly deserve it. Kayture has helped me come to my senses and discover that the sky really is the limit and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I am 16 years old and because of you I plan on beginning my own blog soon! To me Kayture is the epitome of perfection, a destination where creativity, imagination, and dreams are expressed; a place where people from all around the world (like myself) come to get an escape. Please don’t ever stop! I wish you the best of luck for an exciting 2015 and hope to meet you one day ♡

P.S I love watching your snapchats!

Lots of Love,


Absolutely stunning! You are a role model for other fashion bloggers… Dedication, hard work, and determination. You got it all girl! just keep going :)

Hi Kayture team, I’m reading you from Venezuela. I lo ve you work because you always show the content and the images with such a positive vibe that it makes me wanna think positives toughts during al day long. I love everything about your work, I hope you can get into music as much as your heart wants it (without getting al messed up like other musician). In so proud of you and admire you so much because you are a hard working person and so honest and I think beyond superficial (but so gorgeous) OOTDs you really seem to apricot every single thing that you reviews and that’s the most important. So, go Kayture! I’ll be rreading you in next posts (BTW I have a HUGE crush on James, he’s so fuck*ng handsome) kisses to yall

Beautiful look! x

Blog Marjorie

love this post! love this look ! Beautiful photos too =) Definitely a wintertale

Your pictures are so beautiful! I love your lace top.

these photos are magical!


Wahoo! Ces photos sont sublimes Kristina! Honnêtement, elles font parties de mes favorites! Surtout la première : le portrait, la lumière, les vêtements blancs… on dirait presque une peinture! Superbe! Pour revenir sur tes chansons : quelle bonne idée de poster des covers sur vine! C’est vrai, qu’avec les nombreuses photos de toi en studio que tu as pu poster sur Instagram, j’ai envie d’en découvrir un peu plus, je suis curieuse de découvrir ta musique qui without a doubt sera sûrement aussi “polished” que ton blog. Cette façon que tu as de tout faire à 100% c’est vraiment une inspiration! Qui c’est, peut être je commencerai même un blog mode cette année, il ne rivalisera pas avec le tien (ce serait mettre la barre un peu trop haut) mais bon laisser parler sa créativité c’est toujours utile et agréable! Carry on, 4 ans après c’est toujours avec plaisir que je vais sur le blog, chaque jour, vérifier si il y a de nouveaux articles! Love always, xx.

The setting is incredibly beautiful! You’re rocking the love bracelet :)

Dolce Kisses ♥
Bloglovin | Instagram

I cannot believe how beautiful your pictures always are! And that you read all your incoming comments (and I know how many they are) is so amazing. It feels some kind of crazy to nearly can communicate to you. So sad I could see you in Berlin but I have to say that you are such an idol to me! Go on like this!


OMG…perfect pictures! I love the vibe that you transmite!


Amazing pictures, so inspirational!

Wondeful pictures! So peaceful and beautiful <3

All the best

Really wonderful pics! You look like a snow queen. And you are right, this bracelet is iconic and timeless!


INSTAGRAM: dominikamr

Hi Kristina! First of all, congratulations for winning the “Influencer of the year” award! You really deserve it! This is the first time I write a comment on your blog, but i’ve been following you and your blog for more than a year thanks to Instagram which has given me the amazing opportunity to discover your world! I want to thank you for being such an inspiration for me, because since the first time I’ve read one of your articles i’ve been looking at my life in a different way. As an adolescent I have loads of dreams for my future, and every day you give me the strength to follow them and try to make them true. I know that this community, this family you created four years ago with your creativity, will celebrate other thousands of birthdays! Good luck with your singing career, I just can’t wait to hear your songs ;)

From Italy, with love ♥

Oh Kristina, I love the bluish kinda like of your make up <3

Cartier developed a really nice campaign!
Great photos! =)


Wow. These pictures are magical!!! This really is something special. The Cartier bracelet is so lovely, I’ve had my eye on it for a couple years myself. Enjoy it!

like someone said on instagram, there’s something of “Twilight” here, about the landscape, the style, that’s nice

What a beautiful shooting. Winter magic :) – love the bracelet


beautiful photos, it looks like a dream

check out my fashion illustrations:

And when I think pictures on Kayture couldn’t get any more amazing and beautiful, you and James prove wrong. Amazing colors, amazing styling and yet another amazing article! x

With Love,

Omg all these pictures look insane! You’re so gorgeous and I would love to get one of those bracelets too! They’re so simple and chic and elegant <3

These images have left me speechless! You look stunning!

Ah the pictures look amazing, and I love the coat.

It looks like a fairytale. The pictures are beautiful!

Nadia Sloss 21 January 2015 / Reply

Dear Kayture Team, You guys do such an amazing job! I can’t even put into words how awesome you are! I thought today’s article was stunning, beautiful and enchanting. Kristina’s pictures were absolutely beautiful and the best I’ve ever seen them! Kristina, you do such an amazing job writing and James, your pictures are completely breath taking. I can’t wait until that one day when I become a photographer like James and dress like Kristina.

Love you both, Nadia Sloss

Pamela Gonzalez 21 January 2015 / Reply

That bracelet is so timeless and beautiful! Love it :)
You also look as pretty as always and I really did enjoy the photos, stunning.

Gorgeous shots, and obviously amazing jewellery! These shots are so classic and sophisticated!


Las fotos son absolutamente geniales. ¡Te ves guapísima!

Francine Emmenegger 22 January 2015 / Reply

Just want to say that you are an amazing inspiration to me. Keep going because you’re awesome. And you make me even more proud to be Swiss =)
Thank you for all the tips and ideas that you shared. Can’t wait to read your next article, even though I don’t always comment –’.

P.S. : If you have the time, I would just like to ask you this one question : when you began to blog, what were your motivations ? I’m trying to build my own by I keep holding myself back. Thanks !

Xoxo, Fran.

You look gorgeous! I really hope to buy this bracelet one day as well!

x Karen

Recently discovered your blog and have quickly become a fan! Love the whimsical winter feel to this post.. and gosh you are so beautiful. Love from Toronto
xx Dani

Que fotos tan preciosas! estas espectacular! y el look es muy bonito.

Your photos are beyond stunning and I love the classic Cartier!

quelle beauté ! splendide ! merveille échappée des glaciers montagnes suisses !!!!!

This post is simply MAGICAL! And you look amazing Kristina!

You look beautiful in your photos and the bangle is just the dream.
Cartier is one of my favourite brands and I cherish my little watch each day.

With love from London

Lovely <3 and this bracelet it's definitely pure amazing jewel

Looks like our last post!
In the snow with white dress… have a look guys!!


I love the landscape and the look, the top is a masterpiece!

Une vraie princesse des neiges ! Tu es resplendissante et tu as de très jolis yeux :)


Wow! Thank you, Kristina! It reminded me that I don’t have to wait for that special someone to give me something because without or without that person, I can give that special love to myself.

Looking forward to more beautiful shots and articles.

With love from another K.


Beautiful pictures! i love you blog :)

awww that’s very sweet knowing you read our comments!
and lovely photos as always Kristina!
I always checking on your site but barely leave any comment. But hey, I make one this time!

much love,

Such beautiful photos! I love the winter wonderland setting!

I just posted a new Winter Coat Lookbook post on my blog! (but of course not nearly as glamorous as yours but a girl can dream)




i love this look!and your eyes are amazing!
beautiful outfit!!!
visit my blog on

These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!

This outfit is like some sort of purity because it’s all white and then there is the snow around which makes this pictures amazing! Especially with the extremely blue eyes of you on the pictures! Amazing work xo

The pictures are amazing, there’s a real feel of winter tale haha
The colors are so beautiful !

die Annakonda

I love the way that you wear withe, it’s simply perfect! Love u style Kristina, hope u have a good day!

xx from Spain!!

I think the bracelet looks absolutely gorgeous.

You look stunning! I love every detail about the look! Great job! Check out my latest warm & chic outfit post.

xx Mary

Gorgeous photos!

Your eyes are so blue!!


Omg! I love your Pics and your wonderful texts! You are so pretty and perfekt!
I’m just a Little german Blogger
Laurie <3

Gorgeous photos! Love the styling too. I love how honest you are in your writing. <3

gorgeous girl!Amazing coat!

Ces photos sont dignes d’un conte de fée !


ur eyes, ur skin, ur lovely smile….everythings are flawless, u’re the beauty itself
luv luv luv ^^

Could these photos be any more perfect? I am so speechless right now. It really looks like a fairytale that takes you to another world. Wow. It’s just beautiful. You are beautiful! xx

Amazing shooting ! The queen of Ice ;)

Love your pictures! way too pretty!!

discovered your blog some weeks ago & i´m in love.

xx Rebecca

Yvainnia Giovanni Wijaya 22 March 2015 / Reply

Such an amazing shoot with Cartier and the bracelet suits you!! LOVE IT <3

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wow tu es juste trop belle sur ces photos

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