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Hey my loves! So today we have a little surprise for you all. A lot of you fell in love with our newest Kaytributor, Fiona Zanetti who you might also follow on Instagram! Not only is she a fireball of a Kayteam mate, she’s also my best friend. We decided to sit down and share with you one of our traditional “Girl Talks”! Because we all ask ourselves the same questions, go through the same things and sometimes it’s just better to talk about it. So without further due, find bellow our little Q&A! Thanks to the Alpina Gstaad for welcoming us, we couldn’t have felt cozier with our soy cappuccinos and big blankets.


Kristina : You recently joined the KayTeam! I know that you’ve been following the blog for a long time before that so you might have had a preconceived idea of what it would be like : what surprised you the most?

Fiona : Before working with you we were friends first and foremost. I felt really lucky when you guys asked me to join in. It was a wonderful opportunity because I always admired what you did and especially appreciated you guys as my friends. The amount of work is definitely what surprised me the most. There’s so much! But it is also so exciting. You basically never stop and don’t want to stop. It becomes part your life. There’s no distinction between personal and professional life which can be hard at times. We could be sitting in front of our laptops on a Sunday morning replying to emails, editing articles while everybody’s still sleeping. But we do what we love and we give it all.


Fiona : Did you ever imagine while growing up that you wouldn’t go to University and instead of that open a blog and follow your dreams like you do today?

Kristina : No! Never (laugh). My parents always wanted me to have the best grades and higher qualifications possible. When they were my age, it was a luxury to go to University and so of course that’s what they wanted for me. So I grew up with the idea that I’d finish my studies and work for a company, but to be totally honest, this really scared the hell out of me. I’ve never been the kind of person to follow the “rules”. I always wanted to trace my own path and build my own thing. When I opened my blog, it was like a weight that got lifted from my shoulders :  like I could finally express myself with all the freedom in the world. I created Kayture at a really young age and so I definitely see myself doing other things in the future, music being one of my biggest dreams. I have no fear towards this decision, because I know I can study at anytime, doing it essentially out of interest and passion.


Kristina : With all this work and travel, do you feel like it’s hard to maintain healthy relationships with your beloved ones? 

Fiona : No. Not at all. My friends and family know that I have the luxury to do something I love with people I love. They know that we’re building something bigger than words can express. But definitely thanks to What’s app and Skype for keeping me in touch with everyone! I just know that my close friends only want the best for me and that they will never blame me for not always being present, they understand and respect my work.


Fiona :  So it’s been a year that you and James are not a couple anymore. I see you guys everyday so I know things are doing great but… tell us : do you have a boy crush? 

Kristina : WHO! Boy crush topic, love that. Okay I like Miles McMillan. He’s a gorgeous creature. But he also has a boyfriend. So back off. Otherwise, Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill definitely melt my heart. Gosh… And Ryan Gosling of course. I know. Yes. Oh and Christian Bale… and Jake Gyllenhaal. There are so many (laugh).


Kristina : Kayture’s readers love you babe! Your visibility is growing everyday, what does it feel like to appear in the public eye? Are you comfortable with it? 

Fiona : It’s really crazy (laugh)! I love doing the KayTips and love photography. I definitely feel like I have a certain sensitivity towards beauty and fashion so it’s great to be able to express that through Kayture with such a big community as well as on my social media. But of course like everyone, being in the public eye makes you face your insecurities and we all have some. I try to do my best though and stay myself.


Kristina : That’s awesome!What tip would you give to someone who’s afraid to show themselves or to express their ideas with so much freedom? 

Fiona : I think it’s important to learn to love yourself. Confidence is everything. We all want to be the best version of ourselves but it’s good not to compare each other all the time. We are all very different and beautifully unique. We all have to nurture this uniqueness.


Fiona : 2014 was such an exciting year. What were your top 3 highlights? 

Kristina : The Cannes film festival is definitely in the top 3. Being able to live such a magical experience with Chopard, wear incredible gowns from Dior, Cavalli, Elie Saab, walk the red carpet with my favorite actors… I mean. It really felt surreal. The second was definitely to win the “Blogger of the Year” award during NYFW’s Bloglovin’ awards, such an honor to know that so many of my incredible readers voted for me. The last one is attending the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in London. It has been my dream since ages and I felt so lucky to have been given such an opportunity. Especially since I flew in a private jet with all the angels! It was crazier than crazy.


Kristina : How did your family react when you announced them that you were going to work for a blog?

Fiona : I think my parents have always been used to me doing things differently. They always said that I’m like a bird they can’t put in a cage. At first, they were a little confused but they always trusted and supported me. They just want me to be happy. They see everyday that I work really hard, keep busy, travel, am independent. So they’re very proud!


Fiona : We are very young in this industry. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Kristina : So I’ll be 31! Wow. Okay. I really want to embrace every single day, just always have a positive spirit and be a good, kind, person no matter what. I just want to live everyday with passion, be the best person I can be, not plan to much ahead and feel surprised, feel grateful, feel excited. There are many things I want to achieve in my life, I am glad to have my blog to share this journey with the world. To be totally honest… I really just want to be happy.


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Nice conversation, love the interaction between you too.

You both are beautiful in and out and I am inspired to see your beautiful friendship turn into a fruitful partnership!
Fiona, you are a great addition to the KayTeam!
Your hard works are just too visible for anyone to not support your dreams!!!

Love from Athens!

Such a great addition to the blog! Congratulations! And love your cape!

Ha!:-) Looks like you have so much fun together and that’s the most important, right?!;-)
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This is so cute guys! I really liked this article. It’s nice to find out a little bit more about each of you. I can’t even imagine how wonderful it would be to work with my best friend. So much fun! You are both so gorgeous & I don’t know how to put this without sounding strange haha, but it’s really striking that you look so different from each other. It makes for really cool pictures and you compliment each other well. Please do more posts like this again :-)

omg this article is awesooomee!!
love yours interviews :)
keep going!
you rock
instagram and twitter: @macalgorta

great post — you’re both so cute

one of my favorite posts I’ve read in a while! hope y’all keep up this ‘Girl Talk’!

You girls are so cute together. I hope Fiona make more posts, she is so cute and beautiful. Love this little interview. Well done girls.

I just posted a new Winter Coat Lookbook post on my blog! (but of course not nearly as glamorous as yours but a girl can dream)




Pamela Gonzalez 23 January 2015 / Reply

Loved this and love what you do!
Both of you are stunningly beautiful! xx

Prudence Yeo 23 January 2015 / Reply

It is so great to be able to work with people you love and care about, you ladies look fantastic together as a team and good friends! Wishing you all the best in both your work and friendship!


Kristina and the whole Kayture team! You are all so beautiful and inspiring. I have been following this blog for quite some time and it’s amazing how much you have all grown. You are such an inspiration to all young people out there, not only in the fashion industry but various industries all over the world! I am a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and am working on launching a blog of my own. (link in website) I turn to Kayture for inspiration and guidance daily! So thank you so much for that!
Beautiful. Beautiful. You should all be so proud! Love you guys. Keep rocking out.

I really loved reading this post! Thanks a lot for telling as a little bit more about yourselves! It’s really priceless :) And I hope to read more about James, may be you can write this post too?) Kayture’s crew members information to all of us haha! That would be really great!

je ne sais pas vraiment s’il y a encore des “règles” à suivre, aujourd’hui, sincèrement, en matière d’études, j’imagine que ça dépend des familles et du milieu, mais avec internet entre autres, énormément de personnes construisent leur avenir sur leurs envies, à travers un blog, à travers de la création (bijoux etc) à travers un tas de choses, je connais peu de gens qui ont un chemin tout tracé au final…

You two are such babes! Smart and beautiful :)

Thank you ,girls for sharing your talk with us. Christine , thank you for always sharing your positive thoughts and attitude toward life over here. I have been following your blog for quite some time now. Because of your outfit tips, I got myself a real classic coat which brings compliments from others afterwords. I’m so happy about it. Besides,I also start to live more healthy with my homemade smoothies every day. Fashion should be likes this, shouldn’t it ? Making life more active and seeinng the positive side of life. :-)

What a lovely post! Thank you so much for doing this. I felt instantly so closely connected to you to and I’m also becoming a bigger fan of Fiona everyday. Can you believe that I actually ordered ear jackets just because of you? I’d love to see more of posts like this… keep on rocking! xxx

The girl talk was just amazing, it’s really nice to see that you have an incredible relationship and work with your best friend is a gift. Beautiful talk and wonderful photos

I really love this post and your girl talk so much!

I love you, guys! Once again I have to say that all of you are doing a good job!

Kayteam never die. :D


You are both gorgeous! I love your opinions and comments about life. You go girls!!

You girls are gorgeous! It was very interesting to get to know you just a little bit more, very nice post :)

great !!! I loved the post today . I share my blog with my best friend and the truth is that it’s great to share all this business with someone who understands ..

kisses from Spain

Elsa TYSEBAERT 23 January 2015 / Reply

Ah ! Parfait cet article, j’imagine tout à fait ce que peut donner vos discussions entre filles. Parfois il n’y a rien de mieux que d’être avec ses amies les plus proches, parler de tout et de rien, et surtout de garçons et de mode ! Typiquement féminin !! Vous êtes trop choupinettes toutes les deux on voit que vous êtes vraiment proches ! Alors que ça ne fait “que” deux ans que vous vous connaissez ! Je crois qu’en amitié comme en amour, quand on trouve les personnes qui sont “faites” pour nous peu importe le temps, c’est comme si c’était comme ça depuis toujours, comme si c’était écrit ! Vous êtes top toutes les deux et j’adore l’idée de l’article. Et c’est clair, Ryan Gosling et Matt Bomer…Je te rejoinds à 200 % sur ce coup là !

Julia andersen 23 January 2015 / Reply

You guys are great and seem to have an amazing friendship :)

Amazing Post. Love to read this. It is really interesting to read what you two pretty girls think and so on. Would love to read more post like this in the future.
I wish you a wonderful friday and happy weekend.
xo, Petra

Hi girls! I love your friendship so much. You too are so cute and I like the way you talk to each other, you are not afraid to say what you want to say and of course not afraid to do what you love.
I feel weird sometime, because I’m 25 years old and that you are so much younger that me and already know who you are and love them self and for me it’s everything so confuse. I feel I can’t find myself and I don’t know what to do sometimes… It’s hard to love yourself and not compare yourself with others as Fiona said. Maybe the answer is to not thinks about all those things so much and just live…
Anyway. I’m always the silence reader but I follow you too on Instagram and I truly think you too are gorgeous and I’m so proud of everything you have done. And of course Congratulations on the 4th anniversary of Kayture!
Have an amazing weekend!

I loved it! You girls are amazing! Your photos are so good!
You look happy and I really want a friendship like yours!!
Keep going girls.. You’re totally awesome! Kisses xxx

Thank you for this beautiful article. I am always curious to get to know successful people and this little sneek peak into your and Fiona’s personality was really cool. I wish I could be as positiv as you two but right now life’s a little challenge…but reading your words (also on social media) motivates me.
I also like how you both talk about being different, that seems to be a current topic that follows me around. I guess I just have to be a little braver than I am…thank you both! I hope you’ll share more throughout the year :)

Great post! You both are so lovely and I like this kind of post because it’s a little bit more personal but are you really talking together in this way? ;) No “normal” girl-talk, isn’t it?

But doesn’t matter of all: Love you both – just beautiful together, really bestfriends…

Clio Gounaridi 23 January 2015 / Reply

Hi Kristina!
I’ve been following your blog for the past 2,5 years and I read every single article and always keeping up with your feed on Instagram. I love your posts and photos and generally what you do. Many times I was just a click away to make a comment or even more share my thoughts about you and your amazing team. But since your latest posts, I am now a little bit more confident that you actually will read this.
I wanted to say that I admire you so much! You have the same age with me and yet you are so successful! You are litteraly so beautiful, your photos and outfits are amazing! But most of all and I think that’s the most important, you are a really nice person. You have an amazing personality, you have so many incredible things going on, meeting celebrities,collaborating with dream and legendary brands etc but you manage to stay down to earth and always have a kind word to say for us. Even your snapchats, show that you are like any other 20something girl ( I do the same silly things with my gfs). I really want to say that your parents must be really proud of you!You are such an amazing person, with so much kindness,integrity,respect,grace and gratitude! Even if I’ve never met you (and probably never will) these important values are reflecting in your posts and photos. You are inspiring me to lead a healthier life, to do the things I love but scare me, to be myself and to live every moment. Even the fact that you love yourself and you didn’t change your image or your even your weight just to be “like all the other bloggers”, make you even more “human”. I really can’t express how much I appreciate you and your work. I even voted you for the Bloglovin awards about 60times, because I wanted you to win, just like I would wanted it for my sister or my best friend. Every time you say you have an important meeting I hope it went well and I am sending you all my positive thoughts! For every great accomplishment I am really happy for you. That’s an incredible bond you have created with me and with all the other readers and that is something special and amazing the same time. To feel you like a friend, for whom I am proud and her success doesn’t make me envy her but motivate me to pursue my own dreams.
P.S Sorry for the reaaaally long post! :)
xoxo, Clio

You girls are so creative! I love this post and I’m waiting for more like this ❤️

I absolutely love this Q&A between you and Fiona! She really is a great add-on to the blog, a great Kaytributor, and does amazing photos and gives great tips. It would be cool if you could share these “talks” more often, maybe even a little more “private” as such. Talking about Gossip, things that interest you, favourite new item of the season, beauty routine, or whatnot. continue the great work :)

Great interview! You look so pretty both!

Lovely post! You two look like such great friends!!


This article is wonderful! I love the articles and mediums (hello snapchat!) through which you give us more insight in your lives. I am especially fascinated about how good of a business team the Kayteam is. I always wonder how the meetings go: is it different with every brand? Is it formal? Do you feel like a business woman or more like a blogger? I am sort of a business-y woman myself and ‘strong’ women such as you guys motivate and inspire me.
I have been a follower for a long time, and I must say that, in my eyes, the blog has changed a lot the past couple of months and in a very very good way. Keep up the work Kayteam, you truly are amazing influencers.

Awww, you guys! I love this article and your bestie photos! Fiona, it’s so great getting to know you some more! The crazy part is a big question you asked Kristina, Fiona. About not going to university and opening her blog to go after her dreams. I am a horrible rules person as well (so much that I’m dying a slow death in the corporate world right now), but what Kristina said about the traditional method, go to school, get good grades and work for someone else being scary to her really resonates with me now at this point in my life. Honestly, I didn’t have that mentality early on because I wasn’t taught that there were more options and tons of opportunity out there. I really wish I knew way earlier. Part of me feels like a late bloomer in being a dream chaser and I know that wishing I knew earlier won’t change anything because I was where I was supposed to be, but I feel that I wish I knew about the non-traditional methods earlier because I was more fearless when I was younger and the fact that I wasn’t jaded by life, its negativity and tons of growing experiences.

I love that you’re a “free spirit” like Kristina too, Fiona. I can tell that it works really well for you both as friends and as a professionals. I’m sure James has his hands full! ;)

Aw such a lovely post, Kristina! Love how down to earth and sweet you are. I wish you nothing but the best in life. x

Fiona is soooooooooooo beautiful !!!

Great post! Fiona is a nice girl, i’m following her on instagram since month , She has style and She is italian, like me ! I hope that big presence of her in the blog don’t will change a girl-blog ! Because you, k, still remain my favourite blogger !

Dear Fiona and Kristina,

It is so nice to see both of you in this article!! Both are so sweet and lovely! (I hope that one day, I’ll have a best friend like you guys have…) Fiona, I’ve been waiting so long for an article on Kayture with you, because normally, we only follow you on instagram and twitter. I am still a student (that’s why my english might be not that good at all…), and my whole life turns about school, but when I visit Kayture after schooltime, it is like I can escape a little bit, and dream about my future! I hope to see more from you guys, because you make me dream about things I want to do in life. Keep up the good work and be a role model for me and ALL the other Kayturettes!

Lots of love from Belgium,

ps. We all feel so connected with each other, even if we don’t know each other in real life! #canyoufeelthelove ! Haha :)
pps. We also need to thank James, because his work is, as always, absolutely amazing!

WHAT? You and James aren’t a couple anymore? That actually makes me so sad. But then again breakups have always been rough for me, never “let’s just be friends”, so it’s hard for me to imagine working with that person even after breaking up. Hope you are well!

Beautiful girls!

Hi Kristina and Fiona!
Thank you so much for sharing such close-knit intimate girly talk with us, I read the full story so quickly and it made me feel like I am part of your group already and I know you personally!
You guys are definitely inspirational, reading your posts every day is aspiring, it makes me work harder to achieve my goals in life and be a positive and happy person! :)))
Saltana xo

Please girls do a makeup tutorial , I’m wishing to see step by step ( even brows ) how you do it !

Grear article. I would love to see more of those!


You are both so adorable and beautiful!you’re such idols!love you! ❤️

Amazing post, you are adorable. Loved the girls talk and the photos. Kristina you are such an inspiration, you have such an amazing blog. It will be so surreal if you open my fashion blog but if you do, I’d be so happy <3

Been following your journey for a year such an insparation

What a lovely duo you two are!! I loved this type of article and the pictures are just wonderful. I really admire both of you, for the power and confidence you have in yourselves. Never stop doing what you love!

Been following your journey for a year such an insparation

Vous êtes géniales :)
♡ de Lausanne

This is precious! Love this article. Really gives some serious perspective. I hope one day you will share, maybe in another Q&A like this, about the hard work managing Kayture entails, like: contracts, emails, articles, the design companies you work with, etc. I’d be awesome to really get a background scope of the logistics behind Kayture outside of the press and fun side. More of the “tough” side. I absolutely love your work. It really motivates, it inspires, but it MOTIVATES me to keep pursuing my efforts for my blog and my future endeavors. Thank you for being willing to really gives us an eye into your world. It’s soon necessary and it really helps!
With MUCH love from Florida- Bwabs

Oh my gosh, I love both of you! ♥ I am really happy that Fiona joined the Kayteam and found her place where she feels right! :))

You’re both gorgeous girls! Your mutual work inspire millions of people, never ever ever forget about this! xx

You are so pretty girls! I admire your complicity and in my dream, I could be yours because I have the same mindset.. ^-^

you two look like you make a great team!

check out my fashion illustrations

very beautiful

Very nice post!
I really like your blog and I’ll just like to say that I am following you since 4 years and I have to say that you are full of passion and hardworking person. It is shown through your blog. I admire that.
Also I like very much your sense of esthetic and how you combine colors.
I wish you all the best!

You are beautiful!

Amazing article! it really just felt like being there with you guys. Sometimes we forget that our admired bloggers are real people with real friends and conversations, and this felt really down to earth and even warm and cozy. Congratulations for having such a great friendship and having the opportunity to share your passion, you go girls! <3

OMG Kristina you are perfect I’m so happy for all the work you’ve done, you are extremely talented and beautiful. I admire you so much for doing every single article with all the effort you’ve done everything else. I just wanted to tell you that you are absolutely amazing never stop being who you are, thank you for making us believe in ourselves and being my biggest ROLE MODEL!!!!

I loved reading this post! It’s true we do love Fiona as a Kaytributor! But we miss James a bit, his post about photography tips was amazing too!

You two are so beautiful! “Every blondie needs a brownie” This quote totally concurs with you two :)

beautiful post

You guys are so cute in these photos. And you definitely put a great article together with all these personal insights that makes us readers get to know you even better :) I’m very curious to know where the Kay-team might be in ten years.

You guys rock!! And you’re like sisters from another mister <3.
Fiona you have an amazing sense of style and i've been loving the Kaytips! Keep up the awesome work! It must be a drea to work with Kristina! I'd kill to have that opportunity!
I had the privilege to meet you Kristina at Lausanne twice and you've been so sweet and so inspiring! You're the sweetest person and so passionate about what you do and this is clearly showing from the quality of your posts. I've followed you since your very begging and i feel so proud of your success even if i didn't really had anything to do with it. I can so see you in a few years having your atelier and designing stylish ensembles!

Keep shining ladies and inspiring us!

Much love! xx

This post was sososo cute ! I loved it

This post is very inspiring and lovely…..and marvellous pics!


Loved this post! I felt like we the readers were there with you, plus I loved hearing from both of you. So happy for you and your many successes this year; you deserve them! Thanks for always providing us with beautiful and interesting content and photos. Wishing you the best for 2015! x

I love this article, I wish I had been there to ask you both some questions. I hope you do more articles along this sort of style. Although I still think its amusing youre still talking about university though. To me it seems so obvious (maybe not at the start) why you decided not to go.

You both are great! I love the focus, it’s inspiring!!

styleexercise 23 January 2015 / Reply

Such a lovely girls Chat! Was really nice to get know more about Fiona:)

This is so cute! I love your friendship! Lots of love from Australia!

“I really just want to be happy” Kristina you are Young but you definitely already know whats the most important Thing in life. Thank you both for this very cool and private blogpost. I wish you both all the best – may all your dreams come true and never forget to appreciate life xx Corinna

I loved this! :)

This was a great article and a nice surprise!! :D

It’s awsome to know you girls in more depth!

Thanx so much for sharing ^_^

Its so great to have friend with the same vision. And you really love what u do. It is so important in our time. So I wish you not to lose your friendship and all will be the best!

I absolutely love yoy girls! I keep reading everything you post. Ia admired you so much and also you are such an example to follor

I personally find it is so beautiful that two best friends get to share their biggest dreams together. And to follow your goals and passions with someone like your best friends is a luxury that many girls could only dream about. By the way, Kristina, your positivity is contagious. Sending love and good vibes back!

With Love,

I loved this interview! it was fun and felt cozy, I’m also becoming a fan of Fiona!
best wishes for the blog!

Love this article with both of you!! Fiona is beautiful and so lucky to work with you, proud of the whole team! <3

Pretty in Python

I really like this concept of girls talk or basically in an interview format, I don’t know why but it’s easier to read and everything. That was very interesting to see the difference from the inside compared to a new comer, learned a lot, great job !

die Annakonda

Lovely BFF post, i like when you show to us more relaxing outfits :)


Dainty and Chic 24 January 2015 / Reply

Kristina And Fiona I really liked you sharing such deep thoughts! I identify with you so much!! I have always wanted to do things differently, however my life turned out to be pretty normal (went to University, got a Master, learnt a language, got another Master, learnt another language, got a job) and it was a month ago when I found myself unemployed that the first thing that came to my mind was creating a blog!!! And I am doing it with one of my best friends!! I am turning 30 this year (although I look like I am 20 still) and if life has tought me anything so far is that you have to do what you are passionate about because at the end of the day all that matters is the journey not where you are going :) Anyway, I know there is a lot of competence in the fashion blogging world and that I still have a lot to learn but honestly I am doing it with all my love!! That is why I am confident that you will accomplish all your dreams and that you will end up making yourself a name in the music industry because you are worth it, you are putting your heart at it and you deserve it!! Wishing you all the best!!!

Blanca from

Lots of kisses and the best of luck from Spain!

Really liked this one! Nice to have you here, Fiona. xx

What a great blog post on friendship! It’s different and refreshing :)


Nothing better, than girl talks! <3
All the best for you two!

Ina, xxx

Love this. Makes me think of my BFF.. KaytureForever

With ❤ from Tanzania

Lovely ladies! keep it sexy!


Don’t you take your shoes off before put your legs on couch? ;p

I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!!

Congrats on all that you have achieved at just 21!

XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

I wish I can one day have girl talk with you.
Please check out my blog. It’s my first new own blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle. Thanks.
Love your blog!!!

I love this post!! It’s nice to get an insight into the world of blogging from your point of view. I really love this, and would urge you to do more posts like this as I love them and am sure many others do too :)



Hi Kristina and Fiona, I think you are great in what you do, i love reading your articles and keeping up on the latest news. It’s so nice that you were friends before you started working together, so you must know each other pretty well!

The kayteam really brings something special and unique to the market ! You have such a great sense in style and I can honestly say I love all of your outfits, there’s not one that i’ve disliked so far!

So keep up the good work and take a rest form now and then, because it seems like you are always on the go! Have fun in Paris
Rebecca xoxo

Why are there 2 questions you didn’t answered Kristina ?
It’s a questions and answer, so we are missing some of it… ;)
There is the boy question : Ok it’s great to have a crush on actors, or singers…. every teenager can tell you that they love Christian Bale or whatever…. but so how about someone real ? ;-)
Then there is the “where do you see yourself in 10 years” question. Ok you already told us 1000 times that you enjoy every single moment, and that you try to be good, and so on… but really… play the game and try to answer the question honey… ;) it would be so interesting to know the answer, you can imagine it ! Of course you don’t know where you’ll be in 10 years… but where would you like to be ?

These photos are beutiful! You both look gorgeous!

Love the pictures, love the post!

Salut les filles! Je tenais juste à vous dire que je vous admire toutes les deux énormément pour le chemin que vous avez tracé afin d’arriver jusqu’ici. Je suis très heureuse que Fiona fasse régulièrement des articles au sein de Kayture, car elle est aussi une très bonne fashionista, avec beaucoup de talent! Enfin, je voulais vous dire que ce shoot est absolument ravissant, vous semblez tellement heureuses d’être ensembles, c’est beau à voir, une amitié telle quelle, de plus le décor est vraiment sympa, Gstaad est une si jolie petite ville… Voilà je vous souhaite une très bonne continuation sur le blog ainsi que dans votre vie personnelle, entre vous deux! xx

You two are such sweethearts, keep up the good work :)
Yay for Ryan Gosling!

Green and Turquoise

This is amazing! I find your blog recently, and I think it’s one of the best! You’ re so beautiful, and you have awesome blue eyes. <3 Check out my blog. :)

Dear Kristina !
Congratulations for winning “Influencer of the year”, you totally deserve it ! Wish you and Kayteam everything best in 2015 !
I have been following Kayture for a long time and you still surprise me, you are so normal, kind and lovely person Kristina ! You never talk big, you are just like us. You seem to be so close with us, just because of that simple stuff like talks with your best friend or sending gifts to your fans. That was so nice what you did. And that article made me love you even more, because there wasn’t any breathtaking dresses or places, just you and your best friend. The pictures are stunning, like always and that’s great that you’ve got Fiona with you, she’s so extremly beautiful and she seems to be as lovely person as you are. It would be great to find out more about her ! I live so far away from you, and even thought you’d never been in my country I can feel the love of Kayture, the inspiration you give us everyday. It is so easy to admire you, to love you, because you are such a beautiful person inside and out. Every single day I’m trying to be better, just like you. You teach me how to be brave, how to follow my dreams no matter what.
Thank you Kristina ! Sending all my support. xo
Kisses, Patty.

I just want you 2 to be my bestfriends…Okay seriously I love this Girl Talk, such a great idea !



featuring my most recent OOTD video:


Girls, you’re the best. Not only you, Kristina, are a fashion and beauty inspiration, together with Fiona you’re the best besties I’ve seen so far. And the fact that you’re also working together now makes it even more down-to-earth cool! You both have your signature styles, sometimes different but yet they go along so swiftly. A fresh take to a blog article, too. It’s always a pleasure reading your blog, mostly because it’s got a personal touch, so it feels more real and inspiring.

Ces confessions sont touchantes :) Tu as l’air d’être quelqu’un de passionnée et très gentille :) Ca doit être agréable et fou de travailler avec toi!
Continue ton blog, de nous faire rêver, tu as du talent et tu es inspirante!

Ah, guys what makeup are you wearing? Please…

Keirsten Galler 25 January 2015 / Reply

Hey girls (and James)! This article is great! Reading that you still have qualms about taking big steps in your work is wonderfully comforting. For everyone, but especially for those trying to get into fashion like you. I’ve followed a few style blogs for a couple of years now but really none hit home like Kayture. My goals include building a career similar to the ones you’ve created with this blog, but yours includes more than that. You’re working with your favorite fashion houses, writing a book (!!) and following any other dreams you can dream. Plainly stated- that’s inspiring.
There are so many trendy fashion girls out there doing the same exact thing as each other expecting to be seen as different or better than everyone else. Not you guys. You have created this force to be reckoned with by doing exactly what you want with your lives and not seeming to care too much about following anyone else’s rule. And you’ve done that while remaining to be one of the most fun and yet classiest brands I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
I’ve just turned 21 last month and to think of what you’ve done in by this age is mind blowing. I keep wanting to start my own career in fashion and I seem to be getting closer to being able to represent my own style and create my own brand to my liking.
Seeing you guys build a career so similar to what I want to do, remain yourselves and still get anxious about any kind of venture, big or small, is encouraging. Courage is something completely necessary to chase such colossal dreams, and I’ve realized through keeping up with your work, that courage is within all of us waiting to see what we can do with it.
Thank you for that.


p.s. Stay warm in Paris!

This post is so encouraging to me. I’m 21 (going on 22) and I love to see young girls killing it because it reminds me that it’s completely possible for me as well. Thanks ladies and congratulations on your success!

What a dream come true it would be to work with such a driven talented hardworking team like the KayTeam! Fiona is one lucky lady – and lovely too.
Love from Ghana!!!

Oh you are so cool! I am so sorry that I not was able to meet you both at stylight awards :(
Maybe next time!

You’re so amazing, wise, creative and beautiful and your friendship is gorgeous !

hey fiona, hey kristina!

your friendship seems amazing! good for you that you can combine it with work, working with people you love on a daily basis must be incredible!

also love finoas isabel marant shoes :-)

i really admire what you girls and also your partner have achieved! kristina i follow each of your posts and you really are an inspiration to me – i love your style and most importantly your positive attitude in life! at such a young age you really have understood that life is about doing what you love and being happy!

i am 19 years old and really look up to you girls and hope that i can achieve the things i want in order to be just as happy!

keep going, kayture really is amazing!

and enjoy every minute of your journey

love from germany xx

Loved this! Its so nice to get to know you two a little better!

After being introduced to Fiona via the Kayture blog and Kristina’s instagram I’ve fallen madly into #girlcrush mode.
Fiona seems to be so adorable and so down to earth. I loved the fact that she took the time to reply to my comment on her instagram and provide me the link to her tumblr.
I can’t wait to see what more she contributes to the Kayture family – I’m sure it will be AWESOME!!
Lots of Love,

Love your blog :)
Kisses from Germany

I LOVE this post! So nice finding out some more about the two of you!

love your picsss!

beautiful girls *_*


This is so awesome, I love you both so much!!

Would seriously love to work with you on Kayture one day! You are one of my biggest inspirations xx

Love you Kristina !!! You are an amazing girl with an incredible style !!! You are an Inspiration for fashion and Life !!! Please be Yourself !!! Love you !!

Loved this post. I’ve always been curious to know what Fiona’s role was (apart from being a supportive friend) and now I sort of have an idea!

Keep up the good work girls! xx

Such gorgeous ladies :D It’s nice to see you guys interacting and getting personable.

Loric loric 26 January 2015 / Reply

This post is very intersting! Thx!

this is such a lovely post! :) thanks for sharing this with us, kay.
I think we can all see that you really love each other. That’s friendship!
the pictures are so harmonic and pretty :)

xx Rebekah

Masz napewno wspaniałą przyjaciółkę bo na taką wygląda. Zazdroszczę takiej przyjaźni, bo żadko się takie w dzisiejszych czasach zdarzają. ;) amazing ;)

New post welcome;)

Such an inspiring girl talk! You´re doing such a great job. Love this blog!

Best wishes,
Paulina from

Really cool article. Had the impression to chat with you both in the cosy hotel living room while reading it. Fiona is great. Keep the cool things up !

What a beautiful blog post
Thanks for sharing !

With love from London,

I love this article, so interesting to read more about her (:
X Samyra

Lovely post!! ;)
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

My Showroom

Beautiful photos!!


I’m so inspired. I live in Africa(Zambia) and I’m 14 young…I know. I love that you’ve accomplished so much at a young age, I’m so bad with words sorry. I love you and you’re amazing.

I’ve been following you both in Instagram since 1 year and I really love you both! You and Fiona are such beautiful and kind girls! I would like to meet you one day <3

Stunning pictures! You look like in a fairy tale and I love how your wear the delicate lace with th fluffy oversize coat. The light and the atmosphere is magical.
best wishes

Awww this is awesome! It reminds me of my best friend and I! You guys are so gorgeous and so inspirational. Love you guys!



Wow so fortunate girls, envy both of you. Do take care and all the best for 2015!


Loved the pictures!!

Girls you look like two little girls that play all day and also I can see that your friendship it’s more than that like two sisters, it’s really adorable :)

The Q&A was really interesting and I enjoyed a lot, congrats Fiona for being part of the Kayteam and I wish to all of the members of the team to keep being succesful!

Check my blog and don’t miss my latest post about some cool bags :)


I’m not sure what makes your blog so great, but it’s just a breathe of elegance

I’m not sure what makes your blog so great, but it’s just a breathe of elegance

A very cool interview and I looove the pictures of you both. But a litte bit sad that Fiona did not really answer the first question, I would love to read what surprised her the most..


What a pretty girls!! Love this post so much!

Loe this interaction, such a nice open chat!

Nice post! Must be so awesome working with your best friend! :)

x Sarah

I think Fiona is so lucky to be part of your team. You are a beautiful person! I deserve everything you have and I wish both of you a really good year! <3

First time commenting on one of your posts… ahh!

I love your blog and keep up with it daily as well as your instagram account. You truly are an inspiration. I have been dreaming of starting a blog and was wondering if you could give me some tips? How did you get started? Where did you create your site? What type of posts did you get started with?

If you could get back to me, that would be amazing!

xoxo, huge fan

you`re are magnificent, girls!

Hello Kayture or should I say James, Fiona and Kristina,

I won’t be able to do all the message in english due to the late hour in the South of France. Je lis et suis Kayture depuis maintenant deux ans même si j’ai jamais osé poster de commentaire de peur de me ridiculiser, c’est incroyable de voir comment votre blog est devenu de plus en plus reconnue dans le monde entier. Je vous admire aussi tout les trois pour suivre vos rêves et réussir dans le milieu qui vous plaît alors que vous êtes jeunes (je suis pas sur d’utiliser le bon mot étant donné que j’ai seulement 17ans) mais pouvoir évoluer aussi vite, enfin suivant ma propre impression, cela ne peut être qu’admirable. Kayture a été pour moi tout d’abord un échappatoire pendant ma première année de lycée, vous m’avez permis de m’affirmer et affronter les critiques, comme le dit si bien Taylor Swift : Haters gonna hate. Avoir demandé à Fiona de devenir Kaytributor a été une awsome idea, les Kaytips sont excellents ! Un blog de choc avec une équipe de rêve que demander mieux !

En continuant de vous suivre tout les jours via Snapchat et Instagram,

I really love Fiona’s Kaytips section!

You guys are so cute togther!

Characters & Carry-ons

I admire the both of you and your friendship so much! Thank you for sharing a part of your lives with us.

really cool!!!

Hey Kayture-team! Great job (as always). Loved this post. Could you tell me where your clothes are from? Especially the sweater from Fiona looks sooo cozy :)

Beautiful pictures! It looks soo cozy :) best wishes from Switzerland xoxo

How old are you Fiona?

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