So first of all, I wanted to start this article by saying a HUGE, gigantic thank you for the CRAZY, nuts, mind-blowing feedback you’ve been giving me these last couple of days… It couldn’t have been a better start of the year and I hope that 2015 means actually meeting you guys and spend time with you all. It’ll happen, let’s make it happen seriously. It would be so much fun. Not only the comments on the last article got me all teared up (even worst than the first time I saw “Faults In Our Stars”… damn this movie)… but the Q&A on Twitter was mad with thousands of new questions popping out every ten minutes. It felt like a house party : you guys were so many. Imagine how fun it would be if we were all in a room together.

We have so many cool things in stock for you all this year. I am just so excited to keep living all these amazing experiences together and hope to surprise you all the time with new adventures. I’ve noticed that many of you ask me tips about health and how to take care of yourself. I shot these images last December and never had the opportunity to publish them but since everybody has been partying like crazy these past couple days, I felt like we’re all in need of a little detox.

I love juicing, green juices are like my Holy Grail. I feel like they boost my immune system, make my skin clear and bright, balance out my energy levels. Ever since I started juicing and using superfoods in my everyday diet, my health has never been better and I even stopped using medicine, or at least reduced it to the very extreme minimum. There’s really everything we need out there in the nature for us to heal our little wounds : from headaches to stomach cramps. I’ve really been fascinated with the idea of having the healthiest, cleanest diet possible with tons of good things for your body and mind.

When I travel however, it gets a little tricky to manage to find green juices everywhere and to get my intake of superfoods. So initially, I’d always go to pharmacies to stock up on goji berries, spirulina powder, noni juice and things like that to keep with me while I travel and add it to my room service breakfast in the morning. But I have to say, it was quiet annoying… I had to carry way to many things around and it would get all messed up my luggages.  So when I found out about L.A Star it was kind of like, finally! It’s an organic superfood powder that contains Maca, Camu-Camu, Goji, Acai, Spirulina, Lucuma, barley grass and wheat grass, all in one. I pour it in my morning water and boom : instant green juice. I try to have it every single day or every two days and honestly, it’s really worth it.

If there’s anything really important, is taking care of yourself and giving fuel to your body so that it can function properly and be as efficient as possible. Gotta admit that my lifestyle can get quiet unhealthy sometimes : lack of sleep, constant travel, always eating out and my love for sugar which doesn’t help it… So anything I can do to have a healthy vitamin intake is a big win for me and this has been the perfect solution. You should guys definitely check it out. Let me know if you’d like to see articles like these about food and health more often! I love talking about it :)

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Add yours

Thank you so much for this article, it’s exactly what I need because I want to be super healthy this year, care myself and be happy so I’ll follow your tips. These photos are just perfect

i would love if you couldtell us more about this, love this kinda articles :D

I would love to see more comments about this topic. Love you Kristina, you are my inspiration- day by day! Love

Hi Kristina! I love your health posts – it’s so nice to share more common interests. Even though the fashion side of things is great! This last year I’ve been super conscious about fueling my body with nutrients and really nourishing it as well. It’ all started with a few health problems for me and I got told by a doctor to cut out gluten and dairy. Apart from adding little bits of dairy back in (it’s too hard not to have ice cream or cheese sometimes!) I’ve never looked back. It truly does make you feel so much better and healthier doesn’t it? What I’m trying to say with this little personal ramble, is Yes! Please keep sharing food and health with us :-)

I definitely love this kind of post about healthy lifestyle, non-dieting, beauty and so on, I will be waiting for more posts about this things! I put a goal for me for this year to eat more healthy, minimize sweets, simple carb, alcohol in order go get more healthier and fresh! And your posts about lifestyle will help me with my plan ahah So yeah post more about it! <3

First, thank YOU for taking time out of your day to reply to us and actually read every single question and feedback that was posted. Your generosity knows no limits and that’s truly what sets you apart than the rest of the blogging community. You didn’t forget about your readers once you became successful and popular and you don’t take anything for granted, which will truly push you so far away.

Second, I really like this post! Yes, you should definitely post more about health, dieting and maybe even any working out routines? That would be interesting. You replied to one of my questions about how you avoid procrastinating or burning out by taking breaks, and as I can read from what you wrote now, health also goes a long way in keeping energy levels up and going.

Thank you again Kristina for your generosity and I hope to meet you one day. :)


Prudence Yeo 3 January 2015 / Reply

Yes, it is indeed so important to keep healthy and having more green juice sounds like a very feasible way to do it! Thanks for the idea!


Really interesting to read! I would love to get to know more about your health and workouts?
I think, you really deserve all the crazy feedback!

Beautiful photos and great post! It’s very important to take care of ourselves and there couldn’t be better moment than to start now!

I love these kind of articles, please post more like this! They are so inspiring and you really made me want to detox now haha! Thank you for always doing your best in order to inspire us readers, trust med er love you:)

Tiens tu me fais penser à revoir TFIOS et à écrire un article dessus, merci !
Je ne vais pas faire la course au meilleur commentaire pour qu’il soit publié sur ton Instagram, car Jade a mis la barre beaucoup trop haut pour moi hahaha.
On a discuté quelque peu hier sur Twitter, et à Paris après le show Akris (avec ce super selfie où j’ai l’air d’un zombie, ça doit être un truc de selfie ça, à chaque fois qu’on veut en faire un, on a une tête horrible)
C’est fou parce qu’avant que je découvre ton blog, j’aimais déjà beaucoup la mode, mais sans prendre soin de mes tenues, et depuis que tu es là, depuis que tu postes des magnifiques photos, avec des pièces magnifiques, j’ai envie de prendre soin de moi, d’avoir un vrai style classe et sophistiqué comme le tien. J’ai revu l’an dernier tes premiers posts sur Lookbook, j’ai ris de l’écart de qualité entre avant et aujourd’hui, mais tu avais déjà un style bien à toi, et vraiment élégant, je trouve ça assez plaisant de me dire que tu portes des choses car tu les aimes vraiment, et pas seulement parce que tu as un contrat avec la marque, je n’ai pas cet effet “porte manteau” comme on trouve sur certains blogs. J’ai l’impression que tu tries vraiment tes collaborations en fonction de ce que tu aimes, et c’est ça que j’apprécie chez toi, tu as su garder ton style, tu as su rester proche de tes millions de fans, et je trouve ça tellement honorable !

J’espère te revoir très vite à Paris et avoir l’occasion de te photographier à nouveau ! (J’ai déjà la chance d’être sur ta photo de couverture hahaha)
Je te souhaite une bonne année, et pleins de belles choses pour cette année à venir


Oh it looks so tasty <3 love your pictures <3

Do you know, I have never had a green juice…so I need to know….does it taste disgusting?!

great post, I think I need to give that superfood powder a try! have a good day! xx

Christelle 3 January 2015 / Reply

Tu es magnifique comme toujours ! Je te souhaite une très bonne année et espère que 2015 sera une année merveilleuse !

Sounds like a great and fast alternative to a green juice!

Love, L

You’re soo sweet! Happy New Year and I look forward to all the things you have planned in 2015!


Definitely going to try it !

Love from Paris

Dear Kristina!
First of all Happy New Year! I wish you a year full of joy and success!
Im also trying to be healthy and concentrate on organic food, super foods, powders and so on. It would be very interesting for me to see more posts like this on your website!

All the best,
My Instagram | My Fashion Blog | My Facebook | My Designer Website

beautiful pics ! this green juice look good by the way

Hi Kristina,

Firstly I love your blog, it really is a perfect escape for me to turn to when I get tired of doing work.

I’d like to know of your skincare routine? As your skin always looks so perfect and glowing, even though you must apply makeup everyday. I try not to wear makeup everyday to prevent breakouts, and also spend a lot of time in the city where the air isn’t exactly clean, so how do you do it?

Lots of Love,
Steph Marie

I have never heard about it but is it super cool!


Wonderful post Kristina! Yes I would love to see more of them! :)

Happy New Year dear!

Beautiful photos!
My Fantabulous World

Wow!! That’s a huge green juice!! It’s superhealthy!! Congratulations for the amazing photos Kristina & James ;)

How to look stunning on a pink coat in winter

What a beautiful and healthy way to start the year! Detoxing after the Christmas period is a wonderful way to feel good, and this post certainly reminded me to start. Thank you!

gorgeous photos

Giveaway on my blog!

It would be great if you could talk about your fitness routine!

Hi Kristina, I love green juices too and I make sure I drink them at least once a week. It’s the ideal drink for breakfast I guess! Maybe indeed it’s a cool idea to put some recipes or whatever on food you want to talk about on your blog. I tried it too on mine but I noticed that I lacked a bit time to make the perfect pictures and all and afterwards blog about it too… I’m just like, gimme the food immediately haha!

Big kiss,

Alizée Aerts 3 January 2015 / Reply

Dear Kristina,
Please do right more of these articles! I think I’m not the only one who’s interested in how you stay this healthy and pretty.
I do have a few little questions about the noni juice :). For how long have you been using noni juice? Does it really work? What effect do you notice?

Thank you for answering :).

please make an article on your hair routine and all the product you use :)

I’m turning 18 in very short time so I’m at this time of my live in which I try to take care of my body, although with the exams ans so on it gets extremly difficult. So I’d love to read more about you’re tricks to stay healthy and beautiful.

Super article ma belle! Il faut absolument que je m’informe sur ce genre de nourriture. J’ai très envie de changer la façon dont je mange, mais il y a très peu d’infos surtout en français, des tonnes d’articles sont en anglais. (même si je m’en sors pas trop mal, ce n’est si évident avec les noms des différents aliments, …)
Voilà j’espère que tu continueras à nous en parler par la suite


Nice pics!! You are very beauty! ;)
My Showroom

So glad you appreciated your response; you really deserve it! These photographs are absolutely lovely!

You look very pretty and I love all of these photos!

Tu es un modèle, continue comme ça, j’adore tout ce que tu fais !

Sounds good!
Definitely going to try this out.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Kristina, je dois te dire que tu es tout simplement merveilleuse.
Je te suis depuis tes débuts sur Lookbook, depuis je t’ai toujours suivie, je regarde chaque article. Tu es ma principale source d’inspiration, et c’est tout simplement incroyable de voir que malgré ton évolution énorme en si peu de temps et le succès que tu as, tu restes la même personne.
Je tiens tout simplement à te rappeler que tu es géniale, tu dois beaucoup l’entendre c’est sûr. Alors dis toi que ça vient d’une personne qui t’a toujours “connue”, toujours suivie, depuis le début, tu es…une sorte d’idole pour moi, quelqu’un qui m’inspire tellement que ça m’a rendue meilleure.
Et, il est certain que si un jour j’ai la chance de te voir, j’en serais plus qu’heureuse ! Ahah
N’arrête jamais ce que tu fais, ni toi, ni James et ses sublimes photos !
Love ya <3

I love this post; and yes! Most certainly you should do more health posts often. Being a young lady that travels much, I always wonder how you keep your skin clear, and your health in check. I’m sure it’s difficult, especially with the constant eating out! You look radiant dearest Kristina. Can’t wait to read more! OH, & welcome back to your second home. (Keeping up with your insta.) :)

Love your hair!! Amazing photos ;)

Thank you for sharing, been looking for something like this!


You are very beautifull :)
I love your skin and you are dressing amazing!!!


Oh yes definitely!

I’m so interested in all that health stuff, and when my holiday is over I will really try my best to focus on my diet and exercise routine. I’ve been suffering bad skin for years now, and I believe that eating clean (especially drinking more water, eating more green vegetables and berries, avoiding dairy products and gluten) might help. All your tips and thoughts are more than welcome! And if you have some special tips for clean skin, that would be great!

I think that now is the best time ever for me to start a healthy, happy lifestyle. Hope that 2015 will be a great year for all of us!

Love you Kristina!

xx Vilma

I know what you mean – juicing is great, I am a big fan of juices made of fruits and veggies. Espacially celery, apple, ginger and carrot one:) However the greener the juice the best it is for our bodies so trying to add spinach more often;)

Thank you so much for sharing this. I sure need to be more constant with my greens, and this looks like a great choice.

It really looks great. For 2015 I planned to start my healthy lifestyle. At home we drink a lot of green smoothies, so I’m a little bit familiar with it.
I would love to read more articles about health or the healthy lifestyle in general on your blog. You are right, it is such an important topic! xx

Sincerely, thank you for writing this post. I’ve been wanting to maintain a juicing habit but with a hectic schedule, it’s hard to find the time to shop frequently enough for fresh greens and to even have time to make them. I think LA Star sounds perfect not just for traveling, but for life on the go. Definitely checking them out. Happy New Year to you sweetheart <3


Julia caroline 3 January 2015 / Reply

Dear Kristina,

Congratulations on your huge success on Kayture!
It is amazing how your blog has evolved so quickly and so successfully! You truly inspired me to take more time to appreciate fashion and to see the creation, art, beauty and fun around it. You even inspired me to start my own instagram page where I post fashion, outfits, food, landscapes and travel (juliacaroline_a if you are curious). It’s my little safe place that is all about me and what I like and it is really fun.
You, James and Fiona really make a great team and, together, make Kayture magical. Your blog and instagram make us all dream and make us realise that if we believe and work hard enough, anything can be accomplished. If we look back to the beginning of Kayture, we can see how you all started at the bottom, without expecting much but having dreams and ambition, which led you to the success you are today.
I recently had the pleasure to meet you (last summer/ Globus geneva) and it was very much appreciated how you and James took a little time to chat with me. We talked about Kayture’s success and how, at the beginning I thought the blogging world was artificial and boring but how i had fallen onto your page and had fallen in love with it. We also talked about the gucci bamboo bag I was about to get (I have it now and it is amazing).Your work is amazing and inspirational, and I love scrolling through your instagram and kayture page after a long day. It’s like some sort of comfort zone.

This said, I hope to bump into you again in the sweet town of Geneva sometime soon, wish you an amazing year filled with success, happiness, love and health and wish for you and James to have a great time in L.A

Lots of love to you all,


Love to see these kind of articles:)) I really want to start this all healthy and natural lifestyle myself, but ahhhh I’m so stubborn and lazyy:((

I also love talking and being informed about healthy lifestyle since it is very important even for our state of mind, and sometimes we don’t take it so much time to it.

I use to drink orange juice,with pulp & I try to go walking everywhere, or by bike.

Thanx for articles like these!

Looks good! I want to try it too:)

Shall We Sasa

julia caroline 4 January 2015 / Reply


Worth trying!:-) I recently discovered Matcha green tea and absolutely love it!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
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I loved your new post! Honestly I am super interested in a healthy lifestyle and I have tried the juicing ‘life diet’. It was amazing. Health articles like this one would be something inspiring! It is fair to say that I get inspired by people who manage to keep with their healthy diet, so please feel free to add as many health articles as possible, i would love to hear about your health routine!


I love health posts like these! I’d really like to see them more often. I’m clueless in this area. I’ve also been wondering how you keep your skin so clear. You look so beautiful in these shots! :)


Please! More articles about this stuff and your approach to eating! You mentioned that you wanted to be vegan…is this still a desire of yours? How do you eat when you travel? I would love to hear anything you have to say! Thanks!

That powder mix sounds awesome. I would be really interested in trying it out. I wonder if it tastes good. Beautiful braid and cat eye on you :)


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Lovely post! x

Blog Marjorie

You are such a beautiful inspiration. Love you !

i like juicing, but smoothies are also a great option. You get the full nutritional dose of the ingredients and they keep you full for longer. You should try :)


Perfect! I personally would love to see more articles about food and health!

You look so beautiful even in the morning :)
I drink similar juice, soooo yummy!
Happy 2015!

Tu es magnifique sérieux tu es mon idole

What a great article! I am also very interested in the healthy lifestyle and anything new that comes with it. I love doing smoothies and cooking alkaline food, but I hear you, there are temptations and you do not have time for it all the time, life is busy and wild sometimes. Recently, I have been reading the Body Book by Cameron Diaz and I highly recommend it, it is amazing, it puts all the basics about health together very well so that it is easy to read, I think you would like it. All the bet to 2015, there is nothing more important than heath :)

How fabulous ! In love with those pics ! I hear you about health, it’s super important to take great care of yourself, and I believe you are doing it just fine :)

Can’t wait to see what you have for us in 2015 !

Love your makeup here! xx

that sounds perfect when you’re not around to be juicing at home! thanks for sharing and happy new year!

Hi Kristina :) I really love your blog, but as you just posted I would love to read more about food, healthy life style and also about the products you daily use for your face, make up and so on.
Wish you the best, and a happy new year,
Thank you

Definitely love to see more of these!
xx, Lena

Thank you for your valuable advice

you deserve each amazing comment and feedback because you always have amazing posts! we all love you!


Yes it is true, healthy living is key !
To be able to live fully, we need to feel good and it starts from eating/drinking healthy.
It’s all about happiness and doing what we love.
Keep it up
2015 is going to be amazing !!

much love from Paris
Anna x

die Annakonda

Wonder how expensive these juices are

Ca me fait envie ces sachets, avec l’hiver et le froid…
bon retour à L.A!

Looks really healthy and yummie ;) Nice pictures !

Un très bel article, les photos comme le texte, une bonne année 2015 qui s’annonce! Quel appareil photo et logiciel utilises-tu?

I really enjoyed reading today’s post! :)
Would be awesome to hear more about your food, health and diet routine…

All the best
Ina <3

Such a great tip! I love drinking spirulina with applejuice

Dear Kay! Can I have a one new years wish? I enjoy your blog so so much, love looking at new pictures and always been such a big fan of your make up skills! Would you be as kind as to make a tutorial, something like a make up video with all the products used listed? It would mean so much to me and all the readers (I’m sure!!!). I always find your make up absolutely flawless, you are like my make up guru! Can you think about it? Pretty please! Sending you lots of love girly! <3

Happy New Year Krisitna ! Amazing start to the New Year with this article.

Oh this looks so tasty <3 love green juice <3

fashionaltitude 4 January 2015 / Reply

It’s true that it’s hard to eat healthy when travelling..I usually take vitamins with me to follow my daily routine and add a few complements to balance the system. Drinking a lot (of water..) is THE key, however, finding mineral water may turn out to be kind of difficult..
Thanks for your post about detox. Always interesting to read about it. Xo.

Interesting and inspiring article, green juices are some of my favourites too :) Nice pictures btw, how do you manage to look that flawless all the time ? ;)
best wishes

Awesome Article Kristina, like always. I love also talking about healthy food….so please write more about it :).
By the way…I hope to see you one day in person <3. Lots of hugs and keep going to make your dreams come true :-*


That’s such an useful article! I love when you post about health and tips & hints for a healthy lifestyle! What ingredients do you usually have in your every day meals, and what food do you stay away from mostly?

P.S. What lens does James usually use to take the photos for Kayture? I would like to know, especially for portraits. Thank you

Liebe Kristina,

du siehst immer sooo toll aus! Bin schon gespannt auf deine neuen Beiträge. Ich wünsche dem ganzen Team ein gutes neues Jahr.
Liebe Grüße aus Österreich,

Your make up is always so perfect.

Petite Side of Style

I just followed you and I am in love with your posts. I love reading what you write, your photographs are really nice, (you’re really pretty), and it’s entertaining (: I have tried juicing but I’m not a huge fan of the green juices. I think it’s just the kale…

I really loved this article, it is very important for all of us to stay healthy and sometimes it can be a little difficult with the daily routine to eat all the necessary vitamins. Thank you so much Kristina.

Hello Kristina.

Your health and nutrition/beauty articles are among my favourites and I personally find them really useful.

It’s because of you that I found the Whole Pantry- an app that has enabled me to live a healthier lifestyle in an easier and more delicious way! Thank you so much. Would appreciate more of these types of articles.

Great post btw. :)

I really do enjoy reading these health and lifestyle posts. I always find them super informative and can learn something. I’m planning a lot of traveling soon, so I’ll be checking out this powder. Thanks for the tips!!!


Love articles like this! Although I obviously love seeing how you style things and reading about fashion, I think our health is the most important thing out there, so reading about what others do to keep healthy is super helpful in updating my own routine!

Thanks so much for sharing :)

One of my new year resolutions is to eat and be more healthy. I love that you manage the healthy lifestlye while traveling so much! Great post!

Great advice, it’s always important to take care of yourself!

Thanks for your tips ;)
Wishing you a happy new year

Elsa Tysebaert 5 January 2015 / Reply

Merci encore à TOI pour le petit (grand!) moment avec toi vendredi après-midi, c’était vraiment une super idée et visiblement ça a eu pas mal de succès alors bravo ! Pour ce qui est de faire un rdv de Kayturettes je pense qu’on tient plus qu’un concept là, ça serait vraiment énorme comme occasion !! Merci pour cet article et de partager avec nous quelques uns de tes secrets. Sur twitter tu as eu une question sur ton poids, ça ne m’a pas étonné car aujourd’hui le poids, l’apparence, le sport, le “bien mangé” a eu part importante dans notre société, et ça pourrait être intéressant de savoir comment toi, qui a une allure plus que parfaite et qui en plus passe ton temps à voyager, savoir comment tu arrives à garder une bonne hygiène de vie, savoir tes plats préférés, ce que tu évites de manger, si tu aimes ou non les fast food (je crois que tu avais dit dans un article ne pas aimer)… Enfin, c’est une simple idée.
Des bisous

Yes please!!!!! More posts like this one!!!! Love the tips!!!

Definitely share your interest in healthy nutrition! Would like to see them more often xx

i think there’s too much make up for this kind of pictures ;/

Lovely photos! And you look amazing as usual!


your blog is amazing thank you for being such a great source of inspiration for my artwork!

Great post, beautiful1 Great tips! Thank you! Have a great week!

xx Mary

Thank you for this and yes, I would love to hear more about your diet, your workout-plan (were you always that skinny girl like now?) and your daily eating….
I love your figure and I would be soooo happy with your body, but we all have our own body and the only thing I can do is to eat healthy and do workout aaaand sleep ;)

You are one of the greatest inspirations and I love your type of writing! :)

Greetings from germany – Dein Blog ist der Beste! (you say on twitter that you speak a little bit german ;))

beautiful pictures kay. Happy new year and enjoy LA.

Dear Kristina,
Great article and yes talk more about diet, food and healthy life style while traveling.
This green power powder sounds great!
Do you think they ship ’till Switzerland?
Have a nice day ^^
With love and admiration :)

I tried to comment on the last article, but it kept timing out on me so I thought I’d post it here. I absolutely agree with what Shelby said about you not cheating the system. It is absolutely so refreshing to see a true fashion blogger with a huge heart and doing it the honest way like you. Thank you for not being a “shopping” blogger, for not looking like all the other bloggers out there or acting like you’re entitled because you’re well-known. Thank you for not shilling on every brand/company out there by staying true to yourself and brand.

You are truly humble, Kristina. One of the best things I love about you is that you’re appreciative of your blessings. You know your readers are a huge part of your success and without your audience, the Kayture community and blog would not exist. I can see that you know that, that you are in love with what you do, that you’re well aware that you’re blessed to be living this life, that you also know that the best things in life don’t come on a silver platter and that you have to work hard for it. You respond to us with such love and are so transparent that we don’t have to second guess you or wonder what your real goals are with Kayture. I see so many copycats out there, so many bloggers who treat their readers with no respect (with or without rude comments, bloggers should know not to throw a rock back at the glass house they are living in themselves), showcase this perfect, staged life and have no originality.

I know you will go so far with your beautiful blog because you’ve been true from the beginning (although I discovered you not even a year ago, I know this because I went back and read every post of yours over time) and I’m sure many of your readers will agree with me when I say that we will be there with you every step of the way as you enter the new year with wonderful plans in mind. Finding you in 2014 has been a huge highlight for me because you changed the way I think about fashion as I have been searching for my own style for quite awhile. Hey, the fun part is watching your evolve, right? I always thought I had to have a single signature of style of some sort, but am fully embracing trying what I want to try. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to have a wide-variety of looks…that I can be glamorous, channel my dark side, be preppy or whatever it is I want to be. :)

As for this health-related article, I love that you’re keeping healthy even with a busy travel schedule. Maca and spirulina are important because the state of your stomach controls about 80% of your gut health which can bring about so many things like allergies, lupus, etc. I’d love to see more articles related to health, like what organic/natural beauty products you discover as you’re traveling. More video content wouldn’t hurt either. ;) Have a happy and blessed day! xo

Nice article! Green juices are a good solution, I often make smoothies but with only fruits, in fact I’m the Queen of smoothies :)
Happy New Year 2015!

Nice post! I shall try it :)
Thanks for sharing!

x Sarah

I am actually a big fan of green juices. They are so good for you!

You look great!!


Hey Kristina! I prefer fresh juices but I think I will give this one a try! Yeah, would be cool if you could share some of your favourite healthy receipts (food&drink) and your top healthy stuff one can buy on the go.
Thanx and good luck in LA!


I like articles about food and healthy lifestyle.

Does LA Stars tastes well ?? You don’t say a thing about it, is it because it’s sooo bad ?

Lovely photos and the juicy looks refreshing n.n


Oh that juice looks and sounds so good! You look amazing X

Yes would love to know more about health and fitness.

Love the article…really in need of a little detox!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

This kind of articles are my favorite ones from you, since I’m also all about healthy lifestyle! Would love to see more! ;)




Really nice article. Just a question where we can find it in Switzerland for example? or it is available in USA?
Thanks in advance.


you look amazing!:) lovely photos!♥

Your life consists of travelling everyday
But you look so fresh and healthy all the time.
I am obsessed with your skin now. I remember you had some problems any time ago, but now you skin is flawless.
You inspiring me to take care about my food as much as possible, and I can see a lot of differences.
Thank you so much
You are so honest and pretty


Great! I need to try it out! I’m vegetarian, so I know how tricky it is to balance every meal on every day. I start my day with morning running and homemade green juice/shake. It gives me energy kick and fuel for the rest of the morning. I’m looking foward for most posts like this – about you eating habits, food,which you eat while you travelling or maybe even some tasty,healthy and delicious recipes! Love you Kristina <3 You made my day. Kisses from Poland.

Always looking breathtakingly gorgeous Kayture!!!
Please please check out my new DIY: Succulents video on youtube if you can, it would mean a lot!


Great post. I love the posts about food and health, partly because I am not very healthy at all so anything that can help that and inspire me to be healthier is a great post in my eyes. Will definitely see if I can get hold of some of that powder you were talking about :)



This idea is brilliant! I am currently fighting terrible allergies, a cold and the worst sneezes and runny nose. I keep thinking this must have something to do with not getting enough vegetables and vitamins in my diet, but stopping at the store and buying and or making juices is so expensive and time intensive! This looks like the perfect solution for me! Thanks for sharing!
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xo, Jennifer
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You never fail to inspire us viewers Kristina!

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Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store this 2015. Happy New Year!

Liz Lizo
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you are so cute and perfect, i am a new blogger nd i inspire on you. i love fashion too and write from my heart. god bless you beauty

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Keeping healthy is so important. I have just made a new blog post on healthy smoothies. Check it out

Thank you so much for this post, I love when you tell us about your healthy lifestyle ! I’d like to have some more of it, YES !
Thanks, love

Hi kristina! I love all your healthy tips and all the fashion of your pictures and all you glamour!! Yees yees yees pleace keep telling us tips to help us look amazing like you and healthy wich is soo important! All my love and just in case im a fashion student from uruguay that have instagram macalgorta ;) all my love Maca

Thank You for the amazing text:) I looove goyi berries, chia seeds, etc., etc. I would like to read more about superfoods on Your blog:)

Absolutely obsessed with you blog! I guess you could say I’m possibly your newest and greatest fan!!! Lots of love from South Africa Xxx
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OMG, lovely picture!

hi I’m your big fan. I am from India. would like to see you in Indian attire. saree, with loose hair or kurtis. Please do try and do visit india. Thanks


Thanks for Sahring