My loves. Sorry that I’ve disappeared for a little while. Ever since we landed in New York, it was a whirl of shows, meetings, shows again, shootings with very little time to cool off. Today, we announced a meet & greet at the Lincoln Center to meet some of our NY readers and I have to say : I feel so full of positive vibes! It made me realize that I haven’t written an article for a while and I felt the urge all of a sudden to log in and talk with you all as I would usually do.

The weather in NY is absolutely insane at the moment : it’s cold and the wind makes it well… even colder. BUT no matter what, fashion week remains fashion week and we are having such a good time. So many gorgeous shows are going on and I have to say, I am enjoying every second of this experience. Especially now as I have a new social media to play with : Snapchat is ruling my life! I am obsessed with it. Fiona and I are having so much fun posting stupid videos of us singing in the car or dancing to any possible beat we can hear. Make sure to follow my feed for even more updates -> kristina_bazan

I can’t wait to be back in L.A as soon as possible to keep working on my music… I have to say, my brain is fully focused on it and my whole body just wants to be back at the studio to keep rehearsing, singing, composing and writing to get closer to the date when I’ll finally be able to share with you the fruit of this amount of hard work and passion. We should be back in L.A right after NYFW ends to attend a few event during Oscar seasons and then we might do Paris and Milan for a couple of days too!!! But nothing is 100% decided and I’ll for sure keep you updated as we’ll definitely organize more meet and greets for our Kaytour!

On this note, I am happy to share with you today a new look that I wore during Paris couture fashion week. You guys know how much I love total white looks. Well, I’ve been loving these Dior sparkly sneaks for a long time, but never really knew how to wear them! It turns out an ivory turtle neck and a pencil skirt is exactly what I was looking for to add some class with a sporty touch. Hope you guys will enjoy it! Speak to you all very soon. Lots of love.


webb_KTR_0151webb_KTR_0157 webb_KTR_0166 webb_KTR_0192webb_KTR_0181webb_KTR_0195webb_KTR_0254webb_KTR_0206webb_KTR_0240


COAT : Gérard Darel


SKIRT : Dior


BAG : Valentino 


Add yours

love the Colors and the coat! but not sure what I think about those shoes…


These shoes are a NO for me.. but I’m loving the rest of the outfit!

Wow interesting shoes. I love the whole outfit especially the clutch.

I can imagine that you are really busy with the NYW :) So sorry that it is so cold … but your shoes including your outfit are really style and I love everything so much <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Wow sporty chic at it’s best. These sneakers are totally amazing!

xx Mira

Beautiful look! Crisp, polished, chic and very stunning! I am obsessed with your clutch and coat!

new look on my blog!

Gorgeous outfit! I love the bright splash of blue behind you.


I love the “all white” look on you – so pretty <3

Luise |

Wow, I don’t have words, this total white look is absolutely amazing. The pencil skirt is so beautiful and elegant, it looks perfect with the sweater and the contrast with these Dior sneakers is fantastic, the mix between the classic style and the casual air of these shoes is the soul of the outfit. The Valentino bag is pure love, it’s a little piece of art and it’s super chic. I can’t wait to the PFW to see you there!

Beautiful outfit!!
|| D I A N A ||

You look stunning as always and this outfit is gorgeous, minus these sneakers, but you def. made them look way more stylish and interesting that what they are.

Love the entire outfit, except for the shoes. I don’t know it’s not that they’re sneakers, a pair of Adidas Stan Smith would look awesome with this outfit, it’s those exact sneakers.
Have a great time in NYC, it’ll be easy to survive the cold with prospects of warm and sunny LA :)

xx Cheyenne

Those pictures where you laugh are priceless ! Love the white on you xxx

Your outfit is great, your smile is beautiful but the shoes are horrible. :/

Such a wonderful look, the shoes are too cute!! :-D


The sneakers are a little bit orthopedic, but fun.

Love the combination of the classic pencil skirt and the sporty shoes! You really have such an amazing style! <3

I love your outfit !
All in white is definitely a good choice!
I love the coat and the bag, absolutely fabulous!
Your outfit is on point!

I love your outfit! The winter makes me also tried, weak and it doesn’t motivate me to take pictures outdoor. But I can’t wait to see spring/summer outfits on your blog soon.


i love that fashion is such a force that not even horrendous weather can hinder it

Prudence Yeo 16 February 2015 / Reply

Love this really classy all-white look, very beautiful outfit! Absolutely gorgeous pair of sneakers too and the sparkly embellishments on them are amazing!


You look stunning ! Not a huge fan of the sneakers though but you rock them !

Love from Paris

Amazing look! You look gorgeous, love!

Hi to Kristina and the Kayteam,
I really Love to read your Blog ever since and you are such an Inspiration to me !! You achieved so much and do a wonderful job.
I would Love to live your life, you are such a Lucky Person .
I just saw this georgeous invitation you got from Hugo Boss on Instagram. This may sound weird, but maybe you still have some old iPhones you don’t Need Anymore. maybe you could make a wish come true and give me One of your old ones. I am not so fortunated, so I cant afford to buy me a new one.
I really Hope to get to meet you someday. Lots of Love xxx

The look is amazing. The coat and the skirt are to die for and the shoes are a playful yet chic addition to it. Awesome!
best wishes

Amazing! And those sparkly shoes add to the finest touch of the look!!! Only u can pull off a modern luxury look with a touch of sporty chic!!!

Love this casual chic outfit, you look amazing! Clutch and sneakers are both so cooL!

This look is amazing, love the colors!


Salut la Kayteam, salut Kristina!
Super article – comme toujours à vrai dire -, j’adore les sneackers dior, elles sont magnifiques!
J’ai hâte de voir ce que tu nous prépare, en tout cas, je souhaite pour toi que ça va marcher ton projet de musique parce que tu chantes vraiment super bien!
J’adore regarder tes snaps avec Fiona, vous me faites bien rire et ça permet de se sentir plus proche de vous, de partager un peu de votre vie de rêve pour quelques moments :P
Bisous ma belle

You look stunning as usual, love those shoes
Such an inspiration both as a fashionista and person, dont ever change please, you sre so beautiful and humble despite the amazing things you have achieved

Liebe Kristina

Du siehst wunderschön aus und das Outfit steht Dir super.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

Gorgeous! Love your outfit, your make up and your hair! Stunning photos!
Amazing post and very stylish :)

I am a great fan of your white on white outfits. They always make you look extra polished! ^^

Love your outfit, white is always a sweet color!
Your sneakers are original and at the same time elegant :)

These shoes are so cute! Love!

Shall We Sasa

I can feel with you – no time at all while fashion week! :D
xx, Brini

Oh such a mesmerizing all in white winter look! Can’t say no to such a combo either!

Love, L

Hi there! I just sent you a snapchat, but then I realised that you, of course, aren’t going to see it. Anyways the message was something like this: “you’re so inspiring, funny and pretty.” And the other snapchat was something like “I love every single post (and snapchatstory ). Kisses from the Netherlands!” So now I post my message here and I hope that al the messages together from everyone, encourage you to continue with your amazing work! (sorry for my poor English!) and again: love and kisses from the Netherlands xoxo Renske

Kristina, love youre snapchat its hilariouss! I only discovered kayture a week ago and im loving it !! Keep up the good work!

Amazing photos and gorgeous outfit as usual. That pair of Dior is sure quirky and unique on it own.


Kristina, I love youre snapchat its soo funny ! I only discovered Kayture a week ago but i am inlove with it !! Keep up the good work!

You look absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to see you doing your thing with your music.
Truly inspiring!
Lots of love!

xx Dani

I loved this look Kristina! You look gorgeous as always and never seem to dissapoint.
Keep up all the hard work and I can’t wait to hear your music!
Lots of love from Argentina, xo

You look absolutely stunning. White looks amazing on you and your hair is flawless as always. :)

This all white look is absolutely stunning! All of your pieces look so luxe and I love the combination of them with the sneakers! So chic! And I hope you’re having a woonderful time in New York!

hi Kristina! love your snapchat feed its hilarious!! i only discovered Kayture not that long ago, and i already love it!! keep up the good work !

The all cream attire looks great on you! And I love the door in the background x

Love this, those shoes are so cool!

x Edina
Printed or Plain

The shoes are amazing !!! Very beautiful look Kristina <3
I love your blog more and more everyday <3

I love total white looks too!

I love the clothes! The shoes are a bit awkward, but you look gorgeous!

You look so chic and beautiful!!!
Be Happy with Fashion

Such a chic elegant look, and the trainers are a fun touch! You look lovely, good luck battling the cold!

Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

magnifique …kristina !!!vraiment belle toute en blanc…sensuelle…classe…chic…!tu dis ” tous les hommes vont tomber amoureux de moi “” …eh eh ! il y en a déjà au moins : 1 ;….moi !!!je t’adore pour tout ! par ce que tu es ….Femme….tout simplement ………! sincère, ambitieuse,travailleuse, souriante…..!rien ne peut arrêter ton rêve ! bonne chance !continue sur ta voie…….? la voix ! chanter…………………..!

Yaay for the outfit, naay for the shoes!
You’re still amazing though

J’adore la tenue mais j’ai du mal avec les baskets, elles sont un peu spéciales quand même ^^


Love the beige!

xo Natalie

shades of grey on

Love the beige!

xo Natalie

wonderful photos! the shoes are great!

Love the look, especially that bag! All white is so chic especially during winter! ⎜

I love those shoes! such an unexcited twist, but it looks amazing with the elegant skirt and coat! can’t wait for fashion week looks :)

Wow, so beautiful, I just love this outfit! xoxo

another amazing post Kristina ! I love that outfit so much! :)

gorgeous! love those shoes

Your outfit is as always perfect!!!!
XO Sophia

Missed you so much, and I’m really glad for those readers, who were lucky to meet you in NY. Unfortunately, I won’t ever have such an amazing possibility to meet the person, who inspires me and who is my idol as I live in Russia and there is unbelievably small chance to meet you, while being abroad… that’s why thank you so much for such nice articles, I really love your style of writing, I feel like you are my best friend

I love those all withe outfits as well! The pictures in front of the blue door are amazing <3 It's just great!

Denina Martin 16 February 2015 / Reply

I love the creamy finish of this look :))

Purely Me by Denina Martin

Fabulous outfit ! Love the coat and the skirt is superb! Cool sneakers and love your Valentino purse!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
Fashion Advice, Events and More

Fashion week has been consuming everything it seems! Good luck out there :)

Sorry but these shoes are super duper ugly. Dior or not

abdullah teke 17 February 2015 / Reply

Youre so cute, love ya

I really love the sneackers!!
wonderful! :D

Love the elegant all white look with the touch of super cool shoes! Amazing outfit!

Your Dior shoes are the perfect blend between style and comfort! Absolutely love them!

Beauitful as always Kay! Love your coat and sneakers! :)


love your post :)

Grace Denny 17 February 2015 / Reply

Completely obsessed with this look. It’s a great way to add something a little different to a totally chic outfit. On a side note, I’m loving your snapchat feed. It’s hilarious & gives a great behind the scenes of what you get up to! :)

XO, G from grace’d

We love this look.

the shoes are so cool!:) I love how you styled them!

I’m IN LOVE with the look. I love the total white looks but I cant find the type of garments that I would like to wear in winter. XOXO

The sneakers are divine!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

I absolutely love the blue background in those photos! <3

Kristina you are right, there is something just so special about those shoes! Glad to hear that you are having a great time, and bite through the cold girl!!


I love how elegant this look is!, the shoes are so pretty :-)

These Dior shoes. They look really amazing. I would love to have them too.
Even though I have a lot of shoes on my wardrobe already I’m 100% sure I could fit these also somehere.

Love you style! Those trainers are on my wish list! It was so great to meet you at Lacoste, thanks for stopping and saying hi! x

love love this outfit ! the sneakers definitely bring a sporty touch =) & I’m super excited for your music!

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of those shoes at all. I really like the rest of the look though. Who knows, maybe the shoes will grow on me! Sounds like you’re having a great time in New York. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!


Cool shoes anyway :D

You were always looking great, Kristina.


Hi guys! Have you thought about documenting Fiona’s outfits as well? Fiona, you should totally do that!!! I love that during NYFW you guys (K&F) are wearing the same items in different combinations. Inspiration doubled! That’s why I think those pictures should be properly published and all. :) aaaaand still waiting waiting waiting (me and EVERYONE else either I guess!!!) for Kristina’s make up tutorial!!! we love your make up artists skills Kay, we really need it then :)) think about it please!

Sublime Kristina!!! J’adore la tenue


I absolutely love this look. So chic and classic!

Hope you are having a good time in NY. You look gorgeous as always!!


I love the way you mix key pieces! You are such an inspiration to me!

Risma sisila 18 February 2015 / Reply

Love your outfit,,,except the shoes. It is rather errrr,,,weird shoes. I know it is Dior but, I do not think it fits your gorgeous white outfit.

Absolutely love the look , ahh its like heaven in the form of clothes!

Love this look, especially the shoes!

- Liz

Hmm, I’m not so sure about the shoes ever, but I’m sure they’re comfy and nice for all the walking around during fashion week! I hope you’re staying warm, New York is so blistering cold right now.

Characters & Carry-ons

Those shoes can be more incredible! Love them! And the total look in the same tone!


Daniel Shar 18 February 2015 / Reply

Very like the whole outfit! and the shoes – Stunning!

nada schokolada 18 February 2015 / Reply

the whole outfit is on point, I’m just not feeling the shoes too much, I imagine them with a more laid back look, boyfriend jeans :)

Love your style, keep up the good work, can’t wait for the live stream.

Beautiful and stylish look! Love, love, love :* You can check out my latest look.
Have a great week dear!
xx Mary

i love your style KRISTINA, Can you describe your style, please ? Olivia palermo has a style BCBG from NYC and CHIARA FERRAGNI has a style casual and chic.
Can you give a name to your style and describe it, plesae ? i know you have a sense of style very huge.
I hope you will respond

Wonderful look! I love that clean and chic outfit in light colors. <3

Ina, xxx

Love the shoes – fashionable and unique statement pieces, but still comfy and walkable!

Grace ||

Happy to see a new post! I did miss them, hehe. Loving those Dior sneakers!

Beautiful outfit, like always! I love your white-on-white ensemble, and that coat is just darling <3

Wow kristina i love your shoes!!! Reminds me of these shoes that I want to get, hopefully next week! Anyway, you are always an inspiration, love you!

In FABYLUX we love this total white look with Dior sneakers! Cool, chic and sexy!

Gorgeous look! Love the all white!

The sneakers look amazing on you ! but hard to pair I find.

can’t wait to discover your songs.


I love the coat, I want something like that too.
You also have a great work ethic, well done.


You look so elegant in all white! Those sneakers work super well with the outfit too, love it.

X Malena

Oh my god! I have the exact same coat :) Can’t believe Kristina has the same!!!
Make sure to check out my blog ( – I will definately post an outfit with this gorgeous coat soon!

Hi, you look absolutely gorgeous! I am also inspired by the looks of Daria, check them at

Wow… All the fabrics look só good, so beautiful… I’m in LOVE with that Valentino bag, if you don’t want it for some reason: I volunteer ! ;-)

X Charissa
Fashion-Beauty-Healthy Lifestyle-&More

What a sweet article! I cant get enough of your Dior trainers!

I love the handbag!!


So happy you’re back, Kristina! I love this layering of creams with this look. That coat is seriously too good! As soon as I’m changing phones, I’m going to get on Snapchat (one of my friends has been bugging me about it, haha) and watch all your fun vids. I loved the one you posted on Insta of you and Fiona dancing in the street, haha! So glad you’re back in sunny LA!

Your pictures are so beautiful, and you are stunning as always! xo

Great outfit! Love the white on white! It look so fresh!

Sequins In Pink

Such an awesome outfit! I love the coat and of course the shoes!
Have an amazing weekend, cutie!

Absolutely stunning! Came across your instagram, and love your vibe and wardrobe! Thanks for sharing! :)

I love your outfit!

xx Patricia

Very nice photos and they are very creativ !!! Also the quality of article is very high , I like it so much !!! Never give up ! You will be a grreat bloger ! Trust me ;)

I want to invite you to visit and Follow my blog ! iT’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY LOVING GOOD FASHION AND HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS !!



Cant actually wait to hear your music… Its so exciting to see that you are taking a new step on your career.

very nice look! like these kind of special shoes :-)

Amazing outfit! Your shoes are definitely on point. Love love love!

x Sarah

Dainty & Chic 23 February 2015 / Reply

Those Dior trainers are subreal! So Dainty and Chic!

love your Dior sneakers! so cool xx

modesquementvibe 23 February 2015 / Reply

Nice outfit! Love this shoes!

I just discovered your blog and am so glad I did! ❤ Glad you enjoyed NYFW, despite the cold!

Sounds like an amazing, yet busy time! This outfit is so gorgeous and polished
Dresses & Denim

Blizzard Girl 23 February 2015 / Reply

You look absolutely ravishing:) So sad I couldn’t meet you in New York…


I never thought I could say that, but I love those sneakers! ♥

Kristina you look gorgeous and Dior shoes are love

Simplicity at its best! Another gorgeous look put well together!

Perfect look. Your smile is beautiful.

I am in love with all white looks! I love how you paired this chic look with some comfy shoes! Its a great idea for such a busy day!

Hello Kristina!

Loving the purist white look! I find it to be very elegant! Couldn’t agree with you more on the sneakers, they are a nice modern touch to the outfit. What do you think of sneakers for the fall/winter season? Will you still be sporting them or choosing the loafers,that we are seeing at NYFW Fall 15?
Also, thank you for being so inspiring not only with your looks but also with your dedication to pursuing your dream music career!

love the all white with the blue door! amazing colorplay!

I like this fashion blog

Alors la, deja tu m’as pas mal decue avec tes looks ces derniers, looks qu’on a du te filer tout faits, mais alors CES SHOES!!! Je t’adore mais elles sont immoooondissimes et ca me parait impossible qu’avec ton bon gout tu les aimes vraiment. Tu t’es enormement americanisee, c’est dommage, y a des bons trucs a prendre evidemment, comme un peu de sportswear mais LA!! Serieusement ! Quelle horreur :(

your outfit is tres chic

great coat
and that blue door behind…..

I’m in love with this coat and how Kristina styled it!
I just posted a look today with the same coat – check out how I combined it:

Annkatrin from

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