This couture season was definitely something… I am sure you guys understood it from my latest entries : we had a blast! I have to say, since the beginning of this year, I couldn’t have felt more closer to you all and I think it has also been because of my choice to open up to you all even more and nurture our relationship on another level. Re-launching my Twitter has been the best decision ever, I feel like it really allows me to stay in touch with all of you, to interact, re-twit, favorite your messages. Progressively, we are growing such a beautiful community! Not to mention Snapchat which is SO much fun! (psst it’s : kristina_bazan)

As you might know, on Kayture’s 4th birthday, we sent out 5 gift boxes to some of our long time, to the bone, loyal readers who have been following the blog with so much love and dedication for ages to thank them for everything. I got informed that some of them already got the gifts! Seing their beautiful, happy faces just made me so incredibly excited! It makes me want to do these kind of things even more and more. That’s why, during our stay in Paris, we decided to announce a meet and greet after one of our main shows. So many of you showed up despite the rain : we hugged, made tons of pictures, videos, exchanged wishes, gifts and just laughed so much.

Because many of you sent also letters to my hotel room, I felt like I’ve never been that close to you and that made me realize that it’s what I love the most about what I do : is to be able to meet you guys, inspire you and get inspired by your words, create a positive movement and spread love and kindness, push each other to the limits and encourage ambition and drive towards the biggest dreams. I hope to do it through my blog and hopefully, soon with music. It’s my goal to keep going and well, I can’t wait to do even more meet & greets with you all this year.

These images were shot right after the Elie Saab show, it was a rainy day with a big gray sky, but there was still something quiet special in the air… I think that’s just Paris : it’s always charming and beautiful, isn’t it? I was initially supposed to wear a total Elie Saab look but because I was afraid to freeze and get the skirt wet, I decided to go with something slightly more weather appropriate, some boots from Vuitton, wide leg pants from Zara, a cozy turtle neck from H&M and one of my favorite bags of the season from Chloé! Don’t worry, I’ll still show you the Elie Look in a couple of days, wait until you see ;)


Pictures by Valentina Frugiuele (@fwstreetstyle)


TURTLE NECK : H&M (Similar Here or Here)

TROUSERS : Zara (Similar Here or Here)

SHOES : Louis Vuitton (Similar Here)

BAG : Chloé (or Similar)


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gorgeous look, love that turtleneck ! can’t believe it’s from h&m x

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

Love the b/w shot! Works great with white outfit x

These photos are beautiful!! Gorgeous outfit xx

Absolutely wonderful outfit, so classy, so stylish, so you!

How wonderful that you had such a blast and that the re-launch of your Twitter account makes you so happy! It’s still so nice in my opinion that you sent out the boxes to 5 of your faithful readers, it confirms me again that you are an outstanding, friendly and generous young woman. And for sure I love your white look with the cognac accents a lot!
xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

You look so lovely in this white look!

This is such a gorgeous look!

xx Cheyenne

I am in love with this look. It is so chic and sophisticated, yet fun. I am a huge fan of winter whites. Stunning!

I’ve bee KayCrazy about this blog and adventures of the KayTeam for a quite long time! I found it by accident and absolutely felt it love!
Kristina is such an inspiration! She makes her dreams real everyday but she is also a girl who shares it all with people. I absolutely admire and appreciate the whole KayTeam for what they do.
I also have to say that Meet&Greet idea is just brilliant! I hope I would have a chance take part in it too.

As always beautiful, love the white ensemble

With love from London,

You look so beautiful, especially the last picture is amazing.

Lovely greets
Luise |

you totaly look like an angel in this white outfit :)

Ann |

Love the white look<3

Shall We Sasa

Perfect as always !

I’m seriously so jealous of your hair, it’s GORGEOUS!

I would love to meet you one day :)
You look stunning in these photos,I love your outfit ♥

The total white outfit is absolutely amazing. These Zara pants are so chic and the retro style is fabulous, they look perfect with the top and the fact that these pieces of clothes are low cost is wonderful. The Chloe bag is the most beautiful thing in the world, it’s pure love. Tres chic

Such a classic and chic all white look! Looks amazing! <3

Amazing look, you are so beautiful and talented!

Kristina, you are literally my inspiration. I have always dreamed of starting a fashion and travel blog, and because of you I have actually started one, at the same age you started yours. You are one of my favourite inspirations alongside people like Audrey Hepburn, the classic elegance, and beauty behind all your looks. You embrace high end designers like Louis Vuitton, and Chloe, and then you also wear brands that I wear like H and M, as well as Zara. I love your clothes so much. And I was hoping that you would by any chance have a look at my blog, and give me some feedback…I know everyone probably asks you to do that, but I have been looking at your blog since you started, and dreaming about starting up mine, and I finally have. Please have a look, Lots of love, and dreams, Zoe x

Absolutly stunning, like this white outfit!


i think everywhere in general produces a magic that you can’t find at home!

you are a true inspiration! Love you so much xx

That’s so nice of you to send out gifts like that. I love the look. Whoever said white is not for winter was an idiot. ^^

I love that clean and chic look! You look so elegant :)
Get well soon!

Ina, xoxo

You look amazing! I love all white looks!

I love your outfits, you look really amazing! Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina! <3

I love the white on white, especially for the winter! And the wide leg pants are lovely!

Extraordinary look! So beautiful! I can feel that you have opened up more and I am glad you did.


Gorgeous, as always!


Amazing trousers! and lovely photographs!

PurseFixation 4 February 2015 / Reply

Beautiful white ensemble and I love the pops of brown! The Chloe purse is lovely!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
Fashion Advice, Events and More

You could totally pull off the all white look!!!
- Hailey

Hi Kristina, I’m so sorry for this long message! I just started talking and couldn’t stop sharing with you. I hope you don’t mind :-) And I also hope that you’re starting to feel better after getting sick. It’s so great that you are trying to meet as many of us as you can! I would love to meet you and thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me. I live in New Zealand though, which is a few very long flights away! Hopefully one day I will travel to Europe or USA and it might happen. But for now I thought I’d share with you just how much you have helped and inspired me. When I first started following your blog 3 years ago, I was in a place where I didn’t feel confident in my style anymore. I liked to dress quite simply and elegantly just like you but I didn’t really see many other young people who dressed like me. I was so relieved to find your blog because finally I had found someone who I could really relate to.

After just a few weeks of seeing your outfit posts I got so inspired and slowly started to get more confidence in expressing my style my way again. Now I hope I don’t bore you with my life story… but I feel like you’re the one who gave me the courage to just go for it. And I want you to know how much of a difference you have made in my life, which seems so strange because we haven’t even met haha. But about 2 years ago I made the decision to follow my growing passion for personal style (something that probably would never have occurred to me if I hadn’t been following Kayture). I began to study image consultancy which has taught me so much about style, colour and women and our different bodies. It has honestly ignited such a passion in me. Seeing how much of an inspiration you are to all of us, all over the world, I really admire you for it. I now want to use the knowledge I’ve gained to share and help other women embrace their beauty and express themselves through their personal style. I love the message you spread about supporting each other and sharing the love. It’s just so important in a world that can be so full of sadness and terrible things happening.

Last year I finally took the next step in achieving my dream and started my own blog. I try to be very realistic for the sort of woman, who wants to be stylish but doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on their fashion. I base everything I wear on a fairly limited capsule wardrobe of clothes. So it’s very realistic. It’s a technique I learnt in my studies and is really so helpful! It’s been great trying it out for myself and is pushing me to be more creative. I’m noticing now, that the more I blog, the more dreams and goals I have, which is so fantastic! My next goal is to offer my styling services to women as consultant, I want to advise and help people with any problems they having with their wardrobe or style. I really want to thank you for letting us know it’s good to dream and reach for things that we may think are impossible. It’s scary (as I’m sure you’re well aware) trying to start something new and not knowing if it’s going to work. It’s too easy to want to back off because we’re afraid of failure. But you’ve taught me that I shouldn’t listen to that fear and to just go for what I want. You constantly inspire all of us with this message and to see your success, makes us realise that we too could achieve everything we want to. You are amazing! Keep doing what you do and being who you are :-)

Oh and I love this white outfit that you wore. The brown accents are very classy!

What a great look in white and cognac! So Seventies!

Love, L

beautiful! love those pants!
ladies in navy

Absolutely beautiful. Your Paris fans/friends/family are so lucky to have had this opportunity to meet you! You should pay Florida a visit sometime ;) This is a beautiful shot. Definitely wise decision on the weather friendly attire. Healthy is the best policy! Love this shot. I notice you smiling a LOT in your recent posts and I absolutely love it. You are just enjoying yourself and it truly shows through your smile. You are one beautiful person dear. Keep it up! Love reading your articles! <3

love your fashion week look! that great shot is gorgeous

Perfect whites, dear!!!!!!!


Love this look, you look so elegant as always x

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! im from argentina and im a big fan of you, i hope to meet you some day… :D

Love the all white with the brown accents <3

Glitter Boots & Champagne Flutes

Gorgeous all white outfit! Your Chloe bag is the perfect accessory.


Simply stunning!


Stylista Fitness

I love this look it’s such an inspiration to my wardrobe :)

Oh I love this outfit! <3 You look so stylish and beautiful xx

It was definitely one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, to get closer to your readers. You come off as very authentic and you talk straight from the heart, and this is why we love you and feel like we actually know you. I hope the five winners are having fun with their goodie bags, and I do hope you’ll be doing something else that’s similar to us!

Other than that – I can’t believe this outfit is a combination of H&M and Zara. You really know how to make an outfit look super sophisticated without being fully designer. I actually thought THIS was the Elie Saab outfit – can’t wait to see it!

Lubna |

Maria Chiara 4 February 2015 / Reply

Hi darling!!! These images are pure love!!! I adore the last one, you seem like a very fabulous actrise!!!
I would love to meet you one day!!! Come to Italy Kristina!!!!
I’m looking forward to listen to your songs. You are such a talented girl and I can imagine that your songs will be something special!!! So carry on!! I’m proud of you, you follow your dreams and you are an inspiration for me and for everyone Who follows you!! Thanks for what to do!! A big kiss from Italy ;-)

You are very beutiful !! I follow you on snapchat and I really enjoy your posts !! :)

I love when you are wearing clothes from Zara ang H&M and make them look like high fashion. It just shows that everyone can be fashionable and stylish without having a huge budget for clothing :):

You look amazing!!

Love this all white look!

Julia Coldwell 4 February 2015 / Reply

Kristina you are so amazing, you are definitely my favorite blogger and my number one inspiration and aspiration. You have the best sense of style and the best personality, I love how you’ve opened to us so we can interact with you in an easier way, we are literally all besties now hehe;)

Much love and keep doing what you’re doing,
Julia x

You look gorgeous …

This outfit is so lovely !
If I lived in Paris I would have been at the meet and greet… but I’m actually quite far from Paris even if I’m still in France. I’d like you to come and discover Bordeaux, I’m sure you’d love it !
Love xxx

I love, love, LOVE the outfit! All white is SO chic and feminine, and you rock it!

Prudence Yeo 4 February 2015 / Reply

Such a classy all-white outfit, you look really elegant and beautiful! Cute bag too, love the feminine rounded design and the luxurious looking gold chain strap!


Beautiful outfit,stunning photos.
It’s so great that you’re interacting that much with your followers and readers.It really shows that you actually care about them and I wish that more famous bloggers would do these type of things you do :) Would have loved to join this meet&great

You look so PRETTY and ADORABLE Kristina! :)
I really, really LOVE this outfit! White looks amazing on you dear!

You should wear it more often! :)

Christina Key

Impressed by the way you can enhance a staple like this H&M sweater, great look !

xx from Paris


I am in love with this total white look! I love all your experiment with clothes and I want to be more brave doing the same thing) I wish to wear all white one day, and I hope to do this, but living in Moscow with a weather that changes all the time is not very easy wearing white clothes. But, may be I will mange to do so haha

I really wish you will visit Moscow and make a meet and greet with us here)) It would be such a wonderful time!

I absolutely adore this outfit, I cannot believe that you are wearing a turtleneck, and you haven’t only made it look good, it looks AMAZING! So gorgeous, keep it up! xx

Elsa TYSEBAERT 4 February 2015 / Reply

J’aime beaucoup cette tenue. Le tout blanc est une combinaison parfaite. Et avec les petites touches de marron / camel… Encore une fois zéro défaut ! Quel sens du détail ! Le séjour parisien a été de courte durée mais il a l’air de t’avoir agréablement marqué et j’en suis heureuse. C’est vrai que de beaux liens se tissent entre toi et les lecteurs du blog, tes followers et c’est génial . J’adore l’interactivité sur Twitter ! On a l’impression de faire partie de ton quotidien. Et comme tu en parles…le colis… Merci merci encore !! ça me touche quand je lis tes mots de me dire que je suis l’une deux. J’ai été présente depuis un petit moment et je ne suis pas prête de partir !!

You inspire me a lot ! With your girl power sentences, your empowerment statements and your outfits. Thank you

i love the fact that you mixed high end brads with more affordable pieces and the look felt so polished and clean.
xx lots of love

Wow, beautiful, like always!! xoxo

You are such a big inspiration for me when it comes to blogging and I hope one day I can meet you. And not to mention how excited and happy I am to soon finally hear more music stuff from you, you have such a wonderful gift; both as a singer and as a blogger. And you look stunning in white. :)

A great look for you! I always get inspiration from you!

you’re so beautiful and classy!
check out my blog

I absolutely love this all white look, so clean and chic!

I like the AllWhiteEverything look, but the turtleneck isn’t my favourite..

tu es tellement belle dans cette tenue , que ,de te contempler ,je suis ivre !!!


You look amazing in an all white look! <3

Love the all white look!


Dear Kristina,

I´m excited to hear that you want to do more meet and greets! I´ll be in Paris at the same time as fashion week in march and hope to meet and see you there in a outfit that´s as georgous as the one you´re wearing in these pictures :)

Love from snowy Munich,

Absolutely love following you on twitter. Would love to get a chance to meet you if we’re ever in the same city. But it’s very inspiring to see you meeting up with your fans and readers!

Great photo and outfit too as always,



Wow, love this all white look! Suits you well! :)

xx, Eleonora

the last picture is truly amazing!

I’d just bought white pants yesterday. hope it will looks gorgeous when I’m wearing that pants like you did.


Hi Kristina,
Love to see you in total white again! This is the perfect example that fashion pieces do not have to be very expensive as long as you combine them with classy pieces. It is all about the vibe you give to the clothes by being elegant and graceful. X silvie

Congrats on your twitter relaunch. You’re so successful at such a young age.

Oh my god I really love this outfit! I always dress in black but sometimes i’d like to choose something on white but I always don’t now how and when wear it

So incredibly gorgeous, that all white look is perfection !!

I can’t believe this look is H&M and Zara! Only you could make an all white outfit look this chic, Kristina! I’m going to definitely have to give a solid color look a try. I love how hard you work with your readers, to get to know us, meet us and build a community where we all can come and inspire each other. I’m so thankful I stumbled across you and your blog! I can’t wait to see your Elie look soon and hope you’re healthy and back to feeling better!

That is one of my favourite outfits from you! It is so elegant and timeless – just wonderful!
Keep going and get well soon :)

I’m always super happy when I see that you favorited my tweets ! Even if it’s just clicking on an online button, it already means a lot. It means that we can actually interact with you.

It’s so difficult nowadays to find down to earth successful bloggers, that are still taking care of their readers. Really, I can’t think of many names at all. But you are definitely someone we can all trust, and share with. So, thanks for that :)

By the way, that outfit with these trousers is very different, but one you it’s just spectacular, as per usual :) Please , next time you come to Cannes, or the French Riviera, organize a meet and greet, it would be an absolute pleasure to meet you in real life :)

lots of love, Victoria

Tu es d’une élégance incroyable dans cette tenue ! Une fraîcheur et un chic dingue se dégage de toi dans cette tenue ! Ce n’est pas tout le monde qui peut se permettre d’être aussi jolie dans une tenue comme celle-ci.


I am so obsessed with this look it is flawless, chic and very parisian <3

I always enjoy reading your blog posts, just as much as I enjoy looking at the pictures. It’s so nice to see a blogger who is so connected with their fans and pays so much attention to them. You mention your readers in almost every blog post, it’s refreshing to see! I really enjoyed this look, the white on white is very clean. This outfit is so sleek and classy. One of my favorite looks from you so far!


I love this simplicity! So classy and very chic!

I love the all white, it’s so chic!! I wish I could have gone to your meet and greet in Paris, but I was in school :( /

Your incredible! I love your outfits and you are one of the prettiest people I have ever seen!

You, Kristina, are such an inspiration to me and I hope I can go to one of your meet and greets someday! And I really like the total white look. For some people it’s not their thing, but I’m all for it!

We check Kayture almost on a day to day basis to get a little inspiration. Thank you for those!

The last photo!!!!! <3 You look stunning :)*

Love this all white outfit =)

Très chic,very nice look, simple and classy. And yes Paris, my home town, is charming in every circumstance :-)

An all-white look is a Winter must. Really nice, so Dainty and Chic!

Wow! You look so elegant. I will be attending London Fashion Week and have been going crazy trying to decide what to wear. Definitely inspired… Btw, will you be coming to LFW? Bisou!

Patricia at

Beautiful and stylish look! Love, love, love :* You can check out my Valentine’s Day Look!
Have a great week dear!
xx Mary

Fantastic Look !!

From Poland With Love !!

Wonderful outfit – very classy!

Your blog is like reading your favourite magazine, but better and with an endless supply of beautiful photographs, I’m so in love!

I like this outfit and the pictures are very good, the last one in particularly, the black and white one is very beautiful!

Daniel Shar 11 February 2015 / Reply

All white in the winter its amazing! very love your style!

Bloggers really too beautiful, what clothes to wear on your body is so perfect.

I wish I’d look that great wearing all white, but I’d look hugeeee. i stick to all black lol

Sheena Cruz 20 February 2015 / Reply

Hi Kristina!
Absolutely think you’re darling! I love looking through IG to see you latest post and reading your blog inspires me! Keep up the good work and always stay smiling. Would love to meet you one day if you ever come out to San Francisco for some reason!!!

karla jocellyn 22 February 2015 / Reply

I love this look!!!!

Dear Kristina & James

I’m always up-to-date with your looks and travelling adventures and follow your blog passionately.
You absolutely are my idol and inspiration source for my own blog ( of course I put you on there as well :P) .
Now I did something crazy and booked a flight to the Paris fashionweek for a weekend to take a bit of streetstyle shots. Hope you will be there too!
I have one question though:
Do you know where the Céline shows will be? That is that one big show that I’m looking for on every page but I just can’t find the location. And as I assume that you will be invited I thought to ask you personally. :-)
And do you need to be invited for the shows (not only refering to the Céline show) or is it possible to buy tickets? Do you know about that?

I really really hope to get an answer because I’m so frustrated by not finding an answer.
Go one and keep your positivity and smile.
Your truly admiring fan from Switzerland
xx Laura Jane

Great style. I like white. It is always a great decision on hot, sunny days.

Such a perfection and big inspiration! I love your blog and your style!

Nice all white look! There’s something so amazing and chic about all white outfits, I love them.