We arrived in Paris a couple of days ago for a crazy round of fashion shows. PFW, get ready to get your butt kicked by the #KayTeam! We all arrived in force, James, Fiona and I, after surviving our flues, viruses and so on… Honestly, I can’t describe my degree of happiness to feel human again after a long lasting zombie state… These last couple of days, laying, dying in my bed were absolutely terrible. I couldn’t do anything, move, eat or properly sleep. So to be now all of a sudden in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, attending some of my favorite shows, hanging out with some close friends and wearing tons of mind blowing outfits seems like total paradise.

Today, I am excited to share you a few looks I’ve flew in with me from L.A! Just because we all need a little bit of fresh breeze in the beginning on March… I recently discovered the brand Bardot and I’ve had the chance to partner up with them to show you guys three different dresses that are going to be perfect for this spring summer season. I think we can all agree that these dresses are super cute, sexy and easy to wear. From a brunch with friends, to a cocktail party or even a day by the pool with friends, these pieces will look absolutely awesome. I personally would go for a cool event, with a beautiful smokey eye and some cool jewelry.

The great news is… Bardot is launching their collection at Bloomingdales! So if you guys are huge fans of the brand you can already head to the website to check out all the pieces and get your shopping done! I know I have already a good amount of essentials ready with these beauties on board. Let me know what you think about these looks and which one is you favorite? Very curious to hear your feedback.

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All Looks BARDOT 


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I fall in love with this lovely second dress! Love it ;))

You’re flawless! Your pictures are always amazing!

I can’t wait to wear these types of dresses in the warm weather again! My favorite would usually be the black and white number but I think I’m leaning more towards the blue dress instead.


amazing outfits, love print floral dress!
Have a nice weekend and a amazing PFW!!!!
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it’s always interesting to see australian brands get the spotlight

those dresses are all insanely cool! I love all of the different prints! Especially that awesome floral one! Can’t wait to see what Paris has in store for you!

Kristina,I’m really glad that you’re feeling better.Beautiful photos,you look stunning.I can’t wait to see your PFW outfits,I’m sure they will be amazing :)

Valentina from

Beautiful photos! I love the blue dress.

|| D I A N A ||

wow. the pictures are stunning.
I love your style, such an inspiration.


Cool! Love their dresses:P

Shall We Sasa

The floral one ! Happy to read finally a new post in the blog from you ! Xo

I reaaaaally, reaaaly love the first one. I think I am in love *.*
You are so stylish!

Ahhh, Paris! The city of love.
Anyway, back to fashion. I really like the dress with a print. The print is very nice and also the dress.

Love the dresses! And the soft makeup looks unbelievably good on you girl! I wish you all lots of fun in Paris. I’ve been living here since 1 month!

Amazing striped dress!!!


Have a great time. Nice post for new blogger, thanks!

I love Bardot! All they’re pieces are so modern & they always have such great cuts. It’s great to see you partnering up with them. I am really looking forward to all your Paris fashion week photos though!


Beautiful shots and gorgeous dresses. The strapless striped dress is my favorite. So chic, yet so sexy.


You look absolutely flawless and so feminine in both of these dresses! Love them equally!

These are beautiful pieces! x

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These photographs are stunning, as always!

Blizzard Girl 6 March 2015 / Reply

I love the gemstone dress and the striped one is gorgeous too! Glad you’re feeling better, enjoy Paris!

I am obsessed with Bardot. They have been in Australia in quite a long time and their clothes are absolutely divine they have never set a foot wrong

Hello Kristina, James and Fiona! This is my first time leaving a comment on Kayture but I have been a devoted reader for the last two years. Two years ago I became ill an the doctors for the longest time were unable to determine what was causing my illness. I am like the three of you and am very type A, workaholic, creative type, and it all came to a halt. I was unfamiliar with the world of fashion blogging and began reading Kayture religiously, it was a way that I could escape into the world that I love while be relegated to my bed. Thank you for the hope that you have given me during my most difficult times.
I started my own blog here in Toronto Canada, as I could watch the fashion shows online and as my health improves I can attend the local shows and other events. You have inspired me and helped me more than I could ever tell you and with each day that I get better I thank you all.
I love these three looks! My favourite is the striped dress with thin straps. I love how from afar it looks to be a simple dress, however the movement of the stripes and the crossing of the fabric makes it anything but. Understated chic, just like Bardot herself.
Thank you again!
Chelsea Montgomery

Prudence Yeo 6 March 2015 / Reply

You look beautiful in all the three outfits! Especially like the floral piece, the colors are so vibrant and charming! The monochrome stripe designs are really classy and charming too!


This dress with flowers is just gorgeous!

These are some lovely pieces! <3 Beautiful shots!


I love your hair in the last photo. I wouldn’t have thought to do something so simple with a dress such a that. These dresses are all gorgeous!


My fave is the blue one! :)

I love how simple and elegant the black & white dress is, I would absolutely wear that. Also glad you’re back on track!

wow These Dresses are soo soo beautiful!


I am really glad to hear that you feel well again, it’s Spring already and we all need to stay healthy in order to conqueror the world haha
I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I love this pieces that to decided to share with as. My favorite are these two striped dresses – I am on love with monochrome and stripes and these dresses have both of my favorite things! Thanks a lot for sharing, I really need to check their web site for more great things)

So beautiful pictures – all the dresses are wonderul :)



I love the blue one! Glad you’re feeling better – take care and enjoy Paris. Greetings from Bulgaria!

avocadoseeds 6 March 2015 / Reply

you look stunning! I absolutely love both dresses on you! -

Amazing photos, love this look!



I love the one full of flowers. Normally I am not the flower print type at all. This dress looks the most stunning, though. It is so chic and at the same time somehow casual. Perfect for summer nights out or as a cocktail attire. xx

It’s totally true that you have something from Bardot ! How gorgeous do you look, especially in that first picture !
And welcome to Paris !

Amazing dresses!

Love from Vienna

I agree with you, these dresses are amazing

Oh i love it!

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Your pictures are amazing! Love both of those outfits!

Marianna 6 March 2015 / Reply

The blue print one is divine!! It reminds me of when you first started and you were more about bold colors (so was fashion in general of course). And the simlple one with the stripes seems both easy to wear and eyecatching so it’s a plus! But I don’t get how the strapless one is supposed to fit? It seems like that vest thing is adding volume on the waist and I can’t imagine on what kind of body it would look flattering. I am glad y’all are healthy now! Have fun xxx

They are all wonderful! Hard to choose a favorite <3

Ina, xxx

… I loove you haha ;) <3 Kristina, do you know that you're perfect ? I hope hehe ;) So just commented your post because I love it. And because you're in Paris, and I live there.

Chloé xx

You look sooo good!! I love your hair I´m thinking about have long hair again but I´m not sure yet hahahaha Lots of love,

You’re pictures are always amazing and you’re so pretty <3
Love Lynda from Germany

Sofia Malinn 6 March 2015 / Reply

Absolutely adore these looks Kristina! You look so healthy and glowing, I was wondering if you do anything special to keep looking so fit? Can’t wait to read more about Paris Fashion Week.

The dresses look amazing! The floral one is beautiful and the stripped one from the last shot- very interesting cuts!
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J’adore la dernière robe!

Loving all three! I think you look best in the striped dress with straps, but all are so much fun! I’ll be heading to the website soon, thanks :)

I love the printed dress.
Looks so stylish.

Stunning as always, I love your make up like this too, a little more natural looks SO stunning on you!

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I really like the striped dress!

That blue floral dress is a dream!
Stunning looks Kristina! :)


You look so stunning! Have fun in Paris! <3

That colorful dress is extremely beautiful..And you’re exceptionally beautiful Kristina. Lovely.

wow! you are so beautiful!

look really pretty in this dress you like spring

stunning dresses! I really like it :-)

Amazing and beautiful as always!

You are so pretty :)) love your style,looks ,pictures ,,:)

The floral one is just perfect ♥

You are a beautiful woman !!!

Glad you’re alright now. It’s really that time of the year where we are all most vulnerable to flu. How do you stay so skinny btw?

Stay Wonderful Always,

I like all the dresses, but the last one is the most beautiful! It looks great on you!! xoxo

These outfits look great, specially like the floral one.

xx Cheyenne

Love this line dress! ;) Love it.
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

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I want to tell you that I really like these dresses….floral especially is marvelous and gorgeous. Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

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Love the stripe ensembles. Just the right amount of stripes and it still retains its simplicity.
And just in time for the stripe trend as well!


I love the flower dress. It’s so pretty for summer :)

Beautiful photos. That floral dress is so pretty!

bardot c’est beau !!!!! tellement tonifiant !!! cette belle jeune femme cachée sous ces robes uniques !!!ses poses sensuelles !!!ce n’est pas sexy , pas excitant , pas hilarant ……c’est tout simplement beau ….majestueux…..! quelle est belle !!! tu es sibelle , jolie …….élégante ……! j’aime , kristina ….! bravo !…….tu es un délice …… un déclic ……tu es Femme !!!!! un rêve qui passe ………….!

Ah Bardot, cette marque fait de jolies choses, ça fait un moment que je connais, j’aime bien la robe sans manche que tu portes ici, et les détails de la coupe, très jolis!

Absolute gorgeous !!

Have fun in Paris, enjoy !!

xx Megan

Wow! Love the dresses, and they’re really affordable too!

LIVING IN PLAID – Personal Style Blog from Paris

Love the stripes! Great post :)

Je trouve les robes très élégantes, je craque pour celles un peu marinières, si chics et intemporelles!
Merci pour cette découverte!

You look beautiful!
xx Elle

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It’s always great to discover new brands. I really like how affordable a lot of the pieces in their collection for Bloomingdales are. My favorite are these striped dresses, I think they are perfect for Spring!


Love your dresses! They look so pretty! Please check my fashion blog too – will glad to see you)

patricia 8 March 2015 / Reply

beautiful photos, you look great ;)

Love both outfits! You look so good! Have fun in Paris!


You are so awesome :) i love all outfits

those dresses are stunning ! I love that some are super casual and some more dressed up, for every occasions we could have ! :)

Love from France, Victoria

Waaah, love all these photo’s Kristina!

Have a great sunday!

Agnes x

love the selection you’re wearing , these dresses are gorgeous !
enjoy Paris

Love the floral printed dress! It looks like a good purchase for summer.

Your beauty is just beyond this world.
Love this post! xo

Kristina, I am glad to hear you are alive and kicking again! I can agree, it feels so good to be human again after being ill.

Have fun during the shows!

You are so perfect! Don’t get tired of saying that!! <3 Kisses from Portugal

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You’re pretty ! amazing dress in flowers

Loving these dresses! They’re simple, pretty, and definitely make a great statement :D

Characters & Carry-ons

As always beautiful. I love your blog and your looks. You’re so pretty. This dress is wonderful, I would have wanted this to be.

Bardot pencil skirt is amazing!

Hey Kristina,
Love all three of them. Simplicity often is the key to the biggest beauty!!

X Silvie :)

Amazing pictures! I’m loving that floral dress! =D

You look great!!


These dresses are stunning, perfect for posh occasions and you suit them all! My favourite had to be the last one… very hard decision though!

Emma at

Blizzard Girl 10 March 2015 / Reply

Glad you feel better:) Love the black and white dress…


Im in love with the striped dress!
You look stunning as always!


love Bardot! tried out the outfit through Bloomingdales! love it!

The styling with the striped dress I am in awe. Lovely as always Kristina. x

You are looking good van we be friends

Margarita Lagun 10 March 2015 / Reply

All outfits are lovely, especially the colored one :) You look amazing as always!

It was an amazing experience saw you on the PFW these days, the outfit for the Elie Saab show was my favorite, classic, ethreal and super chic. These photos are really wonderful, the light is perfect and these dresses are going to be pure rock this spring season. My favorite is the stripes dress with the original structure, it’s fantastic

Paris will always be my favourite city, I was there two weeks ago I didn’t want to comeback.

And you look gorgeous in your pictures.


Elisa |

Sublime, il n’y a pas d’autres mots !


Just so gorgeous, love the looks.

Ohhh! My favorite has to be the floral and the striped spaghetti strap dresses. I’m not daring yet to do the strapless stripe, ha! Love the price point on these looks too, Kristina. Love all the food pics you and Fiona have been posting! I just want to lick my screen, lol!

Benedetta 10 March 2015 / Reply

Simply amazing!!!
Be Happy with Fashion

Last one is my favourite!

You are so beautiful and give tonnes of inspiration :) your pictures are magiccal and chic always ))

I love the dresses specially the one in black and white!

All the dresses are superb but my faves are the b&w ones!!

I like this picture so much Kristina.

Dainty & Chic 11 March 2015 / Reply

The stripped dress is lovely, so Dainty and Chic!

What I admire most is your sense of business.

Wow. These Bardot pieces are amazing and even better on you. Loving all ur Instagram feed on PFW and especially the PHPV takeover ..

With ❤ from Tanzania

I love this look Kristina, you are so beautiful and stylish. A true role model.

Lots of love,


You look stunning! I love every detail about the look! Great job! Love the colors combo! You can check out my new outfit post.
xx Mary

Waw you look really like a doll even in reality (i saw you at Chloe’s fashion show). The dress with flowers is just amazing ! Kiss from Paris :)

These pieces are amazing! Love the flower dress.


This dress is just perfect, I need it in my closet!

- Liz
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That dress you wear in the first photo! LOVE

I love the haziness in the top photo! You look amazing as always!

I love it! Your style is amazing! I’d love it, if you could check out my brand new blog about type design & style –

Amazing dresses, they all look stunning on you!

Kiran x

I love the last one. The strips and cuts out just look so great together!!

marczak.marczak 12 March 2015 / Reply

Dear Kristina, I am following you for more than two years now. First time I saw you at Paris Fashion Week, while standing outside Chanel show, watching people. Suddenly my friend pointed at you and said “Look!this is Kayture-girl!She is awesome” and this is how I met you :) You seemed so normal among these fashionweeked-crazy-people, so I thought to myself, that I need to see your blog! And this is how I found out Kayture. But to the point :) I just want to tell you that I truly admire what you do and that you still have this energy to do more! keep on going girl! and never stop! Wish you luck!

You look amazing.

Loving the black and white dress! Can’t wait to check out the brand!

Amazing girl – amazing looks!!! I love your style.

Love this black and white dress!!

I love stripes and I love florals! You look stunning in both!

beautiful dresses!!

Black and white striped dress is just perfect. Your photos are perfect as usual. Love it!

You’re just gorgeous. The striped dress is so stylish. Love it!

Jenny Lam 13 March 2015 / Reply

You probably won’t see this but I’m so proud of you! You’ve come such a long way and now you’re big and successful. You’ve inspired me to follow my dreams instead of listening to what other people want me to do. My definition of being successful is doing something that makes you happy and not doing it for the money. My parents are immigrants so I was always taught to find a good job that can help satisfy the family’s needs but I want to do something that makes me happy. I love reading your posts because I love seeing how happy you are and I hope you stay that way. You’re such an amazing person. I love you!! <3

J’adore ce style ! il te vas super bien :)

You’re a true beauty Kristina! I’ve seen you in real life and you’re offline just as beautiful as online ;)

xxx Linsey from

You can also check my BLOGLOVIN & FACEBOOK if you like! :)

Love these looks, and your photos are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!

xoxo Nicole

You look soo pretty! Love from Switzerland

your just amazing love this shoot

I love these outfits! They are beautiful i especially love the colourful print one the colours are so vibrant and strong. Thank your ro sharing xx

Anna-Maria |

oh I love the striped two piece set!:) you look amazing!♥

I am completely in love with , and the second dress , too xx

You look AMAZING! So happy to hear you are feeling better!


Both looks are really cool…. came here wanting to see some news about your CNN feature! When will we be able to see it??


C’est vrai que Paris est une ville magnifique! Tu es sublime, comme toujours, bises

Amazing looks
New post

Michelle Lee 15 March 2015 / Reply

You look gorgeous in those dresses!
My favourite is the striped dress with straps!
Tsui Chung

Hi there! It was really nice to find your blog. Your posts look really cool, this specially shows very beautiful dresses.

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I absolutely love the very first dress. I’m going to be honest I am a fan of strapless, allowing you to show off your collar bones! I love your style and hope to keep being inspired by you for a good while.

Oh the first dress fits you the best!!!! Stunning!

Dear Kristina,

you look so beautiful in those dresses. My favorite one is the striped dress.
Best regards Ruth from

Hey, you look awsome, cute and beautiful!

Love from Turkey!

Elsa TYSEBAERT 18 March 2015 / Reply

Je n’avais pas encore eu occasion de laisser mon commentaire pour cet article ! J’adore les deux robes et je ne pourrais pas dire laquelle est la plus jolie. Elles ont un style différent. Celle rayée, avec ta coiffure, je trouve que ça fait très ancien film romantique. Je pense que je ferai un tour sur le site internet car elles sont vraiment belles.

Abdullah Teke 19 March 2015 / Reply

You’re so cute I’m your biggest fan

Stripe dresses, there are so cute and fit on you.



love the dresses!!

great choice

I love the flowered dress – the colors and you´d feel like it´s spring when wearing it

You are gorgeous, I love your style!!!

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Please Check it out!<3

LOVE the last dress!!!! Thanks! :)

That floral dress is stunning!

xx Kelly
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looks like a great brand and gorgeous photos as always

Love the stripes on the dress! amazing!