Good morning from sunny California my sweeties! I just landed in L.A after a very long, super busy, extremely hectic, overwhelming, mesmerizing and really exciting Paris fashion week season. I have to admit, it ate me up entirely haha. I am kind of exhausted after going through such an intensive schedule so it feels incredibly nice to be back home. As in L.A, we’ve been living sort of like gypsies too. We are currently renting our apartments time at a time with Air BnB until we find the perfect little nest to invest in. So needless to say, it’s been quite a big time of the year for us with a lot of changes and packed up days.

Paris has been a dream. Every time we spend time in this magical city, I feel filled with such a good energy. This season, we attended some pretty amazing shows, events, parties, shot some extremely exciting projects which I’ll be able to talk to you about more in the following days. It’s as if I didn’t really want to leave France for a second! The sun was shining over Paris, people were getting in a spring mood… But knowing that I’ll be soon back in L.A and ready for new adventures definitely got me excited.

Let’s not forget that before Paris we sported a pretty big NYFW season too! Can’t believe we lived so much in such a short period of time. With all these travels it’s so hard to feel home and find some rest, especially when you’re doing tons of shows everyday and travel with 6 luggages! So luckily during this season we had the most awesome stay at the Dream hotel Downtown, their entire team made us feel super cozy and just like home. First of all let me say this : they have one of the best Mexican restaurants! Literally amazing. Imagine, you can order some Mexican room service… Guacamole all day everyday!!

Second of all, all the other services are so useful and amazing. You can get your hair done, the concierge will advise you on all the best restaurants, bars, spas, the Chelsea Market is like 1 minute away (which is one of my favorite places in New York) and well their Rooftop bar gives you an absolutely mesmerizing view on the whole city and believe me, it’s absolutely worth your while. I teamed up with them to offer you guys a little post fashion week gift : , in case you are planning your next trip in NY, the hotel created my own promo code (KAYTURE) for 15% off your future stay!!! How cool is that? If you ever stop by, make sure to say hi to the folks from the lobby, such a cool crew. Check it out here : Wish you guys an amazing beginning of the week! I promise to post more now that fashion month is over. Thanks for coping with me! Sending you all my kisses!

KTR_0188KTR_0286 KTR_0191KTR_0229KTR_0205KTR_0168 KTR_0220KTR_0248KTR_0278 KTR_0221KTR_0232KTR_0257KTR_0261KTR_0311


COAT : Stella McCartney (similar)

TUTLENECK : Stella McCartney (similar)

BOOTS : Laurence Dacade

BELT : Mango 


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The dream hotel is absolutely amazing! Love these photos of you.

Blizzard Girl 16 March 2015 / Reply

I love those boots:) not a fan of the coat but it looks good on you


Love the coat and those boots!


Love this super chic look! Those two prints look lovely together and I’m obsessed with your shoes! Hope you had a wonderful time in Paris!

I can imagine that the time in Paris was really busy but also so interesting! Love you in this super stylish look, the jacket is really an amazing piece <3 Happy time in L.A.!
xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

Those Laurence Decades boots are nothing short of stunning!


I love those boots! Just the right amount of extra special detail. I’m also super into the shape and texture going on in the Stella coat. Looking forward to more frequent posts!


gorgeous photographs and i love the location ! you look amazing as well x

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Stunning pictures! Love all the differents patterns and fabrics – creates a really nice visual effect <3 and the boots are to die for !!!
best wishes

I love that look! So cute! I hope you will have some amazing rest in L.A now!


You really are living the dream and you do all of it justice, you are stunning inside and out. Your hard work and dedication is truly paying off! Congrats! xx

Julia Caroline 16 March 2015 / Reply

Hello Kayteam :) Glad you are enjoying yourselves in L.A.

Love this post. Pretty as always :)

Can you please do a casual outfit post soon? I’m in love with your exquisite designer outfits but your casual street style outfits are amazing as well. It would be great if you could post a casual L.A day outfit to inspire us all :)

Lots of love to the whole team,


avocadoseeds 16 March 2015 / Reply

You look AWESOME and your Snapchat has been amazing recently ! I am in love with your suede playsuit/dress that you on there!!!!

You look absolutely breathtaking!! Fantastic photos!!


oh honey that’s so cute and thoughtful to offer us 15% off… but I saw the prices and honestly I’m not sure that even with that many of your readers can afford such luxury… ;-)

Enjoy your stay in L.A and may you soon find your nest :)

This is so so amazing!! Those boots are just INCREDIBLE!

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merci Kristina pour cette gentille lettre ; les photos sont magnifiques ! tes tenues sublimes !!!! tu es hyper belle !!! repose toi après ce séjour éreintant à Paris ; tu es radieuse dans ce luxueux hôtel !!!! je t’embrasse très fort ……….amitiés sincères à tous !!!! bisous !!!! tu es une fée !!!! à très bientôt ….bon repos avant de te mettre à nouveau à ta passion !!!!

Pretty!! I love your photos and your look! have a nice day :) kiss

Every post you update is greater :)

I was really looking foward for you to be back in the blog!!!! It makes me feel good, and reading you makes me gather strength since I am getting through a tough time in which I am very demotivated.

Lots of love from Spain!

PS: The outfit is gorgeous ^^

Oh my god, that coat <3

You have such a great life! I love your pics!
Love Lynda

That location is very nice, and your outfit is also beautiful, I’m in love with those boots!


Lovely Krisitina. You’re really beautiful

You look stunning! I love every detail about the look! Great job! Love the colors combo! You can check out my vintage story on the blog. Have a great week!
xx Mary

Looks amazing!

Wow, Beautiful! Xoxo


amazing outfit:)

You’re finally back! ;) The coat is beautiful! and amazing pictures as always :)

I’m not to crazy about the outfit but the photography is beautiful!

The Stella McCartney coat can’t be more amazing, the style is really original and it looks so cool.mi like everything of this outfit, it’s chic and very comfy. These boots are insane, they are pure rock

the coat is beyond perfect!
love this look :-)
♥ inga

This looks great, LOVE the shoes.

xx Cheyenne

Loving this cozy look Kristina! You look fabulous xx


khanya ngxabani 16 March 2015 / Reply

you definitely living the dream!! I missed your writing topped with immaculate quality pictures. Please post as consistently as you had done before.

Your pictures are stunning as usual! and your stories amazing! I love reading you on the go!

I love the Stella McCartney coat. It’! ^^

Hi beauty,
Although I have shared your pictures like a hundred times and I’ve bored my friends talking about how much I would love to wear such INSANE dresses and achieve what you have achieved, I haven’t posted anything here yet. So here I go.
First of all congratulate you for all your achievements! I have to confess that I’m a little bit jealous of the whole experience that you are living (just a little bit ;)) but happy to see that it’s happening to a such an amazing and hard-working girl like you.
In my perspective of life one of the best things that can happen in life is to work on what you love and to be surrounded by people who loves and inspires you. Eventhough I’m 17 years old, I’m trying to achieve my goals in my now-starting life always having in mind this philosophy. That’s one of the multiple things that you represent and with which you inspire me.
Besides all this philosophical thing, I’m in love with fashion and photography so your blog is a must-see each time I get time to do it. You know how to rock couture dresses that I would day for but, and most important, you help me to develope my everyday outfits too.
Hope you read it and notice that you’re a model to a lot of us.
Keep being passionate Kristina and live this experience with all your heart.
All the love

lovely boots and perfect post!
new look on my blog!

Beautiful outfit, love your boots too!

Once again, your pics looks amazing. The outfit is on point, too, especially the shoes ! I have a huge crush on them.


I really like that coat!

Wow, you have a perfect style and you write so great, it is a pleasure to read you and see your pictures!

Sounds and looks like a beautiful place! Glad you are back in LA to (try) and rest. I’m sure Paris fashion week was as exciting as ever, and worth the sleepless nights, but it’s good to be back in the place you call home from time to time. Even if it’s just the city and not a permanent “home” yet! Good luck to you, love following along on your adventures!

P.S. I love that you actually write and not just post pictures with a little sentence at the end. It’s good to “hear” a voice talking about what is going on. :)

It’s definitely a dream hotel on a dream city. Beautiful pictures as always!!!

love what you’re wearing

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Gorgeously chic! x

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Gorgeous shots, Kristina! I really adore your look, I think it’s stunning. The shoes are to die for though.
Really cool that you’ve been in a lot of big cities lately like LA and Paris. (And yes, it is a dream). Have a great week ahead! Xx


Wow, the shape of this green coat is fantastic. The way it falls is so chic! I love the color and material, looks like the perfect coat for Spring!


Lovely dress.
And the place is so stylishly chic.
You have a great place to stay

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Love your coat!!
|| D I A N A ||

in love with those boots!


Your photos are excellent and atmospheric. I love your style and your own approach to fashion.

Ca avait l’air d’être une super expérience, même si c’était épuisant :)
Magnifiques chaussures <3

Sooo cool! I love it!

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Posts online about the Pink Coat, Military Style, South Africa, Hollywood, Monaco, Beijing…

Love the outfit!! So jealous of your life, hope one day I can experience it myself too!


Your coat is absolutely amazing! Lovely photos as always!

Wow! This look is amazing! Love the coat and the dress so much! This place looks beautiful!

Finally a new post :)! I miss your posts a lot :). Been checking your website nearly every day, haha. How crazy actually.
You look great and I can’t wait to see more posts about your beautiful trips :)

xx Nicola

quelle beauté ! quelle sensualité ! toutes ces tenues sont magnifiques , magiques !!! bravo kristina !!! je suis troublé par toute cette beauté ,,, cette élégance , ce chic si bien présenté !!!!

You look lovely x

Amazing pictures as always! I love that Stella McCartney coat so much!


Absolutely love your coat! You are rocking it, lovely!

xx Katt

Simply love it. The coat is beautiful and the shoes are totally great:)! In combination it looks so cool and yet fancy and classy!


What a beautiful dreamy place.. Hope u had a great time xx

With ❤ from Tanzania

Your shoes are awesome….Love it<3

Love the Dream Hotel Downtown! its simply awesome, the night club PHD is so cool and classy! a perfect hangout! must try the Mexican food next time. btw am a new blogger. any input for you on my website, will be awesome! You have been in this stage when all you look forward are a few comments from fellow bloggers! love the work you do!

This Stella McCartney coat is amazing! Fantastic boots too!
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Wow you lived like an year in just one month…this life must be really a dream for you!


I love everything of this outfit, perfect mix&match style!
Kisses and have a nice day! F.


Your blog is so inspiring and so happy to have come across someone who also understands how important it is to eat/travel well and loves organic products like I do! If your ever looking for great new organic products check out my culture edit and pretty concept links for brand love you should try. Thanks for your tips and love your blog style looking forward to more of your great inspiration soon!

eclética and chic 17 March 2015 / Reply

Wow, amazing photos. And you are beautiful.

your pictures are always so beautiful!!

that definitely looks like an awesome place to stay! i will definitely consider this when going to NY (cant wait)

kisses from London

It all sounds so good! Good for you for living such a exciting life! I would love to travel too.


Absolutely in love with you outfit! Looks amazing on you!

xx OXANAMUA || New Inspirational Lifestyle Post!

Lovie! SO glad you’re back! I loved following your adventures on Instagram and must say that your Kaytour was so fun to watch along with your CNN coverage! Mmm, the idea of getting guacamole any time sounds amazing. That’s my weakness, along with some good salsa, haha! I’ve only been to NYC one time and will be back one day to test out that Mexican place you’re talking about! We’ll see if they beat some good Tex-Mex food! :P

Fiona, would love to see some KayTips from you for the stuff y’all did, ate and experienced in NYC that are must-do’s! Looking forward to the next article! xo

Kristina you look great in this outfit! Nice blog post,beautiful photos!

I’m impressed. Can’t stop watching your blog. It’s like an addiction, just started my day with dose of such powerful energy, beauty, and luxury! Greetings from Poland. I think you haven’t posted from my country yet. Hope, You come one day :)

The Laurence Dacade boots are simply insane!

Love, L

You look gorgeous! I love the floral dress!! I just posted a story on my blog about four pieces you have to have this march, as well as how I styled joggers!! xoxo, Sarah

You look gorgeous! I just posted a story on my blog about four pieces you have to have this march, as well as how I styled joggers!! xoxo, Sarah


I really admire you and you are a BIG inspiration and example for me! Loved this blogpost ;)

Greetings from Belgium!
XO Dries

Today I saw LA in my dream! Thanks!

Hey Kristina!

I am glad you had such an eventful and busy time during Fashion Week, and I’m glad you are happy to be back in L.A. I mean, the weather here is spectacular at the moment. Feels like summer don’t you think? Can’t wait to hear your future plans and projects :] Keep up the amazing work, maybe some day I can work with and/or for you as I am hoping to be a Stylist. :]

This is such a cool look! I love the mixed prints and the booties are gorgeous. Hope you find a place soon! Constantly moving must be tough x

I never thought I would say this about a turtleneck but I like your turtleneck. :D


You look so beautiful as always x

Looking gorgeous as usual!

x Krizia

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Elsa TYSEBAERT 18 March 2015 / Reply

Ah non !! Moi qui vais à New York dans… moins d’un mois ! (tellement stressée pour le vol !!) mais l’hôtel est déjà réservé. J’avais checké celui ci quand vous y étiez et en effet il avait l’air vraiment pas mal, dommage que mon séjour soit déjà tout réservé.

Je ne sais pas si j’oserais les porter dans la vie de tous les jours, mais les boots sont top !

Ce manteau est parfait! J’adore


I totally agree, Fashion Week was so exhausting but we like it !
rest well, see you soon ! xx

die Annakonda

Your outfit is stunning in this post, suits you perfectly Kristina ! This hotel looks perfect, would like to go there xxx

Hi Kristina,

You do a amazing job, they photography looks great.

Kinds regards,


AMazing look! I can imagine you much be so tired after all of the travelling! We are happy to have you back here in LA :)
Thos boots are everything! Laurence Dacade is so client!!

avocadoseeds 18 March 2015 / Reply

Love love love this outfit!
I just done a steal my style for Rihanna’s pink suit and more outfit on my blog- check it out !!!

I’m beginning fashion blogger. Please,visit my blog and will appreciate it if you is not difficult!

Beautiful shoes and a beautiful set of inspirational photos as always! Love the work, must have been hectic. Take the rest;)
My blog:
Kisses and regards from the Netherlands

You are just amazing Kriztina! <3

How do you manage to pair such amazing outfits when you’re travelling so much? Love the pattern and colour combination of the top and jacket.

I truly loved Paris too when I was visiting. Especially the historical places such as Sacré-Cœur etc.
You look STUNNING! Love the way you combine fashion pieces. xo

Love this look! So edgy yet chic and the photos all look amazing! Huge fan of your blog Kristina!

Agnes x

Amazing look! Love the way you wore the thin belt with the oversized coat:) The boots are great!

I like mix & match of the prints, very interesting!

I love your style, just the way you are.

So pretty!


I love your outfit, can’t wait to see what else you put together in the coming weeks :)

Xx Kattah

Love the outfit and the photos :)

lovely coat …

Great style! Looks amazing ! COAT is beautiful.

Love your style – stunning!!


in love with the coat xx

Love the look, so classy as always!

You are inspiration in living a dream!! :) Love you…. Beauty!

Wow such a nice hotel. I love the pics and the jacket ;)

hI! You’re by far one of my favourite fashion bloggers <3 your snapchat is on point! love from *ID*

hI! You’re by far one of my favourite fashion bloggers <3 your snapchat is on point! xo

Amazing Look!
Love from Vienna
Borislava from ColurClub

Ahhh. I would give absolutely anything to be able to go traveling with the Kayture team. You all seem extremely say on how to live the dream and seem to always make the most of it. I can’t begin to image just how busy your schedules must be. Yet, I would love the experience that crazy adrenaline and rush you all must feel. Even simply getting to see your gorgeous outfits in real life gets me all excited.

You inspire me so much and I love the Kayture team.

Sophia <3

fashion blog:

Fabulous coat and gorgeous photos. You’re gorgeous!

Those boots! I can’t even. That hotel is beautiful as well, I’m definitely going to look into it if I go to New York.

You are just amazing, Enjoy everything !


Hi Kristina! I usually don’t comment but just wanted to tell you how much I adore you! You still manage to write long texts with your picture and you have grown so much since you started. I am a quite reader for quite some time now so I have seen the change in Kayture and you and it makes me really happy to see! Go girl!

I absolutely adore those boots :)

Gorgeous outfit !

Nikhat malik 27 April 2015 / Reply

Kristina you’re so beautiful .. damn in love with this boots :*

Om my gosh … totally in love with those boots :)
Your outfits are just amazing and always such an inspiration!