Reporting live from Beijing! Yes, after spending a few days in L.A, we finally landed in the capital of China for a really big event with Louis Vuitton. We’ve been invited as guests to attend their SERIES 2 exhibition, a beautiful art experience projecting the vision of Nicolas Ghesquière into immersive series of artful sets. We are spending literally 42 hours here in China, basically in and out for this event as I have to be back in L.A to start working on my music. I allowed myself a few days off after Paris fashion week took end, just to re-energize a bit and feel inspired again. It felt great as we took this time to focus on other things like visiting appartements since are currently on an Air Bnb / hotel hustle. I seriously can’t wait to settle down a bit and create a cozy nest where I’ll feel at home.

Other than that, I’ve also been working like a mad person on my upcoming book! Polishing all the details and making sure it’s perfect. Everyday, there’s something more I want to add, something more I want to say. I announced this tremendously ambitious project at the beginning of this year and after 2 years of working on it, it’s finally taking shape. So far, it’s been one of my most demanding endeavors. Can’t even tell you all the hours of work, the sleepless nights, the phone calls with my editor that it involved. But it is so much worth it. Writing is truly one of my biggest passions. Whether it’s here on the blog, the book or putting my emotions down in music form, it’s something that I crucially need. To me, each experience is even more beautiful when it’s shared. A mistake as much as an accomplishment can inspire others to grow better. This book allowed me to dig deep and get super intimate.

On the other hand, I discovered a new love for Snapchat! It’s lately been my biggest obsession as I’ve been snap chatting all day, everyday. It’s so much fun and I feel like it gives you guys a new peek into my life… And shows you how creepy and crazy I truly am. Can’t do anything about it. But seriously, it feel amazing to actually have the opportunity to talk with you and show you a closer to look to our adventures. Whether it’s meaningless lip sync videos in the car with my bestie or backstage shots of my favorite shows. Make sure to check it out! My handle is kristina_bazan!

Today, I am sharing with you a look I wore on a chilly day in L.A. I’ve always been into big coats. The bigger the better. It feels like a huge blanket that I can just hide it. And since we are in the middle of spring, I felt like a little splash of pastel would be very appropriate! So please witness my love for this unbelievably gorgeous Chloé coat. Wanted to wear it with this Thakoon turtle neck and some cool pear details such as this Delfina Delettrez ring that I just got from Secret Location. One of my favorite concept stores in Vancouver. I don’t know if you guys remember, but a few years ago, I flew out there to celebrate the shop’s 1 year anniversary. And ever since then, it’s owner, Carey became a super close friend of our team. She’s super young and so talented. Her shop is definitely one of the best destinations for luxury shopping and to discover new high end designers in Canada. Have fun exploring!

webb_KTR_0007webb_KTR_0021webb_KTR_0049webb_KTR_0090webb_KTR_0052webb_KTR_0076webb_KTR_0102webb_KTR_0128webb_KTR_0092 webb_KTR_0131


COAT : Chloé (Similar Here)

TOP : Thakoon

JEANS : Zara (Similar Here)

SHOES : Balenciaga (Similar)

BAG : Gucci (Similar Here)

RINGS : Maison Martin Margiela

PEARL RING : Delfina Delettrez from Secret Location


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Christina 26 March 2015 / Reply

When will your book be released? I can’t wait to read it! :) Throughout the years you have remained my biggest inspiration and a big source of happiness for me, crazy as it sounds! ;) :) Hugs!

You have so amazing pictures.

When we can see your book?
I would be really intrested to read it.


Triinu from Estonia :)

I love the clean lines and muted color palette of this look! You look so edgy and sophisticated! Hope you have a wonderful time in China!

Your look is amazing and super cool, lovely coat!!!

new post on my blog!

Love this mixture of camel and grey! More unusual but the contrast of cool and warm really works!

So excited for the release of your book also, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Sarah x

Beautiful as always<3

Shall We Sasa

that delfina delletrez ring is so dainty <3

So gorgeous! Love the coat and the sweater a lot!

I really love those kind of coats! The form and the colour are really chic ;) Chloé is a very elegant brand, together with Valentino; those are my favs!

I remember you talking about the book some time ago, so it’s just ripe for the picking! Can’t wait to read it!! Can u tell us sth more concrete in advance???!!! ^^

Wow, lots of flights in your life… You must be worn out! But all those marvelous experiences worth the flights.

Well…thankx for this beautiful post & waiting for the next one !!!

With love

Luz (Light in English :P )

This outfit have a very interesting contrast between the classic coat style and the rock touch of these leather pants. The sweater have a beautiful color and i looks wonderful with the coat. These sandals are just perfect, they are simple, classic and fantastic. Adore the Gucci bag, the design is elegance and the color is hypnotic. Supreme

Lovely writting, thank you for sharing your thing with us! You are so cute and stylish and I love your blog. I wish you luck with the book ^^

Love that ring! I wish you lots of good luck on the book and I hope it’s progressing nicely! I haven’t really gotten into snapchat but maybe I’ll try it again.


Beautiful look, I love your bag!! You are fabulous.

|| D I A N A ||

I cant wait for the pre order of your book!!!!! So exciting!

You look stunning, as always <3


Beautiful coat and bag! You look so sophisticated in this outfit.

Great look!! So beautiful!! Kisses from Portugal

I love this outfi! Have so much fun in Beijing! :)

Kim .. BATTLE and how to be featured!

Love this! You look incredibly cozy but tres chic at the same – something that is quite difficult to achieve, haha (especially when one is bundled in 3 layers and a bunch of scarves!)

Here in Toronto it’s been really glum and quite cold, so that grey Thakoon turtleneck would be perfffect right about now.

Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather in LA!


Recently I’ve been really into your blog post. Not to say that I recently started following you, because I have been for quite sometime now. I enjoy heading over to instagram to what you post, and to snapchat to see what you’re up to. But, your post have become a ritual I consulate look forward to. I love reading about what you have to say and your blog is such a relaxing place to spend my free time these days. I just love scrolling though it! You are a huge inspiration and I love you and the Kayture team! <3


I love this look! I really enjoy seeing your everyday style, I hope you do more posts like this in the future :-) Also I enjoy seeing your snapchats – crazy is good in my opinion! We shouldn’t take life too seriously haha. P.S that ring with the pearl and lips is super super cute!
Love Megan xx

I’m in love with the sweater–it’s perfect for nursing!

Such amazing photos, love the warmly feeling in this outfit! Have fun in Beijing!


P.S Love your snapchat, you’re just an amazeball full of fun and energy! <3

Lovely pictures! I wonder what your book is going to be about… excited to see it. :)

Looking good as always! Love the jeans :)

Prudence Yeo 27 March 2015 / Reply

Love this minimalist outfit, very classy and chic! Especially like the overlapping style of the grey turtleneck, it looks really stylish and elegant at the same time!


This outfit is so simple yet so sophisticated and classy ! Love it xxx

Hi kristina ! It’s been a long time ! Beautiful outfit ! I literally love the pastel color of the bag is soooooooo delicate !! And what nailpolish are you wearing? It’s very nice too !!

Amazing Pics. i love it

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colours in this tone looks great on you, so flattering :)

You look beautiful as always! I love your pics!
Love Lynda

A wonderful outfit. And I really looking forward to your book :)

This outfit is one of the best, like everything about it, the coat is perfect!


I like everything about this outfit! The color combination is fantastic and exactly my taste.
XX from Switzerland
♥ Nissi

Beautiful outfit! Love this whole look!

Lovely look & make up!! Love the minimalistic sparkle ring, I wear my red lips by Delfina Delettrez almost every day!! Wish you a wonderful weekend…

All Black Look:

Such a beautiful outfit and so in love with your Chloé coat! <3

Amazing coat dear!! This look is awesome!!
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

My Showroom

Oh My God Kristina. A book… Yeeeey plz keep working harder. I’m so excited like its my own book that’s coming out, lol. I’ve been into books lately, infact i just finished reading DvF’s The Woman I Wanted to Be. I simply can not imagine it. All the best hun.#Kaytureforever

With ❤ from Tanzania

You look beautiful!

Have a good time in Beijing. You look amazing in this outfit.

Kind regards from Berlin,
Luise |

This is amazing! I love the shoes and the bag is just gorgeous!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Amazing Look! Love the bag!
Love from Vienna
Borislava from ColurClub

I can really relate to this post, as I’ve been living out of hotels and AirBnBs for months. I spend a lot of time going back and forth between England and New York City (and California and Florida and Paris and Maine) that having my own place just hasn’t been feasible. Hopefully soon! Enjoy China!

Ecléctica & Chic 27 March 2015 / Reply

Amazing chic outfit! Love the accessories!

The color of this coat is fantastic, perfect look!
Kisses and have a nice we! F.


I love the sweater tank so, so much! It is such a beautiful piece.

gorgeous look! obsessed with your accessories for this outfit!

Amazing coat!!

Yay for including an affordable piece (Zara jeans) in your outfit!! Love this whole look, and I’ll 100% be on the lookout for a similar (budget edition) coat :)

Comment dire.. J’adore tout de ce look ! Des pieds à la tête concrètement !! Je me demande toujours comment tu fais pour avoir autant de style, de si bons goûts, savoir comment assortir parfaitement tel et tel vêtement.
Snapachat…Ah qu’est ce que je peux rire à chaque fois que je vois vos vidéos à tous les trois. Et c’est vrai que ça donne encore une autre image de vous, on découvre encore une autre facette et on a vraiment l’impression d’être presque un membre de la Kayteam nous aussi !!
Tellement impatiente pour ton livre ! Je crois qu’il sera en français en plus si je me souviens bien, donc pas de barrière de langue pour moi ! Vivement !!

I love the outfit! You look gorgeous, Kristina :)

I love that coat!♥ beautiful combination!:)

Such a beautifully chic outfit <3

XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

Wow, this is GORGEOUS! So flawless, top to bottom. I’m in love with this ensemble! <3


How can you not love this outfit when it’s perfect?! No more words to say, way to go girl! <3

You look beautiful, enjoy your stay in Beijing!

Lovely look! Beautiful Chloe coat and fantastic Gucci purse! Love the soft colors! Good luck with the book!
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Oh, the pearl ring is amazing!

Printed or Plain

Blizzard Girl 27 March 2015 / Reply

I love Chloe as a brand and that jacket is just perfection!


Love the Top! And you look beautiful as always!
Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

I love when you go for neutral looks like that <3 This top is fabulous!
You're gorgeous!!

What a beautiful look (and super CUTE ring), Kristina! Wow, you’ve been quite the busy little bee. I can’t wait until your book comes out. I’m a huge writer myself so I know what exactly you mean. Writing is a part of us and how we express ourselves and for people like you and me, we’d totally die without it, haha! As soon as I get a new phone, I’m going to get Snapchat and see all the silly things you, James and Fiona do, lol! Tell me, with so many things going on, what’s your secret to stay organized and not feel overwhelmed? As always, thank you for inspiring me to not just dream, but do!

I love this look, and I can’t wait to read your book Kristina! I love that you are one of the few fashion bloggers who actually takes time and care to write on the blog instead of just posting photos!

Lovely look! Rhe colours, the accessoiry – everything is perfectly in place . So pretty! :)

You look so pretty in this outfit.
Simple yet so stylish

Check my new post.
The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

kristina tu es magnifique j’adore ton look trop trop beaux ;)

It looks a bit weird to need to put on a coat in LA, but you look so cool here!


Love this look. Very Australian looking :)


Kristina, I really wish you post as often as you did before. I really miss your styling on a daily basis :)

Purely Me by Denina Martin

These photos are stunning as always! I love the coat, and definitely agree the bigger the better! I love following you on snapchat, it’s so fun to see the behind the scenes of it all. Can’t wait to read your book Kristina! You truly are my inspiration and I wish you luck on your music too<3


Looking forward to the book, and this chloe coat is simple elegance, great look

Chloé P. 27 March 2015 / Reply

Wonderful, as always!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to read your book! I’m sure it will be perfect, don’t worry!


Love this look Kristina! Quick question though: what are your tips for styling oversized coats? I feel like whenever I try to achieve this sort of look I end up looking more frumpy than chic. Any tips you have would be most appreciated :)

Also, I’m currently in Switzerland right now exploring Basel and Zürich. I’ll be posting about my adventures/recommendations soon to my blog and would love it if you (or any fellow Kayure lovers) checked it out! xoxo

Great look!!

Absolutely LOVING this outfit! These colors suit you perfectly! ADORALE!
If I could get one thing from the shole look it would be the beautiful ring.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Loved how you have layered the top with a nude coat. I’d love if you could check out my blog :

I love your outfit! Especially the top, love how different it looks!

Daisy x

Arushi Chauhan 28 March 2015 / Reply

I love your blog . Been looking at your oldest posts from 2011 . Must say you’ve grown a lot . Inspirational you are and I aspire to become a fashion blogger just like you one day ❤️

Finally a new Outfit post, you are looking so fabulous Kristina, just as always!
I also love big coats, but i think that they are making me looking a bit fat, but the fit perfectly to you and your fabulous body!!!
Love from Germany;

je me rappelle bien de ton billlet sur Secret Location… le temps file!
J’aimerais bien voir un autre billet ici sur ton escapade à Pékin avec des photos des rues, du “décor” etc.. je sais pas si c’est prévu. J’ai vécu un an à Pékin il y a déjà un petit moment pour perfectionner mon chinois:)
J’ai hâte que ton livre sorte, je suis bien curieuse de le découvrir,
Bon retour à LA!

Your coat is absolutely amazing! Love the peach shade!

I LOVE the parting in the sweater, so chic. Looking amazing as always Kristina

Agnes x

Kristina your blog is amazing! The photos are incredible :) You’re such a creative person and you don’t know how much your blog inspires me. Hope to read your book soon! :) xxx

Wow beautiful! I’m looking forward to your book! xoxo

such a nice outfit! love your Top.

You look perfect dear!! I love this outfit


Love this outfit, especially the coat and the pink ring is quite cute.

Elisa |

So into big, oversized coats too, lately! Since it gets colder over here again… Adore your combo of neutral coat and your gray Thakoon turtleneck! So in love with your rings since I’m a great admirer of MMM !


kristina belle……romanesque…..romantique …………énigmatique……..symbolique …………ton image est une fresque…….tes phrases sont des livres…………!!!!!!

love the knit top and accessories! and you look gorgeous as always

Rose and Weston x

amazing look!

Ollyvia Laura 29 March 2015 / Reply



Beautiful Outfit, love the purse.
But def way to hot right now here in LA, for outfits like that.

I just adore this photos! You look perfect :)

a great wardrobe staple the coat

I love your style, is very inspiring! This outfit is so cosy and stylish<3

the ring is super cool ! love your fit

I love that coat! You look stunning.

X Malena

Simple, but chic and gorgeous! That Gucci bag reminds me on Rebecca Minkoff bags, looks really pretty!
xoxo Alina

As always you re a queen Kristina ! I looove you <3


I love this look so much, especially the bag! I am so happy that your book is going well, I can’t wait to read it :)

Love the coat!!

Hi Kristina! I just love all of your looks, they are always beautiful, inspiring and so you, and this one is gorrrrrgeous! Your photos are amazing!! Like it like it haha. Hope you have a great day. Besos! Paulina.

Love your style !!! <3

very beautiful outfit and photos :)

Bárbara Cea 29 March 2015 / Reply

Love the complements! – personal style, fashion, travel & photography blog

The shape of this coat is fantastic. The structure and the way it lays looks spectacular! I always love your styling. Everything from the accessories to the hair looks amazing!


Oh my god. this look is too cool! i love it

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Not my favourite look, but I absolutely love the lips ring!!

I am honestly too excited for your book and I absolutely love your snapchats!!!!

love this casual chic look ! especially shoes !
new post

Loved the outfit. Have a look at my blog. I post fashion trends :)


Beautiful and stylish look! You always inspires me! Love the pictures :* You can check out my new look mixing layer over layer. Have a great week dear!
xx Mary

I’m absolutely in love with your bag <3 <3


You’re so inspiring and I always love your looks!!

I always love your outfits so much and you’re so inspiring!!

tiateilli 31 March 2015 / Reply

Love the look:) kisses

Wow this coat with this turtleneck looks amazing on you dear <3. When will your book be released?


Loving the coat, bag and ring…actually everything!!

Nice post!
Your makeup and your outfit are stunning!


I love this Outfit!

Love the outfit!!

you´re so pretty

You look super relaxed and great.

Your outfits are so on-point! I love that gray Thakoon top so much!! I wish I was a jetsetter like you, haha, but good luck on your music! I’m looking forward to hearing some more materials from you!

Great outfit! I love the cut of that coat so much, dear!

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Wow, encore une belle tenue, les couleurs se marient à merveille, ton manteau est à tomber par terre, et ta peau! je suis jalouse! Moi qui ai tant de problèmes de rougeurs et de couperose (c’est glam’ n’Est-ce pas?) j’envie ton grain de peau parfait!

Bravo pour ton livre! J’espère qu’il sera traduit en français, j’ai très envie de le lire :)


love this outfit ! And I love reading your posts, thanks for sharing =)

Super nice bag! I love the coat and ring too. So cute!


Amazing! You’re so pretty!

Aw I think you’re so cute ^^
Btw love your outfit ! xx

LOVE your style and your outfits!!!))

xoxo from Russia, SPb

I am obsessed with the look-especially the sweater! Can’t wait to read your book!! Check out my blog–I just posted a story on stripes and five pieces that I found–all under $65. I also post stories on beauty, health, style, and personal style!!

You’re my inspiration!! Love you so much

Hope you had a good trip in China! Have you tried our best traditional foods?

Hope you had a great trip to China. Did you tried our wonderful traditional food?

Love your outfit :-) <3

Magnifique comme d’habitude, je suis amoureuse de ton pantalon et tes chaussures !

I love this outfit dear! You look gorgeous
The ring is so cute


I love the soft camel coat paired with the subtle jewelry. So beautiful!

One of my favourite looks on you so far! Perfect color combos.

Gorgeous photos! I’ve really been into sleeveless sweaters lately, so its great inspiration to see how you styled this. I really like how you paired it with such a light jacket!


Nice outfit. Beige is always a great idea!

Love that coat!! Amazing look!! xx

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LOVE the bag :) your style is always so nice :)

I must say it’s very impressive to see how much you’ve done in such a short time; kudos to you and your team for all the hard work and crazy flight schedules to bring amazing content to your readers. Keep up the great work!

PS: can’t wait for the book
PPS: ton top est magnifique

From Geneva with love

This is gorgeous, love the neutrals. I’m all about pearls. So much inspiration for my blog :)

The jacket and your signature cat eye look – Love it!

Much love to the team!


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