Bleu Cartier Amullette


What a crazy last couple of days it was… If you follow our wild adventures on Snapchat and Instagram, then you might know already that we just wrapped up an insane week-end at Coachella. And I can’t even express how inspired and energized I feel right now. It’s like a breath of fresh new energy in my body. I am so ready for everything that’s to come. First of all, watching all these artists perform was completely surreal and absolutely overwhelming. We let ourselves go and drowned into the sound of music under that hot desert heat. It was priceless. Sharing this experience with my closest friends was what truly made it worth it. In the middle of all this haze, we were there, all together, running around, dancing like crazy and singing along to every song we knew.

In the middle of all of this, our days in L.A have been packed with new experiences. I’ve been spending my days in the studio recording with new producers and been songwriting practically non stop. With all these incredible things that we keep living on a day to day basis, the inspiration just keeps coming and coming…Which is so incredible. Music allows me to express myself differently, as much as I am in need to write constantly, whether it’s here on the blog (where I always feel like I’m writing an essay because my texts are soo long) or in my diary where I write as often as I can, music to me is another degree of expression. It allow you to share things that words on paper can’t express. Truthfully, I couldn’t live without this. It’s my therapy. Ever since I’m a kid, no matter what happens, good or bad, I always coped with it through songwriting. And then my mind would feel at peace again.

On the other hand, Fiona and I have never felt more like gypsies. We’ve been travelling so much that at this point we have up to 10 suitcases with us and still live in a hotel in L.A while visiting places. We are searching for the perfect condo to move into and it’s a not an easy task… As much as hotel life is fun, I can’t wait to get my own place, decorate it and create a temple of creativity for the whole KayTeam to work from. It’s a huge project but we’re making it happen one step at a time. It’s been months now that we officially moved from Switzerland and to be totally honest, well it feels really good. Because I am with James and Fiona who are both like family to me. We surround ourselves only with good vibes and stay as grounded as we can. The life in L.A is such a blessing. From the weather, to the food and this sick lifestyle. There’s honestly no place I’d rather be.

With that being said, I am so honored to share with you all today the first part of a new adventure with Cartier. Last year we had the chance, here on Kayture, to be the first ones to open this magical journey with our shoot for L’Amulette which we had done by sunset in Santa Monica. And today, a new chapter begins. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, well you know that I don’t wear that many jewels in my everyday life. I like to keep it clean and simple. However, I’ve been wearing my Amulette like a lucky charm. It’s always with me, keeping all my secrets and wildest dreams on lock… ready to be unlocked at the right moment. I honestly believe in the power of a little bit of luck in life. Who doesn’t need a little magic push right? Ever since I saw this gorgeous Lapis Lazuli Amulette, I felt like drowning in a deep blue sea or a constellation of golden stars and cyan skies. I’ve been loving how it matches the color of my eyes and reminds of such beautiful moments spend during holidays by the ocean. I hope you will enjoy this new set. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and stay updated for more. We have some very special surprises for you coming soon!



All pictures by Mary Meyska 


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Beautiful beyond words.. Love the colour of your eyes.

With ❤ from Tanzania

You look great and so the pictures :) The new amulette is amazing, love this one with a touch of colour!

Incredible photos! You look absolutely stunning, surreally beautiful!
I got so much inspired by just reading this post, you are bursting with so much energy, charm and positivity that it’s contagious!
I can’t wait to see everything that you’re up to in the future, because anything you do and touch turns into gold, so… :D Keep on rockin’ girl!

Wow, I’m speechless!! No words to describe how amazingly stunning you look!

Well for one these photos are so fierce! I love that cartier necklace! Xo

You are beyond beautiful! Lovely shots! :)

love, anney –

this is a georgous necklace, and it matches your eyes

Amazing photos! You are so pretty <3

What a gorgeous piece of jewellery! I love the way you shot this look.


Prudence Yeo 14 April 2015 / Reply

Love the minimalist and unique design of the blue amulette and it does indeed match so well with the color of your eyes! Beautiful pictures!


she’s truly beautiful my dear…love the outfit

what a beautiful necklace!


Wow! I want it! My favourite color is blue :D

Beautiful necklace!

Wow stunning pics. Love the necklace! The stone matches your eyes. Glad you love your life in LA!

xx Mira

Lovely ! Such inspiring artcile ! I’m a fashion bloger and really love what I’m doing but need your help. I really work hard. It ‘s my whole life It will mean a world to me if you will visit my blog !

As always absolutely adorable photos! You’re so beautiful!

You look beautiful – as always <3 And the Lapis Lazuli Amulette looks gorgeous to your eyes.

Stefanie x

Great photos, love this blue!


Loving your blog <3
Glad to know that you're song writing! Hope it goes well!

These pictures are amazing, as always. That tone of blue looks amazing on you and I love the jewellery, both the necklace and the bracelet. Good luck with finding a nice place of your own in L.A., such a dream. :)

wow, such beautiful pictures! Love how the Amulette fits perfectly to your blue eyes! <3

love!! I was also wondering what the name of the song you were playing in the background on your snapchat while you were recording your cartier shooting! it’s such a beautiful song <33

Amazing necklace and amazing you too!

gorgeous photographs ! it’s always fun to read about your LA adventures, sounds insanely good x

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

I loove your blog and i have been following you for 3-4 years so far. But you use too much photoshop :(

Geez K, you. are. gorgeous.

Dear Kristina,

I absolutely love this article! The colours are so so beautiful and fresh! But the kayturettes are very spoiled in case of beautiful pictures, aren’t we? Oh God, now I want one of these necklaces… So I have been following your blog for 2 years now, and I think Kayture is kind of an obsession for me ( Is that weird? Am I the only one inhere? Haha). I wanted to say how much I appreciate you and the whole Kayteam for their hard work. I am also VERY curious to your new book and to every upcoming project with music!! I still hope that you can soon come back to Europe, because I live there and then I don’t need to check your updates in the middle of the night (okay I’m not really checking your insta in the middle of the night, but the morning after, so it doesn’t sound weird… ;) but also, I miss a little bit the posts on Kayture, because sometimes I really need to wait a lot before there is an article… Just saying ;)

LOTS of love from Belgium,

Beatrix Rhea 14 April 2015 / Reply

Looking gorgeous! Love how the photos are so clean and simple yet still look stunning.

absolutely stunning, a little too photoshopped for my taste but you are insanely beautiful, Kristina (the older you get, the more beautiful you are)! I hope you are having the best time ever in L.A. where you can follow your dreams ( I love your snapchat feed so much). But I miss your articles a little, they’ve always been my 10 minutes of paradise everyday but I totally get that you are more focussed on music right now, hey! But I’d totally love to know more about your eating habits (it’s been a long time since your last post) and workout routine and also I would love to see what your place looks like once you are moved in (little sucker for interior design over here!). I wish you all the best, I’m ever so happy for you (James and Fiona are always included of course – Fiona is a stunner btw) and take care!

Lots of love from Fribourg CH <3

These photos are absolutely incredible. The Cartier necklace is really beautiful, I like the name and everything that it represent, it’s perfect and super chic. These blue shorts are easy and fabulous, the mix with the white top is just wonderful.
Congratulations for this new collaboration, it just amazing, and you look so happy in your new life in LA. When you finally find a new home you should do a video room-tour because that would be insane!

Pure perfection, Kristina! Love it <3

Beautiful colors! In which langage do you write your diary ? love from France

avocadoseeds 14 April 2015 / Reply

you look beautiful and fiona has the best job in the world getting to do all of that with you, its so amazing

Amazing pictures! Love the necklace!

Such an amazing article yet again, the necklace is beautiful and I am so happy to hear you had the most amazing time at coachella! Your snapchat story and instagram posts made everyone feel like they were with you at coachella!

Isabella Amgarten 14 April 2015 / Reply

Dear Kristina,
it is magical as you are, I’m sure this amulette makes people smile where it passes just like you do!
The images are gorgeous!
Kisses from Brazil

Amazing pictures and the necklace is so beautiful <3

Kind regards,
Luise |

loving the last picture…stunner…

So gorgeous! Amazing photos, jewelery and you look very fresh and lovely.
Kiss from Belgrade
New post is on the blog :-)

Amazing pictures, Kristina, your necklace is beautiful and reading your posts it’s always a pleasure

Amazing pics!

Check out my new post on my blog about Tahiti
Posts online about many Styles, Egypt, Hollywood, Rome…

You have the most amazing pictures and I am always so inspired by your outfits! I also hope to visit LA one day it looks unreal xx

wow as always beautiful pictures.

Wow beautiful, I just love that look. I really want that bracelet too, I love it. Your hair is so long and beautiful. xoxo

Couldn’t have thought of a better place to shoot this outfit. Perfect setting!
I actually saw this on your Snapchat, and these shots turned out beautiful! You look so stunning, Kristina. Beautiful outfit!


Sounds and looks like you had a great time at Coachella! So envious! Love following your instagram and these photos are gorgeous! Such a pretty necklace xx

Lovely pictures!
Love from Vienna
Borislava from ColurClub

Wow, Kay. The very last photo is just BOMB

this is amazing! you are so so beautiful! i love your make up here too!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

This is such a stunning photo shoot! I love the Cartier piece, as well.

Wow! This new amulette is beautiful, love it’s color so much! The outfit and the location is amazing as well! Everything is perfect!

Wonderful deep blue colours and edit…wonderfully graceful!! <3


I love this colour, it fits you so well

The necklace is absolutely stunning!

Bon comme d’habitude les photos sont sublimes, et j’adore ce collier ! Bonne chance pour la recherche d’appartements et bonne journée <3

you are SO GORGEOUS & inspirational, Kristina! love your writing style as well! :D GO GO GO!!!

Chloé P. 14 April 2015 / Reply

Beautiful <3
I can't wait to hear your new songs ;)

that jumpsuit is so flattering on you and the jewels are to die for! Looks like a great shoot and you look wonderful!

Really incredible! Love your style and this editorial!


You are absolutely looking like a super model in these photos. When I opened your blog, that first photo was just breath taking. You’re amazing.

Stay Wonderful Always,

I always love coming back to your blog as your pictures are always so different and inspired. Just beautiful.


Stunning! I love the necklace.

Beautiful pic, beautiful you and beautiful jewel!! This is you, fine, elegant, simple, but extraordinary!

Amazing amulette and amazing shooting, looks so beautiful!



Fabulous shots and beautiful blues! L’Amulette is gorgeous! Love the magic!;-)
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So beautiful! Love that mulette, and all the pics are amazing.
You always look amazing wearing blue!

Trop belle!

That necklace is too perfect for words. You look stunning!



Your Silk & Salt Team

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What a amazing pictures.
Keep up the good work.

hope you had a great time at Coachella! these photos are gorgeous!

OMG I remember seeing you guys shooting this look on Snapchat, the photos came out amazing and I love this outfit!

- Liz

Wow you’re so amazing! I also love your Outfit!<3

Totally loving the matching necklace and shorts; simple and eye-catching outfit, dear.Joua to the Rescue

Can’t believe how awesome your pictures are!! And it’s great what you achieved you are an idol for so so many girls (maybe even boys) out here! It’s amazing to see how you developed and how big kayture got. You can be so proud of you and your team!!!

Kind regards
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You are so beautiful! I love all of these pictures, that shade of blue is gorgeous x

It’s so pretty! I remember the other amulet and I also think a pinch of luck is helpful in life. Wish I could’ve been at Coachella but I’m glad you guys had fun there! Being surrounded my live music is always a great feeling to me.


Ecléctica & Chic 14 April 2015 / Reply

Amazing style! The necklace is beautiful!

These photos are stunning! I remember watching this shoot on your snapchat, its so cool to actually see them now!


In my opinion, you’re definitely the most beautiful woman on earth!
This pictures are simply magical and how the color looks on you – WOW! :)

Fee (Floral Fascination)

Love that article ! You are beautiful, but you know, a little less Photoshop can’t hurt :) jus saying

Fernanda Riveroll 14 April 2015 / Reply

All of u guys (kayteam) are my inspiration, I love you so much Kristina.
You deserve everything.
Love from Mexico.

Truly a statement piece and you and the gorgeous photography make it look especially exquisite!

adorn la femme

Maria Chiara Bertè 14 April 2015 / Reply

Simply wonderful!!
I adore jewelly, really, I’m obssed !! And this new Amulette is pure margic!!

Have a good stay in LA, and just, enjoy your overwhelming life at its most!!!
Can’t wait to read your book and hear to some pieces you have writen!!

Oh wow, you look stunning! love this wonderful yewellery!

The amulette is amazing, and it even makes your eyes look bluer ! You’re really beautiful Kristina :)
Love xxx

gina jimenez 14 April 2015 / Reply

luces regia en todos tus atuendos y fotos, toda una inspiración. el adn fashionista mas espectacular y producido capa por capa. QUE TALENTO! saludos desde venezuela! xoxo

Daniel Shar 14 April 2015 / Reply

So beautiful!
Great collaboration!!

You look stunning!

I love how simple this entire ensemble is, yet it’s so effortlessly chic. I’d love a post on your everyday makeup as well. It’s always so clean and simple, yet has the perfect bronzed glow. Any chance you’d share your makeup secrets? ;)


Amazing photo shoot, Kristina! You look stunning!

These images area stunning ! The blue in your eyes, outfit and necklace :) Love this and can’t wait to see what’s in store for you guys.

Amazing pictures! Hot!

Fashion blogger, freelance stylist and photographer, interior designer, photo model and music production student. Check out my fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

Just and chic!Beautiful work ❤️
Kisses from Greece

I love your outfit! It’s super different and it’s awesome. But more importantly, I completely agree with you about writing. It helps me just make sense of everything when the words are on paper. Can’t wait to hear your music!


Wow I’m speechless at your pictures, you are so gorgeous and they are very amazing !! Plus I’m in love with your playsuit !


I’m speechless. Phenomenal styling.

looks so good, that background also looks very powerful with your whole look!
I love that this collection has so many options to choose from and those bracelets, just beautiful!

Love this look, beautiful colors

Agnes x

Love it! This color is my favourite :-)!

These pictures are gorgeous ! Your eyes and the necklace match perfectly

Seeing your blog evolve so much and seeing you become such an inspiring successful women is truly amazing!

You are an amazing person Kristina! And game’s photography skills are to die for! <3

Leah Pearce 14 April 2015 / Reply

So lovely!! From the pictures I really feel like that gem has a spirit like yours – brave, beautiful, happy – and means a lot to you! Not only that, but it’s an absolutely beautiful piece! I would love to wear one. It is elegant and also mysterious. I love how you styled it!

I love that colour! You are so beautiful Kate!! <3

You are like a supermodel in these photos, gorgeous!

Printed or Plain

Wow! These looks are gorgeous! I love the azur blue on you.

andie tudal 15 April 2015 / Reply

I think this is very cheap and trashy looking. Why can’t people have negative opinions on your blog. You’re so insecure that you have to block me? HAHAHA oh my god so funny. Well thanks for that because I have been meaning to unfollow you ever since I saw your Snapchat. You have possibly the most narcissistic annoying personality I have ever witnessed so please just stick to your sub par photos. No wonder you and James broke up you are crazy!!! Like actually crazy. That video of you singing has me convinced. I’d love to box you but youre probably too pussy to fuck that pretty face of yours up. Better stay the fuck out of Venice and off Abbot Kinney you trust fund baby bitch.

Wow! Your images are glorious! What a beautiful post! Love it!

gorgeous pictures!

This feature is breathtakingly beautiful. Electric blue looks stunning on you.

Absolutely beautiful. That amulette is exquisite!

Beautiful pictures. Really love the outfit and of course your eyes. The necklace is perfect. Have a good day!

Wow, beautiful photography. Very Vogue! <3 Gorgeous necklace too.



Amazing makeup, great colours

You are so beautifuful! And your eyes! Gorgeous :) love the necklace and the outfit as well.

Elsa TYSEBAERT 15 April 2015 / Reply

Ok comment dire ?? J’adoorre cette série de photos ! Elles sont à couper le souffle, j’aime particulièrement la façon dont le bleu du décors est mis en valeur et les photos sont tellement nettes et précises ! Un magnifique travail. Sinon, top comme le collier fait appel à la couleur de tes yeux, et l’assortir avec le short, encore une super tenue quoi !! Par contre l’amulette je préfère celle toute simple, elle fait plus chic. Less is more right ?!

beautiful photos and location
your outfit is also great

Absolutely love this outfit! The simple jewelry could not be more perfect for it :)

Delicate and fine jewelry perfectly presented! Amazing blend of blue and gold – beautiful match with your eyes for real! Love your last pose, Kristina! Amazing blue location!


Blue looks so great on you dear! Wow, really stunning! :)
You should wear this colore more often Kristina :))

Greetings from Germany!


Loving these pictures, you look absolutely stunning!

andie tudal 15 April 2015 / Reply

I would love nothing more than to get in the ring with you and knock that fake ass smile off your face. You say you actually box well put your parents money where your mouth is bitch.


Amazing photos of you! Location and outfit´s colors are matching together really well!

With best,
Terje /

oh-oh, that’s so stunning! I just adore this Royal Blue!

so pretty!!

It really matches your eye colour!!

xx Rebecca

I am looking forward to the special news. All of your latest work has been spectacular (and I love this amulette)! xoxo

This shoot is simply amazing. All the repeating blue details.. You all did an amazing job!

Laiyin ||

Kristina you look absolutely awesome! This necklace is fabulous!


Awesome post – love the necklace with that outfit.

Leo, Levitate Style

Wow Kristina, this was amazing. I always love to hear about your life adn new projects. You are so inspiring! I’m really happy for you, good luck! xx


Blizzard Girl 15 April 2015 / Reply

I love the pictures:) I saw the outfits you wore for Coachella, they looked really cool!


María Paula Moreno 16 April 2015 / Reply

Beautiul cyan color. Love your outfit btw

such a beautiful editorial, stunning pictures, the necklace is a dream…

-Toronto based style blogger, check out my blog ///


Kristina ,… You look gorgeous,.. Love your photos!
Nice outfit,…love blue and white combo! :-)

Beautiful color! x

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Love you so much Kristina! Just saw your snapchat and heard you singing! You have absolutely amazing voice!
Any tips for graduation ceremony? Gonna wear blackcolor with gold stud Valentino

So stunning!! Everything in these photos makes the blue in your eyes stand out. I also really love the outfit that you’re wearing, I never would have thought of pairing that necklace with it. So on point!

Keep werkin’ it girl!

xo from TO

So beautiful as always! Can’t get enough!

wow this makes your eyes look totally unreal ! Very good matching colors ;)
Great pictures !

How is it possible for European citizen to move to US, I mean paperwork, green card, visa? It´s a big secret for me..

This is truly a gorgeous photoshoot, you look great and the necklace is beautiful. How exciting it all is. :) I love to catch up with your adventures on Kayture, they’re always so inspiring.

Patricia at View Avenue x

Hello Kristina, I’ve been following you since you were posting outfits on lookbook, it has been a long time I know. Just wanted to tell you (because I never write here) that I am so proud of you and of your team of how far you are right now, it’s just amazing. I find sad that you are moving to LA, because Europe seems to be so pretty. My biggest dream is to be a fashion blogger or a beauty guru, I love makeup so much. You are the same age as me and sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something Snapchat gave me the chance to connect with you guys, you are so funny. Keep working hard kayteam. Lots of love from Mexico.

wow♥ the necklace is so beautiful!

looking gorgeous!
as always :-)
♥ inga

Hello kristina! I love your blog, it’s amazing!! And your Instagram photos are beyond cool, seriously! I also have you on my snapchat and let me tell you that I enjoy it! Everytime you post a video talking, singing, or dancing makes me think that you seem to be a wonderful and funny girl, so pretty inside and out. I really hope you’ll get all the success you can because you really deserve it! Keep doing what you’re doing gurrrl. :)

With love and admiration,
Maria from Venezuela<3

magnifique ! féerique ! kristina ton coeur s’ouvre pour laisser passer la joie ,le bonheur qui déborde en toi pour le donner à ceux qui voudront et sauront l’accepter ! quel plaisir de te lire , de partager l’ivresse de ta jeunesse qui se dégage sous la forme de la couleur bleu, comme tes yeux !cette Amulette …..tellement belle ….qu’elle semble faire vibrer ton corps, tenir tes mains en suspens devant ce mur bleu , embellir la femme que tu es en lui donnant ce dont rêve chacune d’elle …..un corps de Eve …!

Those photos look amazing! such a good job and that piece of jewlerry looks so unique! Don’t worry about writing essays haha, they’re always so interesting to read. Saw your adventures at Coachella and my girlfriend and I are thinking of going next year, looked like so much fun! Glad you had a good time :)

Growing Positive

Absolutely stunning! Kristina, I love how much you always open up to us. Even as a big time fashion blogger, you have not lost touch with your fan base. Wishing you the best of luck finding a place in LA, and that life continues to be amazing to you. And, your eyes look amazing!

xx Julia

I love most of Cartier’s jewels, and that one is the perfect piece: a bit modern, a bit classic, a bit classy.

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

You are stunning! Love the blue details! ♥
Great job with the photos too. Take care. xo

I remember this shoot from your Snapchat, I love how it turned out!!

|| D I A N A ||

Love it, its absolutely gorgeous! Love the shade of blue!


I loove how you look . You are so beautiful .

Anna Nevelichka 17 April 2015 / Reply

I love the pureness in colors and the clearness of the image itself. And this amulette really matches your eyes just right!! Very beautiful

Perfect shoot, you’re so gorgeous!

Kristina, you look amazing in this photographs! So beautiful! <3

I really miss your blog posts, would love to see more!



Bianca Raymond 17 April 2015 / Reply

Gorgeous. Your outfit just reminded me of one of my favourite fresh bloggers Twinkle from who was wearing exactly a white-blue combination dress in one of the blogs. Both of your style statement resemble a lot. Kisses, Bianca

wow such a beautiful editorial, the color of the necklace pendants fit perfectly with the pants!

xxx June

You know, I’ve never been a fan of fine jewelry (don’t ask me why, I guess I prefer fun statement/costume pieces), but ever since you did a collaboration with Cartier on this Amulette necklace, I can’t get over these beautiful pieces! The white one you chose and now these beautiful blue one! I’d NEVER take them off if I had one! I feel you, Kristina! Writing is such a great therapy for me too. I’m so glad you found a permanent place in LA! I can’t wait to see your interior design style! ;) xo

I totally understand what you find in this amulet, I feel like this matches you perfectly ;) I also love the rest of the outfit! The pictures are amazing in front of this blue wall which matches the outfit great xo Hope you find the perfect apartment soon!

wow! so beautiful!

OMG tellement pulpeuse ! Tu es splendide !


Stunning as always Kristina! This necklace has been on my wish list for ages…
I would be really interested in some more make up related post on Kayture, like your daily make up routine or the make up look you are wearing in this post… Not sure if you would enjoy that, just a thought :)

Stay gold!

You’re so beautiful and I love the colour of your lips but (yeah of course, it’s Cartier..) the price for this necklace is ridiculous. Nevertheless, these pictures are just stunning.

Michelle Lee 19 April 2015 / Reply

love that necklace so much!

Stunning necklace, and photos!
XOX Alina

Konstantina Antoniadou 20 April 2015 / Reply

inslanly beautiful!!

think this is a really gorgeous outfit!

love the simplicity and pure outfit, is always a good choice

This is such a beautiful shoot, I love it! I hope you manage to find a really good place to stay soon. You make east coast living sound incredibly exciting!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

Love how the shorts and the necklace match your eye color! Clearly a perfect fit :)

Characters & Carry-ons

Beautiful necklace!

I saw your snapchat videos of when you shot these pictures and eversince I loved the outfit! It looks amazing on you and that shade of blue is fab!

Really pretty!

I totally love this outfit! All of it is just perfect, and the necklace is beautiful!

You look beautiful! I’m obsessed with this shoot!

Amazing shots! Just STUNNING! <3

Amazing photos! You are so beautiful!!!!!

I am so in love with this outfit and the sweet but classic necklace! ♥
You look so damn pretty and addinionally you inspire me every single day to live my own fashion dream! – Thanks for all the nice stuff to read. :)

So pretty, I love the color!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

lovely! you are such an inspiration.

(ps! not long until The Wanderlust is up and running!)

xx The Wanderlust Team

You look so stunning ! This blue looks so good on you ! I also fell in love with this oh so perfect amulette.


As we used to say in the 80′s…..awesome.

So glad to see you here in LA too!

You look amazing. I love the blue color on you.
Ruth from

Great images!

Deeply inspiring and perfectly combined blues , eyes, stones and shorts.

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love the outfit! So beautiful colors!

Kristina! These photos are spectacular! I love your look. You are always a modern femme fatale to me…