This last couple of days have been slightly mad, I will admit it. James and I just flew in L.A after 48hours spent in Beijing. This back and forth trip kind of gripped us by the bones but it was so worth it from beginning till end. We’ve been to China already several times, Shanghai more precisely, but Beijing was our first time. And I loved it even more. We visited so many beautiful places, even though our stay was so short, tried so many local dishes, met so many lovely readers. I had the best time ever.

Now we are back in L.A and back to WERK! I’ve spent my week-end working essentially, Saturday was a big shooting day for us (can’t wait to tell you more about it) but Sunday was all about fun. We decided to enjoy ourselves after a bit of a hectic time and spend a peaceful moment with friends over brunch, wine, a view and movies. Simply the best schedule we could have ever planned. Now that the week is kicking off, the only thing I can think about is hitting the studio again after this super enjoyable post fashion week break. I’ve been songwriting and singing from morning till evening all these days and simply can’t wait to put it all down on paper and tape.

The weather in L.A right now feels like absolute summer, which is so crazy! I sometimes forget what a bubble of paradise California is and how cold it is in the rest of the world. My friends from New York for example keep saying how insanely cold it still is. These last couple of days have been so warm here in West Hollywood but from time to time a little wind shows up and I have to say that a jacket or trench coat always comes in handy. I am super excited to share with you today a look that I’ve created while working together with the Michael Kors team. After attending their show during NYFW I felt so inspired by their super effortless, city inspired aesthetic that I wanted to create my own interpretation of it.

So before we left to China, we shot some of the pieces from the new Michael Michael Kors spring collection and their ‘must have’ accessories for the season. You, know, throwing in a little “Jet Set” vibe here and there ;) This look is kind of all about feeling and looking super laidback, but looking chic at the same time. I’ve always felt like a trench coat had this amazing ability to elevate any outfit. Also wanted to throw in there a little denim detail with this fringy top and a versatile bag that you can fit your whole life into (just cause we all need room for our on-the-go essentials!!!). This bag is called the Riley. I have a big thing for white bags this spring. Don’t even ask me why. I just love them.

My other favorite item are definitely the boots as they are so comfy and look so casual and effortless. They’re part of the new Michael Michael Kors ‘Jet Set 6’ shoe collection which is all about mixing up comfort and elegance. I say thumbs up. Perfect if you’re moving and travelling all the time (gotta keep it busy!). So folks don’t miss out on checking out all of their cute spring essentials and let me know what you think about this outfit. Speak to you all super soon!

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Loving it! I absolutely LOVE wearing trenchcoats. They are so classy and never go out of style!

Would love if you could check out my blog and tell me how you liked it :)

48h en Chine, ça doit être fatigant mais c’est top !
J’adore ton trench, il a beaucoup de classe :)

I love the top the most! So chic! We are missing posts from you.


That denim top is fantastic! Love this look!
Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Your life sounds absolutely crazy – China for 48 hours just sounds insane but so amazing!
Enjoy working on your music.

xx Cheyenne

Superbe ma belle! J’adore cette tenue, les boots sont top


Chloé P. 1 April 2015 / Reply

Si seulement il faisait aussi beau et chaud en Suisse…

Magnifique look en tout cas :)

You’re so beautiful! Love your trench and the boots!

I see your style is slowly but surely transitioning into Los Angeles street style.

Keep it up, you’re doing awesome!


this look is soo perfect!
thank you for inspiring me dear Kristina!;)
love your jeans top!

Gorgeous outfit!! I love the denim top SO much!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Heey, where are the jeans from?

magnifique ……tenue décontractée et chic en même temps ! bottines un peu trop grande pour ton pied ??? très belles en tout cas ! sac blanc facile à porter et possibilité ranger pleins d’ objets utiles ! bravo à tous les deux ! sous le soleil , exactement ……sous le soleil …..! à +.

Those boots are absolutely darling, that color! I saw your travel posts on instagram and couldn’t believe how much you jet around the world and still manage to be so energetic and absolutely gorgeous. way to go girl, major inspiration!

You look absolutely gorgeous! Love your bag!

x Karen

I LOVE this outfit! So laid back looking but chic at the same time! The perfect everyday look <3

love this! Such a effortless look but so chic!!Xo

lovely photos – love the vibe ! you look absolutely gorgeous, that coat is amazing x

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

This outfit is so perfect in its simplicity! Cool but comfortable, just as I like it! You’re always gorgeous Kristina :D

Beautiful photos!

|| D I A N A ||

Constance 1 April 2015 / Reply

Ta tenue est parfaite! J’adore ton top en jean, ça donne un côté 70s à la tenue, c’est super chic!
J’ai hâte à la sortie de ton livre, je ne l’ai pas encore précommander mais ça ne saurait tarder! J’adore ta façon d’écrire donc je suppose que ton livre va être génial!
Love from France

WOW! Such a beautiful outfit, very springlike:)

Amazing look! Love the jeans blouse!
Love from Vienna
Borislava from ColurClub

You look absolutely gorgeous!! Your trench and bag are perfect pieces!!
I saw you yesterday at Cecconi’s and you look so beautiful in person. :)


I just fell in love with that coat <3

Such a cute outfit! Love the denim crop top!

Love the trench coat im after one this may be it! Do you reside in Los Angeles now ? Love your blog

(Website currently under a muh needed overhaul so link above won’t work!)
Zoe Alexandra

I love the jeans top under the trench coat!
It makes the whole look a little more youthful!

Beautiful look and stunning pictures. Love the denim shirt, it matches perfectly the colour of your eyes

I’m in love with yooou Kristina

Your trip to China sounds amazing! This look is so sleek and minimal! I’m obsessed with that denim top and am completely falling in love with trench coats right now! Perfect!

That Trench coat is so beautiful, like it so much!


I love the denim top


Just beautiful! :)

Simple and chic

I’m in love with your Michael Kors trench, it looks really gorgeous on you !


You look really chic and elegant as usual! Michael Kors looks great on you!

With love


You always look soo adorable! *.*

avocadoseeds 1 April 2015 / Reply

I would kill to travel as much as you do!-hopefully the job I am aiming for will allow me to do so! Once again perfect blog post – you are really so amazing!!!

Dear Kristina,

Is the trenchcoat already available? Because I’m in love with this jacket!!

Great pictures by the way!

X Shirley

I love the outfit! You always have impeccable taste, and can make even the most casual outfits look elevated. This is why I am a follower ;)

Ecléctica & Chic 2 April 2015 / Reply

kristina hello I love your look I also am obsessed with mikael kors simple class together everything I love ^^

Really cool style! loving that trench coat, the denim top works with it suprisingly well

Growing Positive

Love the simplicity of this look! Just stunning!

Check out my blog here:

Gorgeous! I adore the little denim top! x

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It sounds like you have had a very intense couple of days! I am so in love with your bag here, it is such a great size.

Kristina, you look beautiful! I am so in love with the silhouettes in this outfit. It looks stylish, yet so effortless. I adore your hairdo, and I am so so in love with that bag! It’s gorgeous. Xoxo


I absolutely adore your top and pants, Kristina! And you’re so lucky to be in the warmth…

amazing, glad to hear you actually had a moment to relax! you look like you never stop haha!


The purse is gorgeous! Kristina you are so inspirational

Love the whole outfit!! Looking so causal yet chic! Love the top so much!


greetings from ECUADOR

Lovely outfit! Its a perfect outfit for travelling. I love the trench especially.


Love the trench coat and denim detail! I think it’s definitely a must have for spring along with pastels.
My heart aches for a gold ol’ trusty trench coat to come join my closet!

Lovely post!


A very different look for you! love it

Jessie x

I love your style :-)

Wonderful look – love your Michael Kors outfit.

you look so stunning, Kristina! pretty xx

How can someone be so perfect?! You have the prettiest and cutest face I have ever seen. You’re style is always on point! I love your pictures <3
Love Lynda

I’d love to visit Beijing, I’ve been to Hong Kong and it was such an amazing place! Your outfit looks gorgeous as always! :)

Beautiful look, The denim shirt stole my heart <3

Printed or Plain

nice look! lovely top and bag!
new look on my blog!

Wow, you look stunning!
I love your spring look!
And the shoes are so cool!

xx Natasha

I love the coat so much. Its amazing …

How do you overcome the fact that people stare at you whilst you’re taking photos for your blog in the streets?

This trench is simply gorgeous. In love!

Nice outfit, so relaxed. You are gorgeous regardless of what you’re wearing.

Kristina, you look simply amazing. It’s a pleasure to follow you here on blog but also on snapchat ! You are so funny <3

the pieces from michael kors are perfect ♥ especially the coat

You look so beautiful in that trench coat! I definitely need to invest in a good classic one as well. And btw, that denim crop top is everything! It matches your eye colour and makes me think of daisy dukes, hot california weather and barbie-pink details.

With Love,

Thanks for sharing your jetsetting journey! Love your style.

xx Leesa & Kate
Travel inspiration?

I am glad you are enjoying your travels right now. I love that look, the bag is fabulous! I just got a new MK and I’m in love with it. Also, I have been enjoying your Snapchats! xo

Stunning photos as always! I really like the mix of neutrals here. That blue crop shirt is amazing! I can think of so many different things it would look good with. I love this whole look!


The trench is beautiful, looks so good on you! but the denim top is to die for! I need it in my life :)

What a fun top, Kristina! I bet you are singing your heart out now that you’re back in LA. I LOVED the new Cartier video you put up on Instagram. Such an iconic brand and a timeless piece! I have my eye set on the white one. Someday I’ll be able to nab me a wonderful and classic piece like that! I can’t wait to see the post around this collaboration!

Shruti Dowlath 2 April 2015 / Reply

I saw the behind the scenes pictures and videos on your snapchat and i am beyond excited to see the final result! loved the post (as always). this long coat really does long amazing!
All my love from South Africa!
- Shruti xx

The beige MK coat is great! Nice trench is a transition must-have piece! Love the matching shoes and this white MK handbag is awesome!;-)
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gorgeous and super stylish as usual Kristina <3

all is really great! good job :) have a nice day

Amazing photos.
I love that MK bag, it looks fabulous.

With love – Triinu

Live the trench coat. I bought one yesterday. Super fan of them. You look amazing, as always sweetie. Kisses from Portugal

Love your blog! its truly an inspiration!

Great look, love your boots!

as always :-)
inga ♥

Adore this look Kristina! So effortless and chic. Especially love the trench coat!

great Michael Kors essentials, especially the trench coat and the bag…

so gorgeous !
love your trench and boots

Blizzard Girl 3 April 2015 / Reply

Hope you get some good rest!! You are traveling like CRAZY!!!
and love love love this outfit ! <3

- doris

You look amazing with this natural kind of makeup. Love the photos!

Dolce Kisses ♥
Bloglovin | Instagram

Oh, I really love it!

i love it. amazing

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This is such a lovely outfit once again ! Love the denim cropped top, along with the trench and white jeans, fabulous mix !! I am so jealous that you get to experience the fabulous weather in LA, in Paris it’s awful !

Girl, this outfit is amazing! So happy to see you back in LA and singing again. Kudos to you for finally taking that break, although it was only a Sunday. I know that even superhero bloggers like you need it sometimes :D

xx from Paris, Julia

Love all the outfit!!


Simple and so stylish!!

Is there a direct link to your bag pants and boots? I was having trouble finding it on the website. Otherwise, great photos and glad that you’ve been spending so much time working on your music. I noticed that you took down your YouTube video of you singing so I can’t wait to see the updated musical you.

Duty Free Dame

Love the whole outfit, you look perfect

I love your photos they are amazing and so are you!

Love the coat and bless you, you are soo busy; great work ethic.

Elisa |

hi Kayture,

What a nice photography , I love they color of your coat.
Keep up the good work, and enjoy your easter weekend.

Not my favourite look of yours.. but the bag is not bad though :)

Simple but gorgeous
I like it

Kiss kiss.*Jo

The denim fringe top is great! I love how it’s kind of unexpected too.


J’adore ce truc super élégant! Les boots sont très sympas aussi, pourtant je ne suis pas une adepte de Michael Michael Kors, trop “strict” à mon goût!


I am loving this outfit, it goes together so nicely and YOU my dear are gorgeous! Such an inspiration to young fashionistas all around the world. Would mean SO MUCH if you checked out my site.

Your makeup is on point in this shoot, I love how both your outfit and your makeup looks so effortless and minimal, but still very put-together. It definitely embodies the whole “on-the-go-but-I-still-look-good” feel.

I used to work at Michael Kors and they always promoted that “Jet Set” style. You pull it off incredibly well! Now I want that trench coat, haha :P


Traveling must be so amazing. You’re so lucky you love what you do. And you’re so pretty too. It’s like you’re living a perfect life.

Stay Wonderful Always,

The trench is the most classic piece of clothes, it’s so beautiful and elegance. The mix with the denim crop top is just amazing, it’s so retro and the fringes detail is so cool. The white Michael Kors bag is pure style, tres chic

So perfect, I’m loving the trench coat!

Kirsten x

Always running from one country to another has to be tiring, right?
Hope you’re not suffering from jetlag, Great outfit ;)

Yvainnia Giovanni Wijaya 5 April 2015 / Reply

Chic look Kristina!!

I’ve been crazy busy traveling these past few weeks as well! It’s always so handy to have a good, sturdy trench with you in case it rains. Love this look! If you’re interested, I just posted about my stay in Switzerland, and I’ll be publishing a few articles on Rome within the next day or two. Lots of love xx


You are my favorite blogger ever!! x

I love Beijing – definitely worth a visit!

You look wonderful, Kristina. I just love your sense of style. Last week I was nominated as “Blogger of the Week” on WearitLoveit and the asked me about my style inspiration. Well, if there is anybody, it must be you ;)

Happy Easter

You are just SUCH an inspiration for me!
Much , much love to you! xx

Michelle Lee 5 April 2015 / Reply

You look stunning in natural makeup and a top knot!

Please check out my new blog, ladies !! xox

Gorgeous outfit, great color combination! :)

Could definitely get used to that wheater, Sweden is almost like winter still… gah.

Nice post =)
I love your bag!

Great casual outfit,…like how you matched the boots with the coat! :-)
Kristina you look beautiful in this simple but yet so stylish outfit!

Lovely Trenchcoat!!! a love the combination! the hole outfit is just perfect! you have such an eye!

love the outfit! casual but super chic =)

I’m totally in love with this coat !!!

I would never have put all those things together but they totally work! Thanks for helping me think outside the box!

Love the trench coat! I totally agree with you, a trench always seems to elevate any look :)

What an amazing experience, Beijing is such a great place to visit!

You are so elegant and stylish. Your style is recognizable and laconic.

You look absolutely breathtaking! Love the trench coat!

you look amazing Kristina, I love everything about this outfit!

a very beautiful sleek outfit. My blog is new and in the process of expanding its read, I hope you all with have a look at it, Kristina is my inspiration to start up my own blog. is a travel, fashion and inspiration blog…please have a peek and give me some feedback…lots of love, Zoe

This looks like something you will not wear. I´m sorry Kristina but since you started living in LA I think your style just changed a loot! And you stopped being as Classy and chic as you was. Please watch your articles on the last years; and remember what makes you the huge blogger you are. Your instagram is getting full of images that you look good but it is like anymore about fashion.

that denim fringe top is such an amazing garment! You’ve styled it beautifully.

Sounds really crazy and like a lot of fun! Hope you had a great easter weekend! Amazing pictures! Love, Vanessa <3

You look stunning! This coat is so amazing! Great pictures! You can check out my navy blue look. Have a great week!
xx Mary


lovely trench!! looks great!

Love the trench coat, and the whole look, although I’m not that much of a Michael Kors fan ;)


ahhh such beautiful photos!! LA weather is always the best xx

love the coat and the boots!


Perfect trench. You look great.


the coat is so pretty!:) lovely photos!

ALEJANDRA 8 April 2015 / Reply

I’m obsessed with white bags too!! I wanted to buy one and now I totally want this one, thank you!! I’ll be in LA this weekend and I’m praying for you to do a meetup!! Love you

Lovely combination. Great to be in LA!

Loving your fresh faced makeup look! Glad you had a great trip to China!

you are so wonderful…love the way you are

You look fab!! I’m in love with your boots!
♥ Nissi

avocadoseeds 8 April 2015 / Reply

love love love this looks – you look aamzing as per usual !

Perfect look all based on neutral nuance, the trench is so nice!
Kisses and have a nice day! F.


I adore that outfit!! You look stunning!! Love the top!! ;)

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oh, that amazing view<3

Liebe Kristina,

das Outfit steht dir richtig gut. Der Mantel ist ja der HAMMER! Muss gleich schauen ob ich ihn selbst im Online Shop finde.

Liebe Grüße,


Love the booties and the trenchcoat :)

You look flawless



I do love your casual look.. It was stunning. Gorgeous as always!


Fabulous outfit. Love the boots and coat. <3

Simple and chic at the same time – great combination!
Please check out my latest post –

Traveling is indeed very tiring ! plus jet lag omg urrrh, loving the look !!

die Annakonda

la tenue est très simple, rien d’exceptionnel ici. pour donner plus de “caractère” je rajouterais un rouge bien vif sur les lèvres. mais j’aime particulièrement le sac:)

Love the Jet set look! Perfect for the days you just want to get casual!
You look stunning Kristina!


Elise, BFF. 12 April 2015 / Reply

Bonjour ! Please, I’m really really in love with u, and with what u do. Je voudrai te demander si cela pour t’être possible de créer un snapchat version French. Il y a tellement de Française que tu suivent. And it just make so happy to hear sometime some french words from you or James voice.

Elise, your bff ( best french fan )


love the coat!

I love that trench coat, I need a good trench in my life!

- Liz

The trench coat is cute but I’m absolutely in love with the boots. They’re so stylish yet look very comfortable. My kind of footwear :)

Yes to the trench and the bag ! Suits you perfectly, as always. And it’s actually so unusual to see you without your heels !
Love xxx

ohh what a beautiful coat .I just loved it but you can also try out fashion jewellery with it as well

your denim top is everything!

Love this blog post

What a great coat :) and the color is great!
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