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The last couple of days have been very rich in emotions. That’s the least to say! Ever since we left to New York fashion week this February, we haven’t been able to really settle down properly anywhere. I am used to come back in Switzerland in between every trip, to unpack, refresh, do some laundry, catch up with my family… But since my new home is Los Angeles now, things have been a bit different. Moving is a big deal. Especially when it’s so far away. For months, we’ve been doing back and forth trips to L.A, getting to know the city better, the people, the environment and slowly, I started feeling like I belonged there. It began feeling like a home. Except that we were living between Air Bnb’s and hotel rooms.

Imagine yourself : 10 suitcases packed with stuff that got Fiona and I through February until now, mid April. All of this wrapped up with the idea of moving constantly from one place to another. Life has basically been packing, un packing, checking in, checking out, leaving our luggages in deposit and loosing all attachment to leave somewhere new again. Whether it’s China one day, or Paris the other one. So I won’t hide, it’s been kind of a whirl of emotions, the impression of feeling almost a bit lost sometimes because of all this instability. All we wanted was to find a little cozy next in L.A where we can finally settle down. The problem is, when you look for your first apartment, well you’re aiming for that dream place that you’ve been imagining in your wildest dreams ever since you’re a kid. So we kept visiting and visiting new places without ever having a crush… Until yesterday when we finally found it!!!

There it was, luminous, fresh and ready for us to start out new life in! I was dying of excitement when I saw it. It feels like such a big deal to have a new address and think that I don’t live with my parents anymore. Also feels really cool to know that my first place is in L.A!! I mean, common, how seriously awesome is that!? And now, all I can think about is how will I decorate it!?

On the other hand, my brain has been so focused on music lately. I know that I don’t give you guys a lot of insights about what’s going on, even though I do reveal a few little things on my snapchat sometimes hehe, but I can tell you : it’s been working real hard lately. Real HARD! Haha. No matter what happens in my life, I turn it into a song. Good or bad, heartbreaking or to laugh about, any emotion I go through becomes a song. I’ve been doing studio sessions with so many incredible artists and producers, just developing my craft, training my songwriting as much as training my voice. It’s like taking care of a plant or polishing a roc, it takes time but the result is worth everything. And yesterday, I had one of the most sick experiences ever working with one of my favorite producers. If one day I knew that I’d have the opportunity to work with someone like him, I’d probably faint. But it did happen and it only proves that determination does pay off. So I’ll just keep working my ass off ;)

So for a while, we’ve been feeling like real gypsies at heart. There’s something quite amazing about it as much as it is also challenging. It does feel so nice to feel so free, to move all the time, to be in different surroundings and let it all go. We had the chance to find a little nest at the Sixty hotel in Beverly Hills for a while (you guys might have noticed my Instagrams)! Their rooftop bar was a pure dream with the view on the whole city and the craziest sunset ever… And our room became a serein temple / business space where we actively worked on all the current and upcoming projects. So grateful that their team made us feel so comfortable. And sorry again to all the neighbors for my singing from morning till evening. I hope you managed to get some rest hihi

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Congrats on finding your first place in LA! I just moved here about a month and half ago and I had to go through finding an apartment which would meet all of my requirements and be on the right location, the only one that I wanted to live in.
It’s been though process, but fortunately very quick and successful one.
I’m also almost done decorating my place so if you need some suggestions on where to look for furniture and home decor, I can def. recommend you to check out Z Gallerie, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Floor Plan and West Elm. They have all proved to be an amazing choice for me.

Good luck on all of your future endeavours, I hope that everything will work out well for you and that LA will give you what you’re looking for. :)

It is amazing that you have been traveling so much! I hope to do the same when I reach your age. The Snapchats with you singing are lovely, I can’t wait to hear full versions of songs!! xo

Gorgeous look, Kristina! Totally admire how you keep on posting these beautiful shots all the time even though you’re still pretty packed yourself! I saw that you still needed a permanent place in LA, because I follow your Snapchat. I can’t possibly imagine what it’s like, to be, well, gypsies! I hope you guys find a place to permanently stay in really soon. Xx


Congratulations on finding a home! This is such a huge step and to live in LA would be amazing! x

Ten suitcases?? I don’t even have that much stuff in my home closet! Haha
It must be very interesting & eye opening to be constantly travelling though, even when it may exhausting sometimes. Love the photos. That bed does look very inviting and relaxing.


Amazing photos! Good luck with the moving!

So excited to hear that you’re settling down in Los Angeles! I can’t really imagine anywhere else as home-base. Hope to see you around the city sometime! x

Beautiful photographs! I was wondering what lenses were being used for the photographs featured in this article?

I couldn’t imagine moving around so much like that!! Good thing you have Fiona to help you and keep you going :) gorgeous as always, Kristina!

xo, Katy

Beautiful photos and congrats on finding your apartment! That sounds like a pretty crazy 4 months, I’m glad you can finally settle down somewhere and call your home! & also I’m so curious to hear your music x

Sounds like your life has been a real whirlwind lately! But you look amazing! I love your makeup like that! These are such great basic pieces! I want all of them!

Charmaine 18 April 2015 / Reply

You, Fiona and James are such a great inspiration to girls (and boys) across the globe because of the love and dedication you pour into Kayture and (Kristina your music career). We are all so proud of you and we all wish you nothing but the best. Love from Australia ♡

Congratulations on finding an apartment you love and good luck with your music. I can’t wait to hear it! X

Leslie Condes de la Torre 18 April 2015 / Reply


I hope this new stage in your life makes you grow to more than it already’ve done these years, I can not believe how much you’ve evolved and the goals you have accomplished! I’m a big fan of not only photos, but that of your blog, your team always supports you in all your purposes! you have good luck!

Gorgeous photos <3 I don't know how you do it – travel all the time. I have only had a few times where we jumped from hotel to hotel and I wasn't able to handle so much moving. Glad to hear you found home in LA! It's a great city to settle down, if only for a bit!

I love your blog!

Great images, so happy for your accomplishments. I had an amazing time at Coachella…thank you for showing me that it is an amazing experience! Hope to meet you in Switzerland!

Stunning images, I love how simple and clean they are!
Good luck on your music and new place! Can’t wait to hear more about it. How about a house/apartment tour? :)
Keep up the good, positive work.
Kisses from London,

Absoloutly stunning! congrats on your new place xxx

wow! Congrats for this amazing new. I think that you’re amazing women and Fiona too.

So glad you finally found your dream place!

Loved reading this update post! Can’t wait for the many projects to come!

That place looks pretty cool. I don’t think you could’ve found a much better nest to stay in. Can’t wait to hear more about your music and new place!


Gorgeous natural look! The hotel looks like such a dream land.
Congrats on finding your first real place!! xx


I’m so happy for you! Good luck with moving and decorating your new place! Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to move in my own apartment in LA too :)

Also, I can’t wait to hear your new songs! <3



Love your shots and your clean look! I can imagine that it is hard to travel around all the time.. So wonderful that you found your first place of your own!! I wish you all the best!! Xx Susanne –

Congrats on finding a place in LA! Gorgeous photos :) x

Loren | Cloudy Coconut

Congrats on your new home dearie! I can’t wait until your first song gets launched :-) X

That’s exciting news about finding your new home! Definitely will be more settled there! I love this outfit too, the shirt is so gorgeous and I LOVE those shoes more and more every time you wear them!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

You look great but there are quite a lot of mistakes in the text. I read your texts all the time and this one is full of mistakes. You should check them before posting even if You were tired that night.

That’s great news! Will follow your adventure to see how it goes :)

I am so happy for you that you finally found your own place in LA! It is very important to find a right one to live there cause after your first and the real home in Switzerland every other places don’t feel like home. And I am very happy that you finally found your own small spot (or may be not so small haha) in LA to kick this town haha
I am waiting for a new post about your home, want to have a glance at it <3
Wishing you all the best, dear!

You look stunning! In love with the photos!

xx Su

Easy and super chic outfit. These black ripped jeans are so rock and they look amazing in the contrast with the classic white shirt. Those sandals are really beautiful, the style is simple and fresh, they are wonderful.
The second look with these incredible white pants is my favorite, the cream crop top is fantastic and the outfit is perfect. The Celine bag in white is pure love, it’s one of my favorites brands and their bags are my obsession.

Congratulations on finding an apartment you like and finally being able to settle down :) I can imagine how uncertain and difficult it must be to constantly be packin up and shifting. Can’t wait to hear more about your home deco and new house stories!

X, Carina
Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

Perfect style, love the combo jeans+whiteshirt!!! love it
new outfit on my blog,

Les photos sont magnifiques! Je suis contente que tu ai enfin trouver une maison à toi, ça ne doit pas toujours être facile de vivre d’hôtel en hôtel.
Hâte d’en découvrir plus sur tes projets de musiques!

You are really faaaab!! *__*


Ohh I can imagine.. I already feel like a gypsy because I’ve not been living at one place for longer than 9 months lately, because of studying, study abroad, masters, internships… On the other hand; it does enrich you so much as well. But I totally recognize the feeling that you cannot feel ‘home’ anywhere, never totally comfortable, etc. So glad you found a home in LA now! Can’t wait to see it, congrats!

You look stunning, love your jeans !

Love from Paris

Love the all white look and the shirt with the ripped jeans look great!

I`m so happy for you Kristina! Finding your first apartment is definitely a special moment :)
I know you`ve heard this a miliion times already but you are definitely someone to look up to. I`m swiss and the same age as you and you keep inspiring me to work harder and believe inn dreams. Thank you for that and all the best for your future.

so soft photoshoot

Dear Kristina,
I am so happy to hear the news and that you are so dedicated to your music and the blog! It is so inspiring to see that your dream finally comes true. I would love to read an article on how you got signed, got to work with all the producers (who they are) and just what kind of music yours is!! When will we get to hear the songs :O

Also, my parents work as interior designers and I think they would suit your expectations quite well! Maybe we could corporate on some things! Would love to hear from you xx Sophie

W-O-W! What great news Kristina! Congratulations! I’m happy about that! :)
The first own home is always something BIG, something special!
Enjoy you time dear and don’t stop moving on!
You can be sooo so proud of yourself, little BEAUTY! :)

Love you!! <3

Christina Key

oooooh kristina i want know how you will decorate your place! when it’s done make a pictures to inspire us more and more :-)

Chloé P. 18 April 2015 / Reply

Amazing pictures! I LOVE the total white look! So beautiful!

Good luck with the moving in! I hope you three will be happy there, in LA!

Kisses from Switzerland <3

I’m so glad you finally found a place to call home! :) I just got back from a month in Italy, and it’s so nice to be in my own space again. I’m loving your fresh faced look in these photos as well. Thanks for sharing! xx


Los Angeles is beautiful – I think it´s a good choice <3

Luise |

Congratulations for your new home and for your work! Thse photos are really amazing! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

I know how it feels to be away from home and family.Soon it will all be alright.Glad that you found a place for yourself in L.A.Its such a fun place to be in….enjoy the new high as long as it lasts…..

It must be awesome to live in LA. It is a dream place to be.. I only visited Miami once and I really liked there and from watching all the youtube videos from LA it is such a nice place to live in .. also beuatiful pictures as always! :)

quelle force Kristina …..quel tonus …………..quel Mystère te fait avancer ??? tu as le vent en poupe ….continue d’avancer ….dans tous les domaines !!! mais restes toi même ! fait la pause de temps en temps ! ton corps a besoin de repos !!!maintenant prends possession de ton espace ………….!je te trouve un peu triste …………..c’est l’ émotion ………..!je le sens en lisant ton texte ….c’est un grand bouleversement dans ta vie !tu es maintenant dans la cour des grandes …..! allez kristina ,bonne chance !!!! accroche la crémaillère !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!amitiés à tous !!!

That is so exciting! Congrats :)

XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

Your pictures are always so wonderful. And I really hope that you now can seattle down and have a great time :)

Superbe sur ces photos ma belle!! Félicitations pour ta nouvelle vie qui commence :)


I totally understand how hard it must be to be constantly moving around! So happy for you that you’ve found a permanent place in LA! Love these photos.

X Malena

Love the outfit, so casual and chic! and congrats of finally settling down! Can’t wait to see and hear more good news from you!


Congrats on your new home, such exciting news — all the best!

Wooow. It looks amazing…very lovely place :)

I love your look in these photos! And congratulations on finding your first place! It must be amazing to live in L.A :) One day I hope to move there too ;) xxx

avocadoseeds 18 April 2015 / Reply

your wardrobe is to die for – you have the most amazing style!

Gorgeous pictures, and congratulations on finding an apartment! <3

Bianca Raymond 18 April 2015 / Reply

Very nice blog. Have you checked She is a newcomer blogger with lots of potential. I asked her to check your blog as well. Love you both. Kisses Bianca.

Could you please give the details of your outfits? I am truly inspired by your blog. When I am studying hard at school, you remind me why I need to continue working so hard to follow my dreams and to simply be happy.

Thank you

Hi Kristina!
I discovered Kayture fairly recently and I absolutely love reading your posts, seeing your pictures and watching your snapchats.Congratulations on all of your achievements so far and for finding your new apartment! You and the Kayture team are such an inspiration and I wish you all the best for your upcoming projects :)

Congrats on finding your first place, Kristina!
I totally understand what you went through, since I’m in quite a similar situation at the moment. Nothing feels better, than coming back home – so I’m very happy for you :)

Kisses from my airbnb apartment in Vienna :D

You’re so inspirational and incredibly gorgeous! And to think you’ve accomplished so much at such a young age. Keep rocking!!

bonne chance kristina !!! a +!

So cool! Congratulations on your first apartment in L.A! It’s so important to have a place to anchor!;-) Good luck with your music! Shots are great!
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khanya ngxabani 18 April 2015 / Reply

congratulations on finding your new place. although i feel like it must be very fun having to meet new people and new places. i love this minimalist and make-up free look you have going on here. very, very cool.

Congrats on finding the perfect apartment! It could be really overwealhming to live like gypsies, from 10 suitcaises for months, but I bet the place was worth the waiting! Can’t wait to see it and also to hear your songs! I love the little pieces you put on snapchat! This classy look is really pretty!

Absolutely stunning pictures ! Absolutely love your black and white outfit

These photos are all absolutely perfect!

Love these pictures <3
And thank you for these personal insights!

Fee (Floral Fascination)

Hadeel Shellig 18 April 2015 / Reply

Hi this is Hadeel from Libya, you probably don’t even know this country but it’s in North Africa and i love you so much Kris

Congrats on moving to LA and i hope you have fun in your new beautiful home with your beautiful friends..if u need any advice at decorating you could ask me ;)

You look amazing! That top is gorgeous, Kristina!
Good luck :)


Congrats on finding a place to live!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Congrats on finding the new place!! So exciting to have a place of your own now, I’m 18 and my first place is the apartment I moved to in Paris from LA. The sense of freedom is just incredible!

that while celine bag!!

Your hair is amazing. Life goals.

Simply BEAUTIFUL! Always love your choice of shoes with ANY outfit! You are so inspirational! Keep up the great work! ♥


These photos are great, I love the all white

So glad you found your dream place! Hope you will show us around :))

Great pictures! And Congrats to your new place!

xx Nicki

Yay! Knowing that finding the right apartment can be so hard. I’m so happy for you.
I have been a long follower of your blog, and recently I noticed a slight exhaustion creeping into your portraits. Hopefully the settling down and new place can help diminish that.

Chir Wey

I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I really want to say you how I admire you and your work! Since you were on TV on the Miss Switzerland Election I was a big fan of you. I also want to say thank you because you showed me how important it is to believe in one’s dreams and that everything is possible if you work hard for it. I am sure you will have great success also in the future. Just stay as you are and never lose your happiness, crazyness and sympathy. I hope you will read this comment one day:) xx

Not sure if this is pictures or it’s real but looks like you got nice delicate tan! I love it

Congrats on getting your first place in LA, I want to move to US next year or so and I would be beyond happy to get my first place in LA!

Love the pics, good luck with music, we are waiting xx

Felicitations! So happy that you guys are able to find a place, pretty sad that there will be less chances of me bumping into you in Geneva though lol :(

Love both outfits in the shots and the hotel rooftop looks amazing

Agnes x

Congrats on the apartment! Stunning photos as usual :)

Beautiful pictures ! You’re so gorgeous

Perfect jeans and you look great as always. xa

Oh L.A. thats a dream … congrats … i love your live …

Ecléctica & Chic 19 April 2015 / Reply

Amazing outfits! Love the black jeans!

I love your blog! You are such a fashion inspiration to me and you motivate me on following what my hearts says <3 Your blog is amazing and I have so much fun when I read whatever it is that you write.
I've got a question… I love your silver necklace and I believe it has stars… Where did you get it!? I NEED to get my hands on that one!

Congrats for your appartement!
You have a beautiful Valentino shoes collection on the photos :)

Gosh this place looks amazing! beautiful pictures as always, and I love your white shirt :)

Loved this post, keep it up! Wishing you all the very bet in LA and the music career!
XOXO Alina

In love with those black jeans and those heels are fantastic!! You inspire me so much!!
Kisses from Portugal

Great outfit, my faves are the black jeans!

You looks so pretty! fantastic photos

Really amazing! Love the natural make up!


Great pics, lovely style

Check out my new post on my blog about admidst blue
Posts online about Hollywood, Beijing, Rome, Tahiti…

So much travelling is always hard but your will look back and realize you’ve done so much and know so many nice places!

Prudence Yeo 20 April 2015 / Reply

Love the loose fit and asymmetrical style of the white shirt, really cool design! It’s great that you have the opportunity to venture into music and work with great people, keep up the good work!


Congratulations on finding your new flat! That is an amazing news! I look forward to see how you decorate it:-)

This is so cool, you found your first place in LA! Actually you’re even more beautiful with this natural bare makeup look! Love love Kristina! You’re a true inspiration (especially you’re the reason I started my own website) x

I love your style and these photos!





Blizzard Girl 20 April 2015 / Reply

Why are you so perfect? That’s great news:) I love seeing your snapchat, they are so funny:)


Beautiful pics, you look stunning!

I love this look for you! Clean and simple :))

All sounds rather exciting.. apart from unpacking, of course – even the very thought of it sends my brain into permanent hibernation. :)

I think at some point I’d go crazy with that life! Although, you must be having the best time ever, so much fun and new experiences… the hotel looks really cool, and you are lovely with less make up and looking just awake!

Here my latest post about how Coachella is boosting relations between Fashion brands and social influencers.

More at the link!


Hi Kristina !
I just discovered ur site and it’s really cool. I follow u on snapchat and I heard u talking French. And it surprised me, I’m french and I wonder if u talk french or if u are french? xx

Your pics are absolutely stunning Kristina *_*


Congratulations on finding a new place, this is such an exciting time in your life! You look absolutely stunning in these photos, like always! Can’t wait to hear your new music and see what’s coming next.


lady in whiteeee,
well…discover all ur photos on IG lately, i’ve found that u already settle in LA. Not because the city was good, the sun shining as well *tough!
but seems u already had connection within LA long way before u move there, congratz….and keep on rocking with ur new project! *wink

anyway, all those photo was taken by James? cz on ur IG u were tag another names *martinez?

what a wonderful Location!


Fabulous Pics. You always have such a beautiful glow to you.

Loving the closet omg ! Keep up the good work !

die Annakonda

you are such an inspiration for every blogger :)) the look and place is amazing

finding a new home is always a big issue…
great casual look today

congratulations, that sounds so good! i would love to move to LA someday with my best friend. and the pictures are lovely like allways!
xx milena

Looks wonderful, enjoy sunny LA! I can relate to the feeling of traveling too much so you don’t get the “home” feeling. That’s why it’s so nice to hear that you are more or less settled down.

I love this look. It’s perfectly polished yet casual!

- Liz

Love LA and love the pics and the outfit! How I wish I was there…

Can’t WAIT to see how you decorate your LA pad. Wishing you a quick & easy move in!


Where is your collared top from? I was hoping that I’ll find out where you got that from. It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Please provide a link with the product.

And congratulations on finding your new home in LA! I’m a LA local so I know how amazing this city is. If you’re up for a cultural experience, visit Koreatown in the heart of LA. The food there is absolutely amazing and I would love to show you and your team around! Please email me if that’s something you’d be interested in. I would love to meet you as well and pick your brain on fashion, blogging, and life.
Thanks, and keep up the beautiful posts!!

Best regards,
Eunice K.

Une amie t’a consacré un tumblr @Kayture !

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Lovely photos!! Makes me want to visit LA soon :)

Absolutely gorgeous!

Love the pics <3


Love the look Kristina!! It must have been interesting living in a hotel for a while, but awesome that you finally found a permanent place! Wish you the best!

Next destination has to be Brazil, <3

Wait what? How can you always carry 10 suitcases with you :o ^^ No, you probably have great support.
I glad you finally found your perfect first apartment! Must have been pretty stressful to always be in moving mode. I can definitely imagine how you feel about how you want to decorate the apartment. Already now I’m thinking of how I’ll want to style my apartment even though I’m not yet looking for one :’) I’m very interested how you’re gonna decorate your apartment in the end! I believe your singing is not as bad that the neighbors couldn’t get any rest! I’m really looking forward to hearing the first song of you!
Both of those outfits look great! But the only white one looks very special to me! I don’t know but it kinda looks pure and just lovely!

templeofbeauty 27 April 2015 / Reply

Such a great white top, love the whole outfit.

xx Z&G

Christina 27 April 2015 / Reply

Absolutely beautiful. I love the crisp white shirt.

Christina x
Christina Campbell Hughes

Heeey Kristina,

I’m so glad to hear you move into your first appartment! Expecially in L.A ! wooo! Life is good to you! You deserve it, you worked so hard for this.

Have a good day xx. Kisses from France ;)

Beautiful post!! Can’t wait to see your apartment and how you decorate it!! Xo

ig: @stylemelauren

Hi Kristina,

My complimentens about your blog and congratulations of finding a new place. Really nice to read your stories. It gives an insight of your life, work and you as a person. I really like to see you also try to react on a lot of comments. In my opinion it says something about your commitment towards your public. I also think the blog is a really good marketing method.
Please look into my website. Sorry that it’s in Dutch, but I just started to promote my sports via this channel and hope it would become as big as your blog someday. In that case i’ll switch to English;)

Good luck with everything!

Best regards, Jordy

Love your style and posts!


Hi girls! Would you please help me out? I’m currently finishing up my Master’s degree and doing an experiment about brands and celebrity endorsement. If you are a female between 18 and 22, will you please participate in my experiment? Here is the link: Its part of the University of Amsterdam :)
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The photos are very beautiful!!! White is my favorite color when sun is up.

Heloísa 2 May 2015 / Reply

Hello Kristina, I´m brazillian and my english is not so good, so forgive me for any mistake. I really like your blog and follow you on the other social medias for a while, but I never wrote a comment here. I think you´re an amazing inspiration, not just for your style but because you seems to be a great person, a dreamer and perseverant one. When I read this post, I feel curious about one thing. You said that you need to take care of your voice carefully and lately, and this really interest me, because I work with theatre. Can you do I short post about how you cares of your voice and body, like an artist? Good luck in your job, travels and new life. You´re awesome.

Great photos…..awesome blog!!

Looks incredible!! And I love the contrast between refined and messy in your outfit, really beautiful.



Anca Fratila 3 May 2015 / Reply

Love the sandals too much!
Amaizing outfit and pictures!

I am so happy for you! You are such an inspiration and always so sweet and positive! Thank you for sharing some personal aspects of your life and I wish you the best always! Gorgeous pictures of The Sixty Hotel, I live in the area but haven’t been to this hotel yet, look forward to visiting sometime!

Fall in love with the white bag! Love the sandals too!

I have always been obsessed with your shoes, where’d you get ‘em!

You look pretty! ! I love your style and outfits!! I like your heels, pretty jeans, bag and cute watch too! :)

you look pretty! I love your style and outfits!! I like your heels, jeans, bag and cute watch too! :)

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