I’ve always loved experimenting with my hair looks and get a little creative although I have to admit that I am not the handiest person ever. There are a few things I can do pretty well when it comes to hair styles, like a nice sleek pony tail, but even when it comes to curls : I can somehow mess it up pretty dramatically! However, there’s always been one thing that I absolutely loved and it’s a good braid. Oh yes. Especially because I have such long hair and that it just keeps going in my face all the time. A braid is so elegant, fresh, effortless and above all so easy to do! Plus the options are limitless, there are literally hundreds of types of braids you could possibility do. And that’s just even more fun to play with.

For a long time I thought that a braid was THE perfect look for a work-out because when you jump around, a chignon tends to get too loose and a pony tail is a bit too thick for when you lay on your back on a yoga mat. A braid is flat enough and holds everything in place for you to jump around like a monkey and sweat it out. On the other hand, I would always braid my hair while travelling. Just because it’s so nice to land somewhere, take off the braid and see little curls appear in your hair. Plus it makes you look super cute while on the go. I’ll also admit that I’ve developed a reflex of braiding my hair every time I get slightly bored or while waiting : I mean doing a little fishtail in your hair is probably the most entertaining thing you could do while in a waiting room. Except for checking Instagram of course.

So today I wanted to share with you two of my favorite braid looks that I created together with the Kérastase team. They just released the most awesome book called the “Book Of Braids” with some beautiful illustrations for each hairstyle. There are tons of different styles to pick and choose from and many of them are inspired by popular street style looks which means : these are all achievable by yourself in the comfort of your own home. The first look I wanted to show you is the loose side braid which is kind of this super effortless style that you’d create in a few minutes while heading out to lunch with friends. I like wearing it when my outfit is very chic and sophisticated to contrast a bit.

The second look is much more sporty. It’s a high, super sleek pony tail that turned into a braid. This look is perfect for either a work out OR I would even go ahead and wear it for a red carpet because it’s so bold and dramatic. You can really go as far as you can, play with the texture of your hair to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Either you want it sleek, thick, more texturized : it’s really up to you. For my looks we always used the “Matérialiste” product from Kérastase which is basically this amazing thickening spray. It adds a beautiful texture to your hair and makes it way easier to braid it and hold the look in place all day. It’s your turn to have some fun with the Book of Braids now because you guys can download it by clicking on the widget bellow! Enjoy my loves and get creative ;)





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Your hair are perfect!!!! Love this post babe


I love both the looks!

braids are always perfect
great work in here, guys

I wear the side braid a lot but I’d love to rock the high pony braid I just wish my hair was a bit longer for it.


I love love love these two looks! Especially the second one! It’s so modern and edgy but still soft at the same time! I wish I had longer thicker hair so I could do these looks better!

Hi Kristina! I love the braids, they look great and the second one it’s just perfect for a work out. Love how you look with that hairstyle. Btw! I love your earring so much, where can I find it?? It’s so cute!

so beautiful

beautiful! as always stunning! what’s the name of the lipstick in the last photo?

OMG…you are so beautiful <3
Love the way you are

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Love the gold bracelet, it is elegant and so original ;)

Bisous from France,

kristina tu es adorable avec la tresse ! je préfère la tresse haute mais l’autre aussi ! les tresses me rendent fous !alors tu vois tu as trouvé ce qu’il fallait pour me séduire !!!! vraiment belle !!! avec les tresses ,pas de stress!!!!!!

The braid is so pretty<3

Shall We Sasa

You’re totally right about how chic braids can be!

love these braids! will definitely have to try them out soon!

The pictures are beautiful and the braid looks amazing <3

Luise |

Stefanie 25 May 2015 / Reply

Super cute looks! Love the first one, looks so romantic :)

x Stefanie

Love your braids, the tighter one is my fave!

|| D I A N A ||

Cool braids! I love braids myself mostly because of the comfort! ;-) I like your looks here, first is perfect for a night-out and the second for a workout! Great!
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love the loose braid, looks incredible ! wish my hair was a bit longer so a braid would look nice on me x

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Both braids look amazing on you, Kristina!

What an adorable looking book that is! I love your sporty slicked back braid, looks perfect for both going out and for hitting the gym :D


Braids are definitely one of my fave hair styles!

magnifique braid so cut

I love the braids so feminine and so cute!
It looks good on you!

I noticed that lately I wear more and more braid, and it’s because of you!! :D


Love your long hair! You look so beautiful! Have a good day!

xoxo, Carolin

Ahh wow, you look gorgeous with those braids & looks, I love it! :)


Braids are like dresses: everyone thinks you spent hours making yourself look nice when in reality it only takes a few minutes to put together. I love the second style in particular; I’ve been in serious need of sporty-braid inspiration. ;)

Your photos are always amazing!

I always thought that braided hair, if done right, could be such a wonderful addition to a chic look :)


I’m so happy to see this hair article, Kristina! I was going to tell you that I love how your hair is always on point with each outfit. I never know how to wear my hair to make my outfit complete, but since I recently cut my hair, I’m going to wait for it to grow out a little more before I try these great braids. I agree with braiding hair for workouts. It’s just a lot easier to deal with and keeps it out of your face when you get a good sweat in. Look forward to your next article! xo

Lovely post as always! Thanks for the book! I am excited to experiment with braids as well!


Amazing hair, you’re so classy <3

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Charmaine 26 May 2015 / Reply

The ebook is adorable. The artwork is amazing and it’s so cool to see the braids on you Kristina. So so unbelievably happy about this collaboration. Job well done ❤❤❤❤❤

Your winged eyeliner is seriously PERFECTION!! <3

So beautiful!!!!! This style of hair look very cool and so ROMANTIC! Perfect style for summer, thanks for sharing Kristina! :)
You look amazing on this pics here!

Love from Germany!
Christina Key

I super loooove your hair!!!


Blizzard Girl 26 May 2015 / Reply

You’re so beautiful Kristina, you’re amazing and so funny. You’re an inspiration for everyday !

You’re so beautiful and amazing Kristina, You’re such a big inspiration for a lot of girls.

Totally love braids in summer and yours looks absolutely gorgeous!

great hairstyle! :)

you should definitely do a little insider-post about your make-up routine! i´m totally in love that! :)

All the best

very sleek and nice ponytail! My hair is pretty short right now so unfortunately can’t do it :/

Agnes x

Elsa TYSEBAERT 26 May 2015 / Reply

Quand j’étais petite, je rêvais d’être blonde avec de longs cheveux. Bon… Je suis afro et mes cheveux sont tout sauf longs et beaux ! Pas de milliers de choix de coiffure pour moi… damn !!

Superbes photos btw

These look fantastic! I will definitely be trying out some of them!

Nan Goldin 26 May 2015 / Reply

Stunning love it!

Both braid styles are really amazing, the first one is more casual and chic and the second is perfect for a female fatal look. Great photos
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you look amazing

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Amazing Make up. The braid looks are lovely!

Love from Vienna
Borislava von

Your hair looks amazing anyways but I love that slick braided ponytails big time <3
kisses, Lucy

You look really pretty with braids! And I also love them :) xxx

J’adore ces deux looks. Je suis également dan de tresses, c’est pratique et joli comme tu le disais.


Liebe Kristina

Traumhaft schöne Fotos und die Frisur steht Dir wundervoll.

Viele liebe Grüsse

Petra von

Your hair styling is looking perfect

avocadoseeds 26 May 2015 / Reply

Your hair looks amazing ! I absolutely love it when its braided in the ponytail!

OBSESSED with this braid – so perfect for a summer workout! x

Looking chic, as always!! xx,

your makeup is always on fleek!!
love the braid, keep doing Kristina! xx

I agree with you on the hair situation, it is definitely not my strong point. I love a good braid, so this post was perfect!

Your braids hairstyles are really awesome, I love it !


I am so glad that you posted this Kristina because I have been trying to get back into braids. They are beyond perfect for the summer. Thanks for the great hair inspiration!

Both looks are great and sophisticated!


Love the hair and the accessories! Do you even have one bad photo?! hahaha, love you!


I also love braids. You look stunnig wearing it!! Perfect as always… Kisses from Portugal

Such a fierce look! That braid is amazing!

xx, Diane ||

Alia Saiful 27 May 2015 / Reply

Hi Kristina! I just love your style so much! Not only are you elegant and beautiful but you’re so down to earth. I love reading your articles because your writing style is as if you’re having an actual conversation with your readers.

Love all the way from Malaysia,


I love so much this hairstyle!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

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Looking gorgeous as usual!

x Krizia

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I love braids! The problem is that I don’t knoow how to do it myself… also, I have quite thin hair, so even though I wear it long, the braid doesn’t come too thick.

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Kristina you are perfect as always! I really wanna know the label of your earrings / earcuff … I love them !!

Such a classy look – adoreable <3

xo Ari

AlesandraFromSlovakia 27 May 2015 / Reply

Oh goood! The first look is amazing! It is so leisurely and also a bit elegant. And the book is full of inspiration for different occasions. I love this book! <3

A simple braid is a nice alternative to a ponytail!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

love braids ! the pictures are really great ;)


This braid looks amazing on you :)
I love this blog post!!

How familiar! I grew up with a braid given how thick and long my hair was and is. It is also a very Russian thing. Love braids and they are the most comfortable and good-for-your-hair hairstyle as the hair is not in your way and does not tangle:)

Love your photos more and more, such a great job!
Adorable to see your hair so close. Super pretty as always! ♥


I love the first braid! So romantic and effortless x

Love your hair! Beautiful ideas for summer and amazing pictures!

Greetings from Vienna – Hannah from

I can see significant increase in volume in your hair. Love that stylish braid on you.
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That is such a useful post for everyone with long hair and with hot season coming!

Sudakshina Sridharan 28 May 2015 / Reply

Love your posts :D :D !! Absolutely love braids. HIFI girl :) !

Victoria 28 May 2015 / Reply

I love it so much!

Stephanie 28 May 2015 / Reply

Love the look! The braid is perfect for so many occasions. Cute and casual, or sleek and elegant.

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- Stephanie

Gorgeous!So beautiful braid, thanks for sharing! Have a lovely day dear! x

xx Mary

The braid looks so sleek and beautiful! What a fun way to change things up for this summer season. :)

This is just gorgeous! Going to bed with lose plaits can really help the condition of your hair and allows you to wake up with that beautiful Victorias Secret hair look

Great hairstyles, braids are such a big trend this season! Too bad I have short hair :)

Fantastic braid and post! Have a nice day!

I think this is a really gorgeous outfit!

Lovely pictures!! I love the braids.


Chloé P. 29 May 2015 / Reply

You’re so right! A braid is the PERFECT hairstyle, and it looks truely amazing on you!

Sublime !! Ce visage de poupée <3


I’ve never seen anyone rock the slick back look like you did. So beautiful.

So Beautiful!! Perfect Summer look! -momo

Your hair is amazing. Love this firm as well.

Love the little braid book!!! Thanks a lott!!!! xxxxx

I’ve always thought you looked amazing wearin a braid. The first look is my favourite!

x Karen

Braids are my favourite hair style, they look so elegant however you do them.



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hair… it’s like shoes in a way, you can have a very nice outfit and some accessories, nice hair is the cherry on the cake, it definitely adds something to the outfit! i like the “messy” one :)

Does anyone know what is the earring that Kristina is wearing? Earcuff brand? I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while … No hopes that I can find this info. I just lie it a lot! And it looks great on Kristina!

Juliette 18 June 2015 / Reply

Tu es magnifique, cette coiffure te vas super bien, ton blog est génial… Bref je t’adore, merci d’égayer un peu mon quotidien notamment avec tes snapchat :)
Au fait, d’où vient ton collier avec la petite étoile que tu portes? Il est juste parfait.
Plein d’amour et des bisous,

Hi Kristina,

Do you remember what lipstick and eyeshadows you used here?

Thank you.

Gorgeous! Love your braids. My hair is layered so I have a harder time getting my braid to look as neat and as pretty as yours!

Love this simple look! Way to make a braid look stunning.


You are simply empty woman. Sorry, but only it a can see on your photos. Your face is artifical

really beautiful!! your hair is perfect

Love those braids so much, it looks perfect on you :)

Love your hair and the jewellery!

Where is the jewellery from? Especially the inner corch piercing? Or is it not a real one?


You look fabulus!
xoxoxo, Ioanna

wow different look!!! braid really looking great on you.

You look outstanding!! Such a beautiful, sensual and feminine photos!!
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Always love your hair styles girly! So sleek and sophisticated!

Love this post! So beautiful! Keep up the good work


Pernille 5 June 2016 / Reply

How is it possible for one person to be this beautiful? ✨❤️

Stylist |

everything looks great.. i love it.. congr

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you still look gorgeous, keep going as you do with true people and loving life!

Flawless skin. You look amazing!!

woww look amazing and good work especailly eyes and hairs