Moving in our new place in Los Angeles was a tremendously awesome step. First of all, that meant we could finally give up on living in between two hotel rooms or air bnb’s. It also meat we could finally unpack our suitcases. For good! What a relief, you guys can’t even imagine. So, these last couple of days have kind of been about settling in and somehow finding some comfort in this big empty space. Adult life, here we are! It feels so strange to think that my first appartement is in Beverly Hills, so far away from my family and from what I’ve grown up with. Instead of everything I could have expected, I ended up surrounded by all these palm trees and this overwhelming Hollywood vibe that I used to only see in movies and TV shows. And well, it does it feel kind of crazy.

There are so many things to think about when you move in your first appartement. First of all, getting your paper work in order. And I am really, really… really bad at that kind of stuff. If there’s anything that I truly suck at in this world, it’s anything administrative. I always do everything last minute when it comes to office work. Even if it’s a question of paying one tiny bill or calling an insurance company, I’ll wait until the very last second to do it… But now that I am by myself, like a grown up, in my own place, I guess I don’t really have the choice anymore. Gotta get responsible. On the other hand, because we’ve still been kept so busy with work, we barely found time to furnish our place. Result is, it is pretty much empty. The only thing that somehow makes it look like someone’s actually living there is the big queen size bed in the middle of the bedroom. That’s pretty much it.

With that being said, our trips did kick off a couple of days ago. Even though we enjoyed a little break from travelling in L.A to get settled in, we are back on a crazy hazy whirl of trips planned for the next couple of weeks. And I honestly am so unbelievably excited. I have to say, I am so used to it at this point that I do miss it when I stay in one place for too long. I just can’t help it. I am writing this article from my hotel in Oxford, England, where’ve been invited to hold a speech in front of the University’s Students and I am seriously dying. I’m scared, happy, nervous and excited all at once. Also confused on how sick and insane it is that we actually got invited when I haven’t even graduated college. But it turns out, such as the other guests they had, rappers, actors, models, you don’t always need to follow a path to write a great story. You can create your own.

The images I am sharing with you today have been shot in L.A a few days ago as we were still crashing at the Standard hotel on Sunset Boulevard. A great place with a wonderful scenery and always really cool people hanging around. I remember it being so sunny and beautiful that day, which meant perfect occasion to be perfectly casual with a little spice of color and fun. I am always on the search for new bags and lately have been wearing a lot of red ones. The wonderful Rachna Malakni launched her bag company in Dubai called Native and this is one of the pieces from her stunning collection. I love how timeless, classic, so stylish and fashionable it looks. The texture of the leather is gorgeous and really enjoy how the golden logo sits on it. It was the perfect bag to carry around that day, adding a little pop of something extra special to this sunny afternoon.





TOP: Forever 21


SHOES : Forever 21 

BAG : Native 

BRACELET : Céline 


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Looks gorgeous! I just moved to London to pursue my music career and I am happy that you are also going after your dreams! High five to us aka the scorpius!

Congratulations on your move! You look so lovely here! So chic and simple but modern and edgy at the same time! Perfection!

where is you star necklace from?! i love it so much!

I like it how you combine neutral colors with a colorful purse. I also love doing this and a purse, especially when it is as pretty as yours made by Native, can change a complete outfit! Very nice!

Amazing bag and perfect pair of leather shorts! Good luck with all of the travels and it will be so nice for you to come back home to LA!

This bag is beautiful, amazing, gorgeous

The bag really is such a fun spot of color! :)

FInally a cheap outfit (that looks amazing)! :)
amd cogratz on the moving! good luck

Love the little touch of snakeskin! It really sticks out against the red <3

xo kristen

Congratulations for the speech at the Oxford University and Good Luck! This outfit is absolutely amazing, it’s simple, casual and you look stunning, like always. Adore these leather shorts, they have a very original design and the style is so rock, the mix with the basic top is just perfect. These sandals are so cool, not my style but you know how to wear them to make them fabulous. The bag is super chic and the color is really beautiful. Great photos

very curious how your new home Looks like!


You look amazing … I love your bag …

I am excited for your new home as well as all your trips planned :)
And you look stunning like always – the red bag is a great choice combined to the grey colors of the rest of the outfit <3

Stefanie x

It must be so exciting to finally have your own place and I guess it makes all of your work in LA much easier :)
I’m always pretty organized when it comes to administrative stuff,I don’t particularly like it,so the sooner I’m done with it, the better .)
Your outfit is super nice and I love that bag,it’s adorable.

I love your earcuff and marble iPhone case! :)

Those sandals are so nice, like this outfit, simple and cool!


You look flawless! #angel

It’s so cool that you can move to LA. But I can imagine how weird it’s feels to go so far away from home, for me it was a huge step to move 500 km away form my old home and in comparison to LA that’s nothing! And by the way I love your bag and the outfit!

Such a perfect casual outfit! And so in love with the red bag as the perfect eye-catcher for the look! <3

Júlia Coldwell 11 May 2015 / Reply

The bag is to die for, so pretty! All in all your outfit looks so chic but must be so comfy, jealous :)

Julia xx

You have to show us your new apartment when you furnish and it’s completely ready! :D
Congratulations again for your new period of independence! It’s gonna be great for sure!

And, it’s awesome to give a speech about your bussiness in Oxford, at the University…wow!!! You have to tell us more about it; the questions that students threw!

Here we have another perfect Kristina look! I love love love the bag :)


Gorgeous! Please come to Manchester so I can say Hi! xx

Such a nice outfit! Love the bag and the sandals a lot!

such a babe! LOVE the bag and also your earring

I seriously relate to this article so much. I’ve essentially been living out of a suitcase since I lost my apartment to my ex-boyfriend in 2013. I’ve only just now – two days ago! – finally moved to England and rented a place of my own. Moving my own things in and knowing that I won’t have to lug around suitcases anymore has brought me to tears. <3

Simply loving it, especially the bag that is gorgeous!
Come by Warwick Uni in England, not that far from oxford ;) x

Simply loving it, especially the bag that is gorgeous!
Come by Warwick Uni in England, not that far from Oxford ;) Congrats for everything ! x

That bag is absolutely stunning….love it :)

Love this look, really casual! Where have you bought the iphone case? Love it!


Can’t wait to see some pics of your new home, Kristina. Your bag is amazing

Je ne peux que me retrouver dans ces histoires de papiers dont je m’occupe toujours en last minute…
j’adore ce top, il est très simple, mais j’aime beaucoup sa coupe!
Bravo pour Oxford!
instagram Magali B. / @mimionthewire

Félicitations pour votre emménagement !! En effet, c’est un grand pas dans la vie d’adulte, et vous allez vite vous rendre compte qu’avec ça vient effectivement tout ce qui est papiers administratives. C’est le moins glamour de la chose, mais ça prouve qu’on est plus dans la phase “enfant qui dépend de ses parents”. C’est à la fois super flippant et super excitant ! Mais je ne m’inquiète pas pour vous qui avez affaire à un monde d’adulte depuis bien longtemps !

J’aurais beaucoup aimé pouvoir vous croiser au détour de tous vos voyages européens (français notamment… Paris, Cannes…).

J’adore les photos et ta tenue. Bravo au photographe !

What stunning photos- you look gorgeous!!

Blonde in Cashmere

Lovely bag! You look beautiful!


I am so, so excited you’re here in Oxford. Don’t be nervous, we’re so excited to hear from you! See you this evening X

I am so jealous!!! I live in London and I really wanted to go see the speech in Oxford but I am in the middle of my exams so I can’t travel :( I hope I will be able to watch on periscope… and I wish you the best of luck with your speech! :))

Amazing, this outfit is really cool, your bag is amazing!!
Kisses, F.


Absolutely gorgeous! Love the simple pieces for a spring day in LA. xx

Audrey |

Eclética and Chic 11 May 2015 / Reply

LOVE that bag is gorgeous!! You and your photos look as amazing as ever!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Congrats on the apartment! Love this simple look and how the bag really pulls it all together!


First of all: congratulations on your speak at Oxford University! That’s so amazing <3

I love everything about today's look – especially the bag!

Ina, xxx

Good luck with you Oxford venture today!:-) This purse is really something! So sleek and I love the eye-catching design and exotic details! Super!
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You are faaab, as always <3


Congrats on the new place! I hope returning to LA will feel more comforting.

Characters & Carry-ons

hé kristina is bag very beautifull love love you^^

Cute look,… Beautiful photos! :-)
Nice post,…thanks for sharing!!!

Congratulations on the official move to L.A.! You will be great there! And I love those leather shorts. Super simple with an edge. That new bag is awesome<3 Such a great pop of color.


I love this look – simple and yet so sophisticated! Great photography too. You have a beautiful blog Kristina, and we love it so much.
Love from Ghana!!

Cara @

That’s amazing to have your own place, lucky you !! You look amazing as always, looove that great bag !

Love your shorts and bag. xx


That’s too funny, Kristina! I feel that EXACT same way when it comes to administrative work. It’s my least favorite thing on this planet! Well, that and putting away laundry, haha! I’m so excited for you and the Kayteam to be speaking at Oxford tonight and will be adding the Periscope app to see if I can catch you guys. I LOVED what you said, “…you don’t always need to follow a path to write a great story. You can create your own.” Thank you for that! Good faith tonight! I know you guys will rock it! :D

Jeannette 11 May 2015 / Reply

Beautiful Style!!!

FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

I love how simple this look is!

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Blizzard Girl 11 May 2015 / Reply

Omg you are gorgeous and I love it that everything your wearing is super affordable:)


I like the pop of colour you added with the bag, it is so nice! Also, your eyes- they are to die for, i felt completely lost when I was looking at your eyes :)

magique kristina !très beau look ! beau sac native ! te sent un peu tendue !!!gros bisous petite fée !!!détend toi !!!

Virginia 11 May 2015 / Reply

Wow, Oxford is like a dream come true. I’m excited for you doll. And u look amazing
With ❤ from Tanzania

Totally love your outfit. The bag is simply gorgeous. Congrats on your new apartament in LA!

Love this look! Amazing bag ;)

Kisses from Ibiza

Dress to Impress Ibiza

The best!!! you never fail to amaze me. :)

April of:
Instagram: @aprilnunezzz

what beautiful photos!
ladies in navy

That is so strange (in a nice way) reading how you’re getting situated in a city that I have been situated in nearly all my life. I like reading about your adventures in Los Angeles, and how excited you are about it! I hope your apartment is amazing, just like the Native purse, haha. Such a cool concept to have the buckle off-center.

Love the bag and those sandals!

Amazing leather shorts, love them with a simple grey shirt and slides!


Denina Martin 11 May 2015 / Reply

Really wish I could be there during your speech!

Purely Me by Denina Martin

Love those shorts and the bag is pretty amazing. Love it.


Kristina ♡ you are such a great inspiration and I love reading your blog! I hope that I can get as duccessful as you in the future!:) I have a question: how often did you post a blogpost? you always say that Kayture went successful very quickly.
Greetings from Germany:)

Welcome to LA! I see my hot dog place behind you in the main shot….yum.

Your looks amazing!!!!
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Kiss, Anna

even in super casual you still manage to look the most chic and beautiful that your pieces are also mostly high street, it’s just amazing :) <3

Lovely red bag!! I hope you’re enjoying LA, and that you have many more opportunities with this move!

x, Carina
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Looking beautiful as always! No one ever tells you about all the paperwork that comes with adult life, to me that’s the worst part. And huge congrats on your speech at Oxford! That’s such an amazing accomplishment xx

I don’t know if you will see my comment but I wanted to know if there’s a place we can watch your speech at Oxford’s University.

What’s happening to you is incredible and your tips and stories would be so inspiring!

Thank you very much!!! Love xox

I don’t want to be a fangirl but OMG I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!! Have a nice day :)

You have such radiant skin! Very cute outfit

Agnes x

That bag is gorgeous! I’m so glad you had a few days to settle down in your new apartment, and I’m so jealous you’re visiting Oxford! It’s on my bucket list ;)


you look fab. i love ti

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You’re perfect, I love this look and your bag, awesome!

aww that’s so exciting!! love the look :)

You are lovely and beautiful.

It is an exciting phase to move somewhere far from hometown. Also to furnish the new place.
The Native bag is an absolute fashion piece! Native has nice collections too.
Look forward to read the upcoming stories about new place!


How can you make any locations, any settings, any outfits look so damn good, amazing and editorial!!! Love you!! Do a post on how you take photos please!!!


Ca doit te faire bizarre d’emménager comme ça à l’autre bout du monde…
Le sac est magnifique :)

Nice photos.

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You look so tan. Cute bag as well.

xx Falasha

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Yes you are really lucky to have your 1rst flat in L.A! You’ll see you’ll take a big pleasure to find furnitures and to create your own decoration, your own world ;) I’m sure the choice is great in California :)
You’re right your bag is really elegant I love it !

All I can say is good luck! I wish you have the time of your life. It would not be easy many times, but I believe that you are strong enough to handle things. Decorate a house takes time, don’t have rush, you will find a way to put everything in the right place. Live the photos and the outfit as always. . You’re my favourite blogger ever. Kisses from Portugal dear
Love, Denise

Chloé P. 12 May 2015 / Reply

So gorgeous!!!!
I hope your speech went fine… So proud of you!!!!!!!!! <3

I love your outfit! It’s very cute, but still city friendly :) And you’re right, that bag is to die for!

And congrats on the apartment girl! While mine is probably a fraction of the size of yours, I moved into my very own one here in the middle of Paris. Not bad, a first apartment in Paris! And I’m far from home as well, ironically, I left LA a year ago :)

Congrats on all of your success!


I’m loving that bag!

- Liz

Can’t agree more with what you said :
“You don’t always need to follow a path to write a great story. You can create your own.”

So happy you found a new apartment and from the look of it you showed us on snapchat, it seems spacious! :) You look great on photos, the bag is very unique and cool :) Have a nice day! xx Maja

Less is more, you look great!
Congrats on your move

Looking gorgeous as usual!
Have fun living in LA (but I bet you will, haha)

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

I love your top and your short ! Happy for you & fiona for your own apartment !
You’re so lovely

Beautiful photos and bag! I love following you in Snapchat!!

|| D I A N A ||

Lovely post Kay! Congrats on your new place :) looking forward to your next post.
Kisses, Lucy

Awww I remember the feeling of the first app I feel all grown and cool just wanted to buy stuff for home one that’s finally mine haha , good luck!

Your outfit is very cool, love that bag!

I love the grey top!:) beautiful look!

Ollyvia Laura 14 May 2015 / Reply

awesome Kayture


I cannot believe most of these pieces are from Forever 21 and H&M, you make them look like garments that just came off the runway. I really adore the bag paired with this outfit as well, it looks great. I love this whole look, casual and chic!

Great Post Kristina, such a beautiful casual outfit. I especially loved the bag and shoes! xx

This bag is insane! Love your look :)

Your bag is so chic! Totally love the colour and the snakeskin detail!

This bag is so beautiful! It looks awesome!

Prudence Yeo 14 May 2015 / Reply

Great casual chic look perfect for Spring Summer and the bag is such a stunning piece! Love the unique yet classy design!


beautiful as always. :)

Wow, great look! That red bag is pretty cool! The color and shape is so fresh!
And dear Kristina? The grey shirt looks great on you! Your eyes are really jumpin out, you are so beautiful! :)

And again an amzing look, I would say you are the Queen of fashion! :) :)

Christina Key

Sublime comme toujours! J’adore la tenue basique. Et encore bravo pour le discours à Oxford ma belle


Congratulations on your new move! I just moved from Australia to Germany this month so I understand completely!

You are looking beautiful!
<3 the pictures


magnifique kristina !!!j’ai lu ton texte et regardé ces photos plusieurs fois !!! rouge et noir vont si bien ensemble avec ta peau de pêche !!!! tellement belle !!! pour ton installation ,faut aller doucement …tu as déjà un beau lit …quoi de mieux !!!et fait toi aider ….faut élever la voix !!!! ce n’est pas facile ,je le sais par nombres de fois déménagé !!!! je compte sur toi pour arriver à tout planifier!!! je viendrai te voir en rêve !!!!gros bisous ptit ange !!!!!

Wow stunning photos


Beautiful outfit! Good luck on your move!
Very beautiful post!
xo from Italy
Sonia Verardo

In LOVE with that necklace, where it is from?
xo Cara

Your make up is perfected!! I really like the details in the look as well. Welcome to LA :)

Congratulations on your speech at Oxford University. I could read on a lot of social media how good it was. Will you ever put it on youtube?
Can’t wait to see how your apartment looks when it is finished.

Love Imke

Wonderful look! You are beautiful!

I love the fact that even thugh you have simple looks very often, you always come up with something new that melt my heart. LOVE YOU, PRETTY LADY! You are so inspirational!
BTW: Congrats, and no stress! You are going to be just fine in front of the university! xo ♥


congratulations! just imagining moving to LA is insane)
ps: the bag is life!
September Rules

Great pictures. That bag is so awesome! And congrats to your new apartment!

xx Nicki

I just wanna say I’m in love with your blog. I think you and your team made a excellent job. My dream will be to create something like you did : a fashion blog. But I’m not especially rich or photogenic, so how can I realize my dream if I don’t have the card for do it ?

Congrats also from me! You guys can be very proud.
I absolutely agree to the bit with ‘you do not have to be a student’ to create a worth hearing story.

much love

Stunning! Love how you styled this look. the bag is perfect!



Un look fantastico y comodo! tu estas preciosa! :) lovely this bag!


Love the shorts! :D

Congrats on the move! Great to see you wearing a casual and affordable look! x


Does anyone know where the EARRING is from??

Love the tiny bag, so cute!

Bisous from France,

I am loving this clean look, so beautiful on you! xo, Christina

Love your look and the bag is amazing :)

So pretty, how did you do to take photos in the sun and don’t burn them? Thank you =D

I love how simple and sophisticated you look! Keep up the great work!

Babe, I love your posts and am very happy you got to come so far. All your work is worth it and I am sure you will achieve even more. So big like and lots of love to that.

2nd tho, I would like to tell you that I have spotted a small typo in your article. I don’t mean to be rude, I just want it to be perfect for you. (Typos spotted here: It also ->meat<- we could finally unpack our suitcases.)

xoxo Nat

Just love the whole look!

Victoria 19 May 2015 / Reply

I love your style! ♥



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Sónia Stripes

Great pictures! You are gorgeous! x

In love with this! Just amazing! :)

Outfit is very cool! But I do not like the shoes ;)

Amazing photos!! Very cool shorts!))

Simple & Perfect !!!
I love your style!

Ah love your look!! Love how you styled it with affordable clothes :) Glad you got a place in LA. So much fun out there but I hate the traffic haha.

like it

So simple, yet so legere, cool and elegant – Am lovin` it! <3
Greetings from Germany!

Beautiful post my dear!!! This is my new blog post Follow you )

Love the pictures but it’s too bad they look like they have been really too retouched.
You have no skin texture and it’s just not natural at all.

That’s a pity cause I’m sure you’re really beautiful without that !

Anyway, love the look and the way you match this basical look with chic accessories and hair style.

Your makeup is always so perfect. Flawless!

Hi Kayture :)

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Since your style suites our brand, we would like you to try a pair.

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Have a great evening!


LOVE LOVE LOVE that bracelet!!!<3
Sunning photos and positives words as alway!!
Thank you for sharing! :)

Happy Nesting!