Freedom. Freedom is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about the whirl of experiences and adventures we’ve lived these last couple of weeks. Freedom is the word I have in my head when I close my eyes and think about how lucky and blessed we are to be leading this kind of crazy, bohemian life where it all comes and goes, where we step into the unknown each day, where we wander without really feeling lost, just knowing that we are headed somewhere special, somewhere magical no matter what. Having this belief is what keeps us going.

A lot of people ask us, so what do you want to do in a couple of years? Where do you see yourself in ten years, twenty years? Setting any expectations feels like I am taking away from that freedom of mind I am currently in… As a matter of fact, I kind of don’t want to know where I am headed. Having a very global idea of it as well as heart full of dreams and ambitions is enough for me to guide my steps and keep me centered. All we are really seeking in life, is beautiful stories, moments to remember forever, sharing and caring, giving without waiting anything in return and grasping each second as if it was the last. As long as I keep living like that, it doesn’t really matter what I’ll be doing in a few years, because I know for sure that I’ll be able to find happiness in the smallest things.

It’s unbelievable to see all the way we came through. James, Fiona and I had such an emotional moment the other day where we sort of wrapped up one of the most important moments of our careers so far. We got invited to host a speech at Oxford University. And being the first digital influencers in the world to ever come speak is an honor beyond words… If someone would have told me that this opportunity would come along, I would have seriously said “wait whaat”!? But it did happen and now I am convinced more than ever that being kind hearted, rolling with the flow, doing things with passion and being hard working are values that can only lead to good. We were so unbelievably excited when we got asked to do this. My heart was pouding like a beatbox that day and James couldn’t stop running around in our hotel room. Seeing so many amazing students who came by and gave us some of their precious time was so humbling.

After Oxford we were on a crazy ride of trips, from Oxford to Japan for 24 hours and now back to London for a few days in order to work on a few shoots and projects before leaving to Cannes for the film festival, which will be such an amazing experience I am sure. All of this to say that these last couple of days have been goosebumps worthy and that I will never stop telling you guys how much your state of mind is everything in life. As long as you keep your head clear, your mind focused, your heart kind, there’s no way you won’t achieve your wildest dreams. And if there’s anything that can remind you of this, please do it.

I am so happy to share with you today the very last part of our collaboration with Cartier around their iconic Amulette. This time in this gorgeous, warm, carnelian stone that reminded me of dusk as soon as I saw it. It’s this magical, precious moment of the day where it feels like time stops for a minute and the whole sky turns into this ocean of colors… There’s no better place to observe nature’s most beautiful manifestation than from the hill of the Griffith observatory in Los Angeles. I hope you will enjoy this last set of images… And now, unlock your wish!




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Such an amazing photoshoot!

You deserve what you already reached in any respect and it is so wonderful that you even had that speech at the University! I believe also that nearly everything can come true, you are a convincing proof. Love as usual your outfit including the pictures <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Lovely pics and gorgeous necklace.


Sublime Kristina,
J’adore suivre tes journées, tes voyages, j’ai hate de voir comment tu seras a Cannes !

This is really cool! All three shots for the three amulets are beyond words. And I can’t keep saying how jealous I am of you following your dream, I really hope I can follow your inspirational footsteps soon and follow my dreams. It’s a shame you haven’t done any meet ups in London, I would have loved to meet you. I really want to become PR in a fashion brand and one day hope to be graced with the chance to contact you for any events.

Bopha Iem 16 May 2015 / Reply

You’re beautiful. truly beautiful and inspired. You ‘re far away from home, from where you grew up, far away from people to used to be with, to find your dream. You’re seriously working so hard to get your name known like today. I’m so proud of you, Kristina. Love you, my little angel <3

Love the scenario and the amulette! Great pics as always!

Congrats on your Oxford speech xxx

I’m just so thrilled for all of you. I wish I could have been there to hear it in person, myself! These images are absolutely enchanting…

such inspiring words! you are a beautiful soul <3

Wow! This is beautiful! Such a beautiful location, amazing makeup and outfit, all is playing together so well. Love it.

I’ve so enjoyed following your crazy hectic schedule on Instagram! Japan and London looked amazing! And you look so bohemian and chic here! Love the red!

The photography in this is absolutely stunning. I could no joke feel the sun set on glaring at me and I could feel the warmth of it! Thanks for introducing me to Cartier! xx

What an incredible experience! You and your amazing team have truly proven yourselves at the forefront of social influencing, and I would have been honoured to hear you all speak about your business ventures.

I have so much respect for what you do here; not just what we see, but all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Charmaine 16 May 2015 / Reply

You look so beautiful. Is it possible to view your Oxford speech online?

These pictures are stunning! You guys should be so proud of what you’ve achieved. That’s so incredible that you guys were able to accomplish so much and be asked to speak there. It’s fantastic and inspiring that you guys also love what you do too.


This is such a gorgeous look, Kristina! Love all the reds and the style of the photos. So pretty, especially because of the time you shot this!

xx, Diane ||

Margery Ho 16 May 2015 / Reply

You look gorgeous! I love the look! x

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Prudence Yeo 16 May 2015 / Reply

The scenery is amazing and love the feminine red and white outfit look with a carefree vibe! It really reflects your state of mind regarding Freedom! Thanks for sharing!


You’re such an inspiring person, Kristina! Hope that one day I’ll meet you in person to say thank you!

these are beyond gorgeous

Amazing pictures, the lighting is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning as always! :)

I am really really happy that this world has this kind of friendly, kind and always smiling influencer like you! Are so passionate about what you do and you love us, your reader, and helps us to get in touch with you and this is so great. I really think that you deserved all of the happiness that you get during your life, all of the opportunities and great projects. And I am really happy that a few years ago I discovered your blog and you of course because you really know what you want from life and you know how to get it. And it is very inspiring!
Now I am in this kind of time when I ended my university, got my diploma of specialist and now I need to understand what to do with my life. And yes I don’t want to think what I will be doing in 2 or 5 years because every time I think about it I lose my freedom of living today. Of course we need to think about the future but when you really can’t even imagine what to think about today, about your life, it is really hard to even imagine what you will be doing in 5 years, But I have something in mind that really furls me up, that really makes me happy and I think that if everything is alright than this is what I want to do.
Thank for sharing your experience with us, your passion for living and forking for your dream. I think I know what I need to do now <333

Lots of love, Anna

Agnieszka 16 May 2015 / Reply

You are so gorgeous :D

Beautiful photos especially the last one ! Good luck for your Dreams k! You are so luky! Xo

Beautiful photos!


Inspiring words like always <3 The pictures are beyond beautiful.

x Stefanie

These photos are absolutely amazing, they are really beautiful and I can feel everything that you try to explain in the text, the Cartier Amulette is a little piece of art. The view is breathtaking, so wonderful and unique, adore the bikini top and how you wear it with the perfect white kaftan like a dress, tres chic.
Congratulations for the speech at the Oxford University!

CHRISTINA KEY 16 May 2015 / Reply

Oh Kristina!!! What a wonderful post! You look just FLAWLESS!!!!
Wow, I’m done now! :)
Too much BEAUTY arround here! :)

I mean, hell! Those pictures are wonderful! I love this light and you look
stunning! WELL DONE!!!!

Lots of Love from Freiburg! (Black Forest, Germany)

Christina Key

Such a beautiful light in this post! The moment sun is disappearing behind the horizon isn’t called golden hour for no reason. I would to see your speech at Oxford University, is it available online somewhere? Thumbs up for being both a smart and a beautiful girl, sending you love from Scandinavia! ♡

absolutely beautiful. absolutely!
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vivre au temps présent !!! photos magnifiques !!! amulette en fête !!! et comme une alouette à l’ affût de son nid ,la petite fée kristina heureuse de nous faire partager sa joie ,sa soif menant à l’ ivresse du bonheur de vivre ……………..!merci kristina ,je t’adore …..pour tout…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Kristina…you are simply so expressive, so smart…you observe all that is around you and you don’t just take things for what they are but you understand that you need to be aware of these situations. They’re not just opportunities but they’re life lessons. You truly deserve everything that is coming your way and thank you so much, so much for being so humble through all that happens to you and all the things you get to experience.

You have inspired millions I’m sure, and you have encouraged me to push boundaries, to treat every little project like my life depends on it and give everything 150%. This is what distinguishes you from the rest. To never be lazy, to make time for everything because truly time is so precious and the way we divide it determines our future and our life.

Beautiful set of images. You captured the tone of the Amulette so perfectly and I’m loving the entire series. You manifest every color so perfectly and translate its essence in a gorgeous set of images each time.

Keep going. Would love to meet you one day, I’m sure your energy is contagious in person as well.

Greetings from Egypt. :)

Chloé P. 16 May 2015 / Reply

You deserve everything that happens to you <3<3

And I truly LOVE this necklace!

Lovely photos! Amazing <3

these photos are beyond beautiful Kristina and as are you..what an amazing ride you’ve been having and in ten or twenty years time I hope you have more success and amazing experiences..
speaking at Oxford! wow that’s just insane! you’re such an inspiration and a motivation to work hard :)

Nina Sax 16 May 2015 / Reply

“As long as you keep your head clear, your mind focused, your heart kind, there’s no way you won’t achieve your wildest dreams.”

If only it was true, it would be so for everyone “focused and kind” as you say. But life’s not like that. Sometimes you are good, you are kind, you have big dreams and still there is always some shit that comes in your way. Believe me, I’ve been there.

These are such gorgeous shots as always. Love the lighting from the sunset!! x

Gorgeous photos Kristina!

Wow this shoot is amazing, you are so gorgeous Kristina!

Always the best pictures! You’re stunning!

The text you wrote in this post is very beautiful. Also that white dress or what is it, is so nice….

OMG! Absolutely flawless session!

that is exactly the way you should think: having a global idea, and let everything else fall into place!
lovely thoughts, kristina! :)

and a stunning necklace that is! ;)

best of luck from Vienna

LOVE this look and the photos are absolutely amazing!

Lovely outfit and amazing pics=)
KISSES from Italy

Amazing photoshoot, Kristina!! You look stunning!

Beautiful and I love all this glowing orange sunset colors!
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Gorgeous pictures, it’s just magical
you are such an inspiration Kristina!!

Love Imke

Wow … Cet article me laisse sans voix! On peut sentir ta détermination derrière les lignes, le courage et la volonté que tu as déployé pour en arriver là et pourtant tu restes si humble! Merci de nous faire partager tous ces moments, ton énergie est contagieuse :)
Bien à toi

Imposible being better than this! Incredible post!


WOW you look gorgeous!
xoxo Lynda

lovely pictures ! Amazing landscape :) good job !

The pictures looks really stunning ! And congrats for your speech in Oxford, you and your team really deserved it. Too bad you only stayed 24h in Tokyo, because it’s really an awesome city !


Such a lovely post! That’s so true, memories and experiences are the things we live for, not any special plans. And the pics are gorgeous! I love that white capedress!

Lorraine 16 May 2015 / Reply

Très joli texte et magnifiques photos! J’adore le sentiment que j’ai eu en regardant ces images, ce sentiment de paix intérieure en voyant ces paysages d’été…
Beau travail!

I absolutely love the pictures, they are so beautiful! And the outfit looks amazing too ♥

You look amazing, and the photographer is phenomenal!

Daisy x

What a beautiful shooting!

Amazing Photos!!! :D




I love the hills and valleys of LA–they transport you to another place and time depending on the timing of the day and the weather. It looks like you’re in another galaxy…stunning.

now this is probably one of the most beautiful photo series you’v ever done! LOVE the light, the outfit, your natural make up and last but not least – the amulette.

I love so much what you’re doing with your life! You are super inspiring and travelling around has always been my dream too. Thank you for existing!

The photography is amazing. I love your ‘beauty’ look. Honestly, there is nothing to complain about only praise!

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These pictures are so breathtaking! Love them loads!

xx Nicki

love it!!!!!! amazing hands down

These are amazing pictures…you look absolutely stunning <3
curls all over – Fashionblog

Looking classy as always!!

So stunning, I love how this whole entire story is styled. Your makeup fits perfectly, and that dress is just stunning. And congrats on all your success, 100% deserved. Bisous from Paris!


loving these photos for the Cartier necklace! and congrats on your Oxford talk!

These photos are awesome! They have an amazing quality. Also congratulations for your speech in Oxford University! That’s a big step :) xxx

Stunning set of images! Congrats :) And Good Sunday!


Smart Dresser

Kristina, I’m so happy for your latest goal! Oxford is probably the best thing you feel proud of. You are such a kind person and inspire me everyday too. Wishing you all the bests things from life. A big hug from Italy! :*

Beautiful photos and beautiful words!

Kisses from Miami!
xx, Shay

Your pictures are literally the best!

x Krizia

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Stunning photos, you look so beautiful! I agree that dusk is the most magical time of day x

Wow, you look amazing! the light in these pictures is magical.

X Malena

Beautiful photos and beautiful words. You are an inspiration!


There is nothing better in life than living your dream and feeling free <3
Great post… great photos!

Des & Jen

I always come back to your blog for your stunning photography. Such beautiful warm tones in this post.

You’re goregeous! Love this post! :)

Wow! Les photos sont magnifiques Kristina! J’adore l’Amulette


I really love the collaboration with Cartier. Stunning visuals!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

That’s the beautiful and warm color, so earthy.
Go on and live your beautiful life!


those pics are perfection

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BEAUTIFUL!!!! we love your style ;)

Me encanta, que fotos tan especiales y maravillosas y tú estás guapísima como siempre :D
Un besito muy fuerte


Lou K.V. 18 May 2015 / Reply

Beautiful as always! Love the necklace ❤️

Amazing pics!! Love it!

Kisses from Ibiza

Dress to Impress Ibiza

Gorgeous pictures! Totally love Cartier jewels!

You inspire me so much Kristina, it’s unbelievable.
The pictures are amazing and you look absolutely stunning as usual.

beautiful colors in this post!

Blizzard Girl 18 May 2015 / Reply

oMg these pictures are beautiful!


All my compliments to the photographer

I love these photos. You look absolutely ethereal and the necklace is stunning!

- Liz

I love the bohemian feel of these photos; they seem very “you,” if that makes sense. And I’m so happy to hear you were invited to speak at Oxford! You go girl! Never stop chasing your dreams!

So beautiful pictires and so amazing jewel!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

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I love your looks! They are absolutely magical!

This is such a gorgeous shoot! Love how the colors and ambiance match the Amulette. Incredibly stunning!

Gorgeous post Kristina,
I love the necklace and I have that same bathing suit.
BTW your photos have been amazing.

xx Falasha
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Simply stunning! The natural makeup looks so fresh and dewy. The setting was perfection! Beautiful shoot!!


These pictures are STUNNING. I really love how you paired and layered two very different pieces as well.

I love this post!!!

xx ksenia |

Wish i could have seen you in London! Beautiful pictures!


Fabulous photography and great necklace!


Chiara Marandellas

It is a beautiful amulette by Cartier:original, elegant, feminine —-beautiful!

Bisous from France,

these photos are breathtaking !! sunset awesome :))

Your pictures are so pretty! Love the red bikini top!
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Flaunt and Center 

The photos are beautiful!

Agnes x

What a lovely post with so many amazing experiences! And probably so many more to come. Just loved the beautiful photo’s! xx

Amazing photoshoot! This collaboration is fantastic!


The pictures are so emotve when you first read the article.
Congrats on where you already are, and I am sure there is more.
You are such talented people. Best wishes to you, James and Fiona! ♥


Frida Karol Escobedo Estrada 20 May 2015 / Reply

You inspire me everyday Kristina. I dont have other words to express how incredible you are for making me believe in my dreams. Greatings from Zacatecas,Mexico.

Wow – cannot believe how beautiful this pictures are. The sundown is so wonderful and perfect for this dress :)

You are so beautiful. I really like the simplicity of this necklace and it really goes well with the outfit. Love it.


The photos are absolutely stunning! xo, Christina

I’m just in love with The Amulette… I wish I have it for my birthday. Yesterday i checked on the website for the price, and I couldn’t find it!

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Bests xxx

You and your team are so amazingly talented, born a star. You guys deserve it, rock on!


Absolutely love the photography of this shoot!

wow, so beautiful kristina!

I love this bohemian, free look paired with Cartier. This photography is beyond beautiful.

Characters & Carry-ons

I can totally relate to what you desribed in the beginning!

It is seriously amazing how much you guys have been doing. Not only is it inspirational for me being a teen blogger, but it just shows how far people can go when they have a passion. I am looking forward to seeing everything that is coming up for you all (keep us updated on Snapchat!). You must do a seminar or meetup in New York one day like the one you did at Oxford. It would be amazing to attend! Have safe travels and a great day Kayture Team! xo


I think most people don’t realize that there are so many natural and beautiful places in LA for photos! This place, the Griffith Observatory, is truly a gem and a fitting place for you to be photographed while wearing a Cartier jewel!

Gorgeous as always…and bravo to you on your Oxford University speech!

Kiss kiss

adorn la femme

Gorgeous photos and look!
xx Elle

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Wow!! This is such an absolutely beautiful post! Your skin is totally flawless, and the scenery is magical. Wonderful!! XO

ig: @stylemelauren

Wow! Amazing pictures! Love the amulette!

Love from Vienna

Borislava von

The amulette is so nice!!! Lovely pics!

Ça devrait être interdit d’être aussi belle. Ce shoot avec le coucher de soleil est magnifique.

Love this post!

That really anazing photos!!!!

Hi Kristina, amazing blog post, love your accompanying images! If you get a chance, could you read the JANET + GEORGE blog? Thank you x

The sun and destination are both breath taking♥

I’m so glad for your speech, Kristina, you, James and Fiona deserve a lot of success. Great pics as always, kisses

Having done a speech in Oxford, it is a kind of dream. You can very proud of you, it is the result of your hard work. Congratulation, what you are living is such amazing.

Wow Kristina you look so stunning, such an inspirational blogger and i loved reading this. I see your snapchats each and every day you totally envy your lifestyle. It’s such a great way to live in the moment instead of thinking of the future!

Emma at

Hello Kristina,

This is probably my favourite editorial of yours so far. It is stunningly beautiful. The concept is really cool and I like that you’ve taken a slightly more artistic slant… super chic. Congrats on your recent speech in Oxford, by the way.

With love from England. x

You’re in my backyard! Beautiful photo shoot with one of our world famous sunsets….love LA!

Beautiful article & stunning pictures!

Loved the post. <3

Do check out my own personal style blog at

Lots of love from TCD.

amazing photos. and your words are really touching, Kristina. so happy for you :)

Pure innocence. Thank you for sharing with us such beauty <3

Nicely written. If you have time check mines also(. )
I adore you much . :D :)

I always love to see it when you’re posting, cause unlike many others you actually write and are not only posting photos. You’re creating a story and photos are part of that. Loving this!

Liebe Kristina

Wundervolle Fotos und traumhaft schön.

Viele liebe Grüsse

Petra von

chic look! You have very beautiful photos .
Come on my blog ‘ll be glad to see all !

Beautiful post my dear!!! This is my new blog post Follow you )

This is my first time commenting on your blog, because I need to say this. You are such an inspirational blogger! Your words make me smile and wanting to live life to the fullest! Thank you for that Kristina!

Love, Lotte

Valentina Roccuzzo 28 May 2015 / Reply

You look like a doll, Kristina! Your pictures never fail to amaze me just like my other favourite blogger (now turned into my close friend for fashion suggestions) Twinkle from

Great style

Love your open and positive approach to this whirlwind of adventure that you live everyday! Excited to see where things go and be part of this journey by following along via your posts!


Although you look amazing, my favorite shot is the necklace photo with the sunset behind it. So beautiful. Looks like a magazine photo.

The pictures are just breathtaking!

Eve from Paris :-)

Thank you for every other wonderful post. Where else may anybody get
that type of info in such a perfect manner of writing? I’ve
a presentation next week, and I am at the look for such info.

Such a beautiful photo!I really love it!Love sunset,love your necklace! Want to see more!