It’s official, we are kicking off today a completely insane month of travelling around the world. Literally. Although I am now sort of experienced in travelling like a crazy person and spending sometimes less than 48hours in a completely different continent before leaving somewhere random again, I have to admit, I feel challenged by the amount of trips we have planned in the next couple of weeks… Challenged but also so incredibly excited. There’s truly nothing more magical that having this impression of freedom, as if the world is at the tip of your fingers for you to touch. I love having a taste of each city and forget where I come from. Just feel like I kind of belong everywhere and anywhere at the same time. It’s very eye opening and refreshing.

I also would never give up on this instability, the fact that there’s no routine in my life at this point is actually something that I couldn’t live without anymore. Each day is a surprise and even though we all search for this grasp of security in our lives, I like to expect the unexpected and let the flow guide me. So… In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be travelling through the States, then to England, Japan, Paris, Cannes, Paris again and Barcelona before flying to L.A again. There are so many incredible projects on the way and I can’t wait to share everything with you guys. You guys by the way have to get Snapchat! I find it so fun as it really feels like a live diary where you bring on people on your journey. I share everything from my random encounters to my beauty tricks, new appartement tour, music covers… And what’s even better about it is that it’s so spontaneous : no chance to edit the videos. You post them right on the spot. So if you want to get to know me better (or seriously make fun of me for all the idiotic faces I do all the time) this is the perfect occasion. My Snapchat username is kristina_bazan! Wanna see you all of you guys over there :)

As I mentioned, we will soon be back in Paris! It’s a city that I miss every time that I am away for too long. The charm of the streets, the food, the ambiance, every single aspect of it is so inspiring and uplifting to me. To the point that we do consider being bi-coastal and living between L.A and Paris just to get a grasp of both worlds. My musical temple would therefore be L.A and my fashion cocoon, Paris. Our home away from home so far has always been the Park Hyatt on Place Vendôme where we already made so many breathtaking memories. From shoots, to parties with friends, to quiet (or super stressful!) moments in between shows, Park Hyatt’s amazing team somehow always managed to make us feel at peace…

During our last stay for PFW, we had the full 360° experience! There’s nothing more enjoyable than to experience a Spa treatment by La Mer in the comfort of your own hotel in the middle of a completely hectic fashion week. Their Spa is such an intimate temple where I feel like my mind and body regenerates each time I go. Also, for even more pampering you can get your nails done at their Kure Bazaar organic nail suite! Yes, you’ve heard. Organic. I was also very surprised to hear at first that nail polishes can come in an organic version too! So why choose anything else, right!? Their suite is such a beautiful space where you feel truly well taken care of. I got a dash of a pale rose nail polish for a clean, natural look. I also love hanging out at their bar on the ground floor where they serve delicious smoothies and coffees. It’s the perfect spot for business meetings or a quick chat with your friends. And if you’re planning your next stay in Paris, then definitely try to get one of the rooms that faces the place Vendôme. You won’t ever want to wake up any other way…

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Beautiful photos and stunning, minimalistic outfit! Have a safe time travelling for a month and I hope that it will be a lot of fun besides also working hard. :)

lovely pictures :-) like your great style!

gorgeous photos!
i hope you have a great month of travels and work

I’m really impressed how you manage it to be on so many various places in such a short time! Love as usual your look, simply perfect <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena</b

such an amazing sounding itinerary! And 48 hours in a single place before jetting off bear the fine markings of an exquisite adventure

Good luck with all your projects and enjoy your travel!

wow your life sounds absolutely incredible right now! You get to soak up so much amazing culture! And, of course, you look lovely in these photographs! Your look is so simple and chic! That hotel looks fabulous, as well!

Good luck with one month of crazy travelling: the story of my life as a travel blogger :D

Really nice article! Can’t wait for your travelling impressions. Love the outfit too <3

beautiful pictures, like you always have :)

Wow! All that traveling will be amazing! Going to follow you on snapchat now :)


such a luxury hotel, it’s beautiful Kristina…as are you <3 your Snapchat stories are always so fun and full of energy, love it :D

The trips sound crazy, but amazing! Love these photos and the spa sounds great!

I love following you on snapchat!

Kristina, I have been followung your blog and adventures for around a two years! And now it’s really nice to see how far you have go and how much you have achieved with it! I’m really proud of you and your results keep pushing me to work harder, thanks:)

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Lovely photos! I always like your style and your photos are so personal. BTW I love your snapchat! u are do nice : xoxo Juls

All of that travelling sounds really exciting

Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown 3 May 2015 / Reply

I love the nomadic lifestyle. All my life I refused to buy things like furniture because I’ve always wanted to be able to get up and go. I’m living in London but every summer I decamp to Paris. Can’t wait for this year’s trip.Got a place with Eiffel Tower view, can’t thinks of anything better than that! ☺

ollyvia 3 May 2015 / Reply

a cool coat you have here <3


avocadoseeds 3 May 2015 / Reply

I would kill to travel the amount that you do, I could only ever dream of travelling that much – anyway, good luck !!

Chloé P. 3 May 2015 / Reply

Have some nice trips!!!! ;)
I can’t wait to read about your new adventures!!!! <3

Lovely post! I completely understand how you feel about Paris – I always miss it when I’m away from it for too long! xx

Great post! You look so relax. :)

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Eclética and Chic 3 May 2015 / Reply

I’m glad you’re able to spend some time getting pampered. Traveling constantly takes such a toll on the body, and it’s important to have those moments to yourself where you can rest and recharge. I’ll be in Paris at the end of July, and I’m so excited to experience the culture! You’ve talked the city up so much I couldn’t resist taking a trip there myself ;)


amazing pictures, the hotel looks amazing and really love your outfit! So elegant and classic! <3

Gorgeous coat and bag! This look is so stylish!

Love that hat! I can’t wait to see what you guys get up to this month! You’re so lucky to not have a routine it makes things so much more exciting.


Raphaelle 3 May 2015 / Reply

Bonjour Kristina (enfin bonsoir puisqu’il est désormais 18h à Paris), je te souhaite bon courage pour ce mois rempli de voyages! Tu visites de très beaux pays et tes articles sur chacun d’eux font toujours rêver; j’attends avec impatience les prochains! Tu es véritablement un modèle pour moi, à 17 ans, tu me pousses à tout donner pour réaliser mes rêves et je t’en remercie. J’espère te croiser à Paris avec Fiona.
Bons voyages :)

Stunning outfit ! Love the hat

Hey Kristina, these photos are so lovely! Looks like you had a lot of pampering done while in Paris. That’s great, cause I’m sure you’ve earned it! Also, I loved the natural manicure you chose for your nails.

I’ll be visiting Paris in the beginning of June and seriously can’t wait.

Sending you love from Scandinavia! ♡

magnifique , magique kristina ! qui mieux que toi peut te décrire , te dépeindre , te raconter ??? ….quelle classe ! de l’audace ,toujours de l’audace !!! de qui est ce? je ne sais pas …! comment ne pas t’aimer ? pour moi c’est clair …..tu le sais …que je t’ a…, que je t’ …e !!!vis ta vie !!! un seul conseil : gardes les pieds sur terre et écoute ton corps ! et sois prudente dans toutes choses !!! çà fait trois ….!à très bientôt !!!

Christine 3 May 2015 / Reply

Coucou Kristina ! Ça fait un petit moment que je lis tes articles mais je n’avais jamais pris le temps d’écrire un petit message :) Je voulais juste te dire que ce blog m’inspire beaucoup donc merci pour ça!
Passe une bonne journée et éclate-toi à New York (oui je regarde tes snaps) !
Je t”envoie pleins de bisous de Belgique :)

Beautiful photos!!

|| D I A N A ||

I love your pics! You alwas look so pretty!
xoxo Lynda

Am always super exicted when i realise you had a new post since i know i wont be dissappointed.You write so beautifully and your story is beautiful just by itself.You are so lucky to travel so often,and can’t wait to read what is in stock for you.Any day or any time i fell i want to get inspired i always come here to check if you have any new post,that how awesome you are,
Great post and you look great as always.
All the best in your travels

so beautiful!

Nice outfit and have a nice month!

hey gorgeous! I personally think that this post is a bit too commercial, but hey, that’s just me. I am glad that you’re coming back to Paris soon! I have been living there for 3 months now, and I am loving every minute of this city. I secretly hope to bump into you when you’re here. During PFW I didn’t have any time to meet you in the Tuileries! Have fun this month! Take in every moment!

Ahhh looks so amazing! I wish I was in Paris right now! Also I adore that blue hat!

Lately it seems that’s you’ve been really enjoying yourself and have been traveling so much! You’ve gone so far! <3

You look so lovely! x

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I’m in love with your hat. These photos are dreamy! Enjoy your travels.

You look so wonderful and the hotel sounds amazing. The perfect place to relax after stressed days :)

vanessa 4 May 2015 / Reply

love your heels!


Lovely story and outfit. I really like the hat. :)


The cream coat is classic, with a simple design and it looks absolutely amazing with the total black look. These black pants are pure rock, the mix with these booties is just perfect and the blue hat put a really beautiful touch of style on the outfit. Adore the Celine bag, it’s a piece of art and the color is wonderful

That coat you’re wearing is very nice, and that place is also great!


The treatment looks so relaxing. I’m curious to try Kure Bazaar nail polish.
Look forward to read the upcoming stories!


Gorgeous photos! Have fun with this crazy month of traveling! :)

Wonderful! Love your hat <3


Wow u r like living in a dream! :D I wish I can be like you one-day! btw luv the outfit <3

What an amazing Hotel!

Awesome post, you’re gorgeous!

This post is amazing! I love the coat you’re wearing.

X Malena

Can’t wait to hear everything about your travel stories <3

Kisses from Mykonos

Good job Kristina … I would like to travel as you also.

Lovely pictures as usual!
The hotel seems like a wonderful place to stay.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Oh Kristina! You look so cute on the pice when you smile! :)

That’s just damn LOVELY dear! :)
I have to say that I really like this white coat, looks great on you! :)

Christina Key

Blizzard Girl 4 May 2015 / Reply

That hat is beautiful! I love your snaps on snapchat, they are very entertaining:)


Loving the outfit you wore and all these pictures! I hope you’ve had fun traveling the world lately. Literally. (hahah)

The coat and the bag are amazing and the place looks really nice and peaceful. Great post as always.


Love this photostory.


You live a life that most can only dream about! It’s so great to read your writing every time you post, you’re always so thankful for every opportunity. Like always, I adore these photos and your outfit. Looking forward to what’s next!


Your life sounds so amazing Kristina and these pictures are beautiful, as usual! My sister and niece live in Paris so I feel the same way about the city, I really miss it if I’m gone for too long! x

It is so wonderful to see that you are so passionate about what you do, travelling around the world and experiencing things that some may dream to see and do one day. I have never been to Paris but it truly looks wonderful. I can only imagine how much inspiration you must get from travelling so much and seeing so many amazing things. I recently started a blog of my own ( My blog was partly inspired by yours. Although it is fairly new, you have to start somewhere right ? I have been inspired by fashion my whole life, and even more so now. I also enjoy designing and sewing my own designs. It would truly mean a lot to me if you would go and look and my blog and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Enjoy your busy month fulled with gorgeous fashion. Embrace every moment. Lorenza Nicholas x

Beautiful shots! Your outfits are always so lovely!

Love from Germany,

Lotte – Paperblooming Prints

Hey kristina ce lieu est vraiment magique merci de partager ta vie de princesse avec nous tu es quelqu’un de merveilleuse à bientôt à Paris

lovely pics! enjoy your trips this month! i follow you on snapchat! xx

Perfect as always! Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments you sent in Paris with us! C est comme y etre nous meme ;))

Nice post,….looks like you had a fun relaxing day.
Like your stylish look!!!

lovely pics

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What a pampering experience it looks like you had! Welcome back to Paris soon, and I hope for your sake that the weather becomes a little bit nicer before you arrive! :D


Wow! You look absolutely amazing! Love the hat!


you look lovely as Always, I absolutely love your hat!

These Parisian balconies are so charmants!;-) Looks like you got nicely spoiled in Hyatt on Place Vendome!;-)
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God! That nail polish sections is to die for!
Looks like you had a wonderful time.

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Ohh I love Paris, tough I’ve only been there once I want to go back there so bad! I wish I could travel as much as you do…
Great Look, so elegant! xx

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Je connaissais déjà Kure Bazaar depuis un moment, j’aimais essayé néanmoins… Le sac est vraiment très beau!


OMG you have verycrazy schedule!
take care of your health okay :)


Your posts always amaze me – not only are your photos perfect and style spot-on, your commentary is so genuine. Love your blog so much.


Sounds like you have an exciting few weeks ahead of you!!! :D

Also gorgeous photos :)

Sweet Perdition 6 May 2015 / Reply

Such amazing photos, what a life to be jealous for!


Can’t wait till you take more photos of Paris! I love the city and your Parisian outfit posts are beautiful.

Looks like such an amazing place to stay! Loved your outfits in this post as well, dear <3

Can’t wait to see all of your new adventures! I am obsessed with that gorgeous blue hat by the way! Such a rich color.

xo kristen

You have the perfect parisienne style! I guess it’s so amazing to have such a Jetset lifestyle…Looks like you had a really wonderful time! :)

Have a lovely day

You are absolutely gorgeous..<3
And love the pictures!


Wow! Amazing pictures and amazing bag! You look gorgeous!

Love from Vienna

Borislava from ColurClub

hey Kristina! when will you go to Paris? i’m going there in a week too! kisses from Italy!! ;)

Wow I didn’t know there’s such a thing as organic nailpolish, it’s very nice. And lovely pictures xoxo

stunning photos!
you look gorgeous :-)
xx inga

You always look beyond beautiful, but you look extra pretty in these pictures! xx

Krystina!!! We have the same hat *_* You look always amazing



Gorgeous post. Good luck with all the travel, you will have a blast! Xo

ig: @stylemelauren

Enjoy and do everything and anything while young!

Sweet travels……..

Love that pop of blue in your outfit!

Characters & Carry-ons

Beautiful Kristina,
I will be in Paris hopefully in June so I hope you do a meet & greet! It’d be awesome to see you hun!

xx Falasha

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Super nice look ! See you soon in Paris !

die Annakonda

Fabulous pics, looking amazing as always!

Paris is always Paris, and the chance to stay in one of its gorgeous hotels is priceless!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Amazing pictures and I love reading your inspiring and real<3

J’adore ces photos ma belle!


You’re so lucky! (And chic, but everyone knows that.) Have a nice weekend!
xx, Flora

Very elegant outfit! The coat and bag were made to be together!
You tried Kure Bazar nail lacqurs the best!!!

Kristina, let’s make up fans meeting in Cannes!!! There are many your fans in France!!!

I can’t decide what is more beautiful your writing or your sense of style!

Hello Kristina!!!! I’m Audrey from Indonesia and lately I’ve been following every single update from you on instagram and also Snapchat. I really adore you, you’re so blessed to have a fabulous life out there. You”re such a great inspiration to me :). I think you live a colorful life with georgeous outfits everyday and that’s literally a dream of all girls on this planet lol. I know that you’ve been working very very hard with all of your projects, I follow you on Snapchat and I’m happy to know what’s going on in your life at the moment.
You’re an incredible sweetheart and I’m a proud fan of yours! Although you may think that I’m just another fan, I want you to know that I really appreciate your hardwork, all the projects you’ve done and all the projects you’re working on right now are awesomeeee!! It’s really good to see your beautiful smile everytime you update your story on Snapchat :) :)
WelI, I still live in my daily routine everyday, i wake up in the morning and go to school afterwards (high school-sophomore year), I’m still thinking about what I want to be & what to do after i graduated from high school, I just want you to know that you make me believe that if I work really hard for my dream, amazing things will happen.
I’ll be forever supporting you no matter what ………oh! and your busy days, I hope you”ll always be able to keep up with your extremely hectic schedule, I wish you’re all healthy and wonderful right now <3

yours truly,

So pretty! Love you!

These pictures are so gorgeous Kristina! The amount of traveling you guys have been doing lately is so inspiring. Can’t wait to hear all of the great upcoming news. I’m loving all the Snapchats!

So beautiful place!!! I love pop blue in your outfit!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

Eniwhere Fashion
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Have fun with all of your travels! <3

I thought the nail polish said Kay Bazan! Very cool if it did though, lovely photos as usual

Agnes x

the park hyatt is indeed always a good choice

A spa day sounds just about wonderful right now! I’ve never heard of organic nail polishes, would definitely keep a lookout for those. The pictures make me miss Paris so much!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

You’re stunning, as everyday! You’re so beautiful! Keep it going! We love you Kristina! Gros bisous de France!

Amazing photos! Great post!)))

You are veru beautiful!

You are amazing! <3 I recently discovered your blog and I've also been following you on instagram! You inspire me so much with your posts! I have a huge passion for beauty and arts and I also own a blog!I hope that one day I'll be able to acomplish as many things as you have! you truly are a role model:)

Fashion you are following with latest apparels simply awesome.

Manish Kumar 17 May 2015 / Reply

Thanks for the great fashion updates.

seems that Spa’s treatment was relax! what a great treatment in the middle of a hectic day :)

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