Here it is!! Finally after all this wait I am SO excited to finally share with you my new digital campaign with L’Oréal Professionnel. As you guys know, we filmed this video during Paris fashion week in February and it was the most perfect day, the sun was out, we just wrapped up some major shows. We were happy. The crew on set was absolutely incredible, so professional, on top of everything and with a keen eye for the right details. I am truly honored to be a part of this exciting new adventure.

A lot of you guys ask me about my hair, it’s cut, it’s color and if I can give you more advice on how to achieve something similar. Well here’s the deal, I never really knew how to describe my hair color properly. As you guys know, I used to be a really light Blonde (I mean… you can just check the previous articles articles in 2011!) and then I decided to just let it darken and grow out naturally. It started having this natural “dégradé” effect and with each month, my hair would get slightly darker yet keeping the bottom still very light. L’Oréal Professionnel managed to put the exact word to it. It’s called the “Bronde” which is a mix of a blonde and brown shade together.

As you might have understood, it took me ages to get it like that and to be totally honest, if I had to do it again I would simply go to a salon and get my hair done by a professional colorist. And that’s exactly what we are showcasing in this video. The Inoa Bronde shade is available at the L’Oréal Professionnel salons and you guys… it’s seriously so perfect for summer. It’s not too light, not too dark. It’s the perfect in between to make you look fresh and ready for any sunny escapade. Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts on the video! x



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Prudence Yeo 12 June 2015 / Reply

The bronde shade is indeed a fantastic color to wear as it is not too light or dark! Definitely would go to a salon if I want to have this hair color as it’s so much easier to have the hair professionals get the work done. Thanks for your advice!


I think your hair looks especially due to the cause that it took that long time so wonderful! Congratulations to the campaign <3
xx Rena
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you look so lovely in this video! I love your interesting hair color!

Nice spot!
You look gorgeous gal!

Love the video!

I just stopped by because someone tweeted the link. At 66, this is not something I’d usually read, but I’m glad I did. Why? Because now I get to tell you that in case you don’t know it, you’re a good writer. I’ve had a sideline job for 45 years now as a content-editor. My usual job is related to information technology (I just sold my startup). You have an excellent sense of word rhythm and expressing emotion. I took a minute to watch the video and the ‘you’ in the video matches the words on the page. Perhaps you did not write the content, but whoever did, capture your essence very well. As a side note, I haven’t colored my hair in 20 years but when I did, I always used L’Oreal products and my color was about as light as the bottom of your hair. Nowadays I don’t color my hair, but it has not turned gray and much to my surprise it is really still quite a bit like the color it was when I colored it. The only real difference is that my hair is ultrafine now when it was ‘thicker’ before, I think due to whatever coloring does to the hair strand. Never mind that, I really just wanted to praise the writer of the content. I’ve done that, so now, back to the tech book I’m writing. A hui hou (as we say back home in Hawai’i).

You look fab! I loved it

I have always loved your hair color. Maybe if I get adventurous one day I will try :)

Love your hair colour! Seriously your hair is goalzzz

You look great! Congrats on the video it came out nicely!


Love the look, as a training hairdresser I really enjoyed this video!

We have a very similar natural hair colour and I have always wanted to lighten the ends as I think it just creates a much more beautiful look! I feel as though the browny-blonde in-between shade can be a little boring, but I love this look so much!

Your hair is absolutely amazing!

Dolce Petite

Bopha Iem 13 June 2015 / Reply

you look so gorgeous, Kristina. I love love love you so much lol

reza rasouli 13 June 2015 / Reply

you are nice blue butterfly,you are love and you are life.. I love you Kristina bazan

Wow this looks amazing, love how you guys made a real story out of it, this video was so cute! I am still clinging to my naturally light blonde hair, but maybe one day if I am ready for a change I’ll keep this in mind :D


Love this! Loreal really fits you!!

the video is great Kristina, you look so beautiful and the hair is just so flowy and radiant <3

I love this campaign, you’re gorgeous!

Karolina 13 June 2015 / Reply

I’m not sure, but “bronde” just seems to be dirty blond hair which have many of Eastern European girls. I have it naturally too and I love it, even if it’s described by most people as “mousy and boring”. It’s darker during winter and lighter with darker highlights in summer “just so”. Anyway this dyed version looks great on you, like natural!
Greetings from Poland! :)

Ha! I’m definitely Bronde now myself having bottom of my hair colored light and the upper part natural darker color. Haven’t seen my hair stylist for a long time now :O :D
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I love your color! Congrats on the amazing campaign!

Been wanting to have my hair colored for the longest time but I just don’t know if bronde will suit me like it does on you! :)

Great video – you look brilliant!


Oh wow, I loved this video! You’re so full of energy – it’s amazing. And your hair is always insanely gorgeous!


Within a short period of time you have grown to a very mature lady! I love the composition of this video, great work!


I love the video, Kristina! You look amazing and your hair is beyond beautiful!!

Beautiful colour and beautiful you, as always!
I just wish I had a l’oreal professionel salon closeby, because that is exactly the colour that I’ve been wanting to achieve for the longest time.
Anyways, congratulations for your work Kristina, you are always stunning <3

Christina 15 June 2015 / Reply

I had the same results with Schultz organic !! I thought that you used it to get your very light blonde!
Kiss from Rome

Great video! It’s always nice to see a different form of media on your site. I think video’s are more personal too. You look gorgeous as always!

You are absolutely gorgeous :))


Lovely video, love your hair! You look great!


Great video!
Always great to have your hair done by professionals!

Love the color! It looks amazing on you! :)
It’s really tempting to try it on my own hair!

elizabeth t.

nice video! you look stunning :-)

You are stunning in this video, Kristina!


Wow I love this! You look amazing and are so natural in front of the camera.
The Twinne Twins

Tes cheveux sont magnifiques! Quelle matière! La couleur est canon et fait très naturelle!


love the bronde colour! I am currently light blonde but if I would go darker again I would def try it. I reviewed the L’oréal inoa colour a while ago and as you say the different colours are so pretty.

You have had so many amazing opportunities! Congrats girl! <3

Absolutely love this colour!!!

I love your hair and the video was amazing! x

I just love the bronde hair

This color is just amazing