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After the most wonderful, magical, breathtaking trip to Paris, I landed just a few hours ago to where it is now called home : sunny Los Angeles. I was afraid to feel again so nostalgic of France, just like last time I did after spending so much time in Europe, so close to my roots and to things I’ve grown up close to… But surprisingly it actually feels so good to be back. And yes, I might be still sitting in my empty apartment but I finally have the electricity working and wait for it… even the water is running! What a luxury ;)

These last couple of weeks in Paris have been overwhelming with emotions and new experiences. First and foremost wrapping up Men’s Fashion week for the first time was great fun, but not to mention shooting my first major magazine cover for ELLE South Africa and having W mag announce officially and internationally my transition into a music career was a big goosebumps worthy moment. I can tell you, we popped the champagne that day. To know that it is all actually coming into shape feels surreal. On the other hand, I’ve been recording a lot of new music in Paris with the absolute dream team, the ed Bangers records crew who did so many tracks that influenced my musical taste throughout all these years. I seriously can’t wait to be able to show all the work and the amazing things that have been happening.

On a personal note, I’ve been also living a lot of things that helped me song write. I lot of good aaand not so good things that just sound (and feel..!) better in a song version. I have to say, I’ve never really opened up massively about my relationships and personal endeavors here on Kayture just because it’s my positive place, this inspirational bubble where all I want is this fulfilling, uplifting feeling of joy and celebration of creativity. However, my songs are speaking about this whole other scope of my life that I’ve never really shared before. I take the care and time to write and compose lyrically and melodically each track because I want them to be just like this blog, very personal, a diary of my life, of my emotions, that I want to share with you guys hoping that it’s something you might be going through too or at least manage to put words onto something that you might have had on your heart. It’s also a massive creative project where I truly want to dig in deep into layers of human personality and perception. I cannot wait to let you in on this.

Before leaving to France, I’ve been spending a lot of time with our soon-to-be team member Cibelle who is this absolutely amazing and greatly talented photographer based in L.A. It feels so awesome to know that our team is growing and expanding so quickly! We shot these images on Beverly Boulevard on a really hot, sunny day and the result turned out amazing thanks to this insanely gorgeous flower backdrop. That day I had taken out for a walk my Louis Vuitton petite malle that I just got in from this absolutely fantastic website called Trendlee where you can buy gorgeous vintage bags. From Céline to Balenciaga you can really find your crush item as they have hundreds and hundreds of pieces online. Highly suggest to check it out as you might find some real treasures! Have fun and happy shopping!

Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_26Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_28Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_31Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_01Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_16Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_19Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_27Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_13Cibelle x Kristina | Flowers_32





Photography : Cibelle Levi


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wonderful look! I love your skirt!!

It’s beautiful! Love it

Gorgeous pictures! Love your outfit – especially that statement-making LV clutch!

wow, such beautiful pictures! And your outfit is gorgeous, so in love with your little Louis Vuitton bag! <3

Hi Kristina!

The simplicity of this top and skirt is just perfect and you chose a super chic hairstyle which goes amazingly well with this summer outfit and summer weather. And about the Alexander Wang shoes I two words: JUST PERFECT! :) I love the fact that you experiment with fashion, but you always manage to return to your base style. Fashion is all about experimentation, but one must have a base style; a style one develops throughout the years.

X Silvie

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Lovely location and a really sexy look – a bit of both: romantic meets sexiness :)
Accessories are totally in the focus. Love it!


Absolutely gorgeous!! You are my inspiration to be a better fashion blogger Kristina! I love your style, hard work, passion, and beautiful personality. Thank you and your team for being so amazing.

love the heels, you look absolutely amazing!

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

You look so gorgeous <3

Luise |

The skirt and top fit you so well!

Very cool the chicness from the LV bag and the way definitely more casual of your ootd can match so good like that!!
Good job!


Kisses from France

Amazing pictures, as always ! You look beyond gorgeous, that LV bag is perfect. Can’t wait to hear your album !

Gorgeous photos. Love the moody look to them! It must feel wonderful to have running water now! Can’t wait to see how you decorate your apartment!


J’aime beaucoup cette tenue !

So so so gorgeous! love this look!

Wow, what a powerful and strong combination. This dress is absolutely gorgeous.

These photos blew me away, you’re a real inspiration!

Oh my god!! This look is amazing!!


Liebe Kristina

Sehr chic! Das gefällt mir.

Viele liebe Grüsse

Petra von

So chic! <3

Shall We Sasa

Love the photos! You look so amazing, love the clutch especially! HOUSE TOUR SOON PURLEASEEEEE!


Thank you for sharing your life and work with us. You’re such an inspiring young lady and I’m always happy to read your new posts.

Nice outfit, very cute LV bag! Good luck with your musical projects!

Gorgeous! Love the crop top with the pencil skirt!

You know what post I would love to read from you? I’d love to read more about how to got to where you are now and some advice for other passionate bloggers to do the same. My blog is more small-business focused but I think your advice would definitely help me out.

Of course, I love your photos too :)

Beautiful outfit!!

|| D I A N A ||

Can I just say.. absolutely gorgeous photos!

These pictures are absolutely breathtaking, as per usual.

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

I love the dress! You look great in it. The photos are beautiful too.

the photos are gorgeous{ you including of course!} congrats with your music lovely lady and with all of the wonderful things headed you way!

Girl you are doing awesome and are such an inspiration to all of us!


Stephanie 21 July 2015 / Reply

I absolutely love this look! You look amazing.

I’m a fashion blogger in NYC. To check out the best of NYC’s fashion and food, check out See you there xx

- Stephanie

A black one never fail :)

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Soo in love with the photos! It’s so inspiring to read your posts :)


you look so lovely here! The contrast of your black look against the colorful background is wonderful! That dress is so sleek and elegant! Hope you had a lovely time in France!

Amazing dress! You look pretty in this outfit!!


Kristina, you are a beautiful person inside out beyond word can describe. I know sometime life behind camera is completely different, but it’s not that easy to open up in public. Only that person, herself knows. I’m glad you can manage and keep everything positive at the same time. We just need time to learn and adjust with unexpected thing that we deal with daily basic. oxox my love.

Adorable photos! you look beautiful as usual!

Aaand this Louis Vuitton bag! LOVELOVELOVE!


Can’t wait to hear your music!

So glad to hear that you’re back after such an amazing trip :)
And congratulations on such a big milestone in your life! <3 Super excited for you!

Clothes to Youuu

I saw the W mag feature you mentioned and it was sooo so great! Very proud of what you’re accomplishing and so so happy to have been a fan for a while and seeing your progression and success unfold. Congrats!


Gorgeous photos!

So classy and beautiful!

I’m back into blogging world with a new site
Check it out for weekly inspiration and motivation!

I can’t wait to listen to your music Kristina! Love this all blvck outfit during summer and I enjoy your snapchats so much!

Agnes x

I’m currently in Paris! and I can’t believe how breathtaking it is. These photos are gorgeous, you couldn’t have had a better background. You look stunning as always!

You look so perfect, as always Kate ! I think I’m in love with that bag. Kisses from Portugal

Superbes photos, Cibelle est très douée aussi :)
Haha il ne te reste plus qu’à trouver des meubles^^ bon courage !

I simply adore you Kristina, you are such an inspirational young lady. Keep up with the good work, I wish you all the best in the music business. I don’t doubt for a second that you’ll smash that just like everything else. Greetings from Macedonia :-)

Danny & Alex 21 July 2015 / Reply

Wow! We’re loving that skirt and top duo, and the bag is perfect with it.
The Twinne Twins

These photos are just beautiful! I am loving the bag so much, and I am so excited to hear your album!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

My dear Kristina, thank you so much for sharing with us your amazing experiences, i really hope that everything that is going on around you is full of positivity and energy cuz that is what you really need right now. Good luck in your new trip with your songs, i’m sure that they will be as beautiful as you. Lots of love from Spain… You are such an idol and you exactly represent how i want to be when i grow up. Love u K.

beautiful outfit
i’d love to go back to france

Beautiful photos, you look so elegant! I really want to hear your music! X

Such stunning photographs, as always!

You look so gorgeous with your hair pulled back like that!

Very sexy and elegant, love the look! <3

Anyways, please check out my blog here;
Insouciant Dame
Thank you :)xx

So gorgeous! Loved all the photos!

Kisses from Miami!
xx, Shay

Great news on your music! And Cibelle did a good job with the photos x

The effortless chic style is the phylosophy of this outfit. Somenting all you need is a simple and amazing two pieces look, a pecil skirt with a crop top, it’s so basic and at the same time it’s so original. These Alexander Wang sandals are absolutely perfect, classic and cool. Adore the unique inspiration of the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bag, it’s pure love with a french soul and chic spirit

Oh you are so lucky with this new LV found, it’s gorgeous! Loving the site you shared, definitely going to keep and eye on it! Also, great to hear your stories again Kristina, missed your posts! Hope your music is going to be released soon, cannot wait!


Beyond beautiful! Can’t wait to hear your music! :)

Love the outfit, simple and elegant! Gorgeous photos!

Adore the sleekness of this outfit! <3

Celeste Macedonia 22 July 2015 / Reply

Flawless photography! Congrats for the new member of the kayteam and most important, for your new transition. I’ll be impatiently waiting to hear the deep and real Kristina’s sound.

You look lovely <3

Beautiful pics, the bag is really a jewel

Gabriele 22 July 2015 / Reply

I just found personal stylist for your body shape shopping platform – Very impressive!

This look is amazing!
Jasmin | Dolce Petite

It was seriously fun and so interesting to follow your Paris adventures and yours and Fiona’s snapchat in almost real time.
I seriously can’t wait until your first single will be out,it must be such a great feeling when everything is slowly coming together to one perfect piece.
And congrats on your new team member,Cibelle really takes such fantastic photos

Love the high slit in the skirt! So flattering. :) I’m sure it was hard to leave Paris. I have never been, but I can only imagine how lovely it is.

Unreal post!! Sounds like you have had some great travels and amazing experiences. Totally love it.

Is James not in the team anymore? Is cibelle goin to be your new photographer?

Regina Fray 22 July 2015 / Reply

Love it!! This is amazing!

I love your clutch!

Such a perfect and elegant outfit, the dark grey crop top and skirt with nude shoes are so good!
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Thank you for sharing, Kristina. I am very eagerly awaiting your music. I would love to see your other side as you say! Best wishes, I really hope you are enjoying the US.

You look great. My colors and style… straight but captivates.

Lovely pictures! I look forward to hearing your music Kristina, sounds so exciting!! xx

You are so pretty! I love following your travels on Snapchat! <3

Ta vie ne dois pas toujours être très facile et je trouve ça bien que tu extériorise tout ça au travers de tes chansons, le résultat va être fabuleux, tu es l’une des rares blogueuses à être restée naturelle, spontanée et accessible malgré le succès, je souhaite que ça marche pour toi :) Encore plus que tu ne l’espères!

I can’t wait to hear your music! I follow your blog for 3 years now, and although I dont’ pay much atention to fashion as I did in the past, I’m still reading your posts because I like how you write and put your heart into your words. I’m sure you’ll make wonderful music lyrics and create amazing sounds. I’m sure I’ll even relate to whatever you sing about. Hope it all goes well with your music career!

That outfit looks great on you and you have the shape for it! Beautiful

oh you are so gorgeous! as always…

Simple but stunning! love the make-up/hair with the outfit. Just perfect!

Loves from

amazing photos!! <3


so in love with your fab bag
Posts online about Mannheim, Provence, Beijing…

stunning outfit! fits you amazing, looks a little like a ltb, just more special :)


Can’t wait to hear your music! These pictures are so simple but beautiful!!

Love Imke

PS: I’m really curious how you are going to style your apartment!!

I love your makeup in this look and the clutch is amazing!


love your style. :))

This is my blog:

You seriously are amazing :)


These photos are absolutely stunning. Your face is so incredibly pretty. This dress looks so elegant on you and the Louis Vuitton petite malle is so cute. I will be checking out Trendlee. :)

Absolutely love that cute little clutch and I can’t wait until I can finally hear your songs ! Lots of Love

You always look stunning!!! Love the outfit especially the bag! :)


Hey Kristina! You are a very good writer and Your photos are always amazing and very good quality what is you camera ?! And you are also beautiful! I hope to see you one day but I live in South of France… In any case you are an inspiration to me ! I hope that you realize all your dreams and wishes! I eagerly your songs from what I understood on snap shat you was recording music..?

Love – Adele

Hi Kristina! I always love your pictures there are beautiful and with very good quality! I see that your are in top 4 of fashion blog in the world, of course the first is The blond Salad but i prefer you! Your blog is gorgeous! I hope that you realize all your dreams and wishes! I also hope to see you one day but I live in the South of France so… In any case you are an inspiration to me and I continue to follow you! I eagerly your songs from what I understood on snap shat you was recording music…

Love – Adele

Hi Kristina! Your blog is gorgeous! I always love your photo wich are very good quality and perferct! I hope that you realize all your dreams and wishes! I also hope to see you one day but I live in the South of France so… In any case you are an inspiration to me and I continue to follow you! I eagerly your songs from what I understood on snap shat you was recording music…

Love – Adele

I’m obsessed with your Snapchats!
I love to see how you evolve every day again.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Oh the Louis Vuitton Petite malle is so cute!!!!
You’re right very beautiful photos it could be in a magazine!! I like also the make-up :)
See you!
Cynthia from France

Love the fit of this dress and the clutch is to die for!! Great look girl.

XO, Jessi

BEAUTIFUL picture, Kristina! Cibelle did a fantastic job :D


love the photos & love hearing more about your music =)

I’m so happy for you that you are pursuing your passions. Your posts are truly inspiring.

great shots, looks like she’s got talent

Love your signature sultry makeup and this outfit! Beautiful photography.

You look stunning in this two piece suit :) And the clutch I simply adore! Have a great day. xx Maja

Nice post Kayture :-)

Bonjour Kristina !
J’aime beaucoup cette tenue. Coupe très simple, mais originale ! De plus les photos sont divines, comme d’habitude.
J’attends le prochain article avec impatience :)

Passe une bonne journée,

Girls, i have just found the bikinis from the latest posts…. I have got 2 already… hope you like them!!

I LOVE this outfit!!

I love everything about this image. Great work!

Loving the colors of the photos, very nice outfit choice!

die Annakonda

I’m so proud of you.

I remember following you back when you were so young on

You have accomplished so much and that makes me smile.

Keep up the amazing work.


Looking pretty in classic black outfit! Beautiful photos,.. GREAT post! :-)

Wow, these pictures are incredible!

X Malena

I absolutely love your outfit. I think is a great example of ‘less is more,’ your outfit was simple but extremely chic and sophisticated at the same time.
Ale Giurgiteanu –

So beautiful ! Bisous de France ma belle ♥

Incredibly amazing ! Tu es vraiment toujours au top du top, et merci pour le tips !
Lots of love dear
xx Pau

Lovely look. Visit my blog !

What a great outfit! I love the way you use the crop-top with skirt. You girl look very beautiful, feminine and stylish, Kristina!

I love all your blog posts.

Kisses from Khanh,

Kristina you just are killin’ it like always !
Lots of love from Switzerland
Also when are you comming here in Lausanne ? I haven’t the chance to see you at St-François the last time so I hope to see you here very soon …

PS : if you aren’t too busy, come and visit my blog, that will make me really happy !
Des bisous Kristina

ode2vogue 26 July 2015 / Reply

What a gorgeous little bag – I love designer vintage! Beautiful photos x

So beautiful and ladylike. Your makeup is amazing. I also love your write-ups, it always feels like your words come from the heart :) I wish you so much success with your music and I can’t wait to hear it!

Love love your purse and your makeup!
you look stunning!

Really nice pictures. I think I know this place: it’s near the bus stop by CBS. It’s interesting what you say about the other side you don’t talk about. I always felt that this super positive, great, amazing, “that’s something big” attitude sounded fake. Too good to be true. Life is not like that. This is why I actually come back to your website, to try and find out if you are really so super positive all the time or if it just a look that makes people feel good in your company and part of your look/business…

adorable =)
kisses Blamod

Denina Martin 27 July 2015 / Reply

I haven’t visited your spot for a very long time. Must say I’ve missed a lot of beauty and style <3 :)


Your starting to do music now?? Thats insanely awesome. And congrats on the Elle shoot.. so many exciting things in store for you.


I love your blog and cutting edge style. Gorgeous! Especially love these photos!

Blizzard Girl 27 July 2015 / Reply
Karolina 27 July 2015 / Reply

Hey I’m doing some research on body image for women and I would love it you took the time to fill out this survey:
I’m also looking for people to interview via skype so anyone who would be willing to do that please email me (of corse all answer will be confidential!)

I love your style and I’m so happy that you mentioned South Africa! I can’t wait to see the result of your ELLE shoot!

Lots of love from South Africa!

Love this look! The photography is also amazing!
The Style Icon

I like so much your very sensual and chic…

I can’t wait to hear your music. I really like this clutch and the shoes are amazing. Hope you’re having a great time in LA.


I love your LV box bag and your outfit, very casual and classy

How fun to be recording in Paris! ….These photographs are gorgeous and to think they were done on a busy boulevard is incredible!! Vintage bags? I’m in!! xo


adorn la femme

I’m not sure about the quality of these photographs. They somehow look cheap.

Stunning pictures!! <3

You look stunning with an amazing outfit! Very good job you’ve done!

Hi, Kristina ! Just wanted to drop you a line and say a huge thank you! You’re one of the people that inspired me to start blogging and chasing my dreams… Keep up the great work!

Loads of love from London,

Anna x

Awesome post!! you look great. Girls by the way, i have just found the bikinis of the previous posts… i have already bought 2…

absolument sublime Kristina, on ne peut s’inspirer plus de toi !

Quelle beauté! Tu as l’élégance d’une parisienne Kristina! Sublime :D

Great designs..I have become a fan of yours..Your designs will certainly influence me and my blogs. while finding a white dress is tough, styling it is equally tough. Here are 4 ways to style a white summer dress..

You are so beautiful! I love you x

Beautiful shoes, so elegant!

Cute outfit!

Stunning! I love Alexander Wang!

♥ Happy Friday! ♥


Love this look…it is styled perfectly!! You look amazing! Thanks for sharing this post.

Kristi From Lulu With Grace

Love your bag, lovely design and definitely fashion item!!!


Tu es encore une fois de plus magnifique Kristina :) La tenue est sublime et le décor à tomber ! J’adore <3

You looks amazing! <3

I love the pictures (and your outfit looks amazing as well)! Cibelle is so talented and I can’t wait to see more of her photography.

Love from Switzerland,
Selina ♥

I love your skirt and those shoes. Perfect outfit.
Love from Germany

Wow Kristina, this look is so beautiful!
You look stunning girl!
Thank you for always beeing so kind and such a inspiration!
you are the best!
love, from Germany, Becca

What a dramatic look! Especially love the subtle two-piece take on the little black dress.

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

Love this outfit!
I’m starting a August Fit Camp my blog Purfay and I would love it if you check it out and tell me what you think! Thank you! ♥

Prudence Yeo 3 August 2015 / Reply

Very classy yet chic black outfit! Gorgeous clutch too, love the glamorous and cool gold accents!


Lover your Style:-) follow my Fashion Blog

such beautiful outfit.
Love that clutch

Cibelle really does breathtaking pictures. Also love the little Louis Vuitton bag.

Bisous, Marye

So happy about your cover for Elle SA!
Love this look!

Cassidy x

Spread the love like a fever

This women really has style, that’s for sure.

Get yours at the ‘Online Mall of the Web’

I’m fascinated in how your able to transform a simple outfit in a luxury and chic one! You have a special allure <3