Wow. Times really does fly doesn’t it? I do wonder as I am writing down these lines how is it even possible that I haven’t been writing here for such a while? I guess that life simply really kept me busy. When I look back at all the things that happened these last couple of days I have to admit that it did felt like a crazy roller coaster. But to be totally honest that’s how these last couple of years actually felt. Lately, so many changes have been happening in my life. Whether it’s on a personal level such as friendships, relationships, moving to another country (or should I say continent!!) transitioning into a new career path and well the boring stuff such as settling down, building a new life in L.A and getting all the office work done. My head is filled with emotions. Feelings of fear, of pressure sometimes… But above all a tremendous sensation of excitement.

I guess all of this lead me to take sometime to actually, really, live. I’ve been spending these last couple of years behind the screen of my computer. And I always owed you guys pure honestly. This was my goal, and it will always remain. For the longest time I use to think work 24/7, to the point where going out with my friends felt pointless because I always had an article to post, some emails to write, some new projects I wanted to draft in my notebooks. I would lock myself down in my hotel room somewhere in the world and create, create, create non stop. But I somehow also missed on living, real, simple moments that weren’t linked to my blog.

Nothing of this could have been achieved without it though. And it was a sacrifice I took which I don’t regret at all. But there is a time for everything and lately, a strong feeling woke up inside of me where I just kind of wanna go out there and live. Dance, have fun, meet new people, make mistakes, learn from them and write songs about it. I’ve been songwriting since I’m about 13. Just always vomiting all my emotions on a piece of paper (as elegant as it sounds, it’s really what it feels like). It’s my kind of therapy. And how can one write a good song when you’ve living in a virtual bubble rhymed by Instagram posts and likes on Facebook?

My way to cope with everything has always been to put it all down. To open it all up. Whether it’s here, where you guys have learned to know me since years, or in real life where my friends know me like an open book, I’ve always felt the urge to share. And music, is just this beautiful, universal way to Share with a capital S. To me, my life makes sense only if I keep doing this and even though it sounds so dramatic, it’s really how I currently feel. Studio sessions have been so emotional lately as I feel like truly beginning a new chapter in my life.

And yes, it might mean that I’ll be posting a bit less on the blog but it means also that the quality of each post will get this much 100 times better! And you get to follow all my crazy adventures on Instagram and now Snapchat too which is so unbelievably fun. If you are already, then you might know that I am currently in Paris. The thing about Paris is that it totally awakes something in me. A creative, poetic aspect of my personality. It just gets me more pensive, more romantic I would even say… I mean just look at Paris! It’s the most beautiful city in the world! Being in L.A as much as I love it, made me realize how much I missed Europe. So we are here for a month and just wrapped up both Men’s fashion week as well as the Couture shows. I am now staying another week as I’ll be recording some music here and then off to South of France for a couple of days before coming back to Paris.

Speaking of South of France, I am really excited to share with you today the result of a shoot we did during the Cannes film festival, at the hotel Martinez wearing these incredible Chopard jewels. It was another magical year attending the movie premiers with them and living this breathtaking experience together with their amazing team which now sort of feels like family. For the occasion, I also wore this stunning Elie Saab dress which I actually sported then afterwards for the Amfar Gala wearing a red lipstick and sleek pony tail. I hope you guys will enjoy this series of images shot by James. I will speak to you really soon! Just wanna say also how much I love you all, and how much I appreciate your support and patience. There’s so much to come you guys. You can’t even imagine. All my love goes to you.

KTR_0492 KTR_0503 KTR_0512 KTR_0525 KTR_0540KTR_0557 KTR_0581 KTR_0587 KTR_0596

DRESS : Elie Saab

JEWELRY : Chopard


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Kristina, it’s so wonderful that you get to pursue your dreams! You are an inspiration to so many!

I love reading your personal posts, they somehow feel really therapeutic! Good luck with all your new adventures, you desrve to spend a little more time just living and not being constantly under pressure. Also, you look gorgeous in those photographs! Love! <3


These pictures are so stunning that my jaw dropped! Gorgeous, and it’s understanding-the life of a blogger sometimes belongs behind the screen that you often need to get out of.


I sympathize with you. Blogging is a double edged sword. On one hand, you are such a creative being and want to share your life of adventures but on the other hand, the time it takes to translate your experiences into posts and photos etc etc really takes away from each magical experience. I wish you all the best and hope that you find your perfect balance between the two!
Always love reading your blog. XX


The Elie Saab dress is a piece of art, it’s really beautiful with all these amazing details and the style is for a princess, just perfect. Adore the color, it’s stronge, pure and the match with the unique Chopard necklace is like a dream. Wonderful photos and great article, it’s important to know when you have to do everything, life is not just work, it’s really inspiring

Omg, these pictures are stunning! :o

Red is perfect color for you ;) Love the jewels ;)

Missed your articles so much!
Happy for you Kristina and wish you all the best!

Just gorgeous as always!
It’s fun to hear all your adventures even though we sometimes wish we were in your shoes, literally :-)

Such a beautiful article ! I feel the same way when it comes to your two first paragraph !
Love from Paris x

Dear Kristina. I have been waiting for a long time to see the change that was about to happen, and it finally did. Since your moving to LA, it could be felt all over your social media, something was changing. I am glad to hear, that you realized life of a blogger is rather lonely, as strange as it sounds. I can tell from my own experience. Fandom is growing, real life contacts are rare. Live your live to the fullest and dont worry about the blog posts. That is the sacrifice you have to make now. With James getting a girlfriend, you getting an intern, every aspect of Kayture has changed. We can feel it before you write it down. Trust me. Its like we are connected even across the ocean. I am your big fan, no matter what. May your journey be blessed.

P.S. Cant wait to hear your first song!

I love you Kristina. I’m so happy for your success as a blogger and fashionista and I think you’re gonna be a really successful singer someday. and I’m obsessed with your snapchats

Recently, I stumbled across your blog and realized how much of an influence you have made on me in such a short amount of time. I found something genuine about you that has been hard to find in a lot of bloggers and took that as something I want to give off in my work. I hope you continue on this journey of blogging but also share your expanding passions with us. I hope that I lead my life and work as passionately and creatively as you do.

Wow, red is your color. It emphasizes the color of your eyes. Amazing dress and amazing you <3

wow, beautiful pictures and the dress is breathtaking! <3

great, great post! love the pictures as well, you look super gorgeous!

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

You look just stunning!

This red dress looks incredible on you Kristina, and the jewelry is so stunning!

x Lotte

Paperblooming Prints

Which collection is the Elie Saab Dress from? Looking great Kristina x

hi k, firts of all i love the images that james created and the look is amazing.

as your fan i want to ask you something biggg, please don’t stop with kayture , i know that time changes and IG can lead you to great job opportunities but for me is more important to read your blog because i did know you as a blogger and i hope you keep do in it .i know what you are felling i’m tuning 24 on December and even that i not travel like you i want to give myself the chance to juts be… but k..don’t forget we support you and i hope you can find that but please keep posting, your post makes my days better !!

I really appreciate your sincerity and I want to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me to continue my blog and to run after my dreams. Love you

Stunning photos and a very inspiring post, Kristina! Great reminder to us all to not ever forget to appreciate and actually live in the present moments of our lives rather than over-stressing about things of the future. xoxo

Virginia 11 July 2015 / Reply

You look so beautiful Kristina.. And am just as excited as ur with all of that crazy schedule of yours.. Well, keep doing what u do best.

With ❤ from Tanzania

Nice blog, Kayture. Good to know you keep writing on your blog, you are right the blog will probably get better if you write on a larger time span, take more time to actually live indeed (I have the same problem a bit, all those social media, you can spend the whole time on it, there are better ways to have fun), and so I, and other readers, can keep up as well. Good decision.

I keep reading your blog! It’s worth the time. :)

WOW! What a dress – that jewelry – YOU! Chapeau from your work, your goals and all your aspiration, I truly wish you all the best on earth. And oh – SWISS POWER! I’m so proud to be a swiss blogger since you are such a role model to me! Please tell me when you’re in Zürich the next time, I’d really really love to take a picture with you! I work just 3 minutes away from the Park Hyatt. xoxo Désirée

Hi Kristina,

You look stunning (as always) and this dress is amazing. I love the sequin style of it as you don’t see it much often.

I just wanted to say, I saw the video on YouTube in the recording studio and I just wanted to say I love your voice. Believe in yourself and don’t have any fears Kristina, you are a successful woman and have million of fans who truly believe in you. I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your music career, I seriously cannot wait to hear it!

Love, Dominika

You are gorgeous girl! Love this post… so honest and open <3

Gorgeous pictures! And it was really nice to read about your thought again :))

absolutely gorgeous!!!

You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! Wonderful dress!


lovely dress, kristina! really glad you found the time to post again, it´s so inspiring to see you modeling!

best of luck, and i hope to see more of your story in the near future! :)


you look so gorgeous

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I can imagine it gets so difficult living life not through a screen, I find it hard enough with my little blog because it’s just so addictive and rewarding! I can’t wait to see what you have coming up, and this post is of course as stunning as always. You look beautiful!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Beautiful dress, you look amazing.

|| D I A N A ||

Nan Goldin 11 July 2015 / Reply

Absolutely Stunning!

Cristina 11 July 2015 / Reply

Splendid dress! Gorgeous lady!

Greetings from Canada!

These photos are really stunning! You look beautiful!


Wow you look truly phenomenal here! I am so glad that you have been having so much success! And I love that fantastic necklace!

Kristina, I think that it is incredible what you achieved the past few years & you are such a great inspiration to me as I am also in the status of changing my career!! You look absolutely stunning in that Elie Saab dress completed with the jewelry! Xx Susanne –

Constance 12 July 2015 / Reply

Bonjour Kristina! Ne t’inquiètes pas pour ton manque de régularité sur le blog! Tu dois être super occupée entre ta musique, ton livre, tes projets, tes emails et aussi ta vie personnelle! Parce que oui tu en as sacrifié beaucoup pour nous créer du contenu donc tu mérites largement de relativiser et te consacrer à ce qui te fais le plus plaisir. Tu nous a donné tellement d’inspiration, à notre tour de te donner du soutien dans le tournant que ta vie est en train de prendre. J’ai vraiment hâte de voir le fruit de ton travail, je suis certaine que ça va être génial! J’ai écouter sur YouTube ta cover de Katty Perry et aussi “Awesome” (qui est d’ailleurs une chanson tellement bien, je l’ai eu en tête toute la semaine). Tu as un vrai talent, je te souhaite le meilleur possible dans ta future carrière dans la musique. J’ai aussi super hâte de pouvoir lire (ou plutôt dévorer) ton livre! Tu es vraiment la personne qui m’inspire le plus dans toutes les blogueuses ou youtubeuses que j’ai pu suivre et pourtant j’en suis depuis que je suis en cm2 (et j’ai maintenant 17 ans). Enfin bref, j’écris ce long message parce qu’aujourd’hui ça fais 1 AN que je suis ton blog! J’avoue avoir lu TOUS tes articles, te suivre sur tous les réseaux sociaux.. Enfin bref être une vraie Kayturette quoi! ;)
J’aimerai beaucoup te rencontrer un jour, peut être l’année prochaine quand j’aurais 18 ans à Paris ou à Londres parce que ça m’étonnerait que tu viennes en Bretagne :’D
Je te souhaite une agréable matinée, après-midi ou soirée et aussi à Fiona et James
En espérant que ce message te donnera le sourire,
Constance xx

What a gorgeous dress! You’re a hard rocker, so you deserve to have a little bit for you, to do whatever you want to!

These photos are beautiful Kristina, and you are honestly such an inspiration for many, including myself. You have achieved a lot and though you have sacrificed a lot also it seems like it was very well worth it.

PS. Love you and Fiona’s crazy snaps! :)

Agnes x

Gorgeous dress! Red really suits you. I took a step back from my blog for a while, same reason, felt I needed to start living as it can be so all consuming. Done me the world of good!

Really nice in red and especially with Elie Saab <3


Kisses from Australia

Totally agree, sometimes there are things needed to be sacrificed in order to accomplish another level.
Nice to know you’re having moments with family friends, they are our fuel and energy. You come out very natural, nice to read this post…very humany!
Love your outfit and jewellery too!


I totally agree with you! We are used to live virtually, and we need some time off! It’s a positive thing :D
Pictures are great!
Hope u enjoy your stay in Paris and have time to do what you really love which is songwriting!!

Kisses from Spain :)

You look phenomenonally beautiful. All the best for your future ventures! I wish you every success.


ive been checking your site and quite worried why you havent post any new article im so glad i checked it out today! Thank you for your sincere honesty… You are a real gem inside and out! Still hope youll have at least two post in a month? Just me hoping!

It’s been so long Kristina ! Great dress and gorgeous place !

xx, M

Incredible photos!! Always looking like a royalty, so beautiful and always classy. Thank you for always being honest and down to earth. Everything that you’ve been missing out on or feeling the need to do are just normal parts of life and developing as a person, so don’t feel bad for your change and self growth. :)

Maria Chiara 12 July 2015 / Reply

Well, reading your words it’s just like talking to you face-to-face!!
I perfectly agree with you when you say you want to live a real life and experience new feelings and emotions!! Well, the most amazing thing is that you are always on the go and this sort of super dynamic life leads you to beautiful experiences around the world!!
So, you have to take your own time, do what you like at most, create, wear what you want, just don’t care, at least for some time as we love seeing you here on Kayture or wearing stunning clothes on Instagram lol!!
Basically you need to focus on’re an artist, you need to experience in order to create!!! Live life at its fullest!!!
I’ll always admire you, because, you know, you show everything of you and like this I could have understood that you’re a beautiful person with a lot of passions and love for every single thing including art, you’re a super girl with a fabuolous style!!!!
Thanks Kristina, for being so simple but in the same time so sophisticated, thanks for creating a solid relation with all your fans, and thanks Kristina as you’re making dreams possible!!!

A BIG KISS FROM ITALY and from me of curse!!! Love you!! Xoxo

This is simply stunning!

I love your blog! Such beautiful taste and elegant style! If you are looking for fashion jewelry to compliment your outfit to any events or fashion shoots, check out the Maestro & Hennessy Award Winning Fashion Jewellery Collection!

You look amazing!! All the best with your musical career Kristina!

Yes, ur lately post is really emotional. Somehow c’est la vie, what’s u’re now is what’s u’ve chosen. All of ur fans wants all the best tp you as always, we knew that u can handle. Or maybe u can realesed by get ur own time for a while to distract the stuck. Gd luck all the way Kris.
Luv kuv luv #Kayteam

Looking like a princess! Love the dress and the jewelry!

red looks stunning with your complexion

Beautiful dress, you look so gorgeous in this!


Liebe Kristina

Du siehst traumhaft schön aus. Einfach wundervoll.

Viele liebe Grüsse

Petra von

These images are jaw-dropping, Kristina! Even though I’m happy to hear that you are taking a new career path I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be posting less! I hope you’ll keep sharing your adventures on social media for a long time. Good luck, babe!!

amazzzzzzing photos!!!!

WOW awesome shot! Love your necklace, its so beautiful!!!

How it’s possible to be so beautiful ? Sérieusement Kristina tu es magnifique et quelle chance de pouvoir porter une robe Elie Saab, mon rêve ! La parure Chopard fait rêver !
Et merci de nous faire rire avec Fiona sur Snap :D

your necklace is amazing,and you look so beautiful and elegant,it’s so inspirational to see someone of my age doing so much great things around the world.
lots of love

Superbes photos, très Grace Kelly :)
Tu fais bien de prendre un peu de temps pour toi, ne serait-ce que parce qu’après tu n’en seras que plus créative et efficace!


I won’t write about your perfect outfit cause it is on the highest level as always! I just want to say that I am so happy for you and your life, happy for your dreams, for your friends and family, just happy that you really found yourself in this world, and happy that I am for some point the part of your life and your world. You really inspire me for getting better, for doing those things that I love, for fighting for my dreams! Looking at you helped me realize that there is nothing impossible in this world, the only limit is just we and the limit is only in our heads. Thanks for sharing all your experience with us (with me) thanks for letting us in your life and thanks for your support even for the on-Internet.
I really hope to meet you one day and say all these things in person.
Kisses and hugs, Anna <3

Simp,y beautiful

The dress is so gorgeous! I love it♥

Alors tout d’abord, je tenais sincèrement à te remercier pour les deux jours où j’ai pu passer un peu de temps avec vous sur Paris. J’ai adoré ces petits instants mais ça tu le sais déjà !! J’ai mis le lien de mon blog comme ça tu pourras y jeter un coup d’œil si tu le souhaites mais il n’est pas top et ça fait un moment que je ne l’ai pas touché !

C’est vrai que les articles se font un peu plus rares sur ton blog, j’aimais bien quand chaque jour au réveil il y avait un nouvel article, de nouvelles photos. Mais on voit que tu développes beaucoup de nouveaux projets qui te prennent beaucoup de temps mais ne t’en fais pas on ne t’en veut pas ! On te voit être heureuse, vivre ta vie, t’amuser comme une jeune fille de ton âge. Après tout on a qu’une vie alors il faut, au delà tu travail, privilégier les moments avec les personnes qu’on aime !

J’ai hâte de te revoir mon petit sucre

wow, princess! *-*

Lovely dress and jewel! <3

Anyways, please check out my blog here;
Insouciant Dame
Thank you :)xx

You look absolutely fantastic, this dress and these jewels are gorgeous!
I love to follow your adventures on snapchat by the way, it’s a great way to carry us with you. :)

Maë –

Hello Kristina! My name is Kamila and I am from Russia! I missed your posts! Very beautiful style with unbelivable jewelery! Every day I watch your Snapshat’s videos and my mood become really better! Thanks for this positive emotions ! It was so cool, when u told some words in Russian, please, do this more:) Hope to hear from you soon,
Best wishes!!!!

So amazing shooting. You looks like a princess! Have a nice day, kisses,

Eniwhere Fashion
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I love every little thing of this post!
So beautiful so Kristina :)

I love the ball gown from Ellie Saab, I recently went to two balls myself. Go check out what I wore, and to give me some feedback, please take a look at my blog: , I love Kristina Bazan’s style and she is one of my inspirations

such an amazing post! great pictures too!

Stunning! Red looks so beautiful on you!

Lotte – Paperblooming

WOW. What a beautiful dress. So sad that you’ll post less articles now however I’m really happy for you. Wish God will make you successful in your music carreer. YOLO babe.
#Eliee Saab Best Gown Designer

Hey Kristina !

Cette série de photo est incroyable, tu es magnifique dans cette robe. Je te suis sur ton blog et Instagram depuis plusieurs années, quel parcours, félicitations! J’ai vu sur Snapchat que tu prenais le temps d’apprécier ton séjour à Paris avec tes amis et je partage ton avis quand tu dis que parfois il faut savoir tout simplement profiter du fruit de son travail. Je suis moi même jeune blogueuse à Paris et ton style autant que ta bonne humeur m’inspirent beaucoup =)
Je te souhaite encore plein de belles choses à venir et espère avoir un jour l’occasion de te croiser !

Plein de bisous


Red is truly your color. Everything Elie Saab creates is such a work of art! I love how personal your posts are and I am looking forward to hearing your music in the future. xo

You’re truely an inspiration Kristina! And you got an amazing voice! I wish you the best of luck with the music.
Kisses from Copenhagen // A&I

You’ve worked really really hard the past few years and you’ve achieved so many things, it’s only right that you take some time out and really enjoy yourself! I guess you just will need to find the perfect balance, don’t put too much pressure on yourself :)

Holly x

Love that you are so honest with us! Enjoy your life and we will always follow because we love everything you have done/do/ will do. Can’t wait to hear your music. I’m going to Paris tomorrow :)

Love Imke

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! <3
And congratulations on such a big milestone in your life :) So happy to hear that you're exploring a new chapter!
And of course, congrats on your work with Chopard and Elie Saab! <3 I'm in love with all of his dresses!

xoxo, elizabeth t.

Such a great text. Enjoy live. Feel it. Live it! Just o out there. It’s your time and I am happy to read those lines on your blog.
Cheers from Berlin

Your necklace is absolutely stunning! And I miss having your posts pop up so frequently, but I’m glad you’re letting yourself enjoy the day-to-day bustle more :)

The photos are so elegant and feminine!!!Love it! The jewels and your dress are incredible, you have an incredible life you’re right :)
Cynthia from Paris

You look beautiful! This post is definitely worth the wait!

Kinga Kurek 12 July 2015 / Reply

Loving the jewelry it works so well with the interior and the dress!!!
Kinga x

So beyond beautiful! I’m such a big fan of Elie Saab and would kill to wear a dress like that! As always, I love your honesty and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what comes next for you. The quality of your posts are always pretty high so I’m sure that even if the posts are less I’ll still be more than satisfied with what you produce.


The dress is so STUNNING! And you are too, Kristina!
Diggin’ this shade of red, it really suits you!
The necklace is to die for.

♥ Have A Happy New Week! ♥


Lisanne Scheffers 13 July 2015 / Reply

I’m happy that you’re doing your own thing for a little while! Good luck and enjoy! Wish you would do another meet and greet sometime soon in Paris.

Beautiful pictures as always!

Oh my god, you look so amazing <3 I am in love with the dress and necklace, so damns pretty. You look truly like a princess !!!
best wishes from Berlin,

Absolutely loved reading these words – totally relate to them! Loved the pics as well – that red gown is simply breathtaking!

WOW! You look amazing, that dress and necklace are both absolutely stunning. Great pictures!

I was always wondering where you would take the time to create such authentic and original content each and every day and guess now I know.I think you’re doing such a brilliant job and I hope you will continue doing so :)

These pictures are absolutely stunning

Wow, I cannot get over how beautiful these photos are. You look absolutely spectacular. This color look so great on you. The detailing on the dress is stunning too!

OMG , This dress is so amazing and you look amazing in this red dress !

Wow. That red dress is amazing. Elie Saab always has the most perfect dresses, and this one is just too good. You look unreal! I’m glad you have been able to take some time for yourself these last few days and not have to worry about writing any articles, sometimes it is good to take a step back!


I prefer quality to quantity, my dear…so I believe posting less is a wise decision
I think also that pressure is the enemy for an Artist (singer, writer, painter) as it kills the creativity
so take it easy,relax and…..good luck

WOW!!! Amazing, this dress is very wonderful. I like this color!


The pictures are amazing and the dress to die for!

Hey Kristina! This article is beautiful, very beautiful. I love how you write down all your feelings openly. The pictures are stunning, as always. And this dress with the necklace is unbelievebly classy!! X Silvie

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The photos are amazing, you look so gorgeous in red! Take care!


beautiful photos. Just love you :)

Stephanie 13 July 2015 / Reply

You look totally gorgeous! I’m glad you’ve had such a great slew of experiences and adore your dress.

I’m a fashion blogger in NYC; check out to see my favorite dresses from Paris Couture Week. Visit Sustenance and Style to stay up to date on the best of NYC’s fashion and food. See you there xx

- Stephanie

Beautiful red jewelry and dress, perfect for a Valentines Ball

Wow. The dress, the amazing jewelry, the setting… everything is purely magical!

Laiyin ||

You’re look really amazing in this dress, anyway you’re look always gorgeous !!
Lots of love

This is such a gorgeous dress! You are very beautiful! :)
Check out our Fashion & Lifestyle Blog:

i love this dress!!! beautiful article!!!

You look stunning in these pictures!!

And it definitely has been fun to follow your adventures through snapchat!

Such a breathtaking look! I’ve missed reading your blog lately, but I’m so happy for you are truly living and having fun! You are such an inspiration<3 This dress is incredible, and so is the jewelry. Perfect look.


The dress is magnificent!

you are really busy but it keeps you more beautiful, Kristina!

You nailed it looks gorgeous. Beautifully carried this outfit. Red look fab on you. Bookmarked.

Honestly really richly and powerful! Red color always show women from other, passionate side! My favorite article till this moment!

damn you look amazing
Posts online about Hawaii, Dubai, Vienna…

I know exactly how you feel about living in the moment and just letting go. Sometimes everything gets way too much until you don’t realize the emotions running through your body. I felt like the red dress was also a appropriate color to match the emotion you are feeling :) You have such great style and elegance. You are truly an inspiration to all, especially me. I love how you stay grounded and not let everything around you affect who you are. Love love love <3

These photos are absolutely stunning, you look like a queen! I completely know what you mean about Paris and the amazing mood it puts you in. I left Paris two weeks ago and I’ve been missing it so much every day, I’ve barely wanted to go out with my friends since I got back!

Beautiful dress by one of my favourite designers of all time. Of course with you wearing it, makes it even extra stunning!


So excited for you Kristina! I recently started following your blog and I just love all your posts. Been binge reading back to your earlier ones as well but I think I speak for all your loyal readers when I say that we don’t mind waiting for new posts because they’re phenomenal. Plus we always got instagram to keep up with you. Lots of love from NYC

Hi Kristina ! First let me tell you that I love reading you because I really appreciate your honesty and the way you write. It’s a real treat to read about the great changes you’re going through. As for this post, I was so happy to hear that you are “vomiting all your emotions on a piece of paper”. It’s exactly how I have always felt about writing. I really need to let words burst out of me. It’s great to know that other people feel the same way. :-) Thank you for being bold enough to say it. And thank you for your blog that is one of my favorite blogs written in English ! ❤︎

Every one of your post is better than the previous! Love your work!

Philip L. 15 July 2015 / Reply

Look like 34. Been wondering how old are you?

Wow, loving this dress on you! You look spectacular.
Twinne Twins

Amaying dress! Love the jewelry!
Love from Vienna
Borislava from
Giveaway: 2 pairs of sunglasses! More is also up on the blog

Alexandra 16 July 2015 / Reply

That was really honest. I’m glad you’re doing what makes you happy. Thanks for not being such a platitude like every other fashion blogger. Thanks for sharing your own voice, that hasn’t been diluted by others thoughts and opinions. You’re a beautiful soul. Keep doing you. xo

you are so beautiful in red color!


I’m a business woman and after that, a lifestyle & cars blogger, writing in Romanian and sometimes, in English. Moral values are very rare nowadays, and people tend to be jealous and rude all the time. I don’t read your articles constantly, but I followed you on Instagram. I just dropped by to say that I really appreciate you, your work and your team’s work. Your “arms” are your simplicity and your naturalness. There are many successful people but only few of them deserve that success. You must be proud of what you became since you started this blog(art), because you did all of these by being you and not doing any compromises. You know what to show and how to show, which is why you are not vulgar but well-mannered, elegant and sophisticated. You are a real lady and for this, you have all my appreciation.

Roxi Rose.

The red make your blue eyes look so stunning! Great post :)

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

You look amazing!!


This gown and jewels are irresistibly gorgeous! I know what you mean about slowing down, just a little, to be social and have fun with friends and family. It is so necessary to have this down time in your life, in addition to the passion of working and fulfilling your dreams and goals! xo


adorn la femme

Beautiful photos, and even more stunning is that red Elie Saab dress and Chopard necklace!!! Seriously. To die for <3

Yes, time does fly and boy did your readers miss you! You look stunning in these photos and I can’t wait to see how your Cartier shoot turns out. It’ll be fabulous as always, I’m sure! Looking for W magazine now. ;)

That dress is simply amazing. I really like the embroidery on it. Just perfect.


You look absolutely stunning!!
Mademoiselle Coconath

Hi Kristina! You look stunning in every outfit you wear. I told my blogger bestie Twinkle from about you too. She is new but she’s also very inspiring. I am sharing her website link. Thanks for inspiring fashion lovers.

Gorgeous! Absolutely love this post!

Yeah, i felt that too. Time flies really fast that sometimes we forget to live the moment.
Anyway, great photos! xx

What a dress! You look amazing! And I understand you for your dedication to your blog and I am very happy that you are doing what you like – singing! I am forward to hear songs from you!

I love that dress so much! its gorgeous!

You are luking cute and adorable in this red attire
for more fashion details visit

A wonderful post and mesmerizing images. Kristina you should be proud of yourself what you achieved until today, and I am sure that your sucesses will not stop. Looking forward to hear news from you and to see your dream career steps. You are such an inspiration!


Awesome pictures, you really look stunning in this dream of a dress and the precious jewels!
Cheers from Switzerland, Claudia

Wow, every photo is like a masterpiece, gorgeous!

You look absolutely stunning in this dress and wearing Chopard jewelry! Don’t worry about posting less on blog, your adventure on instagram/snapchat has been most exciting and enjoyable to follow :) Happy weekend! xx Maja

Your look great in these photos, James is amazing as always. Good luck on your musical journey!

Your posts are always so sincere and heart-warming. Great photos as well, you look so elegant!

Mrs. Aggarwal 20 July 2015 / Reply


J’attendais un autre article de toi en robe rouge, je pense que c’est vraiment ta couleur et le fait que cela soir une Ellie Saab ne gâche rien !

I love this beautiful red Ellie Saab dress, it is such an elegant iconic style, reminds me somewhat of the glamorous 40s. I have a love for Kristina Bazan’s style! You really do have a gorgeous sheek appearance. I have my own blog, and would love your feedback:

Great outfits!
We absolutely love your blogs and your work, thank you for inspiring us:)
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You look fantastic…hair, makeup, colors, femininity. all together :))

i can only say wouuuuuuwwwwww. you r looking wonderful with red.

Kristina you are an inspiration for me and people who read your blog, i hope you will realize all your whish and dream! I also hope to meet you one day but I live in France so… Your photos are always beautiful what it’s your camera? Elie Saab make the most beautiful dress in my mind and these one is fabulous and glamour! I want one for my wedding… You are also beautiful !
Love -A

Kristina you are an inspiration for me and people who read your blog, i hope you will realize all your whish and dream! I also hope to meet you one day but I live in South of France so… Your photos are always beautiful what it’s your camera? Elie Saab make the most beautiful dress in my mind and these one is fabulous and glamour! I want one for my wedding… You are also beautiful !
Love -A
See you one day ;)

Hi Kristina this red dress Elie Saab fits you beautifully! it is gorgeous! I hope that you realize all your dreams and wishes! I also hope to see you one day but I live in the South of France so… In any case you are an inspiration to me and I continue to follow you! I eagerly your songs from what I understood on snap shat you was recording music…
You are a big influence in the fashion world!
Love – Adele

So fabulous!
Kiss -A

This Blog just made it to my top 3 favorites! Great work!

What a super nice honest piece of writing – beautiful.
The pictures of you are amazing too – I really admire you and all that you have achieved!

xx (from Zurich, Switzerland and Auckland, New Zealand)

a princess look, very stunning, it is impressive how so many hair looks suit you!

die Annakonda

You look great Kristina.
Lots of love.

I love your blog and cutting edge style. Gorgeous! Especially love these photos!

You Look Stunning in that dress! love the details of dress and of course loves the necklace too!

I really love the dress ! and you are fabouous!


Dear Kristina,

Wow, you look like princes!

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Pink Diamond World 31 July 2015 / Reply

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Beautifully written. I pray your strength! I loved reading this deep post. You make us readers feel like friends! Well, virtual friends ;)

That necklace , dress is just wonderful
seems its made for u

I am obsessed with this dress! So beautiful!

You are stunning in this dress! I love Elie Saab and I hope, one day, I will wear one of his dresses. I also love what you wrote! You are so sincere and you keep on remembering what really counts in life

Wow, it’s amazing how beautiful this dress is. It fits you so right. Your makeup is just perfect (above all your eye liner!!). Great article as usual ;)

Kisses from France

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