Audemars Piguet IN PARIS


Paris, paris, paris… The streets, the air, even the music that plays in these long, late afternoons. There’s something beyond magical about this city. Something that even I can’t get a grasp of. Is it a scent? Or a particular light that just brightens it all up and make it all look like a living poem? Or is it the way life is, or the way people are, in their charming yet such intelligent arrogance? Paris… There’s something there that just makes me miss it every time I am away. And I can say this for fact, it always feels like a leave a piece of my heart there. My love for this city is absolutely unconditional. It’s beyond words.

There is no doubt why Paris has been forever the capital of creativity, whether it comes to literature, fashion or music, it has nurtured some of the greatest artists of all times. People are not after the fame or the money, some would much more prefer to starve on the streets if it’s so say what they need to say, portray the message they need to put out to the world : it’s about the craft and Art with a capital A. Some of my favorite artists are from Paris, whether it’s Charles Baudelaire, Dali or Gainsbourg, all of them have been so strongly affected by the city… And you just can’t help it. It takes you, it inspires you and it leaves you breathless. Because in this city, even if it’s raining there’s beauty in this strange melancholy that floats in the air.

All of this to say yes, I am in love. And this is the reason why my two best friends and I are now looking for a permanent appartement in order to move in! I know, I know… I have moved to L.A not so long ago but as much as I am obsessed with California and appreciate it so much especially for all the incredible opportunities and the musical projects I am able to work on there, a piece of my heart is in Europe and more particularly in France. I’ve always felt like my esthetic was so Parisian, all about this elegant, effortless vibe that I endlessly want to channel. So yes, my goal at this point, is to live between Paris and Los Angeles and travel back and forth all the time.

It means being perpetually jet lagged and probably growing bigger bags under my yes. Which is totally fine. The experience is completely worth it. I think it’ll be an absolutely mad adventure to be in the middle of two such different cultures and mentalities, but I find it so exciting to be able to get a taste of both world. This also means spending a lot of time on a plane (which I am thankfully already used to…!) and being great at time management. And thus, having a beautiful time piece to guide you through is definitely worth it.

While in Paris a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to work on a very exciting project with Audemars Piguet and wear their iconic, absolutely gorgeous new watch : the new Millenary. We celebrated the launch of the new time piece around a gorgeous dinner in Paris in the middle of Couture fashion week and the next day, we were off to the Pont Des Arts for the interview and shooting which you guys will be able to discover in this post. For me the AP woman is someone sensitive to her surrounding, creative, with her eyes wide open, always curious for what’s to come. She’s a visionary and has a very modern and innovative way of living which reflects in her choices. The watch is such an iconic, symbolical piece. It is much more than just a jewel, it becomes a lifestyle accessory guiding your way through life and circulating from generation to generation.

I hope you’ll enjoy these images guys! Seing them reminds me how much I miss Paris already! But good news is… Fiona and I will be back very soon (sooner than you might think!) and we’ll be kicking off a big appartement scouting session! I simply cannot wait for it. Meanwhile have a wonderful week-end guys and make sure to check Kayture tomorrow as we’ll be revealing a new set of very, very special images and get to talk more in depth about… music! Let’s do this!



TOP : Lanvin

SHOES : Ralph Lauren 

CULOTTE : Forever 21

BAG : Louis Vuitton 


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Gorgeous! Love those culottes!

I think really Paris correspondences with your personality. Like your Parisian chic look!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Gorgeous images xx

Absolutely stunning!

|| D I A N A ||

Paris looks absolutely wonderful! As do you! I love the excitement in your outfit! Those pieces are works of art!

I would move to Paris in a heartbeat if I could :) I love this city and the best way to get to know it is to hire an apartment and live like a local. I always go for a few weeks a year and always find a flat on one of those old housmannian buildings with big windows and wooden floors (and binge read Colette whilst I’m at it :) Good luck with moving!

Such great photos!

Wow it looks so amazing! I think it’s great that you want to live between Paris and LA and I’m always for living your dreams :)
I’m sure you’ll manage it with travelling from one of the greatest cities in Europe to one of the bests in the US – I’m sure it will be very exciting!:)
Well, I hope you’ll read this comment. You are such an inspiring person to me and I adore all your achievments you’ve made until now and I’m sure there will be a lot more! Thank you for giving me the motivation to follow my dreams and for showing me that everything can happen if you work for it.
And the pictures just look awesome :) I love the outfit and the setting as well.
Thank you again! xx Carmen

Amazing outfit, so much more bolder and funkier than what your normally wear!


Great pictures and video! Audemars Piguet is an example of timeless elegance!

Fantastic photos, you look so stylish and gorgeous!!
Glad to read that you are so happy and in love. Just follow your heart and
no matter what you decide and where you live you can’t do wrong. :)
Good luck with everything!!

Love your outfit so, so much, and the watch…perfect!

Love the outfit and the photos! Can’t wait to see what you have next!

That’s a really great post, I love it ♥

Kristina you’re great ♥ – much love

xx – Violetta – Modern Fairytale

Merci d’être toi Kristina, chaque jour j’aime un peu plus ce que tu fais qui tu es. J’aimerais être quelqu’un comme toi, avec tant de créativité, de bonté, d’inspiration….. La montre est merveilleuse

I’m sorry to say this but you look exactly the opposite to confident in this video. You aren’t even looking to the camera and it’s noticeable that you did not prepare your speech, it looks extremely unprofessional.. I was expecting better from you.

Well said Kayature, and you have a great style :)

Great video Kristina! I am currently a big fan of DW watches <3



I can understand you love for Paris! I visited the area many years ago and I’m still thinking about that trip. You look fabulous with that delicate blouse and glorious skirt.

You can look like a lady with sneakers…latest at:

Hi Kristina, you are simply amazing person, I have ever follow on instagram and your blog. I am so proud and excited for you. you have made it to this way, you made your name heard and continue to grow. A little girl who travels far away from home, experience new things with and without her best friends. Even tho now you and James are no longer couple, but you still go strong and work harder for Kayture. I wish you luck and can’t wait to see pictures of your new place in Paris. xD

I love the red metallic blouse and am just a little jealous (maybe very…but in a good way) that you are moving to Paris!


You look absolutely gorgeous!

I love the pics! Good luck on your new journey in Paris! <3


What an incredibly look! I adore that red blouse, it is so vivid. x

Looking great!

Great watch! THese photos are amazing! I love the lighting and the red shirt you’re wearing :)


Nice photos, your look is amazing


Beautiful pictures!

Your daily inspiration and motivation on

Great outfit! the color of the blouse is a dream! Love it!

xx Alex

You write about Paris so so beautifully! I love this post too, your outfit is gorgeous and you look as breathtaking as always !

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

I love the video, Kristina! It’s a great idea to have a home in L.A. and one in Paris, they are two amazing cities :)

I love these pictures and understand your love for Paris <3

Fee /

Beautiful paris, beautiful pics and beautiful you

Oh my gosh you are so gorgeous! Love the surrounding in combination with your outfit! And of course the watch is amazing too, really matches perfectly to your look!

Kisses form Germany and have fun in Paris

L & A

In a trendy town 15 August 2015 / Reply

I love the culottes!

Regards from the fashion blog and remember that we are giving a freebie to remember all the items for your suitcase

Living between LA and Paris seems like such a brilliant idea as you will definitely get the most out of both parts of the earth,so exciting.
I can’t wait to see all of Snapchats with Fiona again,you guys are so fun to watch when you’re being all silly and stuff :)

That top is so freakin’ amazing! Love the watch too!

xo Lauren

Love this color, style and texture of the blouse. very rich.

This watch is sublime ! I really love it as your look of the day :)

Love the gif at the end! I agree that a watch is more than an accessory it is something that guides you and that – like some other accessories that you wear frequently – you grow affection for.


wonderful, so romantic and chic outfit, perfect accessorized

I love how you love Forever 21 <3

Beautiful photos! I love that red blouse! My sister used to live in Paris (she just moved to the south) and I also feel like a piece of my heart is there. Every time its beauty amazes me!

Hey Kristina! I am so so so excited about you moving to Paris now! As I was starting to read the post and your beautiful description of the city I couldn’t help but feeling nostalgic about it, and then the good news wow…
Your shoots in Paris are always some of my favourites, so I am over thrilled that there are going to be more of those from now on. Good luck on your flat hunt, and lots of love dear <3

You are just incredible


if you can afford designer goods than surely you can also afford a gym pass and a nutritionist!
good luck because your lower body is huge

The pieces look amazing on you :)
And I’m so happy to hear that you’ve decided to split your time between Los Angeles and Paris <3
Both are awesome cities, and I believe you'll truly be able to thrive even more!
Keep up the great work! Always looking forward to your new content!

xo, elizabeth t.

The color of that shirt is just AMAZING.

je comprends ton envie de vivre entre L.A et Paris, entre ces deux lieux si différents!
et puis pourquoi devoir choisir si tu peux faire les deux ? Nul doute que ces deux villes t’apporteront des choses complémentaires, pour toi et ton inspiration quotidienne.
super projet en perspective alors…!!

Good luck with everything that you’re doing! You look gorgeous in red satin, and Paris is so beautiful~

xx, Diane ||

So much blabing to try and sell a Watch your followers won’t be able to afford anyway. I don’t know what those brands are trying to do by hiring bloggers…

Kristina Bazan in Paris with the new Millenary – I really enjoyed it. Kristina Bazan made a beautiful presentation …

je comprends ton envie de vivre entre L.A et Paris, entre ces deux lieux si différents!
et puis pourquoi devoir choisir si tu peux faire les deux ? Nul doute que ces deux villes t’apporteront des choses complémentaires, pour toi et ton inspiration quotidienne.
super projet en perspective alors…!!

IT Spektor

Your pictures are so inspiring. Beides, you look really pretty in this beautiful red top!

Kisses from France!!

Werry good blog i love it

Love your way of showing Paris to the world I like your style of showing the things from your eyes I have collected some of your winter outfits styles and featured you here

This blog is literally one of the bests things I’ve ever discovered on the whole internet. You are just so inspiring, no wonder why you have achieved so much so far! If y’all ever have time or make time to check out my work, you can find it here:
I know, I’m at the beginning… but there’s just so many fashion bloggers out there that help me perfect myself every single day, just like Kristina!
Hope you have a good day! x

What an elegant watch from AP. It fits just perfect on your wirst in combination of your style!
AP is a fantastic brand with a lot of history – also for men.
Have a great day!

Amazing pictures! I love the contrast of the look and the bright bridge with the soft toned background.


Werry good blog i love it and i like this poster