Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_21

Days have been packed lately guys, and when I say packed I mean, I’ve been up until 4am every single day either wrapping last details in my appartement or struggling with my wi-fi connection, finishing editing some new articles (next week is going to go content crazy!!) or well… Just trying to be social I guess, going out, making new friends, meetings new people and getting familiar with the L.A crowd.
Gotta say, still have to pinch myself to the idea that I am living in the states, that I have my own appartement here and that there’s so much coming up in the next couple of weeks. I am dying of excitement to share everything with you guys. I think the next couple of months will be a rich cocktail of emotional explosions starting off with the fashion week that’s almost at the doorstep. There are so many things to do and so much organize : it’s pure madness.
With all of this, I’m trying to find my rhythm and get into the flow of things. I have to say, it’s summer, everyone’s out, tempting to spend the days on a sunny terrace in West Hollywood sipping on Bellinis, talking life and just like, not doing anything. Very tempting. Especially because I see my feed crawl with pictures of my friends on holidays in Greece or in Bali! And even though I am here in California and it’s probably one of the hottest summer destinations, I still can’t help myself but try to get as much work done as I can… Even though sometimes all I want is to stay in bed and roll around like a clam.
My biggest joy however lately, and this especially before starting the fashion month where we’ll be travelling from NY to London, Milan and Paris, is to try to stay as comfy and casual as I can, just enjoying myself and not worrying too much about my looks. It actually is the most pleasant thing ever. We had the pleasure to team up with UGGⓇ Australia for a second time to show you guys a way of styling their new luxe boots in a cool, edgy way while still being super comfortable to run around town all day. Hope you like this new outfit and talk to you all super soon!


Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_05Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_22 Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_10Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_26 Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_11 Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_17Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_29Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_40Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_23Cibelle x Kristina _ UGGBlackBoot_30EDIT





Photography by Cibelle Levi


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Wow, amazing pictures & such a great look !
Really nice post :))
Love, L

You look so beautiful and I love love love your style!! :)


Oh, you are really busy and I like your outfit a lot!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Keep up the great work :)


I am so excited that you have been posting more lately! I love hearing about your whirlwind life! I’ll have moved to New York by fashion week so maybe I can catch a glimpse of you! And you look lovely here, as always!

Such a simple and beautiful outfit! Looking great girl!

love the dress! Though not really with the shoes…

I’m really into combining boots with dresses too! Love this look! You’re so beautiful :-)

I’m really into combining boots with dresses too! Love this look! You’re so beautiful :-)
Bests Carina

Super cute outfit!

|| D I A N A ||

love your off the shoulder dress! you look great!

Wow, what a life you are living at the moment, I dont get how you do it! I Think it is great that you are Getting settled in LA! It is so important to feel like home in a new city! :) Already looking forward to your next post!
Best regards Amanda

You look so pretty. Amazing black look :)

Where is the leather jacket from? I especially love this photo.

Such a perfect casual outfit! Just looks so super comfy! <3

Love the dress! <3

Love these photos, the dress is gorgeous too (can’t believe it’s H&M)

Mel x

Love this off the shoulder piece so much <3 It projects the perfect California summer vibe :)
And UGGs are some of my favorite comfy shoes :) They never disappoint with their quality!

xo, elizabeth t.

Cool, babe! <3

Shall We Sasa

Super gorgeous outfit!! Love how you styled the boots – wouldn’t have thought that the dress is from H&M ;)

x Stefanie

Love this total black outfit! These UGGs though <3

You look stunning- your fashion sense is unbeatable! I always enjoy reading your posts so much and am so happy for you with all the success you have achieved!

Ella x

Wow I really adore UGG ♥
and I love the photos in this post – I hope you have a great time in L.A. ♥

xx – Violetta

Moving to a new place is always so exciting and nerve racking! Will be a great experience though :]

The Fernweh Wolf / Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Love this dress, so casual and beautiful!

Such a great look! I wish I could live in LA!
xoxo Lynda

You look hot hot hot in that dress!

Beautiful total black look. Lovw your shoes.

With a few low cost pieces you created an amazing outfit, it have everything you need for a perfect mix. The boho inspiration of the H&M dress is simple, fresh and it looks absolutely great wth the leather jacket and it rock soul. Adore these UGG boots, it’s like walk on the clouds, soft and chic. Fantastic photos

Great shoes!! Love combo of flowy dress and leather jacket. Cool casual look..:)

I just loooooove the UGGs! You have a very particular style and I love how you put together all your outfits.


Je dois dire que c’est un style qui te convient bien! J’aime beaucoup ta petite robe, toute simple mais très jolie :)

Those boots are beautiful…
I tried the link that you put on your article and it’s not working. The page dosen’t exist anymore.
What is the name of the boots? When are they comming out?

You are really beautiful. And i really like your blog.
Thank you for your answer



I love how you’re talking about how you live in the states now & the photo of you sitting on the stairs looked like the american flag at first glance. It must be really fun to experience such a big change in living. It looks like it’s always fun & sunny there. I hope to visit LA one day soon!


I adore these photographs so, so much! x

Totally on the same page girl! I have been so busy lately it’s ridiculous. Definitely is a hard thing to find that balance between being social/working/time for yourself. Love this post, thanks for sharing! <3

Nice! Love the dress and the boots a lot!

These pictures are so lovely! You look gorgeous!

You’re probably the only person in the world that can make Uggs look stylish and edgy. Now I can’t wait for the colder days to come which will allow me to snuggle the feet up in cozy uggs,yay :)

Ana@champagnegirlsabouttown 17 August 2015 / Reply

Such a cool outfit! I’m so jealous of the weather in California, summer is largely gone in London!

not very much a fan of the shoes but I like the dress a lot and the photos in general

Very lovely, casual outfit. The dress is so cute and the shoes a perfect fit. Love it + you look, as always, like a doll <3
best wishes from Berlin

Very nice dress, this look is really cool


i miss ur blonde light hair…this color is not verry pretty for you

I love the boots! I’m definitely getting myself a pair soon!
New articles coming up on Jumana’s Blog x

I love the boots! I’m definitely getting myself a pair soon!
New articles coming up on Jumana’s Blog x

Very pretty and chic off-shoulder dress! The tassel fringe detail on the shoes exudes such a cool bohemian vibe too, awesome!


The dress is adorable.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Beautiful picture, I live this dress!



I am from Bali and if you come here, please choose something a little bit more interesting and stylish than Chiara.

Some of what she showed was beautiful, but too much about capturing her clothes instead of the beauty of the island.

Please be more adventurous and explore more even the luxurious one and try to stay in a villa instead of a hotel.

The look is perfect.

On a Saturday

Cute Ugg boots and black dress, very casual outfit

I can’t believe this dress it from H&M! I need it in my life!

Nice! Love the fringe.


Amazing, this dress is totally gorgeous on you!

Shy Girl Loud Voice

You look perfect!
I love comfy Uggs and the way you style them.

I would have never guessed those were uggs! This look certainly elevates them.


I really like the black dress paired with the belt, great combination! I’m not a huge fan of the shoes, but I think you pull them off well.

Loving your outfit! the boots I’ll be honest are a little iffy but comfort is comfort- and when it comes to travel that is KEY lol :) xoxo

love the look, but I must say, one’s style definitely changes whichever country they stay in.. good job with the LA vibe!

Great post, totally love your booties!

Those shoes are really cool, but I’m in love with that jacket!! It’s gorgeous! Love the H&M dress too, such a perfect summer piece! Look forward to seeing all these new articles, sounds so exciting!! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

J’aime bien ces boots, et le look est sympa, mais j’ai du mal avec les robes et ce type de décolleté, un peu trop old-fashioned à mon goût…
Jolies images!

Beautiful photos! Love it!


You look so beautiful with this makeup:)

Beautiful dress ! And I love your jacket as well, I need a real moto leather jacket for this fall – I have another one but it isn’t cutting it haha. P.s. you look stunning <3


Love your outfit in this post! Well done for not procrastinating aha. If I was in America I would hardly get any work done because I’d want to go out everyday but it’s good that you’re getting work done x

I love how Ugg is branching out to make shoes that can be styled better with daily looks. These photos are amazing, looks like a typically hot Los Angeles day though :D


Hey, Kristina! :) I love your blog and I really enjoyed reading your latest post! <3

Great article and I love the boots. I can see myself wearing those many different ways.

Adore this look (as always!)

PLEASE do a meet up when you come to London if possible x

Blizzard Girl 19 August 2015 / Reply

I love UGG boots, they’re the best and most comfortable!


so beautiful! Greetings from Orange Country :)

I’m loving the “all black everything” look!
Sometime the comfortable and casual outfits are just the best!
Kisses from London,
Kinga x

I can’t wait to follow along on your fashion week adventures! <3

I love your comfy Look, also your glamorous Look. Both fits perfect on you <3!
And I'm super excited what's coming next and so happy for you, that all your dreams finally come true :-*.
Just be yourself and everything will be awesome, this time in a comfy way ;).

Hugs from Germany
Katharina from KATCHERRY

You look incredibly stunning in these Ugg boots! I haven’t owned a pair since I was a high school senior…might just give ‘em another try!! Sipping cocktails on a sun drenched terrace?! Might want to try that too!!! xo


adorn la femme

Beautiful outfit! Love the dress and the shoes! So stylish!

Xx Carolin

Black in LA heat? Still look gorgeous though!

I can on totally relate, Kristina. We the innovators and creative minds of our generation have so many projects going on at the same time. Sometimes it’s important to find that place of self discipline and take “a Sunday off”. Everyone works so much here in the US. Not just in the Big Apple but here in the easy going, always surfing, relaxed Southern Cali too. But it’s totally worth it, I promise! :)

You look beautiful with Ugg’s boots

such a lovely post.You look still stunning!


Really nice pics !

Beautiful simplistic outfit! And I love those boots!

Sophie | DenimMondays

Cute casual look! I hope you get some sleep soon, sounds like you’ve been busy busy

Your bare legs make me so horny, baby! Especially when you are sitting your legs (above the knees) look so tasty … and my cock gets hungry for your pussy!

Those Uggs are so cute! I can’t imagine wearing it in LA at this weather though T_T maybe for the winter!

Sachi Pirola 21 August 2015 / Reply

You are truly an inspiration to me and I think you’re so beautiful. Bonne chance!

Those boots look super comfortable. And your hair is such a gorgeous color!

xx, Diane ||

Love this post! Beautiful photographs!

kiss <3

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Beautiful dress, love how you are going against the norm by wearing black and uggs during summer!

Agnes x

Whoa! Love the boots. It’s unique.

You just look fabulous darling! And always remember you work for your dreams, and sometimes it’s hard to see how others on vacations or somewhere else… but one day you will look back and think: it all was worth it. :) I promise ;)


perfect! love the way you combine dress and boots!

Lovely pictures!
Love from Vienna
Borislava from

Love how you style this outfit! Its better to be busy than idling with no work! (;


These boots are so beautiful! And you look great in this outfit!
Alexandra ~

Love those boots with that dress!
The Twinne Twins

Ah sounds like you are having such a fun time living here in the U.S.! I love the off-the-shoulder look. And that leather jacket is perfect<3 I've been searching for a good one. Can't wait to see next weeks content!


what a gorgeous dress! really amazing pictures!


How gorg is this look & the photography is just impeccable, girl!
Love the monochrome & relaxed vibe of this outfit.
xox Nadia

I love your outfit, this dress really fits you! :)

Love the UGG’s and your choice of dress <3

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
Palming Pebbles

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I love this outfit you are so fierce!!

This look is so nice! And you look gorgeous as always!


I really love the Ugg brand. It’s so interesting how the brand came about, they were made to be worn in summer months after a long day of surfing! I think that is awesome. Lovely post!


Adorable! I love how you combined UGGs with the dress!

all black perfection


lovely pictures! I hope to see you in London Kristina! take care, great to hear you are settling down in LA.


Love, Dominika.

Hi Kristina! I’m missing your very Euro chic style circa 2011! I understand that you’ve evolved and your style now is very California casual, but part of the reason why you were so different from any other bloggers out there, apart from the amazing editorial-quality of your photos, was the very unique way you styled “unknown” online brands + Zara/H&M + a little splash of designer brands. I hope that now that you’re back in Paris, you’ll embrace back your chic European style. I’m loving your Snapchats lately as well. Je ne comprends pas Francais, but it’s so you, and not the Kristina-Valley-Girl-of-LA-with-the-American-accent.

diana fuster 25 August 2015 / Reply

You are such an inspiration! This year im moving for a couple of months to France and your post makes me feel looking foward to scape and live the adventure (im a little afraid of the change). Keep on writting and living as you do, kisses from Spain and come here the summer is also really good

I get what you mean, Kristina! However, the dreams and excitement is too big to be staying in bed unless you really need to recharge because your body is screaming at you. I can’t wait to see your Paris apartment! Again, thank you so much for being an inspiration to me. You have no clue how important it is to me that you’re inspiring me by living your dreams! Much love to you, Cibelle, Fiona and James! xo

Omg Uggs that look good?! And even more, warm boots that look good?!! I’ve seen it all! (and also need them all)

The all black look against the white backdrop is great! I also love your leather jacket :)

Characters and Carry-ons

This is amazing and I love everything about this look!
Your hair is so pretty, Kristina!

With love,
Suzy ♥


Awesome outfit. The comfort in Black made this outfit the selected one. And yeah of Course you’re looking fabulous!

You’re gorgeous Kristina!

I love this outfit and how you styled these Ugg boots. Good luck to you with having more great opportunities!
Fashion Blog | Instagram
Yukova x

You are lovely! Perfect casual look!!!

With love, Elisa
My Fantabulous World

You look superb. I’m not the biggest UGGs fan but these are quite cute. :]

// ▲ ▲

IN LOVE with this outfit. You look gorgeous, Kristina!

xoxo, Sarah

Love the photos and look!!



After reading many of your posts Kristina, I would almost say you are the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette… I am a huge Marie Antoinette fan, and I know a lot of things about her, and so it seems that you..are her. Your zodiac sign is scorpio just like she was, you are very passionate about fashion, but not really about books, from what I’ve understood… you like to act, although you’ve never practiced it professionally, you feel most comfortable amongst a restrained group of friends, yet you are very sociable and can manage to thrive and communicate without any problem with many people at the same are very emotional ,philosophical…and most important of all, adore macarons and flowering Chinese teas! That is exactly what she was like! Read about her and you will understand! Its almost as if you are her!

This dress is so cool, I love off the shoulder trend

Kristina u r an inspiration for every blogger and I love you

How could you even make a HnM dress look this good :) :) :)

You look lovely, love the Uggs on you !!
It’s so good that you’re back in my city, Paris !

J’adore la tenue, surtout la robe !

Cool and comfy look :)

Great pictures! So professional!


Online Boutique

Loved the jacket so much!!! Xoxo, Regina **

Hey Kistina, it’s time to tell you that I’m following you since almost the very beginning of I don’t even know how old I was back then, maybe 12.. You became such a big inspiration for me and through the years I’ve learned so much from you. Another point is that Kayture was the first blog I discovered when I first startet to conquer the world wide web. And now, 5 years later I’ve started my own blog and I couldn’t be happier. I wasn’t sure if it’s the right decision but I’m gonna work for it and make my dreams come true. Thank you Kristina !
Between, very nice post and thoughts, as always !
Love, Julia !

You look amazing, as always!
Started a blog a while ago, it woul mean a lot if you could check it out.



Off shoulders are love!!! <3 Loving how you styled everything too!

sublime ! imaginaire ! fascinante ! c’est …………beau !!! vous êtes belle !!!! bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this look! That off the shoulder dress is gorgeous!

gorgeous shots, you really rock those Ugg boots

This dress fits you right!! You’re really pretty ;)

Lovely this Ugg boots!!! I want it!!!

Absolutely stunning as always!


love the dress! it’s too hot to even think about ugg boots haha!

Greetigs from / to Paris :)


Love how you styled the boots ! =)

Great pictures as always!

Des & Jen


I like comfy outfits like this.

Gorgeous photos as always, you are so photogenic!

Reignann Powell 3 September 2015 / Reply

Great looks! Hope to see you during Fashion Week! <3

xx Nicola

Hi what a great little article, The leather jacket is gorgeous and is our favourite.

Great styling. You look perfectly. You have a great figure. I’ll be here often to look and wait for new styling.
I also invite my blog
I will be grateful for observation. :)

I love the outfits, gorgeous photos also :) Amazing blogpost xx

Fashionessa C. 6 September 2015 / Reply

Interesting article, great pictures!

Xavier Dolan for Louis Vuitton:

Love these pictures, you look so pretty and your outfit is fab!

Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

all black is the right direction :)

I need your Help Kristina please

You are rocking that off- shoulder dress!
Greetings from poland! :)

I liked this look. Also, all pictures are just amazing! Great work,keep it up :)

This blog is literally one of the bests things I’ve ever discovered on the whole internet. You are just so inspiring, no wonder why you have achieved so much so far! If y’all ever have time or make time to check out my work, you can find it here:
I know, I’m at the beginning… but there’s just so many fashion bloggers out there that help me perfect myself every single day, just like Kristina!
Hope you have a good day! x

You look amazing in leather <3


Lovely pictures, i love the boots as well xx

Super comfy look. Looove the ugg.
Are you ready for fall? Visit

I never thought that UGGs could look as good as they do in these photos! :D Lovely outfit!

wow j’adore ces bottes UGG ça change vraiment des basiques boots de cette marque .
En plus il y a des franges j’adore!!!

An other nice outfit! Simply love everything related to this “girl”. ^_^
Stefan Buzas

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