#Kaytips : the 5 (summer edition)


August is like… the sunday of summer. Right? I thought a kaytips for an endless summer feeling could be nice. It’s also an auto-therapy for me. I wish life could be a long, relaxing european summer. But it wouldn’t be as fun if we had all served on a silver plate right? Plus we wouldn’t enjoy it as much it if it was a long-lasting, perpetual vacation. I mean… I’d get bored and be like : what is there to do next!? Ok enough self conversation. There we go:

5  P L A C E S


They don’t have the St-tropez style or hype yet but are going to be come the next IT holiday destination, so plan a trip before they become too touristy. Europe has some beautiful, hidden, not-too-famous places that you definitely need to try once. As…

tumblr_n0akyn1sxq1qkfpxgo1_500Calvi, Corsica

Corsica is still very preserved (probably because of its habitants) and it’s beautiful. You probably heard about the festival “Calvi on the Rocks”, maybe a good occasion to visit. I’ll choose Corsica instead of Sardinia for example (I love Sardinia, though)

Hvar, Croatia

Party people! This one is for you. I’m a big fan of Mykonos but I’m dying to try Hvar once. That sounds so much fun, they say it’s the new Ibiza, with less people but more fun. Gotta try.

Lagos, Portugal

It’s fun how even for europeans, Portugal has never been one of the highlight destinations. Why!? I mean, the beaches looks amazing! They have dreamy surf spots, crazy landscape and delicious food.

Ravello, Italy

I’ve been to this breathtaking village two years ago, it’s very close to Positano and has the most incredible views ever. This place is the definition of “La Dolce Vita”, really worth the trip.

Formentera, Spain

The Caribbean of Europe. This island              next to Ibiza is much more quiet and the water is crystal clear. Dreamland.

5  S O N G S



There’s nothing like listening to the songs that are linked to precise memories. Especially when they remind you of good times in good company, long days at the beach, house parties and summer feelings. Here’s some that rhymes most of our moments this summer.

How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris

Omen – Disclosure x Sam Smith

Trap Queen - Fetty Trap

Cant Feel My Face – The Weeknd

Watche Me – Silento

(And this… Just because Kygo is my favorite DJ and that I listened to it all this summer)

5  P E O P L E



To have a little bit of the feeling all year long, from surfers to photographers to perfect-booty-shaped models. There you go, all the people you NEED to follow on Instagram to feel like you’re kind of travelling with them at the beach even though you’re honestly just stuck in front of your computer…

Julian Wilson

Alexis Ren &  boyfriend Jay Alvarrez

Sjana Elise

Coco Ho

Morgan Maassen

5  T A N S



Moisturize like crazy

Post beach you should upgrade to moisturize everyday. In summer I like to use natural coconut oil that I usually buy directly in pharmacy. That’s the better way to hang on to sexy summer skin. Use and abuse of lotion or oils.

Cool for the summer

Shower with cool water, hot bath will make you peel faster because of the dehydration. I also recommend using an oily shower gel to keep your skin soft (I told you, use and abuse)

Wear White

There’s nothing that will give the illusion of a darker skin: white tshirt, natural beachy hair (with the help of a sea salt spray), nude makeup and bronzer. Mood boosting guarantee.

Drink water & Exfoliate

Hydration should definitely be inside and out that’s why you shouldn’t drink water just because it’s 30 degrees outside. It will prolong the life of all the cells, including the tanned ones at the surface and smooth the skin. Exfoliation maybe sounds crazy but one time a week, it’s important to do it to remove the dull cells.

Facial self tan

The complexion and the little freckles on your face is the first thing that people notice in summer. I don’t know for you but it’s also the part of my body that tan the less (ok, it’s because I don’t expose it at all) but I started to use this amazing James Read overnight tan mask and it’s absolutely amazing. It doesn’t contain any paraben and the tan is very soft and natural.

Credits:, Tumblr, Jay Alvarrez


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Nice list. I particularly like the songs & who to follow in instagram recommendations. I can’t wait until it’s summer in Australia. The cold just isn’t as fun a summer vacation.


Love all of these fun tips! Those locations sound absolutely wonderful! Don’t want summer to be over!

I love this! I would LOVE to visit those places! And thanks for sharing that facial tanner :)


Great tips Kristina!

Emma Wanless 13 August 2015 / Reply

Great article! Will be sad when summer is over but also excited for the fall! xx

Prudence Yeo 13 August 2015 / Reply

I love to use coconut oil as a moisturizer too and wearing white is definitely the go-to trend for summer!


Thanks for all the recomendations! I added all your songs to my playlist, they’re so good! :)


this is amazing, thank you! :)

Too bad that I already went on holiday! This pics make me want to go back so badly!

Everything in this posst is just perfect – I really love the places where you have been and we have actually really the same music taste ♥ That’s just great.

I’m from Germany and I am such a huuuge fan of your blog, because of your beautiful photos and great blogposts ♥ :)

Much Love from Germany – Violetta –

Thanks for the tips, Fiona! I’m going to Lagos next week, it looks amazing :)

Lagos is amazing! Do you know Porto city?

Amazing summer post. Love all the destinations (especially Calvi and Ravello).
The songs are all super good as well. And Kygo is also my favorite DJ !!

Lots of love,


i need to go to those places :)))

We are from Spain and summer here is spectacular in each place.

Regards from

Corsica and Croatia have been on my lists for awhile! I also love those songs especially The Weeknd and Calvin Harris!


I love, love, love blog posts like these! This has been very helpful x

Loving these tips, especially the summer songs! <3
Awesome picks and gorgeous photos as always :)

xo, elizabeth t.

cute lists I follow Jay and Alexis and Sjana they’re amazing!

I really liked this article, not only because of the sugestions but also because of it’s differente structure, you guys sure write very well here on Kayture! Loved the tips… and thanks for stating how beautiful is Portugal, my beloved country heheh! I got very curious about the other cities ;)

This is such a creative post, I love it! I’ve been stalking Alexis Ren and her boyfriend’s Instagram’s this summer. They’re Instagram’s make me crazy jealous! Great song choices too, I’ve been loving Calvin Harris this summer.

I agree, Hvar is a must! It seems like the new place everyone is trying out.

xxx, Joann

I’m in Santorini, Greece right now so thanks for the tips Fiona :)

Here is my recommendation for the ultimate luxury summer destination

Corsica had been on my list for ages but my husband, who is French says they Corsicans are now very welcoming :) I love Croatia and it’s neighbour- Montenegro, which really is the stuff out of James Bond movies. Unfortunately, that super glamorous and mysterious riviera of the Balkans is now totally overtaken by tourists. Still, one of the most charming places on Earth. Highly recommend.

Thanks for the tips! I have been wanting to visit Croatia and Corsica for a while now!
Agnes x

I totally agree for the music and the places. Great article!

LOVE the idea of such a post!!!!
So inspirational!!!

This perfectly captures the end of summer! And I’ve been dying to visit Lagos!

Cool list, I was planning to go to Thailand for vacation. It’s good to know some alternatives.

Soo pretty !

Really nice!!

Loved this post! I’ve been to a few places shown here, but I’d love to visit the rest!
Also, great tips for tanning! thx Xx

I still can’t stop listenning to Trap Queen!! Very creative idea of article! Thank you for all your tips :)

Kisses from France!

Wow! I found your blog in the top 20 fashion blogs. I am not sure why yours was not at the top of the list because it is perfectly fashionable! I love what I am seeing Kristina great work; beautiful face and mind.

Where is the picture taken from the places to visit post??

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