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Right after we wrapped up New York fashion week, or wait, in the very middle of it, we had to skip a few shows as we were invited to attend a very exciting and special event in Milan. Direction Europe a few days, earlier than expected! Even though I missed a lot of the shows from brands I absolutely loved, it was a good occasion to wind down a bit before madness began again. As soon as we set our feet on the plane, the only thing I could think about was wearing a large fluffy sweater, no make-up and flats. And well… The moment I opened my hotel room door in Milan, it was all about ordering tea, taking a really long nap and pampering.

As much as fashion month is so insanely amazing and fun, it is also very intense, terribly stressful at times and challenging in terms of work effort and efficiency. We all want to make the best out of our days, attend most of the shows possible and well… Look amazing while doing it. On days when I really feel like it, it occurs that I change up to 4 times a day : meaning better try to stay organized. On other days, I drink a lot of espressos and force myself to pull out at least two, one for the day, one for the night. Seeing all the new collections is such a wonderful adventure and I am so happy that this year you can see most of it with me thanks to Snapchat!

So while in Milan I had the pleasure to take a bit care of myself before leaving to London. My goal was to detoxify as much as I could and keep my skin as clean and healthy as possible. Whether I want it or not, fashion month sort of means wearing a lot of make-up everyday because of pictures being constantly taken and therefore the skin suffers quite terribly… Travelling, lack of sleep, stress and on top of that layers of make-up. Not the best to maintain a healthy complexion. I make sure that the products I bring with me while I travel are the best I can get, less is more.

My number one tip is to really make sure to take all your make-up off before going to sleep, and it is so very tempting to just fall on your bed as soon as you come back from a party like a potato and not move anywhere, not even to your bathroom but believe me, your skin will be so thankful that you let it breath even if it was just for a few hours. It also allows you to refresh it and let it naturally rejuvenate. On the other hand, I bring a lot of natural products and some from one of my favorite swiss skin care brands L. Raphael. As I come from Switzerland, I truly value and appreciate the quality of our niche and luxurious skin care lines, the effects on the skin’s health are mental. I’ve been using L. Raphael for ages now and have to say am so impress by the incredible quality of each product. I tend to break out a lot because of the constant climate change and so the Mineral Balancing Power serum and cream have been my absolute favorite items as it prevents my skin from imperfections.

Of course, I would also recommend getting as much sleep as possible, drink a lot of water, avoir alcohol or sugar and stay as happy and positif as possible as this also, must definitely affects the perkiness of the skin! Guys, I highly encourage you to discover L.Raphael if you don’t know if yet, it is beyond spectacular. You will love it. The prices can do quite high but trust me, less is more like we said but you’ll see, you’ll need much less foundation once my skin is flawless. I hope you guys enjoyed these few little tips. Back!

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I din’t know this brand but I’ll buy and I’ll prove.


Love watching your journey through fashion month! I’m sure it must be so difficult to keep your skin healthy during all of the madness!

Sounds like you have had a crazy busy few weeks! It is definitely important to make time for yourself and to detox. Love this post! <3

I love your blog because you actually take the time to write.

I wrote about that here

Your skin looks amazing, thanks for sharing your tips! I’ve been looking for more skin products.

xx, Diane ||

You absolutely look stunning!
Great makeup by the way :)
Please check our website for great european lingerie.

Fashion week sounds so stressful, yet I would really like to go someday. You look gorgeous here too, btw!

You look flawless and positively glowing, as per usual <3 And I love your billion second snap stories :)

Your skin is so pretty. It looks like the pampering did you well. It must have been nice to take a step during fashion week, event though missed out on some of your favourite designer. But we all need to take a break at some point, right?


Beautiful like always


You always look flawless even when pampering! Love it!!


The post you make about the different detox program as foodie and beauty, I find really useful and long expected. As for me, a person who loves eating different yummy things, drinking coffee, working all day all night, detox programs are a sip of fresh air! And I definitely need to make one in the nearest fur=ture, cause my body, skin and mood started giving up.

Thanks a lot for this useful tips as well as introdusing this beauty brand. I am currently using Avene and I find it really great and benefitial, may be you have already tested it :)

Can’t wait to see more from you about the fashion week. My fashion week experience is aproaching, so I def need to be ready to face loads of stressful moments))

Have a great day and productive fashion week,

You look so beautiful. I love the no makeup look! ♥

L.Raphael sounds like a fantastic skincare brand, thanks for the recommendation! And sounds like a busy fashion week with endless number of activities, do take care!


Really interesting post! I believe I have no other choice but to try L.Raphael, since your skin looks so fresh and lovely everytime :) <3

Enjoy London, darling!

Ina from

Ich glaube nicht, dass ich die Fashion Weeks durchhalten würde. Zu viel Stress! x)

Ruh dich gut aus! :)

Really love your writing style! By reading your posts I sometimes get the feeling I do know you personally, too bad for me that isn”t true.. But keep up the great work, I’m already looking forward to your next post :)

Nearly CHF 200.- for a moisturizer is ridiculous.

I love the photos, you look amazing! :) love from Switzerland xx

beautiful photos!:) it’s always important to find some time to relax!♥

Yes, that tight schedule, the lack of sleep, and the constant need to be “on” will definitely take a toll on the skin :(
But you still amazing, Kristina! :) I agree, thoroughly removing makeup before bed is truly essential, and your skin will thank you so much later!
Love this minimal/light makeup look you’re sporting for this set of photos – it really highlights all of your beautiful features! <3
Can't wait to see your future projects! Have fun at the rest of the FWs! :D

xo, elizabeth t.

Thanks for sharing your tips, I’ll definitly check the brand out :) And the photos are so beautiful ♥
xx Alina

You are so beautiful and your fresh looks so clean! I’ll haveto give this a try

Will definitely have to try out this skincare. Your skin looks amazing!

Such great post. I can’t wait to go to New York Fashion Week one day. Gorgeous photos too!!x

I think you’re going a bit too far with this constant advertising recently… It’a a bit too much – you either don’t post at all or write only payed posts and advertisings, which I assume are also sponsored…

Beautiful photography, really helpful post!

Your skin is insanely flawless.. Just gorgeous.

P.s. it’s nice to read you have days you’d like to crawl up in a sweater without any make up on !

Hi, thanks for your tips !! xx

Lovely every-day make up!

hey K ! I really adore your blog and your beautiful photos!

xx Violetta

Great advice Kristina, I wish there was a wider range of natural products in America that didn’t have as many harsh chemicals. Thank you for the recommendation! I feel like a good collaboration for you would be to have your own natural, affordable skin cleansing line. I would buy it!



Massimo Cusi 24 September 2015 / Reply

Thanks for the tips Kristina! I will report them to my gf!

Your skin always looks so flawless so I am definitely going to try and get my hands on these next time I’m in GVA

Agnes x

Looks like you’ve been having a great time! I’ve heard so many great things about L. Raphael x

I like your blog because you actually take the time out to write.

you look great, babe, these fantastic swiss products really work on you

I’ll definitely have to try out that skin care brand :) Thanks for the tip!

I wish you could smell things through the internet!

soooo gorgeous

You are absolutely stunning, and it sounds like you had a great time :)

soooo true for the tips! and I wish they had their products sent to my country! would love to give it a try! :D
you’re so fresh and beautiful, Kristina!


I don’t know how is the whole fw crazyness, but surely tons of make up and lack of sleep don’t look great on the skin :)
Thank you for sharing your beauty tips, I always discover new brands that are off the radar but are so great!!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Always in the look for detox options, I love these natural photos, more intimate and more real. Xoxo

wow…it does sound stressful , but these images are so amazing and you looks so relaxed and lovely!

Your skin looks flawless!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

I can’t imagine how stressful these fashionweeks must be! Already looking forward to PFW though, because I live in Paris at the moment. A meet-up would be so nice!

xx B

You look stunning Kristina! I’m looking for some new product for my skin and I will check them out!

xx // Afza
Insta: @bloodxblack

Stunning! Your skin is flawless.

Andreea Grigore 26 September 2015 / Reply

I ALWAYS remove my make up before I go to sleep! If I don’t do this, I just can’t sleep in peace! I’m trying to keep my face save!!!
I’ll check out the products of L.Raphael!
Love you Kristina!!

Great photos, Cibelle is taking better pictures everytime she photographs you!

Adore these pictures, so cool!

X Malena

You look flawless! No signs of fashionweek madness in these pictures!

Love Imke

how do you always look so flawless!

I totally agree with yur tips! I also think that organic skincare is essential to not burden the skin in addition to everyday chemicals and so … The natural way is always best!

Nice wishes,

To be honest, I have never heard of this brand but I will definitely check it out. Great pics!


love the tips and thanks for sharing! Definitely will check out the skincare line, I’ve been trying to find something new so thanks =)

Great post Kristina! :)

Marie-Michelle 27 September 2015 / Reply

I know this post is about detoxing and letting your skin breathe but I have to ask, what foundation are you wearing in these pictures? It’s amazing and your skin looks flawless. I’d love if you could do a make-up tutorial sometime?

Switzerland has great cosmetic laboratories. I used the Oil Mineral Balancing Power… and love it! One of the values I take account of this brand is undoubtedly its quality.

Congratulations, I am a public person. I recommend your blog.

My username on Instagram: realjuans

My blog:

You are so perfect, Kristina! Such a beautiful and talented woman!

Have an amazing start to the new week! xo
Love, Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Your skin looks absolutely flawless despite all the non-stop traveling! It’s so important to take the time and effort to maintain it – thank you for sharing all your tips!

xx, Cindy

Beth Shankle Anderson 28 September 2015 / Reply

This is a wonderfully written article that all those attending the shows should read. It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with all the chaos. i especially liked your advice about never going to sleep with your makeup still on. That’s a very bad idea. I enjoy your website blog and your writing very much!

I love quiet moments like this. It’s so important to take them & self indulge with a little pampering. I’ve not heard of this brand before, so I’m off to check them out a little more.
Hugs Adele xoxo

Thanks for sharing and fot the tips! I will give a try.


So sad that when you finally post it’s an advertisment.

I miss the old and regular outfit posts and get really tired of this product placement. Please take this comment into consideration.

Please, check out my new blog I was totally inspired by you from the first moment

Kristina you are such an inspiration for everybody :) love u

Beautiful post! So calm and relaxing.


I love this look. You look gorgeous!!

your skin so clean

Great detox tips! Never heard of these products, but they look amazing!

Fashion Soup

I’m so glad you got a chance to relax even if it’s just for a while, Kristina! I know how hard you and the Kayteam work so it’s nice to see y’all relax too!

Definitely true! I can recount one or two occasions when I’ve just collapsed onto my bed – and regretted it in the morning. Great post and can’t wait to read about your views on Milan Fashion Week!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

Imelva Williams 2 October 2015 / Reply

Beautiful pictures and great tips. I enjoy looking at your snapchat and all the wonderful fashion❤️

Great article!
Stefan Buzas

I love the little typo in the last paragraph ❤️ “avoir alcohol”. I hope, despite this skin detox, you’ve enjoyed italian wine :) Bisous

Absolutely stunning. You have a great skin!!

All I can say is WOW she’s a glamphrodisiac!!

Removing your makeup properly is probably the single most important thing to consider in detox process. Thanks for the detailed post about this important issue.

Love. <3

I’m curious to know out of these four choices which one helps your skin glow