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In just a couple of weeks we somehow managed to travel from L.A to Paris, to Thailand and finally land in New York for fashion week. For the first time, it became a short NYFW stop as we skipped some of the last shows in order to leave (again) to Milan, where I was just a few days ago, for a new project. Life has been honestly all about airports, passport in hands, luggages, packing/unpacking and trying to coordinate meetings with everyone we want to see. Conversations go like “Will I see you in London? Are you coming to Paris?” as we are all on a crazy gypsy life schedule. But it seems like we don’t mind it, it’s part of the game. 

NYFW was as always a tremendously exciting experience and we got to do a LOT even though we had to leave early. Some amazing shows, shoots and it was so fun to see everyone again and to spend time with some of our closest friends in this amazing fashion week ambiance. One of my favorite events was for the Michael Kors Gold Fragrance collection launch as all of our pals were there for the occasion, cocktails, a Photo Booth and the retro sound of Duran Duran playing to our ears. I’ve had the enormous pleasure to work with Michael Kors for a while now and as always, they manage to throw the best parties where everyone just seems to have the best time ever.

So instead of sharing with you the red carpet pictures like we all usually do and like you can so easily see online, I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks on how to get ready for an event of such sort. First of all know this, flash pictures will always attenuate your make-up. With that in mind don’t hesitate to go a little stronger on the contouring and shading as it will appear much softer on the shots. However, you still don’t want the cake face effect in person, so it’s all about finding that perfect balance. Second of all, make sure to always have with you a bit of mat powder to avoid shine. A bit of nude lip liner goes a long way, trust me. Try it! Try your poses in front of the mirror, even if it sounds (and looks) so dumb it will be of a tremendous help when you’ll have to pose.

Last but not least, don’t forget to wear something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable for the whole night and a touch of your favorite perfume will make you even more unforgettable. For the occasion I chose the Rose Radiant perfume from the Gold collection by Michael Kors as it was perfectly in the theme. So obsessed with this super feminine scent that has such delicious floral notes. I always apply my perfume right before running out, on my wrists, hair and on certain parts of my clothes. Sometimes, I’ll even create a mini sample of it to bring with me throughout the day. On the other hand, I also decided to match up a look to some rose gold statement pieces. Et voilà!! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think of these few images shot by Cibelle. Make sure to follow my story on Snapchat for all of our adventures (they might be long, yes, but we make sure to hide some fun little winks here and there!). And… yes we tend to go wild ;)

Cibelle x Kristina _ MichaelKorsPerfume_06Cibelle x Kristina _ MichaelKorsPerfume_17Cibelle x Kristina _ MichaelKorsPerfume_25Cibelle x Kristina _ MichaelKorsPerfume_01 Cibelle x Kristina _ MichaelKorsPerfume_18

OUTFIT : Everything Michael Kors

PICTURES : Cibelle Levi


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You are really experienced in looking even perfect during the complete night of such events! Thanks for sharing your tips and I’m very impressed how relaxed you obviously mangage your fulfilled schedule. Love also the look with the striped top you wear here.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

That sounds amazing, i’m excited for Thailand post! and love love the top!

There are so many stunning pieces here! x

Beautiful jewelrys, love them


Hey Krisina! Just wanted to say that you’re looking absolutely stunning in these pictures.

I didn’t know that Michael Kors makes such beautiful jewelry, I’m really loving that diamond ring of yours, especially!

I hope you’ve had a lovely NYFW so far. It must take lots of energy to get through the week with all the shows and parties, but I’m sure it’s all worth it.

Love from Helsinki, Finland! xx

love the jewellery, gorgeous piece! you look incredible!

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

WOW, you look absolutely fabulous!
I think it’s such a great opportunity. Michael Kors suits you so well.

Best wishes
Flirting with Fashion Blog

You look amazing in the photos! I do have the same lipstick – it is soo good! :D Your life seems superb to me :D
Have a great day!
xo Amanda //

Great post! MK is one of my favourite brands! Congrats on this collab.

Hey Kristina, I love how you always manage to bring out a very creative post. I love the photography, it is so editorial! Enjoy fashion week to the max! X Silvie

Dear Kristina

I have been waiting for a new post for ages! I can’t tell you how I am happy to finally find new pieces (actually for me even two in a row) of articles on your blog – weekend started great!

I love Michael Kors fashion and accessories pieces and I definitely need to try the fragrance too, I think I will like it :)
I can’t wait to hear from you soon, especially about the LFW and PFW – these cities are my favorite!

Have a great, inspiring and kind time,

amazing photos!!! <3


Absolutely stunning as always, and a great read! NYFW looked fab!

Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

you are AMAZING!!!!! <3

Amazing tipps, thank you, darling! :) You look amazing in that super cute top! :)


word! lovely pictures as usual :-)

Love the photos! So jealous of your life, I want to travel too!


You look gorgeous! Love your striped sweater!

You are such a babe! I love the striped sequin top xo

Gorgeous, your make up is always on point!!

Beautiful Pictures!

Tega Enai

This is such a perfect look!

NEW Editorial-Style Blog:

I always look forward to your posts so much! You look absolutely love here; one can never go wrong with a striped shirt! And I hope you had a wonderful NYFW!

Beautiful as always!
I hope you had an amazing time at New York fashion week!
I followed you in your snapchat through the whole fashion week and it was amazing to see everything even though I wasn’t really there. So, thank you for sharing, I really appreciate that.
And thank you for the tips and tricks :)))
Enjoy London :*

Bisous from Switzerland

Wow such beautiful photos ! Sounds like you had an amazing time <3


Love second picture!

Lovely Photos Cibelle & enjoy your weekend KayTeam ! ;)

Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

Toujours aussi Belle Kritstina! In love with your make up and nail color :o

Agnes x

Beautiful photography! Love the light and shadows, your striped top and make up are perfect!

WOW you look great!
xoxo Lynda

Thanks for all the tips, Kristina! I love the way you did your eye makeup. The eyeshadow is gorgeous <3

xx, Diane ||

Thanks for these tips! You’re really the very definition of an international jet setter – hope you have a great time at LFW!

xx, Cindy

Adore Michael Kors, adore absolutely everything of this brand, the clothing, the bags and the beauty. This Michael Kors total look is simple, casual and sophisticated at the same time with a dark soul, the watch is really beautiful

Really nice! Love the top you’re wearing

Amazing photos! Your blog goes from strength to strength!

XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

Love the make up look!! I admire that you still put so much afford in writing nice stories for Kayture! I barely read blogs I only look at the pictures, but I always read yours!!

Love Imke

Love the tee shirt, so nice! Bonjour from France, *-*Sand.*-*

Really nice post. Those pictures are too cute. You are such a pretty girl <3
best wishes from Berlin,

Wow, this is a great post ♥
I really love your rings :)
AND you are so beautiful ! ♥

xx – Violetta

Great post Kristina. Love the watch!

Erin |

Massimo Cusi 20 September 2015 / Reply

First of all my girlfriend would like to thank you for the tips (I am writing on her behalf because she doesn’t speak English). Secondly, your MK outfit is simply perfect, and I am a great fan of Micheal Kors myself! Last but absolutely not the least, Cibelle Levi’s shots are impeccable as always. I totally love her photography! Big hi to all of you great people!

Amazing post, simply amazing! Always love some insider things, especially about FW. And You’re stunning, as alwaya! ^^

Guys, I also have a blog. It’s about fashion and personal style and could really use some love and friendships:) It would mean a world to me if You checked it out or even commented!

Dear Kristina!

Very sleek and chic look. Is it the make-up, the amazing Cibelle photos or you’ve grown in a beautiful strong and charmimg woman over the night? You are so different on the pictures, in a good way, of course ;)

Regards, Kristina J.

Dear Kayture team!

Please do not post this comment online, just making a hint about your webpage here:

1. When scrolling on top row links and down links after whole text between previous and next articles, often some articles are skipped. Test and you’ll notice.
2. Somehow pictures are missing in the articles, only name is shown. Some are in the first years 2011/12 and lately in this article of Michael Kors. Ps. Using Ipad.
3. Statistics in down row of webpage: missing real number of FB and Youtube subscribers/fans.

For now all. If you require and dont’t mind, I can send more minor “bugs” to fix :) working as a webpage/programs tester as well.


Kristina J.

Kelly Curtin 20 September 2015 / Reply

I am amazed by all that you accomplish in such a short span of time. I’m also interested in the fashion world and worked at a fashion PR firm in New York this summer. Following you on Snapchat, Instagram and your blog has truly inspired me to continue to work hard, graduate from college this spring and hopefully move to London to work for a fashion PR firm.

The way you write is truly captivating. I enjoy every post. Enjoy the rest of fashion week, I’m unbelievably jealous!

Marie-Michelle 21 September 2015 / Reply

I love the new Michael Kors perfumes. What draws me to perfumes, almost equal with scent, is the bottle. And the packaging of these new perfumes is beautiful. So Insta-ready haha

So so pretty and beautiful pictures!

Laiyin ||

I LOVE your makeup, it’s great!

Really beautiful pictures – very natural look.

Christine |

I totally LOVE these photos. Kind of different but pretty damn cool

These pictures are breathtaking! Love your Michael Kors look!

Amazing jewels and nice pics :-)

♥ Nissi

Great pictures I love your michael kors’ items <3

You look absolutely stunning in these pics Kristina! And great tips for the flashlight photos.

Wish I had seen you in New York!


Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown 21 September 2015 / Reply

Your photos are always so perfect. I struggle a bit with make up for the photos. As a fan of “no make up make up” I’ve tried to show it on my site but I always looked washed out. On the other hand, I never know how much is too much when I do apply it liberally :) I must say I’ve never been a big fan of popular perfumes despite Michael Kors being one of my favourite designers. But recently I dipped my toe in Tom Ford and I’m very happy for that :)

Kors also play 00000B50 ed with the fabric to make the pieces light without sacrificing the texture and embroidery. For instance, he stripped the lining of a coat so that it could catch a breeze.

Merci pour ces conseils Kristina, les bracelets Michael Kors sont tip top.

I love your makeup here, Kristina! Tutorial on this look soon? I agree. I don’t like makeup caked on either and I think your color choices for your eyes and lips are on point for sure. I finally bought the YSL palette from the beauty post you did last year and I’m officially in love! It’s perfect for me. Thanks again for taking the time to put that massive post together! xo

magnifique et féerique kristina !!! bons conseils et fidèle à ces créateurs !!!! bravo et merci Cibelle levi !!!vous êtes charmantes toutes les deux !!! je vous adore ……..

I agree – photos and flash tend to make makeup appear a lot less than what it is in real life. Even though it looks like a lot in real life, in photos, it looks like you’re not wearing makeup at all haha!
And so jealous of all of your travels for Fashion Week <3 Sounds like such fun!
You always look so gorgeous! :)

xo, elizabeth t.

Nice post! Love your blog so much! ;)

I try the new Michael Kors perfume! It is very good, I like it!! Nice photos!!

You wear MK perfectly ! Love the jewels :) And this kind of life is great as well, would love to travel as much !

Świetny post ;)
Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie:

You look soooo gorgeous as always! I love the photography too!:)


Love the mood and the tone of the photographs. Can’t wait to smell the Michael Kors in person!

Characters & Carry-ons

This is all beautifully shot – love the sparkle and the rose gold color jewelry!! Huge fan of this collection as well as stripped top :)

Lovely! I wish I could go to more fancy events like you, and then I could use those tips! Haha. But thanks for mentioning the makeup tip!

Thanks for giving us a different take on event coverage – it’s cool to hear how you get ready for all those fancy events.


Beautiful as always. Love the gold details, it goes so well with the outfit and makeup!

like your make up

Loved the jewellery! This type of bracelets are my favourite. Loved the makeup as well, you look flawless! ;*

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Lovely pics! Love MK and they way you did your lips here! Waiting for another article!



Collaboration with Michael Kors sounds like a dream come true. He’s one of my absolute favorite designers <3
I really love the rose gold theme, the watch is stunning and looks amazing on you :)



these images are incredible


Amazing photos, I love your golden jewellery! And your makeup is gorgeous! :)

Stunning photos!
I saw you on the cover of Elle South Africa, and fell in love with your style.
XoXo from South Africa

Great Blog, we love all your blog :)
Please check our website for great european lingerie.

I love the second picture! So beautiful! And the bracelet on the left wrist <3
Kisses, Alena

I love these bts pictures :)
Thanks for sharing!!

Wow ! I just love Michael Kors. Your pictures are beautiful as always, I’m a big fan of your style.

Absolutely flawless! I love the striped shirt, so cute!

Je suis tellement mais tellement une FAN de tout ce que fait Michael Kors ! Un rêve de pouvoir avoir un avant première leurs produits !

Absolutely amazing!!!!!! Love u Kristina!
I love Michael Kors !!!!!

Absolutely adore this make-up and the whole look with a bit of 1960s and BB vibe. x

Cibelle is a very good photographer!!
Every time I have to go in a place where there are photographers and flashes everywhere I’m worried about my make up. So yeah, I’ll bring with me mat powder!!
Love you Kristina, you are gorgeous!!!

What not to love?) Everything you create on this blog is stunning.Thanks for sharing!

Tu es vraiment jolie :) pas beaucoup de blogueuses écrivent autant que toi mais c’est vraiment un plaisir de te lire et de découvrir tes photos qui me laissent rêver. Amandine

Mirror mirror tell me who is this beauty.. Pretty,cool and hot lady :)) Everything fits on you. xxx

Useful post, not just for fashion weeks!
Stefan Buzas

really love the vibes of these photos! you look gorgeous as always!

Rose and Weston x

Oh wow, I love the mood of the pictures and what it says.. Absolutely amazing!