During fashion week, having a somewhat healthy beauty routine is a challenge. We discussed skincare and the things I try to do to maintain a good, bright complexion but it’s not the only thing. When you keep running around the whole day and eventually each one of your steps is being photographed, you want to make sure that you look and especially feel your best! And how to do that when there is 0 time for pampering? Usually when I am not on a fashion month schedule, I always take 1 day out of the week to do a big beauty day : a facial, nails, bath, tan…everything! But believe me, when you barely have time to eat and keep running around to shows, then to airports to catch your flight for the next city, there’s more important things to think about.

I’ve always been quite lucky with my hair and I will admit : I don’t do much to it. If some people suggest going to the hairdresser regularly, I barely do it though. I like to keep my hair really long and natural by using very few heating tools and a lot of rich products to keep it as healthy and beautiful as possible. In fact it’s been somewhat over a year that I haven’t cut my hair and even though I do sometimes crave a huge change (which I am sure I’ll end up doing one day as it’s been too long…!!!) I do try to do the minimum to simply maintain it’s natural beauty. So especially when on the run, the most important for me is to find the right products to use, the ones that are easy, fast and effective.

Big beauty junky that I am, I recently discovered this incredible brand, Miriam Quevedo which I fell in love with first of all because of course, I am completely obsessed with anything gold and she has this one particular line that’s all about it. I’ve been trying the whole collection of products during Milan fashion week and my hair was feeling just so amazing. First of all not only is the line made with actual micronized Gold but also, wait for it… Caviar. Yup. Talking about a more luxurious treatment. All these active ingredients revitalize, nourish and regenerate the hair, making it perfectly shiny, sexy and gorgeous. Every morning I would wash it with the Gold Shampoo and conditionner then apply the Gold lotion to detangle and make it super silky and glossy. Then few times per week I’d also apply the gold oil at the ends of my hair to maintain them healthy and well moisturized. Hope you guys will enjoy this series of pictures that Cibelle and I shot! For any other beauty tips request you guys feel free to send us a twitt!

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Your hair looks amazing. I will check out the brand :)

xx Mira

Your hair looks beautiful. I haven’t heard of the brand before. Can’t wait to try it.

What a great beauty rut! These pictures are amazing!
Fashion Soup

Wow, amazing pictures! And love your beautiful hair, so thank you for the great tips about the care! <3

Nice pics!! I should try those products! xxx Darah

You are so beautiful, it’s insane!! Also, your hair is always flawless!

Looking pretty as always <3 I should try these products!

Those rings are so gorgeous! Gold goes well with your skin.

What do you use for washing your hair and how do your curls stay (for a lack of a bettter word xD) curled?

stunning photos Kristina, you look gorgeous!

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

Hey Kristina, I love this post, it is so editorial! I would really love this to try these products once. They look very luxurious;) I also love your long hair but I understand that you would like to do something different with your hair when you’ve had it this length for such a long time. I wish you all the luck at Paris fashion week! X Silvie

you’re hair always looks so healthy and gorgeous!

My hair is the same! I can go a couple of years without a haircut, but it’s always a challenge to keep up nice skin while travelling. Your skin always looks so fresh though. I might start using richer products in both my hair & skincare regime.


Vu comme tes cheveux sont long, épais et magnifiques, ça a l’air très efficace cette gamme <3



Beautiful jewels! And your eyeliner looks amazing x

I know this is about hair but damn, your make up is always on point !!!

Really nice! Great eyeliner too

I am always amazed by how editorial you can make every post looks, even if its the simplest product, love it!


Love it Kristina!
Flawless, as per usual.

instagram: @marrijillxo

I love these shots. You do have gorgeous hair, it always looks so amazing. You have the perfect cats eye flick in these shots. Btw I have the same LV ring as you!
Hugs Adele xoxo

given me serious hair envy right now! beautiful post

Wow, thank you for the wonderful recommendation! I am always looking for products with gold, and royal jelly, as those are two ingredients that are both really good for glossiness, and are also really good at keeping the skin calm! It is quite unique to have it in hair products, as I have never heard of this. Beautiful as always, Kristina!

xx Melody :

Your hair are so beautiful!!! Love your rings ^^



Looking lovely as always :)

Agnes x

This looks like a really luxurious line of hair products and the gold packaging is just stunning! Thanks for sharing your hair care routine!


I feel like buying this product!

Wow! This is my first time hearing about caviar for hair :) I’ve heard about it for skincare (my BB cream is made with caviar), but this is definitely a first, but it’s a pleasant surprise! <3
And yes, I'm like you too Kristina! I usually don't really cut my hair all that much or go to a hair dresser since I like to keep it long too :) Haha I feel like we're both pretty low maintenance when it comes to our hair :P
Thank you for sharing this wonderful line! The photos are gorgeous!

xo, elizabeth t.

First time to hear about this brand, thanks for sharing! Love your beautiful long hair too! It can be very high maintenance especially for us Asian as we have different hair texture. Thanks for your tips I’ll definitely try it out! xx

It looks like your hair really got a good treatment.


That line sounds amazing! I was wondering if you could do a make up tutorial on your basic everyday look? :)

Your makeup is always on point, lovely photos! x

Brigitte |

Amazing post! Love your makeup :)



Thanks for sharing this tips Kristina!
Love your beauty posts!

Once again you look on point, and those eyes look AMAZING

I have noticed long time ago that you keep your long hair very beautiful and healthy looking, which I know is difficult.Ialso have long hair but they dont look that good :( i am thinking whether there is something I could do to them to restore or shall I just cut? ;(

thanks for sharing

lovely pics


I absolutely love your hair. And these pictures are simply divine!

Your hair is so gorgeous and healthy! And that shampoo and condition seriously sounds so amazing. Gold and caviar?? So luxurious.

xx, Diane ||

Your pictures are always on point! I want your hair!!!
xoxo Lynda

Oh my, do I love all gold! Perfect!
With love from Russia
Daria x

Really cool pictures. Your hair looks amazing! So healthy and strong. I will definitely check out their products :)
best wishes from Berlin,

Beautiful images! you always have the best pictures, it’s so inspiring! :) and i can’t wait for more fashion week updates!

W-O-W!!! Really beautiful photographs! :)
I think you and the new photographer are very cool together!
I mean all the pictures you both took already are just:

F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S hell yes! :) *_*
You look super lovely here Kristina! :)
Golden jewellery is perfect for your color of hair and skin I think!
Stunning, stunning. I’ve got really not enought words which descripes how amazing I think you are! :)

I’m looking forward to your next posts and works!
Keep up your great work! :)
For me you are blogger number 1 worldwide!
It’s a pure pleasure to read your texts and watch your great photographs! :))))

Lots of LOVE from Freiburg! :)

Photography & Fashion Post


Your hair is always on point, Kristina! I’d love to know how you choose styles in terms of your outfits. I always have a hard time figuring out what hairstyle would look best and every look I see from you, your hair always seems to match the feel of the outfit. I’d love to know your secret! xo

Hi Cibelle! You should do a post about your favorite photo apps! Help us amateurs out! ;) xo

Love everything gold! This post is really on point.

Elsa TYSEBAERT 2 October 2015 / Reply

Les photos sont vraiment très belles ! Et je suis fan des tes cheveux ! Quand j’étais enfant je rêvais d’avoir les yeux bleus et de longs cheveux blonds. Pour le coup c’est complètement loupé. Mais en tous cas les tiens sont magnifiques. Ne les coupe pas !! Bien que je t’adore avec une frange

Such beautiful photos, and a great review!

Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

Lovely hair, lovely You. Great photos and the atmosphere of it.

kristina you are verry pretty but your last photos aren’t really good. I mean your hair isn’t cute, your dress are orible your new photographer is a desaster, what happening to you??? you are really beautiful. 2014 kayture was the best fashion blog but now i don’t know what to say. Dye your hair light blonde again, that color make you look old. And the new clothes you wear are absolute ugly. Call James and tell him to come back, He make the best pictures with you. in your recent instagram photos you look loke you have 30, and that isn’t good. Open tour eyes and come back to normal girl. You change so much and that change is bad for you. Listen to me i love you and i want the best for you and your blog

This product is even better on your hair :D
Stefan Buzas

Thanks for the recommendation! Love all the gold accents you chose for this shoot. I’d wear each piece!


so beautiful! and I love the ambient photography

amazing pictures. I love your makeup!

ThePinkBlog 9 October 2015 / Reply

You are a very beautiful person !! You hair and your smile !! Love it !!#

your hair is perfect you’re such a beautiful girl :)

Yuor hair looks great and healthy

Your hair is stunning!

That product is realy incredible, i love it. And you are a such a big inspiration to me, because i know you must try so hard to come out big while living in switzerland. Your blog is amazing! Hopefully i can learn a lot from your work. Keep going for a succesful year.