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Sweet like a candy, dangerous like a forbidden fruit… A bite and you’ve given up. This was the idea we had in mind while working on this super exciting new project with Viktor & Rolf for the launch of their iconic Bonbon perfume’s  beauty line. Needless to say that the whole entire collection is an absolute gem, it’s a whirl of sweet goodies to cover yourself up with and smell like the most delicious friandise in the world.

Since my childhood, my perfumes have always had a sweetness to them. Vanilla is probably one of my favorite scents in this world. If I could just drown in a cloud of vanilla, I would. As a kid, I would go into candy stores just to be able to get a sense of all the sweet flavors and fragrances. It would be my little guilty pleasure (and then I would leave with a stomach ache because of course I also had to try everything). Now candies are my little naughty sins. Just a few here and there. And the fact that it has become a special occasion makes it even more enjoyable. So instead now, I prefer to actually smell like a one.

If you have ever met me in person, then you must know that I actually do smell like a walking cotton candy. I do love however having a deeper, darker gourmand scent mixed up with the light and sweet notes, just to bring out the sensuality and make it more mature and sophisticated. So if you have ever tried Bonbon on your skin, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s definitely a very elevated Bonbon we’re talking about here. Not just a candy… It’s sensual, sexy, mysterious and oh so tempting. I know for fact that every time I wear it, I always get asked what is it that I use?

Being able to work with Viktor & Rolf is also such an exciting endeavor. I’ve had the pleasure to attend their haute couture shows for two seasons now in Paris and am always just as impressed with their innovative, conceptual creativity. There’s so much artistry in their craft and I have so much respect for their vision. Having met them backstage during one of their venues, I could just tell that they have this “genius” aura floating around them. If you look at the bottle of the perfume itself, even though it’s pink and so to say “girly”, it’s still such a beautiful art piece, almost Jeff Koons inspired with it’s big puffy bow shaped silhouette. The bottle becomes a symbol of a delicious, feminine, playfulness.

Cibelle and I had such a great time shooting these images. I hope you guys will enjoy discovering them as much as we did creating them and make sure to head in stores to discover the whole Viktor & Rolf bath line and Bonbon perfume if you haven’t tried it already.

Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_02Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_52Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_20 Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_08Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_33Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_04Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_36Cibelle x Kristina _ Viktor&Rolf_42

Photography by Cibelle Levi. 


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Wow! The shots from these article are incredible! Gorgeous post, Kristina!

I love gourmand scents! Most people I know don’t like smelling like sweets but since I don’t really have a sweet tooth I prefer to smell like it haha I am going to have to check out this perfume this week because it sounds amazing. Vanilla is definitely one of my favourite perfume scents!


Wow! Cibelle is an amazing photographer! Amazing post, Kristina.

All my love

I must check out this perfume :)


What is the outfit/lingerie you are wearing?

Incredible shots, I’m truly impressed and once again speechless of your beauty!

Missmanuella 11 October 2015 / Reply

Top I love it…

Stop being so beautiful ! Amazing Shoot Cibellevi do an amazing job and you’re so gorgeous Kristina <3

Hey Kristina, I love to see that you are collaborating with Victor and Rolf. They are a true source of inspiration for me as they attended a fashion school in the town where I live. This is where they met and where their first genius creative projects started. I also wrote a school report about them as designers and their aesthetics. True heroes! :)
I wish you all the best this coming month in Paris.

Wow, you look gorgeous as always, and vanilla is the most delicious scent ever!

Amazing post. These pictures are stunning and the artcile is nicely written. Love it!
best wishes,

Wow the pics look stunning. I would love to try this scent. Who doesn’t love a sexy scent!

xx Mira

The photos look friggin awesome. Can’t wait to try the perfume. The packaging is super cute :)


beau texte déjà excitant sur la présentation du parfum ‘ Bonbon ‘ ! mais quand viennent les effluves des photos…… émanant de ce corps sublime ….beau….je rêve d’un bain au ‘ Bonbon ‘ cerné de femmes parfumées au ‘ Bonbon ‘ !!! je suis de retour …..d’ un rêve avec une fée …..merci à vous toutes et tous !!!!!

This scent smells amazing. I definitely need to invest in this. I love smelling sweet like candy, but I’ve always wanted to find something that incorporated sweet with something deep and gourmand.

xx, Diane ||

agathe lopes 11 October 2015 / Reply

You are absolutely beautiful <3 I love you and kayture very much

Love the images. Cibelle is doing amazing work!

OMG, these photographs are pure perfection! You look stunning in them, I don’t even know what else to say, just stunning!!! <3


Tres sexy, love the shots!

Agnes x

The bottle is actually so encompassing of its scent and the whole concept itself. The ribbon shaped bottle makes a cute ‘candy’ statement, but the deep dark purple adds a more sensual vibe to it. Plus, that gorgeous number you are wearing, is so adorable and sexy at the same time! Gorgeous!
xx Melody ::

The third shot killed it! Cibelle is doing an excellent job, and you look flawless as usual!

Kinga Kurek 11 October 2015 / Reply

I myself totally adore the sweet scents of vanilla! This perfume is one of my favourites!
Adore the photo shoot, its so classic but at the same time daring and sexual (in a good way!)
Lovely post dear! Keep going!
Love, Kinga x

PS thank god I’m not the only one who smells sweets!

This perfume sounds delicious! Also, love that lingerie.

You look amazing Kristina! Perfect post, I love Cibelle’s job


Amazing photos kristina!!, you look amazing!!!!

xx Vale

These pictures are just stunning, wow!

These pics are true art <3 Very curious to check their fragrance!

x Stefanie

Beautiful photography! Absolutely love Viktor&Rolf perfumes!

Love these photos!

Our new collection was just released, check it out!

Absolutely stunning photos, you look amazing and have really captured the essence of the perfume beautifully!

Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

WOW perfect!
xoxo Lynda

These shots are stunning Kristina & Cibelle. I also LOVE vanilla in a scent, so am keen to try this scent. I adore the lingerie you’re wearing in the shoot, would you mind sharing where it is from please?
Hugs Adele xoxo

Wow these pictures are incredibly gorgeous! You look so stunning.

x Karen

Those pictures are simply gorgeous ! Love the sexy but chic overall vibe !

Wonderful pictures my dear!!

Un bacione,

you look amazing!
i need to check out this perfume

Tu es radieuse, ce shooting est juste magique! Une nuisette vraiment ravissante, j’adore! Amandine

I loved the Flower Bomb, so I’m surely gonna love this one!

Wow, you look gorgeous!! And the products look adorable

Oh my…these photos are beyond gorgeous and you are stunning as always!

Dear Kristina,

first of all you look amazing, like always. You became such a role model for me during the past couple of years. I am inspired by you to work harder and to stay focused. You teach young people that they can be whoever they wanna be.
You are such a smart business women and I’m happy that you share your story with us everyday. Keep up the great work and to many more successful years with Kayture.

Love from New York,


Really good editorial you made about the fragrance! I really like this product: It’s scent, the flacon, the communication…

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Bests! xxx

Juan Santana 12 October 2015 / Reply

I love your blog.


My username on Instagram: realjuans

So beautiful pictures! : ) Really a wonderful job : )
On my blog today, fall outfit with floral print skirt and fishnet tights:
Take a look ; ) Thanks!

Vanilla has always been my go-to scent as well :) I just love how sweet and feminine it smells!
Congrats on this amazing opportunity to work with Viktor & Rolf <3
And Cibelle's photos of you are beautiful, Kristina!

xo, elizabeth t.

Wow! I just love every single picture! Both the photographer and Kristina did an amazing job!

Stunning photos! I love how you described the perfume, sounds like the perfect scent xo

I super love this set of photos! I can almost smell the scent of this perfume. Lovely!!!

I love the scent of this perfume and also the photos are nice

blue eyes, black lace and vanilla scents, great matching…looking gorgeous, babe

Seriously stunning shots! Great work, Kristina! :)

Ina Nuvo

You look so beautiful! Love the BonBon perfume.

Wonderful photos Kristina!
Was lovely meeting you in Paris!

Greetings from Vienna!

Des & Jen

Your photos are always so utterly perfect, I feel like I’m looking at pages of Vogue.

Love this kind of smell. Love the shots and the entire look !
Have a great night !

Narjisse Ammor

Beautiful photos! I gotta try that perfume, the bottle is so pretty! <3

Could you be more beautiful, could this production be better made? I doubt it, i double doubt it, congratulations to you and to Viktor & Rolf for this great production!

Um HELLO – You look AMAZING!!! Sweet scents are my favorite as well, and every time I see Cibelle’s photos they take my breaths away <3

xx, Cindy

You look so amazing. Cannot really believe how pretty you are. Wonderful!

Oh, I love the whole concept created for this perfume and shoot. It’s dark, edgy and sexy. I love to try out this perfume.
Gorgeous shoot btw!


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Hello Kristina,
Today I want to thank you. I follow you since the beginning, since you started Kayture. Your evolution is spectacular and you made me dream year after year. And what did we need more than dreaming in this society that always ask more? 3 months ago, I have opened my own fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ( with a colleague became a friend and it starts rather well. I want to thank you because you gave me the courage to do that. And as I am Swiss too, I feel pretty close to you. I wish you the best for the future even if you do not need it because your life is a success. And we never say it enough: we must live our dreams and do not dream our life! This goes for everyone! Live your dreams! Xoxo Caro

Dear Kristina

I love your blog :-)

Petra from

You have a talent of coming up with the perfect story to market each product. Love you!


These photos are STUNNING! I swear your posts get better and better every single time. This is just gorgeous!


check me out


Great pics !

xx Lea

Love the high fashion feel to these! So pretty! <3

These shots are absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on your collab with Viktor & Rolf!

This might be a perfect scent for me since I like sweet smelling fragrances. Great pictures and nicely written post.

OMG you look like the young Ornella Muti!

great pictures !
absolutely love them !
you look so stunning ! :)

Tes articles sont de très grande qualité, j’adore les lire!
Merci d’avoir pris le temps de prendre une photo avec nous et d’échanger quelques mots. Ça fait un bon moment que je te suis (depuis Lookbook) et je trouve que tu as su rester humble et vraie au fur et à mesure que ta renommée grandissait. D’ailleurs, ça fait plaisir de voir que tu restes la même personne aussi bien sur ton blog que dans la réalité.
Bonne continuation à toi dans tes projets musicaux. Xx

Kristina, you look absolutely amazing! You made me want to buy this smell :)


Christina Violet

Wow Kristina, you look amazing in these pictures!
I hope that I can try these scents when I see them in stores soon.

You look stunning dear!

Amazing photos! Great post :)

Those photos are just incredible!

J’adore ton blog Kristina :D Tu es sublime les vêtements, photos et maquillage splendide !

So georgeous! What a great idea of you and Cibelle to create this story. Love the pics!
Lots of love,
Anna from 5 p concept

Beautiful photos.


Looking absolutely gorgeous as always Kristina. Gogo kayteam!

PS: I love you and Fiona’s music-tips on snapchat, I always download those songs to listen them on the metro in Paris!

Those shots are beyond beauty ! can’t believe what an amazing post you’ve pulled out of a that fragrance.

Marie-Michelle 20 October 2015 / Reply

I just recently tried Flower Bomb and I loooved it. Can’t wait to try Bonbon.

Love this photo shoot !
Great post gotta try out this perfume!


These shots are so gorgeous!

Characters & Carry-ons

wow !!! how sexy & beautiful <3

Love these shots! So alluring <3 I'm a fan of their Flowerbomb perfume so I might have to get a whiff of this.

We have the same taste on scents! And you are an angel, Kristina!

Hugs from the Philippines!
- Seyra

I really love you shots. So beautiful, so glamorous, i love it so much!
I liked to make a suggestion. See the beautiful accessories that has at

Love this post amazing mazing pictures!

Just amazing photos with great lights!! Love them all!! ❤︎


The first picture took my breath away for quite some time.. everything is so sensually perfect. These gorgeous bottles would fit perfectly inside a necessaire.

Amazing pictures! Make us wanna try the new perfume!

These pictures are amazing! You’re as gorgeous as always :) xxx

love it! great photography, you’ve come so far and accomplished so much, keep up the great work! You deserve it all!! check out my photography blog!

You will forever be one of my top 3 fav bloggers of all time! I can’t get enough of you, girl!
You inspired me to really go after my dreams of blogging regularly!

You did it again, Kristina! A gorgeous photo shoot!! xo

adorn la femme

i am just so amazed of the photos !! they are great and you are obviously beuatiful ♥

Kristina the pictures are amazing!
I love sweetness like vanilla, too!
Geeat Post besutiful

Xx, Inga

Its good to see your doing well!! :) I haven’t seen you for years on lookbook and finally came across your blog again! You look so great still!

How AMAZING you look here dear! <3
I really love this hair style and make up on you!
You look very chic, beautiful and endless edgy!

Your color of eyes is perfect with your dark hair!
So, so beautiful!

Oh Kristina? You can be so damn proud of yourself!
It seems everything you touch works!
You are a great woman full of power and beauty!
So a great inspiration for me! :)

Keep up your amazing work! You are special! :)

Photography & Fashion Blog


Looking gorgeous as usual!

Check out my blog


J’adore vraiment la série de photo, elle est pleine de sensualité J’ADORE !!

Wow…gorgeous photos…heading to store for sure to try it :)

Belated happy birthday wishes! Would’ve liked to have given you some fancy chocolate (not candy cos unhealthy ;) ), but you jet around so much you’d probably’ve been in a different country on arrival ✈️

Tout simplement magnifique!


I can only say one word to this photos: PERFECT!!! <3
Kisses from Portugal

Blog Denise de Assis
Facebook Page

wow! amazing.. you look so pretty and sexy. Greetings

Happy Birthday Kristina! Great Photos!!!

Is it just me or are you more and more beautiful in every post?
Love your new pics, Kristina! You are killing it girl! ♥

SO happy to be back!
Wishing you a lovely day,
xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Alway’s falling in love with the photography on this blog.
Check out my blog and give me some advise if you can, would love to hear from you all :) :)

This has to be one of your most beautiful photoshoots to dated – each and every photo is so gorgeous in a dark, romantic way!

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

Just… Perfect ;)

You look beautiful here and I love BonBon too.

Sofia Supichaya | Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blog

this line looks amazing!♥ I love sweet scents!

Your pictures are absolutely overwhelming! I love your posing, your style – just everything.

xx Julie

This post is so amazing! Wow! xx Emma

I love your blog!! Wasidah

Beautiful pictures, you look stunning!

le site ne marche plus, quand on clique sur “more articles” dans la section travel après avoir sélectionnée une ville par exemple, il ne se passe rien, on ne peut pas accéder aux articles précédents c’est dommage !

The pictures look amazing :) Would love to own the lace outfit you are wearing

Beautiful pics very sensuality!

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

Amazing as always! Could you do a post on how to wear eiderdown coat and stil look stylish please? :)


The pictures are just awesome.
Never tried Viktor & Rolf perfumes. Just wanna try now

aglaïa & co

Beautiful pictures! You are one pretty lady!

Love that perfume! It smells so nice!

Xx Carolin

Wow you looks so beautiful – really perfect for this season – so thank you for the inspiration I am going to buy this for christmas!!

Love Katie

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Gorgeous photography! You look amazing Kristina :)
love, Kat

Looking like a blue eyed doll. Awesome <3

Gorgeous photos. Would love it if you would check out my new post!

Does anyone know where the lingerie is from?

Officially in love with this blog

[my blog]

Steve Holliday 31 March 2016 / Reply

True beauty, and a beautiful body.

The first pic is the most stunning!