Bonjour from Paris! As you can tell from my social media, we are back in town and full on into the last week of the fashion month. Needless to say it’s been an extremely intensive ride with this season not a single day break in between New York, London and Milan for us all. Oh, and in the middle of all that we also had a pit stop in Italy for a Gala event. Yup, we are basically surviving on coffee and advil (not kidding, but kids don’t try this at home kay?). On another hand, as you might have heard, we are searching for an appartement in Paris as we are currently planning to move in and make it our secondary permanent base. It felt like the right decision as we are Europeans by heart and as much as being based mainly in L.A is a true dream come true, Paris is still one of the most inspiring and beautiful cities in the world, so many of our friends live here, it feels so good to speak french, to be closer to our families and is so convenient for work purposes as we collaborate with many french fashion houses.

As always, Paris takes my breath away. I know that a piece of my heart always stays in this cities as I leave and coming back always fills me up with an intensive feeling of joy. Unfortunately, so far, I didn’t have much time to wander around and enjoy the sun, if only on my way to the shows. It’s been so far an extremely packed season, like never before I’d even say. We are working on many projects and the shows this year are beyond amazing. However, it just takes a look, a glimpse to sense the magic of the city as each corner of the street is more beautiful than the other.

This time, we are travelling all together with Cibelle, Fiona and I as James decided to stay in Los Angeles to keep working on the management side of Kayture. And so it feels like a girls party every single day! We have our epic work station at our hotel, the Park Hyatt near Place Vendôme, from which we always stay extremely productive… Which also mean we have crazy dance off moments when we plug our music super loudly in the whole room and dance like rotten ducks. It’s also so nice to be able to shoot every single day with my talented Cibelle, it’s so exciting to see her experience the fashion month with us : so many new emotions, accomplishments, memories… We all learn from each other and support one another. I think that this is the aspect for which we are the most grateful for, is to be able to live all of this together and share these amazing stories. Also, what an amazing thrill to be able to show you guys everything that’s happening via Snapchat!? It feels like a live tv show sometimes honestly, I excuse myself in advance for all the stupid things I might have said so far or will eventually end up saying…!

If you guys see all my crazy outfits on social media almost instantly, I wanted to share with you my arriving in Paris look which I sported for some day meetings. I’ve lately been obsessed with suiting, meaning playing with the suit concept : pairing a perfectly tailored pant with a wide shoulder boyfriend blazer, that’s all I am about. And guys, trust me a good flare, high wasted black pant is the best thing you could ever invest it. It elongates the silhouette and adds this super cool 70ies vibe. In this situation I wore pants and top both from Express and paired them with minimalistic details to keep the whole look very chic and sophisticated. For some reason, wearing that kind of outfits just makes me feel instantly so confident, a girl in a suit is always sexy. Let that shoulder pad werk it’s magic.

_DSC3338 _DSC3344 _DSC3348 _DSC3372 _DSC3381 _DSC3406 _DSC3420 _DSC3439 _DSC3478


BLAZER : Express

PANTS : Express

TOP : Kenzo 

SHOES : Nicholas Kirkwood

Shot by Cibelle Levi 


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Paris looks absolutely wonderful! And this look is to die for! I have been looking for ways to spice up a business suit recently!

Killer outfit. I’m in love with pants

Total power woman in this suit. You look like you mean business with those long days & all that travel. Your skin in absolutely glowing in these photos too!


I love this outfit. Very cool. Please do more beauty posts.

gorgeous outfit!
i love your trousers

You look so chic! I’m in love with your eye makeup. You’re fierce!

xx, Diane ||

Love the suit and your makeup is on point!

Gorgeous! I think a suit makes a girl look instantly more powerful! :)

Yaaaaas totally slaying it!! So sharp and gorgeous <3

xx, Cindy

Cibelle is very talented as your new photographer! Is she also doing the post-processing herself? You all do a great job!

Looking absolutely incredible in this minimalistic and classy outfit! Your pants are to die for!

I love this paired down tailored look. The button detail on the pants is nice & the draped white blazer freshens up the whole look. Your make up look sstunning Kristina.
Have fun in Paris, I’m glued to your Snapchat!!
Hugs Adele xoxo

The parisian spirit is on every piece of this outfit, the simple mix with an unique personality is absolutely amazing. Adore the 70s inspiration of these beautiful flared pants, they are pure Jane Birkin, and the top looks perfect with them. The classic elegance of the white blazer puts an incredible touch on the look. So chic, so femenine and so french!

Ollyvia Laura 3 October 2015 / Reply

always adore your style, and have fun in Paris gorgeous :*


Your eyeliner is perfect ! and i love your pants ! Kisses from France :)

I love what a powerful look a suit can create, and also, it’s the way it makes you feel, strong and confident!

Good luck with your apartment hunting in Paris! <3


Cette article est toute simplement parfait Kristina, j’adore la tenue et ton expression sur les photos.
J’espère avoir la chance de te recroiser à l’hôtel avant la fin de la semaine de fashion week, je t’embrasse fort et n’oublie pas tu es la meilleure avec ton équipe.

It sounds like you’ve been having a whirlwind of a time and following you on snapchat has also proven that, you seem to be none stop! It sounds like you’ve had sometime to party as well though, what with dancing around with your girls, that’s one of my favourite things to do! I love how put together you look in this outfit, definitely pulling off the flares!

Perfect suit, love Paris and love your style!
Have a nice day sweetie!!


kristina you are verry pretty but your last photos aren’t really good. I mean your hair isn’t cute, your dress are orible your new photographer is a desaster, what happening to you??? you are really beautiful. 2014 kayture was the best fashion blog but now i don’t know what to say. Dye your hair light blonde again, that color make you look old. And the new clothes you wear are absolute ugly. Call James and tell him to come back, He make the best pictures with you. in your recent instagram photos you look loke you have 30, and that isn’t good. Open tour eyes and come back to normal girl. You change so much and that change is bad for you. Listen to me i love you and i want the best for you and your blog

Wow! Amazing photos dear! I love your suit! You look perfect! Cibelle is so talented, i love her job on your blog!


Oh God, I adore that look ! You are looking incredibly chic !!! So Parisian :)

see my new website.

So in love with the outfit :)
I’ve been to Paris this year and it was an absolutly amazing expierence!
xx Alina

love this elegant look!! <3


I LOVE it!!
You looks so beautiful and black and white is always a good idea !

Amazing outfit! Love the contrast!

Very nice pants, i love this outfit.

absolutely stunning

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such a chic look! your makeup is so gorgeous!

That white jacket draped over your shoulders looks amazing.

Wahou !! Cet article !! Le contenu,les photos, le texte, j’aime tout ! On commence par quoi ?? les photos sont magnifiques, Cibelle est vraiment très talentueuse, j’aime beaucoup les shoots que vous faites ensemble. Et ces photos sont encore une fois magnifiques. Et la tenue… J’adhère à 1000 % au pantalon, évidemment il te va magnifiquement bien, mais faut dire qu’avec tes longues jambes c’est qu’un plus ! Mais je vais peut être me laisser tenter parce que cette taille haute avec les boutons… Parfait !
En lisant tes mots, ta vision sur Paris, j’ai tellement l’impression de lire ce que je ressens. Depuis toujours je suis amoureuse de cette ville.J’y aime les immeubles, l’architecture, l’ambiance, chaque coin de rue. Comme vous avez de la chance de chercher un pied à terre dans la ville de mon coeur. Je crois savoir que Kayture va bientot s’agrandir, si vous avez besoin de quelqu’un basé en France, sur Paris, je suis votre “homme”(comme on dit!!). Allier Kayture et Paris, je ne pourrai rever de mieux !
Cibelle, Fiona et toi, vous êtes un super trio, je peux comprendre que toutes les fans de Kayture rêvent d’être un membre de votre “squad” vous faites rêver. Continuez ce superbe travail. PS je suis super contente de te voir un peu plus de retour sur le site. Même si j’adore te suivre au quotidien sur Insta et Snapchat, pour moi avant tout Kayture c’est le blog et j’aime te lire.

I think power dressing involves a lot of suiting! Your choices in color are very chic.

Love this look! And your eyeliner is on point girrrrl

Love this all black suit, the white jacket is just perfect to shine the outfit!!


Beautiful shots Kristina ! Trying to capture you during FW got so hard ! You’re growing and growing, amazing..
I did get you though. Tried to send it to Cibelle but didn’t get an answer so I’m trying again here. The shot is on my blog and you look stunning ! (after Isabel Marant)

Enjoy the last days of fashion month, maybe see you tomorrow :P

your fan (and street style photographer)

xx Laura Jane

Very powerful and elegant outfit! Paris is always so inspirating city :)

Nothing better than a strong, monochromatic power suit moment.

The Polished Novice

Great look and lovely pictures. You look fabulous in that suit. Black and white is always chic <3
best wishes,

Beautiful outfit!

|| D I A N A ||

You look so gorgeous! I love the button detail on the pants and the white jacket looks so sharp! Good luck finding an apartment xx

Love this flare pants so much! You styled them perfectly!

Sounds awesome, have fun in Paris!

Really can you be more perfect? Love this look!

Chic. Classy. Cool.

With love,
Elisa – My Fantabulous World

Your style and the pictures in your blog are the definition of perfection. I’ve been following all your adventures these fashion week month and I see you’ve spent a great time wearing amazing looks- all inspiring. Great work and great team! :)

So chic! Love the pants and the blazer a lot!

Every girl needs to have their own boss-time and boss-look. Looking so chic and slick!


Love this outfit! and I also really like Cibelle’s photography style X

I looove your make up, you are so pretty.

The outfit is very hot. Love that pants!

Kristina you look stunning!!!!!
Amazing I love it your outfit !
Girls check out my blog

james milligan 4 October 2015 / Reply

Very inspirational photos with a beautiful and indeed classy lady!!!

Love this outfit! And living in Paris will be like a dream. <3

MISS LUCIA | Fashion & Lifestyle

Clean and minimal outfit, it looks pretty good ^_^
Stefan Buzas

So, so, so excited that the Kayteam is in Paris! I’m currently living in Paris as well and it is indeed absolutely amazing to be able to experience this vibe. Hope I can spot you at one of the shows!

xx B

Marie-Michelle 4 October 2015 / Reply

I love the gold buttons, such a wonderful detail!

This post is amazing! Your blog is wonderful, is awesome! Greetings from Mexico City

Love this look so much Kristina!
Was great to meet you in Paris <3

Des & Jen

That is so cool, that you are moving to Paris! Must be exciting! Cute outfit.


Those pants are sick! I love them so much! This is an excellent way to spice up a suit look.


What a great shot! Absolutely love your outfit – the blazer is beyond chic!
Fashion Soup

Kristina! I can’t tell you how much I love you and how your fashion ideas have helped me through a clothes disaster! You are the most gorgeous girl i’ve ever seen and i am dying to meet you!
Check out my instagram?
Love, Kiera

You look so amazing, I love combination of black and white :)

What do you think about this minimalistic jewelry


Your Eyeliner is like always so perfect. How? Really how is that possible?
Kisses ♥

Loving the casual chic vibe to this look.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

This is that kind of the look i like the most in your style! Incredibly chic and classic..

Actually I’m quite obsessed with the suit concept as well! :)
I always feel so empowered when I wear it because the structure is so masculine, yet the way we carry it as women is so feminine <3
Really loving the contrast! Super chic!

xo, elizabeth t.

Raphaëlle 6 October 2015 / Reply

Je suis très heureuse d’apprendre que vous envisagez maintenant sérieusement de vous installez à Paris! Quelle bonne idée! Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je suis toujours flattée quand tu dis que tu es heureuse à Paris … Et puis cela signifie aussi plus d’occasion pour moi pour enfin vous rencontrer toutes les trois :)
Je te trouve très élégante sur ces photos et Cibelle est vraiment talentueuse. Continuez à développer Kayture à vous quatre, chacun apporte une touche très personnelle à ce travail qui le rend si professionnel tout en restant authentique.
Quand la folie du fashion month sera passée, pourra-t-on vous lire plus souvent Fiona et toi?
Des bisous,

Kristina, I have been following you on Insta and Snapchat and I can see y’all are running a million miles a minute! Part of me loves seeing your wonderful adventures, but a part of me also wants you guys to rest so much that I’m glad your fashion months are almost over! I can’t imagine surviving on coffee and Advil. I’d love to send you some amazing vitamins to keep your energy levels up if you’re up to it! Please let me know, love! I’ll send some extra for Fiona and Cibelle too.

As usual, you look so chic and stunning! I may just start a “Kayture-inspired” wardrobe with these looks of yours! ;)

Love this “business look” – the combination is fantastic and I felt totally in love with the white blazer…

Great blog post and and great style

Have a great day


a real parisenne girl…looking great in black

Such a classy and elegant monochrome outfit and love your eye-make, it’s stunning!


So elegant! Love all photos!
Find me:
Instagram | Facebook | Bloglovin

I really love your snaps on Snapchat! And what a beautiful outfit :).

ThePinkBlog 9 October 2015 / Reply


Great style ! Love the cleanliness and chic outfit plus flawless make-up. Keep on the good work.


Black and white really classy! Great outfit!

I’m absolutely in love with this out fit!

Myra from

So chic! I love the flared pants, they are so simple yet classy.

Love the entire outfit, very clean.


We met in New York! Love your style. please check out my blog

Stunning make up
and awesome look


Absolutely love the colouring, styling and masculine meets femine aesthetic here. Suits are a wardrobe staple. X