Someone’s finally back in Los Angeles after a busy couple of days of cruisin’ through Europe! Can’t be happier about it. In less than 2 weeks, Cibelle and I have literally travelled across the globe to go to Rome, London and Portugal before flying back home. And in each city, the experience was absolutely grasping, that’s the least to say. It all began with a roman adventure with Bvlgari, then the British fashion awards to finally end up on a major set, shooting my very first Vogue cover in Lisbon with my beloved L’Oréal team. Needless to say, it was truly intense but so incredibly special.

This lovely short journey left me tremendously inspired. I still have a reminiscence of all the mesmerizing landscapes of Rome on my mind, the colors, the light (the taste of that delicious mozzarella in my mouth too!!!) just as much as all the powerful speeches held during the BFA’s. From Lady Gag’s acceptance speech on behalf of Tom Ford to Karl Lagerfeld’s for his Outstanding achievement award which was presented to him by Anna Wintour. A very touching, historic moment in fashion that we will all for sure remember.

I felt so blessed to even simply be be amongst the crowd… I remember so well years ago when I was in my little room in Switzerland dreaming about attending one day one of these events just to watch all these incredible talents, feel surrounded by their magical aura and creative energy. What was even more insane is to know that the very next day, I was on my way to Lisbon to shoot for Vogue. And not just Vogue, but the cover itself. I was pinching myself.

So at 2am, once we got back in our room from the BFAs, we packed all of our stuff, I even managed to write an article for the blog (as you can imagine, I felt highly inspired!) and off we went at 4am to London Heathrow to catch our 7am flight to Lisbon. Once we landed, no time for a nap, it was straight to the set. Gotta say, I would usually recommend anyone to get a big beauty sleep before shooting for something as important as that. But surprisingly my body handled it quite well. The perks of being 22… Gotta keep going while we can right? A little shower and I was ready to roll. I am sharing the cover the with two incredibly talented power girls that you guys will learn everything about as soon as the issue comes out next month. All I can say is that it’s going to be unique and awesome.

So now, after all this craziness, I am back in Los Angeles. It’s almost 4am here and I am jet lagged : sitting on my living room’s couch with my day dress on and a big undone braid in my hair. I fell asleep at 9pm and woke up an hour ago and just felt like posting. Because it does feel so good to be back. The whole month of December I will be traveling less as I really want to spend some quality down time and enjoy not moving around so much as it can get a  bit crazy sometimes. I crave opening my fridge, snuggling on the warm, sun heated rug of my bedroom, having long, lazy walks in Santa Monica… It’s also the perfect weather to play with layers. Here I’m wearing this beautiful, easy navy blue dress (it has an awesome detachable collar but for this look, I decided to take it off) and gray faux fur coat from Storets. I love these kind of looks, the ones where you don’t even need to think about. Just throw it on and it makes you feel so great and comfortable.

_DSC4818_DSC4862 _DSC4874_DSC4795 _DSC4954_DSC4850 _DSC4970 _DSC4983 _DSC4991_DSC4925


COAT : Storets

DRESS: Storets

SHOES : Axel Arigato

Shot by Cibelle Levi


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Sounds like a good jorney across the globe) and the Vogue Portugal cover should be great thing that we look forward to see!

Ahh one day I hope to be trotting around the globe visiting places I’ve never seen before.
Just have to make it happen!

Love that coat <3


Congratulations on your Vogue cover! And you look so lovely and effortless here! Perfect coat!

Blizzard Girl 1 December 2015 / Reply

Ok I’m obsessed with this coat! So freaking cute:)


Que bellas fotos!!, me encantó el abrigo!! y tu preciosa. Espero algún dia visitar L.A


You look so stunning! LOVE your off duty looks :)

I love your tights…not opaque…not too completely sheer…may I ask where they were purchased?

Wow that outfit is brilliant! So simple yet so inspiring! Glad you are taking some time to relax after traveling this much Kristina and hope to meet you again some time in the future!

I’m obsessed with this coat, it’s a masterpiece!! Welcome back to La la land!

such a great winter coat, perfect gray hue, classic cut

Lovely look ! And what you wrote was really inspiring

That coat is so so gorgeous!! Love the sneakers too!

Love it! So sporty and chic and I adore that coat, so beautiful <3
best wishes

Oh my Gosh! This coat looks so good on you and those sneakers!!! I need them in my life. Love love this simple yet unique outfit, it really suits you!

With Love,

Congratulations for all of your recent achievements, but i think that’s what you get with hard work, a good writing talent, a great photographic sensitivity and an amazing beauty… :) Have a nice lazy December, you deserve a break!

the coat is really nice … super cool
xxx from Roma

Beautiful look Kristina! Especially love the coat. Happy to read you are back and super excited for you about your Vogue Cover! That’s every girls dream :-)


I like this detachable concept!


Elsa TYSEBAERT 1 December 2015 / Reply

Ma belle, ta vie “on the go” fait tellement rêver. Je suis vraiment du genre casanière, à aimer ma petite routine, ma petite vie bien tracée. Sortir des sentiers battus me fait peur, mais te voir, voyager autant, aller dans des pays différents en si peu de temps, rencontrer des personnes différentes, de tout horizons, avec une histoire, ça doit être tellement enrichissant. Tu ne dois pas t’ennuyer une seule seconde et être tellement inspirée par tout ce que tu vis. Moi, ma source d’inspiration, c’est toi. Je trouve auprès de toi ce qu’enfant tu recherchais dans ce milieu. Et dire que tu n’as que 22 ans et ta vie est tant remplie. T’es un vrai exemple Kristina <3

LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! The dress is absolutely stunning and this coat is so special, I just love this whole outfit!

Such a fun coat! Enjoy your me-time in LA, Kristina!

xx B

Love your coat, i am planning to get one just like that.

j’aime bien les chaussures, et ce style de look un peu “facile”, des chaussures confortables, une tenue simple avec une pièce un peu plus forte, comme un manteau, ça peut être un sac aussi, je suis adepte de ce style, de plus en plus.

Beautiful coat! Congrats on your cover, I’m sure it will look amazing xx

Absolutely love the coat – it’s so pretty! :) Have a great break from all of the traveling <3 You deserve it!

XO, Elizabeth

Love that coat xx

The coat is spr cool! And I’m very happy for your achievements :)

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Beautiful coat!

I love the shoes, Kristina! Be young while it lasted, right? So excited to see your Vogue cover! Wow, you’re really doing it all!

Cheers from the Philippines!
- Seyra

The navy & grey look fabulous together & the fur deep hem on your coat is to die for. I loved your Snapchat coverage of your cover shoot, can’t wait to read/see more!
Hugs Adele xoxo

I love that coat, looks so fashionable <3

Amazing post as always! love the coat!


Parabéns pelo teu trabalho ;)
I love the shoes…

What a lovely outfit! As you said, it is great to have several things in our wardrobes that we can just throw and go! Love this coat!

Have a great time in LA, so jealous of the weather there


Loving the coat. You look beautiful as always

Wow, such beautiful picutres. I really love that coat! Oh and congrats on your Vogue cover :)
Love, Nadine <3

I absolutely love everything in this outfit! The dress and the shoes are perfect xxx

Very interesting coat and…love your hair!

The Art of Outfits

I love that coat! Looking beautiful as always. You’re truly inspiring a whole new generation of girls and boys to really pursue their dreams–starting small and aiming high. I get so inspired just reading your posts and viewing your Instagram. Keep on shining and inspiring! Maya XX
P.S. That vogue cover is going to #SLAY.

Cynthia & Amanda 3 December 2015 / Reply

you look amazing! love the detailed fur at the bottom of the coat!


Man, being at the BFA’s would be so awesome! Such a great post! I love being able to be filled in on what’s been going on and seeing gorgeous photos. Cibelle is so talented, and of course you are stunning. Just curious, where has James been? Anyways you’re such an inspiration.

P.s. Sam is short for Samantha, I am not a man.

You look stunning! I love this outfit on you!
love, Kat

The coat is awesome!

Glad you’re back! Love this look,especially the jacket =)

I love, love, love this coat. The detail with the feathers is incredible. This coat is such a standout piece!

Amazing! Love the coat! xx

Beautiful coat and sneakers! Love the combination and the different textures!

This coat is to die for !! And you look gorgeous Kristina

You are such an inspiring young lady, being 22 an yet so ambitious, fighting the no-sleep nights just to get job done… I admire you and your determination! Good luck!


I like the coat. It’s so girlie and cozy. It has that “quelque chose”. Pretty like always.

I love the location! Cibelle and you really shoot amazing pictures! :)

A Vogue cover shoot what a dream come true <3

You look amazing keep it up.


I love that coat!-so different! I love reading success stories :-)

You look gorgeous ! I love you !

Love the outfit. The coat is amazing


I love your jacket. It’s so fabulous and luxe!

- Maya at

Love the jacket! Excited to read your book. @eyehateheels

This is such a lovely statement jacket, so it really pops with your all black outfit underneath. The faux fur is super chic, but pairing it with some sneakers really toughen up the whole look in contrast. Gorgeous!
xx Melody :

Love the outfit Kristina. You’re so beautiful!

In love the bold blue color dress, and the coat with the faux fur detailing is gorgeous too! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Your coat is so perfect, I love it ! You must be exhausted by all of these trips, even though I’m sure they were worth it ! :)

Love this outfit!
That jacket is too beautiful!
Kinga x

Love this coat!! So beautiful and congrats on your book! Amazing amazing.

The very first picture is amazing, I would be so impressed!!
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