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After spending a few days in N.Y for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, I finally landed back in Los Angeles. It feels good to be home, unpack, open the fridge and snuggle on the sun heated rug of my bedroom. I am not here for long. Already leaving tomorrow to Rome for a project, so every, single, second counts. What happened yesterday night? Fiona and I fell asleep in the comfort of our dominant living room white couch, actually one of the only furniture pieces in our living room at the moment, while watching V for Vendetta and drinking Pinot Noir. We passed out at 7.30pm…!

Our minds and hearts were breaking, aching, heads were spinning with so many thoughts and emotions after these last couple of days saddening series of events. I’ve already expressed myself on the subject on my social media account but it’s true that needless to say, I still can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve grown up near Geneva, very close to France… And as you know, Fiona and I were planning to get our appartement in Paris, which is the reason why were were spending endless weeks there, enjoying the city, the art, the architecture, the literature, the people, the food… Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world, it’s the most poetic, romantic and magical places I’ve been to.

When the attacks happened, we were in New York and just had gotten back in our hotel room at the Nomo hotel in Soho. The first thing I saw was a message on Facebook from a close friend on mine who said that she heard a shooting near her appartement, in a restaurant where she was supposed to have dinner that night with her boyfriend if he hadn’t decided to cook dinner. My face got pale. And from then on, it went downfall. We cancelled all our evening plans and stayed in bed, faces covered in tears, witnessing from so far away the whirl of terror that was happening near our beloved ones. Our phones kept ringing and we spent our night calling and texting our friends to make sure they were safe…

Today, as I woke up, a few days after this tragedy, I realize how grateful I am to be alive. I’ve always embraced every second as if it was the last but this only proves again how fragile our lives is and how important it is to take every opportunity to do good. Social media gives us all a voice, it connects us. It is an opportunity for us to show our solidarity and especially to stay informed and well aware of what is going on. It is only with objectivity, intelligence and consciousness that we will be able to face this. One thing for sure, is that it doesn’t only concern Paris, it concerns the whole world.

On a lighter note, we have to keep living, we have to manage to not let this pull us down. It won’t take our smile off our faces, it won’t stop us from being free, from enjoying life, from loving, from going out… So let’s think about moving forward!

I am excited to share with you today a series of images that I shot with Cibelle around the holiday theme! I am wearing this beautiful black Deep V-Neck with cutouts dress from Express. Somehow, when I hear evening wear now, all I can think of is either sequins or long black dresses. Hope you will enjoy this shoot and remember guys, keep spreading good vibes. Keep spreading love.

Cibelle x Kristina | ExpressNOVEMBER_02Cibelle x Kristina | ExpressNOVEMBER_17Cibelle x Kristina | ExpressNOVEMBER_25Cibelle x Kristina | ExpressNOVEMBER_27Cibelle x Kristina | ExpressNOVEMBER_32Cibelle x Kristina | ExpressNOVEMBER_39Cibelle x Kristina | ExpressNOVEMBER_67

BLACK DRESS : Express 


NECK SCARF : Saint Laurent

Photography by Cibelle Levi


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These pictures are amazing!

So seductive! Love the atmosphere of these photos <3
best wishes

Love all the photos, you look gorgeous!

I’m so sorry to hear that people you know came so close to danger. The Paris attacks, as well as those in other parts of the world, are a tragedy. Much love to you and those whom you know in Paris. <3.

This is a beautiful shoot Kristina, and I share your grief about the Paris attacks. We have to show that these people (if you can even call them that) cannot take away our freedom to live our lives, we will not live in fear. Really hope all your loved ones are okay, and that you are too. Sending love x

Great speech Kristina ! As a parisian girl you don’t know how moving that was !

I’m glad you and your loved ones are safe.

And of course you look stunning in these photos!

Lifestyle by Joules

Your dress is so beautiful! Love. <3

I send you love, Kristina! The Mexicans are with France, Latin America is with you and France!

I love read every post on your blog! It’s amazing read you and see your beautiful shoots!

I agree with you that the only way forward is forward; we must keep living, keep smiling and spread the love (not the hate). That’s how we all get through this, so thank you for talking about it today and continuing to post. :)

Wow the dress is beyond!
You are stunningly beautiful! ♥

Wishing you a fabulous day,
xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Good to hear your positive outtake on these tragic events. Also, you look lovely and perfect for the holiday season!

It seems weird to compliment you posing all sex goddess in a black, plunging v-neck…at the same time as wishing you heartfelt for watching such violent turmoil hit a city that has meant so much in achieving your dreams…but alas, that is life. Because, you DO look gorgeous…and I AM heartbroken by the news in Paris and what that means in the aftermath for the civilized world around us. I think what connects us all is this nagging, underlying fear about going about our daily lives because lord knows ISIS probably has something else up their sleeves to come soon…but, letting the fear of what they might do overpower our will and ambition would be a true tragedy. So, keep on being gorgeous and chasing your dreams. Find joy in the little things, and be glad we all have the opportunity to freely sit here and enjoy your little corner of the internet :)

xoxo – Kelly

You are so right, I felt the same way after the tragedy. Everyday is a blessing for me and we all are so lucky to wake up and live every morning. Anyways, I love the post and your style. Great job.

Oh. my. gosh. I don’t know how I would feel if a friend of mine said she heard gunshots near her apt., and she had planned on going to that particular restaurant.

Hi Kristina! I just wanted to email you to personally tell you that you are such an inspiration! I just started a blog. It’s not a fashion blog, but I still go to your website and Instagram for inspiration as you are so unique and have such great content on a daily basis. You are obviously very talented and business-minded!


Victoria of @magicalmatryoshka

I love how you paired the skinny scarf with the dress, I thought it was attached at first, it looks so amazing <3


Love this express dress and live the message we need to always spread the love!


And Beirut, please don’t forget about Beirut! The attack happened a day before the Paris attack. People are dying all over the world.

Kisses from the Philippines!
- Seyra

I dont know who is she but she have dazzling beuty :). Black dresses %100 fits her. Because black dresses don’t fits everybody.

Gorgeous babe! Love the dress and the make up!

Awesome article ! And the pics ☺️ Cibelle and you nailed it as usual !

I think you speak for everyone in your words about the awful atrocities in Paris. The photos are beautiful & very artistically staged – love them!
Hugs Adele xoxo

I am very sad about what happened in Paris , I live near Barcelona and Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that I would like to return . It is very sad what happened but we must move forward with all our strength . I send lots of hugs and Fiona Kristina Ti . The photos are beautiful and these beautiful. a kiss


You look absolutely stunning, Kristina! I am so happy for you that you travel so much and that you go to the biggest events :)
Wish you all the best over there in Los Angeles!

Kisses and Greetings,

Christina Violet

merci kristina pour le beau texte qui précède ces magnifiques photos en robe noire ! bravo cibelle levi !!!je vous embrasse toutes et vous souhaite un bon voyage de travail à Rome …..!

This is pretty cool!
Check my new blog!

Gorgeous, love your outfit


Was saddened by the news of the attacks on Paris and agree that social media does have the ability to unite people who care….thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Amazing, babe<3

Shall We Sasa

loved your look

The Paris attacks were deeply saddening. Thank you so much for this post, Kristina. You’ve really reminded us to cherish every second of our lives, to appreciate every single friend and family member because life is so fragile <3

Loving this holiday themed photo shoot :) The dress is gorgeous, yet very simple and chic. Can't wait to see even more (especially the Rome project)!

XO, Elizabeth

Amazing pictures! Love it


You look stunning! Have fun in Rome :)

x Alona |

What happened in Paris is tragic! It makes me angry and sad that these things are happening.
But I am happy your friends are okay and that her boyfriend decided to cook :)

I hope you will have a great time on your travels to Rome :)

You look awesome ! And Cibelle nailed it once again :)

Ideal outfit querida me encanta!

Beautiful series of pictures! <3



Your weekly inspiration and motivation on

Love the positivity. Such a classic look x


Your thoughts on the devastating events of late are equal parts saddening and inspiring. You have such a beautiful soul. And these photos are incredible, as always xx

Anastasiya //

Ollyvia Laura 18 November 2015 / Reply

you are so awesome <3

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Beautiful dress and great article!

I have been following your blog for years and I believe this is the last time i came here. First of all, the quality of photos have gone down drastically. James took great photos and the difference with the photos Cibelle takes is just too big. But that is not the biggest problem. You used to write a blog post 3 og 4 times a week. Now your readers are lucky if they get 3-4 post a month. And it just looks like you write a post only to promote something (and you don’t even inform your readers that the post is sponsored). Its just turning from a personal blog to a questionable business where it’s all about money.I wish you all the luck because you do seem like a hardworking person but personally to me your blog is not enjoyable anymore.

Stunning look !! Dark suits you very well ! You have a baby face that’s why I would love to see you play with your inner darkness and do more dramatic photoshoots (but without wigs, your hair is your fashion statement, you look like no one else with this length and color)

I love the dress and you are stunning like always.

I want to tell you that the option “more articles” in the web doesn’t work, in case you had not noticed.

red on black, that’s a fabulous combo
great shots

These photos look amazing!
Just like in a high end beauty/fashion campaign!
You look stunning dear!

Kinga x

I love this dress and I’m sorry you feel this way. Paris is still in our prayers. Be strong and take the steps to where you want to be without fear. Great post dear and those photos are stunning :)

With Love,

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Great dress!!!! It’s beautiful and very sexy… I’m looking for something similar to wear at my company’s Christmas dinner.

Check out on my latest post about what could online retailers (e-tailers) do to stand out in a $243 billion global luxury market!
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Bests! xxx

Hi kristina , beautiful ! But i think there were more magic in the james’ Photos!
This aren’t so magical, there isn’t any mistery, nothing wow for me !
You re always stunning!
Maybe a perfume post ? Can i suggest you ?
With love

There are so many reasons I love your blog and the kayture team, this is one of them.
My close friend lost 3 good friends who were at the concert and i was in tears all night and the day after.
I will not let these kind of situation to take away my smile and love for life.

Gorgeous Kristina… love you

Beautiful dress! What happened was such a tragedy and I hope all your loved ones are safe and sound.

xx Cindy

Dear Kristina
Thank you so much for your text. I don’t usually leave many comments on your blog. But to know that there are people out there who felt the same way I did about the whole thing even though I don’t know anybody in Paris really. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about everything that has happened and when you realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg as you said on Instagram. I’ve been so sad and down all weekend and it has brought up so many questions like what where the humanity has gone to (even though the solidarity all over the world was overwhelming really) and now, one week later I also get to ask myself how people can continue their lives complaining about ridiculous stuff like they have to get up at 6 AM in the morning. I know, we have to continue with our lives and make the most out of it but some people don’t really seem to be shocked after all. And this makes me sad and leaves me confused because if this kind of cruelty doesn’t even shock one profoundly when it’s so close then what will ever do..? And I find it beautiful that you said how greatful you are to be alive since I feel exaclty the same and I can’t stop thinking how lucky I am to wake up everyday, all healthy. It has changed my perspective on life a great deal and I find it amazing and touching that you use your blog to talk about this. Thank you! Take care.

I love that dress!:) it’s sexy and elegant at the same time!

I think we were all devastated when we heard the news- I spent my Friday crying as well :( Europe holds such a special place in my heart considering I was supposed to move there this year to live with my boyfriend.. but making the decision to have him move here seems like the best option especially with everything going on. It breaks my heart.

On a lighter note I Absolutely love these pictures!!! What camera did you guys use?

Shout out to Cibelle for killing it with the photography game. Love the edge her shooting style brings to your blog.

I love this dress! The scarf is such a cute addition. Lovely styling!

That is a fabulous dress!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Mary María 19 November 2015 / Reply

Amazing, I like it sweetie!

I invite you to join my international Firmoo giveaway!

Gorgeous black cutout dress.

Your dress is incredible !

Having followed your blog for years, this seems like the classic, signature Kayture/Kristina look. The classic black dress exudes elegance with the knee length, but adds subtle hints of sexiness with the perfect cut outs. Plus, the simplicity behind one the one golden bracelet, and the occasional neck scarf is very classic. Beautiful!
Also, condolences to you, your friends, and anyone effected by the Parisian attacks; I wish you all the best.

xx Melody :

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