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Oh Milan… Italy… Rigatoni and ravioli. Sorry, I’m loosing it. It’s been a year ever since I’ve last been in Milan and needless to say for someone who used to go there all the time, it did feel so good finally coming back. When living in Switzerland, it used to take one train ride to be in the city of gelato and perfectly tasting espresso, not to mention the very heart of fashion and brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Armani, Cavalli or Versace… Ah Milan. Having an Italian best friend definitely also made me reconsider my love for Italy. I mean Fiona’s religion is pasta and good wine. Because of her, inside of me started to grow a new love for cheese and anything truffle. But enough for the food (you know I can keep talking about it for hours!), we are here to talk fashion.

Early 2015, we decided to skip February’s Milan fashion week. And it wasn’t really skipping it as much as it was that we actually couldn’t make it. We had just moved to the US and were settling down in Los Angeles which as you can imagine brought so much unexpected work. Plus some of our personal projects came along side, making it impossible for us to lose another precious week. Therefore, this September was the occasion to compensate. I’ve really missed Milan fashion week and the madness that goes around it. The people, the joy, the laughs and of course all the bold colors, prints and flamboyant dinner parties. MFW, I was so ready for you!

As we arrived with Cibelle and Fiona right after wrapping up London, it felt like a breath of fresh European air. Imagine, we had just spent so much time in America and London, which is after all also an english speaking city, that we almost forgot that there are other existing languages in this world. And I can tell you, when travelling to Italy, make sure one of your friends does speak a few words of Italian if you want to make sure your taxi brings you to the right place. Everyday, we were grateful for Fiona’s skills, so much that we practically let her do all the speaking when it came to restaurants, cars and even hotel receptions!

It was Cibelle’s first Milan fashion week and I was so excited for her to experience it and hear her talk about it. It ended up being more intensive than what we thought… After two cities already wrapped up, Milan came third. As you can imagine, our energy levels were not at their max. Though Fiona and I were already used to this lovely little circus, Cibelle unfortunately faced some back issues and had to back off the very first day of MFW. Imagine, running around all day with a backpack filled with photography material and having to twist your body in all sorts of different positions to get the right shot is not particularly healthy for your back. So there it was, the Fendi show was starting in one hour and we didn’t have a photographer. So what did we do? Fiona grabbed Cibelle’s camera and improvised herself as the photographer for the day. And guess what? She slayed it.

The whole experience was filled with little anecdotes like these. Unfortunate situations turned into challenges and then funny stories we would share with our friends because we all know that the fashion month can be a pain… But it’s still such an amazing one, and we love a little sweet torture. The collections this year in Milan have been surprising at times, fascinating at others, but the overall impression was a sort of distant observation of sophisticated, polished beauty. But not necessarily something new or something revolutionary. It’s not that we were disappointed but our hearts were not beating as fast and our eyes were getting as big. I had a few personal highlights though.

First of all, Gucci. Gu-cci! What an incredible collection. Alessandro Michele who took over from Frida Giannini early this year absolutely killed it, reinforcing the codes of the new aesthetic he had created for the house. See through, sheer materials, a mix of rainbow colors and patterns, déjà-vu surrealistic prints and retro glam, boho details all got together to create a completely remarkable SS16 collection. I was in awe. Then let’s talk about Versace who set the bar very high as well this year with a new show location and absolutely stunning production. The show was rhythm by a girl power anthem as the models strutted the runway with a firm, confident grin. The whole collection was about empowerment to create a military, sexy, playful look. An absolute blast.

As for my own personal looks, being in Italy usually always means for me playing and experimenting with colors. This season however, I decided to have a little bit of both. Edgier, darker looks and more playful ones with fun prints and crazy materials. My favorite look of the whole week was actually total black with just a red lip for color… A Versace sweater, skirt and boots and Fendi backpack for an overall comfortable yet strong look to run from one show to another. I couldn’t get over these high knee patent boots, there were seriously everything. Not only so comfortable but they made me feel like a comic book super hero, and that’s a big fashion goal. Another look that I really enjoyed wearing was my first one of the week, which I wore to attend the Fendi show. Very simple with a white top and bottom but all the detail is in the stunning Fendi feather jacket with it’s red, black and white stripes, tied to the waist and just casually sort of hanging there… Total love. And what about you guys? What was your favorite MFW moment? Share it with us bellow in the comment section ;) x


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You put a huge smile on my face with your whole post. Ah the Italian food, I mean NYC is amazing, but I grew up in Germany which is closer to Italy and I can tell you how hard I miss it. But as you mentioned back to fashion: All of your outfits were amazing, perfect details and gorgeous bags and heels – as always. My favorite outfit is your yellow dress with the stunning black over the knee boots. Perfection.
Thanks for sharing all your personal thoughts about this MFW, it’s always a blast to read your articles. Enjoy NYC ;) xx

This is rather random, but you have fabulous eyebrows. And Italy sounds ah-mazing! You are looking beautiful as usual :)


This is rather random, but your eyebrows are fabulous. Italy looks ah-mazing. You look beautiful as usual :)


Love all the looks!
xoxo Lynda

You look amazing! The Versace is my favourite!! Xx Susanne –

Wow, amazing pictures and really love all your Milan Fashion Week Looks! Your sense of style is just amazing! My favorite one is also the all black look, just a perfect combo and you can’t go wrong with an all black look if you ask me! <3

Italy is one of my favourite countries, the food, the fashion & the weather! I love so many different aspects of each of your looks, overall I adore the look your wore to the Fendi show, I LOVE your hair slicked back & those thigh high patent boots are killer!
Hugs Adele xoxo

Hi Kristina, it’s so nice to read your thoughts about MFW and I love that you wrote about little challenges what you had to face. My personal favourite outfit was this Vercase look with knee high boots and red lips, so vamp! Keep up the good work and you are my true icon blogger and my idol in fashion blogging! Enjoy New York honey xoxo

Ah,that all black outfit with the long coat and the yellow dress one make my heart stop! Amazing!
As for languages,I speak 5 foreign languages fluently (and learning 3 more x) ) so I think that would not be a problem for me haha :D I am glad that you are doing well :)
P.S.- can’t wait for the backstage shots of Victoria’s secret :D

oh that Fendi bag….outrageously beautiful

A perfect post, make me smile. Enjoy New York :)

Amazing pictures! I love how all your outfits match the background. The photos are so perfect. My favourite outfit is the first one though. The cardigan is amazing!
best wishes

Great pictures!

Your weekly inspiration and motivation on

Hi Kristina,

first time to write a comment here, but also admitting that I follow your journey quite some time yet. You rock girl – keep up the good work!

I really like all the outfits you wore during MFW, stylish and sophisticated !

Best wishes from Berlin
x Gitta

Oh wow! So in love with all your looks! Such a great inspiration!

xx Su

Loved the look you chose to parade Fendi , I think it is clear that more love me , but I will say that you were awesome in all your looks of MFW !!!

Amazing outfits! I so wanna go to Milan too <3


I’m so happy you enjoyed your stay in Italy and I hope you will come back soon. It was really exciting and inspiring to meet you at Piazza del Duomo! And yes, yellow dress and black boots make you so sexy.
Italian kisses!

I’m crazy about this fluffy colourful sweater! my favourite piece from you Milan outfits! :)

your handbags are so gorgeous!! Love this post!

Love the pics, you look absolutely stunning in every outfit you wear girl

Amazing post and pictures! Your entire team is inspiring!
Fiona did a wonderful job as a photographer too!

Wow what an amazing collection of photos! All of your outfits are immaculate! I am especially in love with that white jumpsuit! And your Milan experience sounds to die for!

Such gorgeous outfits! Especially love the pants and Tshirt one!

Beautiful photos! I’m loving every single one of these outfits :)

Dani |

loved the backpack!

All these looks are so gorgeous! I think my favourite has to be the little yellow dress though! x

I am in Rome so I understand how you feel when you come in Italy … great photos … congratulations

What a lovely post with so beautiful and inspiring photos of an obviously crazy time in Milan.

I really enjoyed it so much!

Lots of love and keep up the great work!


Great post!! I love your blog <3<3<3

Glad to hear that you had such a great experience attending Milan Fashion Week :) Italy must’ve been so nice!
And of course, all of your outfits are amazing! Loving all of the details, colors, and accessories! Favorite look has got to be the all-black outfit (the Versace sweater) <3 It's so edgy and dark, but at the same time, the silhouette is so polished and sophisticated!

Thank you so much for sharing this little insider's peak into Fashion Week! Can't wait to hear even more from you! I really missed your posts! <3 :)

XO, Elizabeth

Stunning, babe! Love these photos!

Shall We Sasa

Fiona’s religion is good food and wine? Can she be my best friend too :’) ?

xx B

I love these looks, they’re all so chic! I really like how you’re wearing that coat, very cool!

Great job Fiona! And you look amazing Kristina. I love every outfit.


We are glad you made it to Milan Fashion week in September. From what you explain in your post Milan seem amazing !!
Really love love love your white jumpsuit <3 I would love to rock that look for myself :)

Also hope that you have settled in LA well :)


I really enjoy scrolling through your blog photos, especially your posts from fashion weeks! I’m constantly inspire by your work and it’s honestly what keeps me going with my blog. Thank you, Kristina.

love all these outfits! love reading your posts Kristina =)

Italian food is my weakness, especially cheese and pasta so you totally had my attention in the first few words, yum! I honestly loved all your looks this season. Your most colorful and playful looks ended up being the most fun and sophisticated and although I’m not a fan of patented boots, you really made it work! Your hair was also on point with each outfit too.

It’s hard to choose so I’ll say it’s a tie between your white jumpsuit with the textured jacket, yellow dress and the outfit with the Versace sweater (very preppy chic)! I can’t wait to see your next adventures now that the storms have calmed down! xo

Amazing picutures. Also love the outfits a lot!

J’adore des différents looks ils sont tout sublime ! De qui est la jupe et la veste sur ta dernière photo ??

Liebe Kristina

Wundervolle Fotos.

Viele liebe Grüsse

Petra von

the fendi bags are the coolest bags ever

Such beautiful photos Kristina! Fiona did a good job.
Also I am totally loving all of your looks! Those micro Fendi’s are adorable

Agnes x

Beautiful looks and you look gorgeous as always, thanks for sharing!
My favorite one is also a total black look with red details, suits you perfectly, but those blue high waisted pants are just perfection, such a statement piece, love your fashion aesthetics!

I liked your every single outfit! Especially the one with yellow dress, and oh my how pretty that tiny Fendi bag is :D

GUCCI collection was indeed great this season! Loved it, too.

All the best,

I’m glad you stopped talking about food. I was starting to get hungry with all that talk about cheese haha It must have been so nice to be back! I hope Cibelle got better! It must be really intense. Especially to attend for the first time.


So pretty Kristina! I love all the looks but I think my favorite is the sheer top with brown jacket and skirt! Love following along with all of your adventures on the blog and Instagram. You are a true inspiration to me!

Love this post. You look absolutely beautiful in all of these pictures!! It sounds like MFW was a lot of fun!

Loved all your outfits but that white jumper so stunning

OOOo Kristana, tjr un plaisir de lire tes articles et de regarder tes magnifiques photos. Non, mais tu es magnifique.

Bisous, from Canada!!

The Fendi feather jacket is gorgeous and definitely a statement piece, you look stunning in it! It sounds like a busy and challenging time for you and your team at MFW but still a rewarding experience, awesome!


Beautiful pictures! You always look so gorgeous!

Xx Carolin

Poshnessary 13 November 2015 / Reply

what a dreamy life you have :)

These pictures are gorgeous! Absolutely love the jacket in your second outfit!
Fashion Soup

J’adore le mini sac à perles !
Très jolies et originales tenues pour la MFW !

Love all your looks, the photo with the candy stripe background is gorgeous

mel x

In love with your outfits. Your style covers the whole area between minimal and extravagant, so inspirational!

Me encantan todas tus fotos!!! <3

greetings from Chile


All so beautiful! I love your outfits!

I absolutly love every single outfit. You’re so unique Kristina, so special!! You’re my inspiration for blogging and I adore every picture of you!!!
Kisses from Portugal

Blog Denise de Assis
Facebook Page

You look so beautiful Kristina! Love the yellow dress :)

Amazing xx
Maja from DarkRoseberry

Gorgeous images!
Stunning as usual.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Loved your looks from MFW, these showed really essence of Milan’s fashion, so pure and clean cut.
Fiona has also done such a wonderful job with these pictures, great post dear

Kinga x

Pretty piture Classy Style Cool jacket .
Fashion blogger from india

Amazing photos. I agree that moving can has drawbacks.

Kisses from the Philippines!
- Seyra

Nice article and beautiful pictures as always. Congratulations for doing such a great job!

What a nice feeling that must have been to be back in Italy! I haven’t been yet but I’m already looking forward to it, not without even knowing when that’ll be!!

I Love the high-waisted blue pants – gorgeous!

Kristina, you are always so beautiful, love your pics

Looking so damn amazing, *jealous*!


beautiful kristina!
the images are amazing,Fiona has a lot of skills , you are luky to be sorrounded by these amazing pepole that can help you and each other in each moment!
So, are you learning a little bit of Italian? Fiona isn’t teaching you ?

So amazing looks. You are perfect in all these outfits but my favorite is with Fendi’s jacket! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

Eniwhere Fashion
Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion

Beautiful as always Kristina! You inspired me to go and live my dreams and share with people what I love in life, I can’t thank you enough for that.
I invite you to check my travel and lifestyle blog,, and I hope you like it!
With love,
Camy xx

I loved this blog post. I love reading heartfelt blog posts from bloggers and this was definitely that. I loved all of your looks specially the one with the fend coat!!! It was just perfect, and really brought out your complexion. Love your blog, and how I can feel I am there reading this. I miss Milan so much. I lived there for a whole year studying fashion in Istituto Marangoni and I would give anything to go back! I remember fashion week time, it was crazy crowded and filled with fashion and colours and different styles. It just really reassures your love of fashion.

Always amazing
You’re stunning girl

Kiss kiss.*Jo

I love, love, love the outfits that you wore! Especially the 4th one x

All outfit are so stylish, vivid and original!


I do not know which of your outfits is the most beautiful , everyone you look great . ^.^

Perfect description Kristina!
I was also in MFF, very busy week for me…I made a few photos of my outfit, but many of the shows.
I loved Prada and Luisa Beccaria, Alberta Ferretti and Giorgio Armani.
Amazing Moschino!

Big hug from Roma!

I love your Blog
I am also a fashion blogger from new delhi Follow

Ok, thank you for telling me what i will have for dinner, because it will certainly be italian food! ;) Your outfits are great, as usual, but seeing you here with a sequence of different looks i start to think that you beauty and natural look are able to make any outfit look good and stand out!

Stunning looks!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

How can someone be that beautiful! <3 And make every outfit look flawless. That green print dress is to die for!


Gorgeous babe. just gorgeous.

Beautiful pictures and amazon outfits! The last one is my favourite!

Najjača si imaš najbolje outfite, sjajne boje odlično !
Just perfect!

Your writings your style your blog ,everything is just perfect .

La veste Fendi à rayures est très chouette, la tenue originale avec le pantalon bleu éléctrique et le haut blanc (mais c’est une combi on dirait?) j’aime bien, mais j’aime tout particulièrement la tenue la plus simple peut être, avec la veste bleu marine et beige et le pantalon camel.

Quand aux problèmes de dos avec le matériel de photo, on connaît ça lorsqu’on voyage et qu’on a l’appareil en bandoulière toute la journée… alors je n’imagine pas avec beaucoup plus de matériel à transporter …!

Your Versace sweater is everything haha ;) xx


Love all of your looks! :)

Your Versace sweater is EVERYTHING. I love it ! You’re such an inspiration, honestly it’s a blast to read your articles, watch your pictures on Instagram and your videos on Snapchat :) xx

How gorgeous you are!Kisses!

i love your pics. i am absolutely loving that multi colored purse and leather jacket.

Love your Look Kristina <3

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