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Fashion is a curious thing, it’s an endless quest to create something new by re-inventing the past. Over the years, I’ve seen the trends, if that word still even makes sense, come back, disappear then re-appear again with slight nuances. Nowadays, trends themselves become more and more inaccurate as we’ve all understood it so well : we have the capacity to shape them ourselves. There are no rules, or limitations in fashion anymore. After all, there’s a really slight gap between trendy and overdone, which leads many to voluntarily unfollow the trends and go their own way. It’s fascinating to see how we’ve faced such a big democratization in the fashion industry these last couple of years, with social media, giving people so much freedom to showcase their creativity and break the rules, set new codes. If years from now it was so “easy” to be different because most were following the same trends, today originality is not original anymore as we all strive to be unique.

I find that fashion should be a personal experience, it’s a very introspective process where we choose to say something about ourselves through our appearance. It’s how we choose to portray ourselves to society. There is no right or wrong, there is only harmony. Just like in music. The will to be different, and on the other hand to belong to a certain style ideology become the two major forces that I’ve noticed to shape our current fashion aesthetics. If being different sounds so positive and that “following” a certain aesthetic can almost appear to have a certain negative connotation, I think that both of these perspectives bring something interesting to the table. Because think about it, it’s exactly what fashion is today : we take something we already know, a style, a look, an aesthetic that already exists, and we apply to it our own inspiration, our own outlook, our will to differentiate it from anything existant, and therefore create something new and innovative. While the unique will to be different itself can appear quite individualistic, almost like you’re trying too hard, or the will to blend into an aesthetic allowing yourself no flexibility to explore outside the box, both become so restrictive.

The people I know who have the best style are the ones who are just playing with it, who don’t think about it so directly and just follow their instincts, their moods to create something close to how they feel… They’re not thinking about how unique they want to be, or how terribly they want to look like a certain person. They are sensitive to their own state of mind, and by doing that, they have the capacity to create something so truly authentic and custom made that anybody could have the capacity to copy it. Take a look at Iris Apfel, she says it so beautifully : “I don’t have any rules, I just see a piece and simply know if it’ll work or not”. After all, the market is so saturated, there are so many brands out there, so many talented designers pushing the limits of creativity that innovation has become a slower, more complex process than ever. So much has already been done, from extreme minimalism to over the top everything… The industry is so hard to impress, and as consumers we’re all a bit jaded too. So what does really stand out? I say, spontaneity. Playing by ear, that’s the only way to have fun with fashion and to allow ourself to truly create something new. It’s like when you enter your kitchen, you have two options, either you cook something you know, from a recipe or something your family has taught you, or you figure out what you can do with what you have in your fridge. What’s the mood of the day? Pasta? Fish? Maybe a salad to keep it light. Some will do what they know to do best and some, out of a sudden spark of thought, will add this magic ingredient that’ll change the whole flavor. You’ll excuse my food comparison, but it just made sense to me. And now I’m hungry again.

With all of this being said, guys, be creative. Don’t restrict yourself and especially don’t think about it too much. Allow yourself to explore and listen to your own instincts. If you are to busy concentrating on a certain preconception of what you have to be like, you might loose the opportunity to act out spontaneously, and therefore the chance to stumble upon something deeply personal and truly unique to yourself. The look of the day is all about this sweater which has a great story. It is from United Colors of Benetton‘s capsule collection called “A Collection of Us” with this one in particular from the Archive line. It’s a collection inspired by the past with a future orientation, created around the journey through the history of the brand. The 60ies were a very important moment for the fashion industry and is this cashmere sweater’s main inspiration. This is why I chose to call this post Twiggy, as it’s the first thing I think about when I hear sixties. These big eyes with it’s long, doll looking eye lashes that I wanted to recreate in this post. Enjoy.

Cibelle x Kristina | BenettonSweater_03Cibelle x Kristina | BenettonSweater_15Cibelle x Kristina | BenettonSweater_09

Cibelle x Kristina | BenettonSweater_26Cibelle x Kristina | BenettonSweater_10Cibelle x Kristina | BenettonSweater_20


TOP : Benetton

PANTS : Kenzo

SHOES : Kenzo


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I love what you said! Fashion, like everything else you’re passionate about, should just be enjoyable. Way to go, Kristina!

Cheers from the Philippines!
- Seyra

Such an inspiring post! I love fashion’s unique ability to allow us to express ourselves in so many different ways! And I love your modern take on the sixties!

Your words are just perfection. I really love reading what you wrote. You truly inspires me. Thank you, Kristina and you are so beautiful x

Lovely outfit with amazing photography. So adorable!


This shoot is beautiful! I love the detailing on your top!

Love the polka dot block heels, so cute and pretty! The retro vibe of this outfit is ultra charming too, thanks for the inspiration. Agree with you that the many stylish people are those who are spontaneous and work their looks based on their instincts :)


Such a great look!
xoxo Lynda

This sweater is a wonderful piece and I’m absolutely in love with your make up!

Gorgeous outfit! In love with these rich, royal hues.


You really have a face for these kind of looks, an (excuse me) a butt for these kind of pants. You look amazing <3 Love the whole atmosphere!
best wishes

Gorgeous outfit! The shoes are amazing!

Love how quirky this outfit is.
Hugs Adele xoxo

Your eyes are so beautiful. I guess I have fell in love with you.

Très joli look. gros coup de coeur pour les chaussures!

formidable kristina ! quelle belle observation !! quel beau réquisitoire de la mode ….de tout ceux qui font et défont !!!!!! quelles belles prises de vue de cette tenue fascinante qui te va si bien !!!!! vous irez loin Kristina !loin loin loin …..doucement mais sûrement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bravo et merci ma grande fille ………….à bientôt .

you are beyond gorgeous! <3

love that sweater!!! and your heels

Amazing pictures and such a beautiful and creative outfit! So in the love with all the colors of the sweater and I absolutely agree with your about everything you said about fashion, trends and creativity! <3

Beautiful pictures as always! I really enjoyed this post!

That’s a different look… Not sure I like it, but you sure look amazing !

I totally agree Kristina – being too unique or following trends too closely can both be very restricting. I believe wearing clothing you’re comfortable in, ensembles that reflect you personally while embellishing the occasional unique details or creative print/color, allow you to really show your personal style :) Just like you said, it’s fashion, it’s fun, it’s creative – don’t think too much about it and just go with the flow <3 Loving your photos so much!

XO, Elizabeth

Love your modern take on the 60′s you did a great job!


Love it! Stunning photos and make up! :)

Love that top! Completely agree with you – everyone should stay true to themselves and their own style!

xx Cindy

Amazing !! :)
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Wow Kristina…you have such an observant eye and are so blessed to be this intelligent while in the fashion industry. While many bloggers/influencers/stylists/etc can get carried away and subconsciously influenced by what the system provides and dictates them – you are able to remain resilient and objective, enjoying the perks while having a foot in yet still being careful and observing cleverly with a foot out. And I agree with every single thing you said. I noticed the same kind of aggressive competition, and how it’s so difficult to completely innovate anymore in the industry, but you said what I was thinking yet couldn’t put my finger on it. Instinct is what truly brings new things to the table. Thank you for always enlightening us, and I really really hope to meet you one day. Love this look, as usual. But I’m hoping to see more color infused in your outfits – I’m sure you’ll look just as incredible. xx

Very stylish <3 Love the colors on the sleeves. And gosh your hair Kristina, so beautiful!

What you say is exactky true Kristina! If you want you can take a look at my blog. I believe we have quite the same thoughts on these fashion related topic. And, Iris Apfel, yes, she is an amazing woman. X Silvie

Love what you ‘re wearing, such bold and interesting colours!

I love the top and I love when you’re showing more affordable pieces on your blog! it might be my next purchase :)

Amazing pictures. I agree with that what you wrote about fashion ,trends and style.

Kinga Kurek 23 November 2015 / Reply

These photos look amazing!
Loving your make up darling!
Kinga x

Stunning photos! And the way you described modern fashion is absolutely perfect. There are no more rules, so why not just have fun and wear what feels right to you? x

I like your way of thinking so much! And I’m happy that you’ve mentioned Iris Apfel. She is an amazing lady. One have to love her!

Those sleeves! Love the colors!

xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Great look! I love your lips here and shoes.

sooooooo gorgeous i love this post – great colours in your outfit too xxx

You also really got creative by choosing this as your photo location. Great pictures :)

x Gitta

Thank you, your text was a true inspiration, and so accurate for me! Self comfort and self expression should really, for me at least, the pilars of our own fashion sense. And i love that 70′s look by the way!

You look beautiful!

|| D I A N A ||

Gorgeous look, love that vintage vibe<3

Love this 60′s inspired look! And your make-up is matching so good with your outfit.
I must say that I’ll give you plus points for these shoes! ❣

loved your look

I couldn’t agree more with your words Kristina. I for one have managed to mix the urban feeling of Ralph Lauren Denim&Supply line with the freshness of Hugo Boss and the casual chic trend of Swedish brand ACNE and I totally loved the result without it being necessarily linked to any one specific ideology. Thanks for inspiring us all the way and thanks for proving us if you really fight for them, you can make your dreams come true!

Your outfit is perfect!

Agnes x

Love this look! Your makeup is incredible.

Everything in harmony! Great colors great shots amazing outfit and ur post so inspiring!
P.s: im thinking of doll looking lashes too when I’m thinking of 60′s and… Its kinda scaring i think!kisses frim greece!
Visit our instagram account moda_amour or our blog !! Cant wait to see u there!

Stunning outfit. Love it.

I completely agree!

❤ Kisses from

I love that outfit! Gotta love Kenzo <3


Elsa TYSEBAERT 1 December 2015 / Reply

J’adore la façon dont tu parles de la mode dans cet article, et d’autant plus avec la métaphore alimentaire ! Dès qu’on parle de nourriture, ça fait un point ! Alors, la mode ET la nourriture, j’ai tout compris !
Qui mieux que toi, qui as fait de ta passion de la mode ton métier, est bien placé pour nous donner sa vision des choses. Une vision très poétique et imagée comme à ton habitude. Moi je suis fan de ton côté classique, chic. Je me demande toujours où tu peux trouver tant d’inspiration pour t’habiller.

ne pas trop y penser, assembler comme on aime, être spontanné, oui certes, mais il faut tout de même avoir quelques connaissances, une bonne observation, savoir ce qui nous va, savoir quelle matière se mariera avec telle autre… tout n’est pas une question d’envie et de goût. Si c’était le cas, tout le monde serait bien sapé et tous les jours. La rue est un superbe “observatoire” et on y apprend beaucoup, mais on y voit aussi beaucoup de personnes qui ne semblent pas très impliquées dans le choix de leur tenue. En évoluant dans le milieu de la mode, tu ne t’en rends peut être plus compte, mais la majorité des gens s’habillent pour se “vêtir”, sans trop réfléchir, et se foutent de la mode et du sens de ce qu’ils portent, enfilant le matin un joli bracelet et un pull dont ils aiment la couleur et s’arrête là. Et même s’ils se sont habillés avec spontanéité sans trop se prendre la tête, ils n’auront pas forcément un joli look. Parce que la couleur du pull en question ne leur va pas au teint, par exemple. Ce qui prouve bien qu’il faut quand même maîtriser certaines choses…
Comme en cuisine, ce n’est pas qu’une question d’humeur… il faut tout de même maitriser certaines techniques. Et tout le monde ne cuisine pas bien, même si c’est préparé avec envie. Tout le monde n’a pas la fibre et les connaissances non plus pour savoir créer un look …

Amazing eyes! And everything else..

This article is great–I really enjoyed reading it. You bring up fantastic points. Like you stated–fashion is personal and we should ultimately wear what we truly feel comfortable in and happy in! If others then comment on how you look unique–then great–because you know you’re happy and confident with your look. If others then comment on how ‘basic’ you look–then great–because you know you’re happy and confident with your look. Either way, the most important thing when it comes to fashion and style is to be happy and confident with what you are wearing! (Yes, I’m sure you probably guessed it! :p) That energy will then ooze out of you and can inspire others to wear what they like regardless of any so-called ‘rules’ and limitations. There are many who wear certain outfits just to ‘show off’ or prove they are something, when you can see they look uncomfortable–and they would feel it to. It is very liberating to be able to dress how you truly want to! Maya XX

This look has a super retro vibe, accented by the block color detailing at the sleeves. However, the overall streamlined navy brings back a modern touch, and bling bling shoes are definitely an eye catcher. Stunning!
I couldn’t agree more with your stance on fashion; it is an ever-changing thing, and should be something that everyone discovers differently within themselves.
xx Melody :

Hair, Makeup, entire outfit = amazing!

Hey Kristina,

I follow a lot of fashion blogs but can say this honestly, I LOVE yours. Just discovered it but have been browsing it non-stop now. Your passion for fashion is inspirational.