Ciao people! Have been loving reading all of your great feedback on yesterday’s post. So glad to see each time that so many of you actually do read the posts, it makes me so happy. I’ve been watching lately so many fashion documentaries, interviews, movies and have been feeling so tremendously inspired. New questions keep popping in my head as much as new ideas. My vision of style is forever evolving and keeping a curious mind and heart are at the very root of this creative pursuit. I can’t believe it is already November and thus, almost the end of the year. Although we’re not there yet, I have to say, I’m still pinching myself looking back at everything that has happened… Truly so much. This year’s recap is going to be ma-jor guys. And there’s still quite a lot to come before properly wrapping it up. So watch out.

I am currently in London as I was invited to attend for the very first time the British Fashion Awards. It was such an honor as I heard so many of my biggest icons speak and share some of their wisdom. Each word they said just completely filled up the room and resonated in all of us. It was truly, deeply, magical. Prior to that, Cibelle and I have spend a few absolutely extraordinary days in Rome with one of my favorite high jewelry brands. Can you guess? Yes, we are talking about Bvlgari. Just think about it, Rome, the extravaganza, the colors, the monuments, the architecture, the food, the people! Oh Italy. Sweet, sweet Italy… What a heaven on earth.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve last been in the city of Roman history and Jules Cesar… Needless to say, it was just as breathtaking as it was in my memories. The reason why we were in town was to explore the very DNA of Bvlgari and witness through our own eyes how much the city has been the major, if not the ultimate influence for each and every one of their collections. We were taken on a journey by their team throughout the city, stopping at 5 key places in order to breath in the Roman magic and spot the architectural references in the jewelry itself. The Spanish steps, the baths of Caracalla, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona and finally the Borghese Gallery. It’s been so interesting to listen to all these enchanting stories and feel this rich world embody us as we were walking though these iconic streets.

Of course wearing the jewelry itself has been such a treat. Each details is so perfect and the combination of the colors, the stones, the unbelievable craftsmanship, all participate to create a jewel that’s bold and modern. It is easy to recognize a Bvlgari jewel amongst thousands and just like it’s hometown, Rome, it’s quite hard to forget it. There is just something about it, that touches you and leaves your speechless for a while. A certain mystery, an enchanted glow, a shine that’s unique and different. I hope you all will enjoy this story we created throughout this special day spent with them. And if you want to drown in this world just like we did, you are being given the chance to experience an interactive visit of Rome on Bvlgari’s website through their newest “Roman Treasures” online journey. You can visit the 5 key places from the confort of your own home and see exactly where each inspiration for each jewel comes from. It is truly worth your while. Don’t miss a bit of it! x


_DSC5010_DSC5012_DSC5030_DSC6121_DSC5039_DSC5075_DSC5053_DSC5108_DSC5223_DSC5315_DSC5351_DSC5477 _DSC5553 _DSC5665 _DSC5669 _DSC5854_DSC6096_DSC6045_DSC6147




PANTS : Topshop

BOOTS : Kenzo

Photography by Cibelle Levi


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Love the photos & the pieces are so gorgeous. I also love the clothes in the photo of you on the steps. You look so cosy!


You are a goddess in every sense of the word, always leave me speechless with your articles.Are you Kristina, my Idol and the person that I admire every day, I wish you the best of success and I love you <3

So in love with your photos! You´re such a great inspiration!

xx Su

Stunning photos!

|| D I A N A ||

I love the snake jewelry. And Kristina, you are an exquisite freak of nature. ❤

Cheers from the Philippines!
- Seyra

The coat is stunning!

Yvainnia Giovanni Wijaya 24 November 2015 / Reply

Hello Kristina, can you please share in kayture where do you watch fashion documentaries, interviews and movies?
I really like and love to read all your articles and your fashion! <3
You're gorgeous!

Such beautiful images <3 and those jewelry is divine. I love the royal blue color palette!

Oh my, those are some amazing jewels. Loveee them. And your outfit is gorgeous as always. Coat is to die for. Perfect item for fall / winter.

March and May

Hey Kristina! Bvlgari jewels are beyond beautiful, you’re such a lucky girl to get to wear them. I’m sure you enjoy the gorgeous jewelry to the fullest!

Rome is easily one of my favorite cities. I quite often vacation in Capri, and often then take a flight from Helsinki to Rome then. In Rome, beauty is everywhere. Quite an inspirational city, especially for a blogger, don’t you think?

Greetings from Hawaii – I’m a Finnish girl currently vacationing in Oahu. xx

The camel coat, Bvlgari items everything about this post it’s perfect

Those pictures are Sooo beautiful! As a history of Art Student i Fell in love With this City immediately ❤ Want to go back soon!

Greets from munich Katharina

Fabulous photos and an incredible product placement!
You look stunning!

The blue necklace is amazing.Thank you for sharing.

These Bulgari jewels are exquisite! Lovely post and beautiful photography.


Amazing pictures. You look so lovely in your camel coat and this simple, casual look. And the necklace (!!) such a piece of art <3
best wishes

The pieces look amazing and the city complements you with its magical atmosphere. Can’t wait to go there for New Year’s Eve!

xo, maria

Roma is such a beautiful city ! Filled with history

Wow, such beautiful pictures and so in love with the jewelry! <3

Gorgeous pictures! Absolutely love every jewellery piece you wore – the first watch is simply breathtaking!

You picked some stunning Bvlgari jewels for your shoot. I always have a look in their windows as I walk by…a girl can dream right? Adore the colour of your coat too. Rome is one of my favourite cities, I’m also excited that you got to attend the British Fashion Awards!!!!
I always read what you have written as it’s like being a part of your journey.
Hugs Adele xoxo

amazing Roma! love your outfit!!!

bonjour Kristina ! en lisant ton texte toujours aussi riche , précis ; furetant dans tous les coins chez Bulgari bijoux ,je ne m’attendez pas à ces grands moments d’émotions en visitant Rome en votre compagnie et les prises de vues par Cibellelevi ! je suis très heureux et ému de ces instants avec vous !!!!bravo Kristina ,Cibelle et merci à Bulgari bijoux !!! je suis vraiment ému ,transporté par toute cette beauté !!!!kristina et Cibelle vous méritez un baiser ……..!!!!! je reviendrai …..!!!!

How can you always be so perfect? The outfit is amazing, bulgari’s jewels are gorgeous, the text is very interesting and well written and some of the pictures are gorgeous, your really are amazing!

This jewelry collection from Bvlgari is absolutely stunning and extraordinary. Definitely agree that they easy to recognize as the style is truly one of its kind! You look lovely as always, thanks for sharing.


Lovely pictures Kristina!
Thank you for sharing!
Hara, xoxo

Beautiful pieces! Love your colour combination!

Lovely photos ! :)

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It must be amazing to be invited by brands to discover what inspiration lies ‘behind’ their collections, especially when that inspiration is Rome! I studied Latin in highschool so it is an extra fascinating city for me, as it reminds me of all the great stories and poems we read and the culture we learned about. Thanks for sharing those pictures Kristina, so we can have a glimpse of the experience as well !

Kisses from Paris!
xx B

What beautiful jewels! Love your coat too :) x

Brigitte |

Those pieces are so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

You make this coat look so luxorious:) I would never guess It’s from H&M :)

So magical Kristina! Rome is enchanting and you look amazing as always.
I lived in Rome for a few years and I miss the magic of the city a lot.
Thanks for sharing this story!
Sandra xx

Loving all of these Bvlgari pieces :D So glad to hear that you had fun in Rome! And the BFAs! Such a dream come true! <3 Congratulations on all of these major milestones, Kristina! Can't wait to read even more about them in your major year end recap! Keep up the great work! Always looking forward to more posts from you!

XO, Elizabeth

Amazing photos, the city and the jewelry are just too pretty! I love reading your posts. You’re always so honest and you have a beautiful way of sharing your thoughts xx

Lovely Post You really Look like a angel :)

love these photos! Beautiful =)

These pictures are gorgeous! You truly know how to inspired people xxx

The “Serpenti” watch is one of the very few watches for woman that I would be willing to wear! So carismatic and one of a kind…. I love it!
And Rome is so magical on its own… With that kind of diamonds I can only imagine how magical could become!! :)

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

loved this

My gosh this jewellery is amazing! You have accomplished so much this year, well done.


really stunning shots, great experience, girl…

I love that jacket! I wasso sure it would be a designer jacket. That bracelet is amazing together with that ring <3


Roma es tan hermoso!!!, y tu preciosa!, amé ese abrigo <3 .


I’d die for one of Bulgari’s pieces! Specially the serpente watch… I’m so jealous!!!

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I love the picture near the Colosseum! It sums up your words about Italy and how sweet this country is for you. Rome is so enchanting… I am glad you got this amazing opportunity!
Love, xx

I love those shoots! Your blog is amazing!

Sounds like a magical trip — glad that you got to experience it :) Thank you for sharing the inspiration and influences behind Bvlgari jewelry. Gorgeous photos as always!

The photography in you blog is so beautiful!

Every piece is absolutely gorgeous and very chic.Great pieces of art :)

Maria Chiara 25 November 2015 / Reply

Kristinaaaaaa!!!! I’m so happy you came and visit Rome as it’s one of my favourite cities, full of mistery, art and joyful people!!!
I hope you had a good time there, but of course you had!!!
Can’t wait to read your following articles as they’re pretty inspiring for me!!!
Ciao K, mille baci!!

Wow assisting these awards must have been an incredible experience and I think it really speaks for you that you’re always so grateful for all these great things that happen to you and that you don’t just take them for granted :)
The photos you shot with Bvlgari are one of a kind and I especially like the one where you’re looking at the window like a child in a candy store,so cool :)


Rome … my city I love … and Bulgari jewels are unique and wonderful !!

You are so gorgeous! Love the jewerelly!

Oh my, Bulgari is so mythical ! All these pictures are amazing, even more so to me because I was in Roma two weeks ago :)

These photos are stunning!

Agnes x

Oh I cant believe this coat is H&M! So good

You look so gorgeous as always and Cibelle is an awesome photographer! :) Need to visit Rome again sometime soon! :) xx

Beautiful photos!!

All the Cute
Today’s Post: Ivory Plaid & Black Moto

quelles merveilles dans leur maison bulgari roma ! Rome , ville féérrique ! bravo kristina et Cibelle pour ces découvertes !!!nous irons un jour dans cette ville et peut être nous nous retrouverons devant ces mille feux à Bvlgari Roma !!!!!!!à bientôt !!!!!

Great post! Love your outfit!

Bvlgari is magical! Their jewelry is beyond beautiful. I would love to have one of their necklaces.

Love Bvlgair these pieces are so beautiful just like Rome is! I miss Italy so much


so pretty !! first photo <3

So many beautiful photos. They look so super stylish and all the jewelry just keeps shining <3

Can’t take my eyes of… Wonderful…

Beautiful photos Kristina! Love them all!

des & jen

You look absolutely amazing in those pictures – very thoughtful! Love it

xoxo Katie

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This jewelry is stunning! I love how you showcased each piece, so lovely!

Amazing Kristina as always… Your coat is amazing and jewels look wonderful on you!kisses from Greece!

This jewelry is beautiful! These are great statement pieces that would look great paired with a beige dress and nude pumps.

Really Amazing Kris!

I would like to have it all!


Keep up the good work, you’re probably one of the realest, talking about how you feel, people who inspires you etc. Never change, as I told you, your singing interest will lead you far. Bisous bisous – Anna x

die Annakonda

Goddess! You’re such an inspiration Kristina

Beautiful bijoux :)

Bvlgari is one of my favourite brands love the collection you were wearing stunning.



Kristina… I’m so happy you keep posting so many beautiful photos! You look fabulous and stunning! ♥

xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Yes, i really get inspired by following your social media presence. your experience of exploring the very DNA of Bvlgari and witness the roman city makes the event more natural. Keep it up.

I love Rome! I was there quite recently and was taken away by just how stunning it is! The jewellery looks amazing, of course!

The Bvlgari Jewelry looks amazing and kind of mystical like you said! I love the blue colors.
Royal blue, making the Jewelry look very royal!
Rome sounds amazing ! Hope you have a nice time in London, and
can’t wait to read your recap at the end of the year :)


These pieces are just amazing! Stunning pictures!

The jewellery is so beautiful and you look gorgeous.

Your photos always look so magical. I love jewelry and for me it’s about pieces with memories. Every time I’m asked by The French or my parents what would I want to get as a gift, I always go for jewelry. I’m doing the same for my niece. One day she will be 16 and have a treasure trove of Tiffany pieces, which I buy her for birthdays. I think she will love it. I know I would :)

Oh, so gorgeous! I really like your coat

Absolutely stunning pieces! Rome is one of my favorite cities, and I love how you pair them with street style brands like H&M and Topshop. Thanks for sharing!

xx Cindy

What a wonderful outfit, love it!!!

With love,
Christine |

Amazing pictures!

Love from Vienna
Borislava from

Amazing photos as always! You look beautiful :)

Amazing city, amazing jewelry and you also look amazing!! ;) Soo pretty and wonderful :)

Elsa TYSEBAERT 1 December 2015 / Reply

haha !! Heureusement qu’on lit tes articles !! La base. Je l’ai déjà dit, te suivre sur Instagram, Snapchat, c’est super, on se sent proches de toi (dommage d’ailleurs que tu es laissé tombé Twitter, j’aimais beaucoup la proximité que ça nous donnait avec toi…). Mais j’aime presque autant voire plus te lire, car pour moi, rien ne peut nous faire connaitre mieux une personne que ce qu’elle a a dire, ses pensées. L’écriture à toujours eu une partie importante dans ma vie et tu écrits si bien que ça me transporte. (Même si parfois je m’écorche un peu sur certains mots en anglais !)

J’adore ce manteau un peu large, un peu masculin, la couleur, ça va avec tout ou presque.

I remember following your blog a couple years ago and god know why I just “stopped” because of the lack of time but what an evolution since then (even though it was already fantastic at the time), I really love your pictures and the way you kept it simple in your outfits mixing affordable pieces with luxury and everything, good to see you didn’t caught up in that thing where bloggers start wearing super expensive things when they breakthrough. Xoxooo


WOW! What a beautiful pictures! so magical! and these pieces! so cool! thanks for sharing this with us!



Very nice Bulgari stuff and coat! :)

The Art of Outfits

You look beautiful kristina!! I love this

Wow, what beautiful photos! I’m going to Rome tomorrow for the first time and I can’t wait! I’ll be shooting for my blog The Style Memo so hopefully I’ll get some photos as lovely as yours. Stephanie x

You look gorgeous, that coat looks great on you. Stunning outfit

You look stunning! Love all the pictures. :)

These pieces of jewelry are divine, so so beautiful! Rome is such a beautiful city also, want to go back there now! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Just wanted to say that your beauty is unique. Beautiful pictures. I have just got to know about your blog.

Love Bvlgari & Italy, so double love for this blog post!

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