It’s crazy how colors can not only affect our mood but also convey such a different image of ourselves. If you ever entered our apartment here in Los Angeles where Fiona and I are currently living, then you’d notice the very high black and white tendency (with gold and marble accents please, thanks). I once read this quote that made me laugh so hard “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color”! I can absolutely, 100% percent relate to that. There’s just something about it that’s so timeless, so mysterious, so… beautiful. It goes well with everything, it fits everyone, it’s easy and plus, it can make you feel pretty badass. Just saying.

I won’t be able to avoid talking about how special today was. As you guys might know from my social media, today a project that I’ve been working on for 2 years got released. My book On The Go, is finally born. After only one hour of being released, it already sold out on Amazon which completely blew all of our minds (you can still get your copy here guys!). We are of course preparing a full on, big article about it which is coming up next week so I don’t want to spill out too many details. All I can say is that there’s a pretty big sneak peek on Snapchat and that if you’re living in Switzerland, you can head to the libraries to get your hands on it from now on!

I am so happy to be here in Los Angeles for a month. It feels quite surreal to think that I won’t be traveling as much haha (it’s a pretty good problem to have, right!?) but seriously, I am just so happy to have y fridge, do my laundry, snuggle in bed if I want to and just enjoy a bit of time home. I am spending Christmas and New Year’s eve here, my mom is coming to visit as she’s never seen Los Angeles. So I’m going to take her on a very serious California tour! Can’t wait for that. There’s truly no better way for me to finish this year with something cozy and quiet with my one and only mom who’s literally my biggest supporter.

This look is all about some serious black action. All these pieces from from the new Express Edition line which I am slightly (a lot) obsessed with. The pieces are so chic and perfect to mix and match. This jacket by the way would also look tremendously good with some blue boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt. And the hat is a must have, imagine it with a big burgundy faux fur jacket and turtle neck!? There are so many different options. One thing for sure, is that L.A is kind of the dream when it comes to avoiding the winter cold. Feeling pretty lucky… That’s all I can say. Guys, California’s waiting for you. It’s anytime ;)

_DSC9613 _DSC9627 _DSC9706 _DSC9766 _DSC9772 _DSC9776



JACKET : Express Edition

PANTS : Express Edition

CLUTCH / HAT: Express Edition

TOP : Express Edition

Shot by Cibelle Levi


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Hi Kristina! Please sell your book in Malaysia! Please! I hope the book is in English too :-( love your look by the way!

Love this photos so much, so editorial!


I can’t wait to get my hands of your book! I’ve been following the Kayture team for several years and it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come!

Love the look too, black always looks great! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

This look is just perfect, absolutely love it!

adore the jacket. love the buttons

That’s a dream of a jacket <3

Have a nice weekend! ;-)

Lisa – Joy Della Vita Travelblog

The bead detailing on the military jacket is quite elegant, and matched with the super sexy sheer blouse underneath, it has a subtle vibe. But its really the heels that kills it for me in this look; the d’Orsay silhouette and the sky high heel is absolutely stunning and definitely sets the sexy and tough look. Gorgeous!
xx Melody :

SIMPLY WOW!!! I’m stunned by this minimalistic outfit, it’s major!!

Beautiful outfit, you definitely do look super badass ! Also, congrats on the book, I had no idea !! I want to read it now <3


beautiful outfit, I love your hat!
Lunjasky bloglovin

Love what you wrote about the color black. I completely agree! Wearing black instantly makes me feel as though whatever I’m wearing is classic and timeless. You can never go wrong with monochrome either.
Such a lovely look!

x Alona |

Congratulations on your book Kristina. Is there going to be a Kindle edition? Can you get it in the UK?
I love the jacket & hat in your look! Just off now to catch up with your Snaps.
Hugs Adele xoxo

Awesome look and congratulations for you book

I adore these shoes, I just bought similar ones. xx valerie
ps: so pretty pictures

LOVE this look! Everything looks so stylish!
You have a great sense of fashion Kristina! :) ♥
That hat and these hot heels are a must have! :)

Photography & Fashion Blog


I totally love this look! Black goes always :)
I hope you are reading this Kristina. I marvel you for everything you’ve done so far. Whoever thought girls from little Switzerland can’t make it was definitively wrong!! I am from Switzerland too and you are such a great inspiration for me. I am looking so forward to reading your book. I am sure it’s totally amazing! I hope you’ll keep going. You really have the power to change something in this world.
Sending much love from Switzerland, Carmen

Wow you look so pretty in black! That blazer is so so beautiful, sometimes I like to wear all in black outfit !

so effortlessly chic in black, cool military mood

Beautiful outfit, adore this hat!

You really look great in this outfit, the jacket is so chic and at the same time the outfit looks a bit gothic, love it! I also love how vivaluxury styled the very similar outfit in the collaboration with Express.
And talking about interior design, bnw tendency with gold and marble accents is just perfect for my taste too, I also added some blue accents to my new home.
Congratulations on your book!
xx, Nataliya

Congratulations dear Kristina on your book!! This is such exciting news and I am so happy for your success <3
Good for you that you can relax a little this month and spend some quality time with your mother, nothing beats that. You definitely deserve it :)
kisses from switzerland

Could you have a tutorial on how you do your eyeliner sometime ? its so perfect.

You look very badass indeed! Can’t wait to read your book!

Agnes x

Very nice look! Congratulations on the book K!

LIVING IN PLAID – Personal Style Blog from Brussels

Love your jacket, sheer top and shoes combination! So elegant and delicate!

Irina Stiuca 5 December 2015 / Reply

Wher i can have this Jacket because on the website Express Edition it is sold out..tks !!!

Black, black, and some more of that black! Jacket and hat are my favorites here.

Great look xx

Tan guapa como siempre y el sombrero, sencillamente espectacular!

Love the hat!

Check out our winter collection:

Perfect babe! I love this outfit. Btw congrats for your book


Luces preciosa!!, la chaqueta me ha encantado!!.
Felicitaciones por tu libro!!! <3


Kristina! It’s nice to see you with a braid :) You totally surprised me with the huge news! Your book, I didn’t see that coming. And yet, I understand why you were willing to write the work of you life. (Even though it’s just the beginning of a long long ride ;) ) It seems obvious to put on the paper everything that has happened in your life. I feel the same way. I am studying abroad for some time, and honestly, I am having the best time of my life! It’s so magical that sometimes at night I have this uncontrollable energy that pushes me to put into words how happy I am and how my life has changed. When people tell me “Girl, you have an excessive energy”, I think of you. I think it’s great. Congratulations Kristina!!! On the go again! LOVE

I’m so exited for your book! You are seem so kind and genuine, I cant wait to get it in English and read your stories and thoughts! Massive congratulations, Kristina!
P.S. Black is the best “colour” in the entire world!!
Kinga x

Wow this outfit is pure perfection! Love love looove the jacket and the fedora!
PS: huge congrats on your book launch!

xx Kristjaana

Stunning outfit! The jacket, the hat, the shoes… Loove!

so happy for you sweet heart love you much

I agree with you, black is so timeless and mysterious. Congratulations on your book!

So in love with this look! Keeping colors muted and playing with materials and textures is one of my favorite things to do! And I am obsessed with your jacket!

I would looove to live in Los Angeles, it looks so beautiful ! You’re gorgeous btw ! :)

Just checked Kayture, as I regularly do it and was surprised by this article, especially by the offered outfit. Express did a really good job on these clothes and on Kristina the overall outfit looks cruelly charming. Between, her hairstyle more than perfectly fills the wear.
Stefan Buzas

I’ll be there in the spring! You make me want to be there so bad! You look gorgeous as usual. Also please please please release the English version – I had my credit card waiting and everything!

SO cool, babe! XO

Shall We Sasa

Love this look on you Kristina! You look amazing! and congratulations on publishing your book! Can’t wait to get a copy of it :)

Love a good all-black outfit. And how exciting that you will be able to your home for a month. Sometimes, staying home can be the best feeling. I also can’t wait to see where you take your mom! I’m sure she’s going to LOVE LA.

Cade LaRen 6 December 2015 / Reply

Simply, Class!cally Black…

Looking amazing!

|| D I A N A ||

Amazing! Love your style!


Kristina, I am so happy for you, really. I have been following you since nearly your beginning of blogging. And a absolute highlight was, when I met you at the airport in Berlin last winter, after the Berlin Fashion Show. You and your team is so perfect! Honestly, I didn’t expect you to be so down to earth but you absolutely are: you are a very successful girl, knowing what you achieved and a big role model for a lot of girls out there in the world! Keep going on :)

Kisses to you
Christina Violet

Black will NEVER go out of style ! I just love this gorgeous look, so so so chic ! And yes, it feels good to just be at home sometimes, even more so when home is LA !

Hey :)

I just read your article and basically I just want to let you know how super happy I am for you and the team.
It’s been two years, I guess, since the first time I was on this site and I still read all of the articles and love all of the photos.
I can simply feel the love and the joy you put in it and I guess that’s what makes it so very special.
Now I’m – like crazy – waiting for your book to be released in the UK or Germany. So proud. So happy.

Keep going.
Lots of love


Magnifique le total look black j’adore !
Félicitation pour la sortie de ton livre j’ai hâte qu’il sorte en France pour que je me le procure ! Tu es une inspiration tous les jours et merci de me rire sur snapchat #TeamSnapchat :)


So amazing! Congrats on the book! Love the all black look too!

Emily x

Great look!

I think you’ll love this post on my blog:


kristina you look amazing. I’m from India. would love to see you in Indian dress. Please tell us about exercises you do. I will be grateful. Thanks in advance. lots of love and blessings

Congratulations on such a big accomplishment, Kristina! :D I can’t wait for the book to be available in English too (or maybe I’ll just learn French haha :P ). I’m so happy for you! It must be so amazing to see your project of 2 years finally come to fruition! <3 I can't be happier for you!

And of course, I was already in love with Express Edition, but you just totally made me fall in love with it even more! Loving this chic and simple black monochromatic look! :D

Have a great holiday season with your mom! I'm sure she'll love Los Angeles just as much as we do! :)

XO, Elizabeth

It would be great to release your book in English!

Il me tarde de l’ouvrir ce livre.

Le noir j’ai toujours aimé. Je trouve que c’est aussi une couleur qui protège du regard des autres, les jours où on se sent moins en forme, plus vulnérable, où on a moins envie d’être exposé, c”est un peu comme une protection, peut être parce qu’on détonnera moins dans le paysage et qu’on sera moins regardé qu’avec des couleurs plus vives, ce qui n’empêche pas le noir d’être élégant bien au contraire.
C’est l’élégance discrète, le noir …
C’est une des seules couleurs aussi, voire la seule, où on ne risque pas tellement le faux pas je trouve, comme tu le dis, ça va à tout le monde.

Congratulations with your book release, Kristina! Love the sheer blouse you are wearing in this post, so sexy. Can we know which bra-brand you are wearing underneath? I might do some lingerie shopping for christmas ;)

xx B

I can´t wait until your book will be available in the English version! Can´t wait to read it! :) I really like your outfit in this post!
Have a great holiday season with your mum :)

xxx, Lena

Your book is here, in Spain???
Love your look, amazing jacket!!


“Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.”

― Ann Demeulemeester

From one goth soul to another <3 I'm so happy and excited about your book! Congratulations, beautiful xx

Anastasiya //

Congrats on your book, I am so happy for you I am so going to buy your book

You can never go wrong with all black!

Hoping your book will be available in South Africa!

Cassidy x

Congratulations on your book!! That’s amazing! And you look amazing I love that bag! Xx

Gorgeous look, I love the jacket! Congrats on your book and hope you enjoy your month at home x

Ahhhhhhh, I’m STILL on a high from your latest accomplishment, Kristina and I am SO happy for you! I seriously can’t wait until the English version comes out soon. Sometimes I wonder if traveling constantly is going to be my style when I get to that place in my life. I’ve been a homebody a lot these last couple of months. Time to myself, to paint, read, decorate and do what I feel is such a great blessing considering what’s been going on with the world. I hope to see pictures of your mom and her visit on the blog! xo

A big congratulations to you and the Kayteam for this awesome milestone!

Love the gold trimmings on the hat! Looking forward to reading your book! Such a success!

- Seyra

Cool style! Love the hat.


What a amazing black look!

♥ Nissi

What a great outfit,love it!♥

Criação de Sites em Brasília DF

Criação de Sites em Brasília DF

Love the outfit so much. Want that jacket >.<

The black look is so allegiant.. why don’t you match with our Geek Chic Scarf

i love its so beautiful