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We’ve been staying warm out in California for a few weeks now but this doesn’t mean that we’re not tremendously missing our beloved Europe and more precisely our second base, Paris. We are still in the middle of apartment hunting. Not as easy to find a place out in the city when you keep flying in and out and barely have time to squeeze in a stop at Le Bon Marché. But we are getting there. 2015 was the year of settling down in Los Angeles and hopefully 2016 will finally mean finding our dream Parisian home.

Until then, we are still exploring the city and enjoying stays in different areas to get a grasp the different vibes each has to offer. I am a huge fan of Saint Germain. It just simply breathes art, poetry and creativity… I can imagine, as I walk by the small intimate brasseries and little boutiques, all the various fascinating stories that the places have lived an old writers or painters sit quietly on a terrace, sipping on a glass of Muscat while getting inspired by the magical atmosphere of the place.

So far, we’ve tried renting a few Air Bnb’s here and there, one especially memorable in Mont Martre. It was so tiny we could barely move in the bathroom but so charming. As soon as you step out the condo, you discover this absolutely mesmerizing part of the city and you just feel transported to a completely different impression of Paris. I always feel like I am in “La Valse D’Amélie” with the musicians playing accordion and the colorful window displays. It’s one of the most charming parts of town.

Of course, we also had the most amazing hotel experiences too. I am a huge fan of lifestyle and especially hotels that provide with a complete experience. Even if we do have our favorite spots in town, from time to time, it’s nice to go through a change. Especially if you spend most of your year staying in hotels. This year in fact, we counted, we stayed more than 6months in various hotel across the world and spent 60% of our time in Paris. Which makes it obvious that we need to find a certain comfort to be able to stay productive during our stay.

I always enjoyed discovering beautiful, charming and chic boutique hotels. One day as I was shopping around on Rue Saint Honoré, I stumbled upon this beautiful entrance which indicated me that there was a restaurant called “Le Baudelaire”. I was so intrigued by the beautiful gold finishings, the black and white aesthetic. It didn’t take long before I made our first reservation for dinner and instantly : fell in love.

It is only afterwards that I understood that the Baudelaire is the restaurant part of the hotel : Le Burgundy. Hidden away from the city’s craziness, Le Burgundy is one of the most beautiful and luxurious boutique hotels I’ve stayed in Paris. Every detail is perfectly refined and it’s hard to have a better client service. Especially in Paris. Everybody is so caring and you’ll always find a chocolate on your pillow before going to bed. One thing that I am particularity sensitive to is the scent. They have their own distinctive scent which makes it so nice as soon as you step inside. The breakfast is a dream and the restaurant even better. I highly, highly recommend you guys to try it on a special occasion as it is a very beautiful, gastronomical high food experience. That is where the team and I celebrated the L’Oréal announcement! We spent the night laughing and crying while eating the most fabulous deserts and cheese. Call it a heaven on earth. Last but not least, the hotel also has a spa and pool : imagine swimming at 2am after a long day of strolling around. There’s truly nothing better than that.

BurgundyCibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_045Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_047Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_056Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_051Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_077Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_145Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_154Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_162Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_167Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_224 Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_242 Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_018Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_279Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_299Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_343 Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_357 Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_368Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_281 Cibelle x Kristina | LeBurgundyHotel_375


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6 months in hotels…woah!! Wishing you all the best in your house hunting.

P.s: I like your writing style & fashion.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous! :) All of your photos are breathtaking <3 Glad to hear that you had a wonderful year full of travels and adventures, Kristina. Have a great holiday season with your friends, family, and team! You definitely deserve it!

XO, Elizabeth

Hopefully you will have the opportunity to visit Europe and Paris soon again … Wish you many luck for finding the right apartment. You look wonderful on the pictures!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

I love Montmartre, if I ever moved to Paris, I would live there…. the streets are so cute. You really feel like you’re in Paris in that arrondissement!

Wow!! What a luxurious and aazing hotel you’ve been!! Wow! that super delicious food you tell us… sells me!!! hahaha I’d be a dream to check in that hotel in the next Paris trip :)

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Always looking flawless!! Fantastic photos!

This may seem kinda strange but I could not stop looking at the sunglasses they look so good in you !!!

That is an amazing hotel, looks great really. It’s fantastic that you’re going to live in between my two favourite cities LA and Paris. Now you should also include New York and everything would be complete :D I wish I could do that one day!

I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll find the perfect spot in Paris to settle down but I guess that by now you should know the city like the little pocket inside of a Chanel bag :)


Seems like such an amazing place

These pictures are stunning! Love your boots!

I don´t know how you manage to make every little picture look so amazing! A really gorgeous inspo post! <3


Thanks for the Parisian tips!

x Krizia

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beautiful photos, love the sunnies!
Lunjasky bloglovin

Beautiful shots! I hope you find your dream home.

I’ve been searching for similar ankle boots for AGES! Where did you get them? The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and so are you, as always!

The boutique hotel is beautiful and the bed looks so comfortable too! Good breakfast always win more points so this accommodation deserves a thumbs-up, thanks for sharing!


I want to stay there for sure. It looks so chic!


Beautiful images! Love your bag and shoes you look fantastic!

This hotel sounds magical! I was in Paris last December and I loved the Montmartre area as well, it was one of my favourites x

You always look so stunning.. love the sunglasses! Where is it from? :)

loved this look

Woaaah, I wish I was staying in the Burgundy instead of my tiny Parisian bedroom. Life goal!

xx B

I loved this article. Greetings From Mexico City!

One of your best outfits! Love it♥

I love your hotel feature posts. Beautiful, beautiful shots!!


Great pictures! Love that boxy bag!

Lifestyle by Joules

Seems like a dream hotel, everything looks so minimalistic and quiet, loved the yellow and marble accents, hope you enjoyed your staying there!
xx, Nataliya

I would love to experience living in paris for a year. A change in scenery would be fantastic.

Oh these photos are beautiful.

|| D I A N A ||

Lovely! Looks like you always guys stay at awesome places!

Would love to stay at this place, definitely!


I love Paris! You are lucky to call it your 2nd home!
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L’hôtel a l’air magnifique! Pourtant, je n’apprécie pas spécialement Paris, mais tu décris cette ville avec tellement de poésie que tu me donnes envie d’y retourner.


Hay Kristina,

I have been following you from 2012 and you are getting better and better – never stop the creative mindset and creativity. Really enjoy coming here every week!


Love this artist meets classic style hotel, which seems to be a great comparison to your own personal style, Kristina! I particularly love your outfit here, with flat, slightly chunky boots, with a feminine, structured jacket. I’m glad you introduced this hotel, because I will be stopping by Paris this Christmas; I will have to check out the restaurant!
xx Melody :

Great look!

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Beautiful photos! Love your sleek white coat, it looks stunning on you! So chic. xx

Love the photos, so amazing. I am so jealous, I wish one day I can be apartment hunting in Paris too!


Amzing photographs!
You look just STUNNING dear! :) ♥♥♥♥

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Wishing you all the best in apartment hunting!
Happy holidays, Kristina!

Cheers from the Philippines!
- Seyra

I was just thinking about going to Burgundy to review it haha what a coincidence!

Anna x

die Annakonda

Gorgeous photos! This makes me miss Europe and Paris so much. We need to visit Burgundy next time we are able to travel. Thank you for this beautiful post.

That hotel looks amazing, I am heading to Paris next year so I will have to look this place up!
♥ Fran – xx

6 months in hotels is hard. I used to travel on business & it’s not as glamorous as it sounds to others. I love the vibe of the Burgundy in your shots. Good luck with your continued search on a base in Paris.
Hugs Adele xoxo

A great place to stay!!!

❤ Kisses from

Six months in hotels sounds like a dream to me if it wouldn’t cost so much!

I have heard of Le Burgundy but have never been, looks really beautiful!

Agnes x

Seems like you had a great time in this hotel.

♥ Nissi

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Love your coat and that wonderful bag!

Sensationnelle Kristina !!! magnifique !!! tu trouveras ton nid d’ amour ! je te connais bien ! parfois il est préférable d’acheter ! c’est à voir !!! tu es ton maître !à bientôt en France !!!! bizzzoooouuuu!!!!

wow! the hotel looks definitely amazing! i love your hair tho #goals

the hotel look so chic!

Kisses from

Love the architecture! =)

Tu es championne pour dénicher les petites perles parisiennes, décidément, cette ville est faite pour toi. En lisant ton livre, je découvre ce côté 100% artistique de ta personnalité, je ne te pensais pas si créative, mais du coup ça ne m’étonne pas tant que ça. Paris ne peut que t’aller à merveille. Cette ville respire l’art.

House hunting here too. Found ideal place in a leafy spot, roomy with loads of space, but something came up and someone else might grab it now…Having to deep breathe to keep from filling the air with expletives, hah. Pressing on with the game though. Good luck on your side!

Over 6 months?! Wow! I wouldn’t mind 6 months of hotel stay if it’s in a beautiful hotel such as this one, Kristina! The feel of the photos is amazing so I can’t imagine what it’s like in person. I hope you are able to find your Paris apartment soon! xo

Amazing… Can’t believe you’re moving to Paris!! Wow!

Mónica Sors



Love everything in this post!
Estee from The Little Stylist

J’adore ton blog Kristina, il est dingue ! Je regarde ceux d’autres blogueuses du monde entier, ils sont intéressants mais indéniablement le tiens est le meilleur ! Hâte de vous voir progresser encore plus de voir vos nouvelles aventures encore et encore. Prenez bien soin de vous.

6 months living in hostels, I’m impressed! I hope you will find your “coin de paradis” in Paris very soon. :)
The pictures are beautiful by the way. xoxo

Maë –

So awesome ! I hope you find your dream home :)

You’re amazing.

You have beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Love the photos and I’m so happy for you! Paris is a wonderful city and living there is the dream. So exciting!

Oh please Kristina, tu passe tellement de temps à Paris et tu parle français alors les accordéons pour Paris sont bannis, c’est tellement cliché de cinéma étranger que je n’en peux plus! Alors tout le monde mais pas toi, sinon tu passes pour une touriste.

Pure perfection!
Love the photos and your style. So amazing.
I also think it’s admirable that you write so much.

Wow you’re still amazing ! I love your clothes and you’re way of living.

Of course the service is superb – it’s a 5* hotel, no surprise :)

oh!!! so beautiful!! love it!!

It’s been a very long time since I have checked in a hotel! The Burgundy seems to be one of those perfect spots in Paris!!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Gorgeous shots, you are so glam and gorgeous! I am glad to have landed on your beautiful blog. Looking forward to reading more from you :-)

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Beautiful visuals. So inspiring and full of love :)


Love these hotel posts you share. So good.

One of the greatest blogs I’ve ever visited!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome blog!

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