When it’s been announced that I would become the new ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, I literally couldn’t believe it. Was I misreading something? They must have had something wrong. How did that even happen… It felt way too crazy to be true. I grew up stealing L’Oréal make-up products from my mom’s bathroom cabinet and saving Doutzen’s Vogue pictures in a folder on the desktop of my computer for inspiration. Growing up, I would always go ahead and buy L’Oréal palettes and nail polishes as it was a feeling of luxury but still, at an affordable price. And now, it feels crazy that I am pronouncing these iconic words “Because I am Worth It” just like in the commercials. Am still pinching myself.

When the announcement was made, we were headed towards the end of the fashion month, in Paris. And a few days before that, I received a HUGE and when I say huge I mean enormous bouquet of flowers from Cyril Chapuis, the president of L’Oréal Paris, welcoming me in the team. This was such an incredibly humbling gift… His personal note made me even more excited to join the family and take part in the growth of the brand, aiming to spread a positive, empowering message together with them.

I’ve never been the typical “natural” girl as you would call it. I building a strong, beautiful make-up and it has always been a tool to express my creativity directly on my face. My make-up is the extension of my very own aesthetic and the punctuation to any outfit. I love applying eye liner, some red on lips, drawing a stronger brow… It’s almost like I am projecting on my face these different subtle nuances of my personality to appear directly in my look for people to discover. The beauty industry and cosmetics have always been associated to the words “artificial”, “superficial” but to me it’s magic. It’s colors, shades, textures… It’s  dream and a way to make our Mondays a bit less dull with a touch of blush on our cheeks. Thank got for make-up for making me feel like I still got it on days where I seriously just wanted to hide in my bed or the times when the right make-up, hair style and look just make you feel like you can conquer the world. You just feel invincible.

Of course, embracing your beauty, just the way it is on it’s own, is the most wonderful thing in the world. Make-up, is a tool to pamper, to get creative, to have fun. To feel glamorous, fabulous, extravagant! So when the press release regarding my addition to the team went out public, I literally cried like a little baby. It was such a strong and beautiful moment. All these years of me going to school with so much more make-up that all my girlfriends and everyone mocking me in between classes for my somewhat “superficiality” are now going to be used and turned into a creative expression! Make-up is such a beautiful thing, it’s like a painter’s aquarelle and your face becomes art.

In this shooting, I wanted to show you guys a bold, extravagant look that we created with L’Oréal Paris by using the products from the new #Extravaganza beauty line with an accent on the #FelineLook. So a strong cat eye (like I love them so much) using the SuperStar Eyeliner, big long eye lashes with the Volume Million Lashes mascara, a bronze/smokey palette and of course, a bright red lip from the Color Rich line in 392 Tanzania Rubis. And I am also happy to announce that you guys can win an Extravaganza beauty set allowing you to achieve this look by sharing on Instagram your Extravaganza fierce, feline look with the hashtag #Extravaganza #FelineLook + the tag @Lorealparisofficial for a chance to not only be regrammed by L’Oréal but also the opportunity to win the full gift box! I’ll see you there. xxx

_DSC7573_DSC7593_DSC7959_DSC7672KTR_0020 2 _DSC7737_DSC7916_DSC7960_DSC7747 _DSC7768 _DSC7779_DSC7582 _DSC7784 _DSC7894_DSC7669_DSC7943





Pictures by Cibelle Levi


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Such a luxurious look! L’Oreal looks great on you!

THIS is why you’ve done so incredibly well in this industry. I mean, this whole post and photo shoot are impeccable. I’m so glad to see these types of posts back! They’re just so ‘Kayture’. Oh, and congratulations again on L’Oreal! What a dream!

Kiara xx //

What a beautiful shoot. The strong contrast between the sunlight and the darkness really highlights this empowering makeup. Plus, the blue-tinged sequin dress has a subtle quality, still allowing the bold, red-lipped makeup to shine. Stunning!
Also, congratulations on your wonderful book! I cannot wait for it to be published in English.

xx Melody:

That dress is so stunning!

Check out our winter collection:

Me encanta L’Oréal Paris, tu maquillaje está perfecto!!!
lindas fotos Kristina <3


Love this makeup look! =)

I love it! You are gorgeous honey… L’Oreal Paris made the right decision.

Congratulations! Such exciting news! These photos are absolutely stunning! xx

Congratulations ! That is amazing ! You deserve it and you look amazingly beautiful in these photos <3 I love that lip color on you !


I’m still happy for you for this amazing opportunity, you deserve and are definitely worth it! ;) I was wondering could you do a post with your favourite Loreal products, the ones we all should have in our make up bag? xx

The photos are absolutely stunning Kristina! So original

Make sure to check out my Douglas beauty give-away. You can win a skincare set worth $65! :-)


Still very happy for you and your L’Oreal announcement. Congrats again x

Absolutely incredible, mystic sensual and feminine photos!! I’m impressed!!

Beautiful photos and makeup look

so cool :-)

Have a nice week ! ;-)

Lisa – Joy Della Vita Travelblog

Congratulations Kristina!
I embrace your your make-up philosophy. I feel so many times the same myself.
Last but not least your girls do such an amazing job. I would love to have a sneak-peak behind the scenes of your photography sessions.

Please show us some photos or a video. Anything…

Cibelle killed it!!!

So beautiful pictures! I really love the setting, your dress and the jewelry – looks fantastic. You look incredible <3
best wishes

Congrats, becoming the ambassador for L’Oreal Paris is absolutely incredible! Your pictures are gorgeous!

extravaganza is my favourite word…love those shots

Such a strong, stunning beautiful look. You can never go wrong with a red lip. I really enjoyed reading about your reactions to becoming L’Oreals ambassador & can’t wait to see more of you in the role.
Hugs Adele xoxo

The look is amazing and yes, L’oreal has been an aspirational brand since we were little, it’s normal to get emotional about such an amazing collaboration! Congrats!


Wow! So beautiful pictures. Love it!
Love from Vienna

Borislava from

These photos are lovely!

Agnes x

Congratulations, Kristina! I always adore your make-up!

- Seyra

I’ve been enjoying Cibelle’s work more and more, I love the athomesphere in the photos! I agree with what you said… either it’s it because a girl puts on much too makeup, or either it’s because she doesn’t use any, people will always find a way to be mean. The superficiality aspcet that others like to point out is just ridiculous. Make up doesn’t steal time for reading, per example, hehe!
What’s important its to be confident in both situations and like to pampering yourself.
Congratulations on your achievemente Kristina, I’ve been reading Kayture since 2011 and it’s nice to see you getting all the things you deserve :)

These photos are breath-taking, Kristina. You look stunning!!

Aww I remember the first time I saw your L’Oreal commercial Kristina, and words can’t express how happy I was for you! :D Growing up using and coveting the L’Oreal brand, it was amazing to hear that someone I followed was going to be the new ambassador! Really love the “Because I’m Worth It’ message that you guys are promoting – makeup is truly an art and a form of expression! Loving all of the photos! Can’t wait to see even more greatness from you <3

XO, Elizabeth

Stunning photos and makeup! I agree with you about makeup. I don’t always have time to do such bold and dramatic makeup but I love it when I do, it really does feel empowering. I think as long as you can still imagine how the person looks without makeup it’s not too much! x

Cibelle is such an amazing photographer!
You look fabulous.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

You look absolutely stunning!! The makeup looks gorgeous! :) I love Loreal too <3


best collection of photos I have seen in a while! Good job Libelle :) and off Kristina you look gorgeous ;)

amazing make up, I love your style, super cool!!


Love this glam look and great photos


You’re really beautiful. I’m in love with your dress.

james milligan 9 December 2015 / Reply

A very heartfelt congratulations!

Gorgeous photos! L’Oreal has such great products and I love that they’re affordable. Congrats on being one of their ambassadors!

Je n’arrive pas à voir comment tu as pu être moquée au collège ou lycée ! Comme les ados peuvent être méchants entre eux !! En tous cas, aujourd’hui, tu as retourné cette passion, ta différence à cette époque en compagnie, comme bas de ton métier et c’est un très joli pied de nez !!
En passant, j’avais moi aussi plus jeune des photos de Doutzen accrochées un peu partout (ok…peut être encore un peu ajd encore – cachées -).
Encore félicitations pour ce nouveau statut. Et juste, la prochaine fois que je te vois, il faut que tu m’apprennes à faire ton trait de eye-liner !!

Wonderful make up…..great pics!!!

AMAZING photographs!
Congratulations to your and the great photographer Cibelli!
You are an awesome team together girls! :) ♥
It’s so much fun watching your work! :)
Keep up your cool photograph madames! :)

Photography & Fashion Blog


Congratulations Kristina on such an amazing achievement! You are worth it!

Amazing pictures and make up


Cibelle a un talent fou, ce shooting est à tomber!
Félicitations Kristina, tu mérites amplement d’être égérie <3



I’m so glad you are L’Oreal ambassador, and I think you perfectly represent brand.
I love how that red lipstick looks on you :) Very flattering.

Love the play of light, reflection, shapes and shadow. You truly created art with your photographer and Loreal!

Characters & Carry-ons

Looking fantastic :)

Amazing dress, did not think it was H&M! Great pictures as well, very creative! :)

Amazing dress, did not think it was H&M! Great pictures as well, very creative! :)

Really cool photography style – like it a lot :)

You guys are really a good match – keep up the good work.

Best from Berlin
x Gitta

Beautiful pictures! So dramatic


Absolutly stunning pictures and that bold make-up is so Kayture:)
xx, Nataliya

Great look!

I think you’ll love this post on my blog:


Une vraie femme fatale, tu es sublime !


These photos are stunning! I love how you styled this dress with the red lips. This would make for an incredible holiday look!

Congratulations Kristina!!♥♥

Oh my Kristina, first, Cibelle Levi is obviously an amazing photographer, *cheers for that*, then, Kristina, she’s definitly the best woman to become the new ambassador for L’Oréal Paris *cheers for that too*!

Félicitation mademoiselle! x

Congratulition on being new ambassador for L’Oréal Paris !!! That’s amazing!
The Loreal products looks great ! :) Really want to try their eyeshadows.
The h&m dress you are wearing looks so pretty and perfect for the Holiday <3


You look very cool in party ready look.I’ve always adored your makeup skills,specially those bronzed cheeks,great to see you as an ambassador of L’oreal :)

These photos are amazing! Congratulations for the book and everything you’re achieving with your hard work! xxx

OMG Kristina, how are you so stunning? I love that lipstick color!

- Maya at

Absolutely gorgeous look and beautiful colours! x

Congratulations Kristina!! What an amazing accomplishment, you deserve every wonderful opportunity you’ve been getting!

People of L’Oreal surely knew what they were doing when they decided to team up with one of the most beautiful women in the fashion world, with such a great taste and class… this production is perfect, i think every woman will want to wear this amazing make up after this ;)!

Congratulations Kristina! Great news! I totally agree with you. I’ve never thought there is something superficial about makeup. I think it’s a something giving us an opportunity to express ourselves, the same way as our dress or haircut. In addition, it makes us to feel more confident. I like the honesty with which you write your articles.

Daniela from

Congratulations! This is definitely a huge milestone and achievement. Can’t wait to see more!

xx Cindy

Hi! Whoa, you look absolutely awesome in those photos!!! Do you have a Polyvore account? Just wondering :D

Great look!
I think you’ll love this post on my blog:


amazing photos and beautiful make-up. Like it a lot!!


So beautiful, your make up looks stunning!
The Fashion Wonderland

I love, love, love, love these pictures there’s nothing more to say you look gorgeous

Andreea Grigore 13 December 2015 / Reply

I love it Kristina!!!! <3


Wow, just wow.

Love the red lipstick…I use it quite frequently with my last outfits.

❤ Kisses from

I agree with Kiara! These pictures are so Kayture, so Kristina, I love them. Pictures like these are the reason why I fell in love with your blog in the first place. Would be amazing if you did some more of that stuff again! All the best XX

Wow the photo and the lighting are amazing, totally loving it!!


YOU ARE A DOLL!!! The photos are incredible, and you are so cool when you write, I love make up too and definitly you have benn an inspiration!

Wow! Congrats Kristina! I really love these shoots!
xoxoxo, Ioanna

Wow. Love the pictures. Your are looking beautiful.

Most perfect pictures as ever and proud to be part of L’Oréal !

Make candles with shells :

I am loving this photo shoot, you look amazing Kristina and of course your makeup is always perfectly done! Red lips & feline eyes are my thing lately and as a makeup artist, I always try to convince my clients to try it (many people are shy when it comes to bold red lip). Feeling nostalgic about 1940s-50s era. So classy and chic!
with love from Lausanne,

So gorgeous, Kristina!
Loved your article and photos!

Have a Happy Tuesday!
xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

What an honor. You definitely deserve it. Congratulations!! These pics are so beautiful, as always.


Gorgeous like always and so stunning work. :)

I agree with you, Kristina. Others may view make up as materialistic, but I see so much beauty in what it can do. Make up can change a look instantly and take even an outfit like a tshirt and jeans and make it chic if you do it right. I’m so happy you’re their new ambassador! These pictures are proof that you deserve it. For such an affordable and beautiful make up brand, you make their products look high-end and I’m sure many girls/women appreciate that and can understand that affordable products can be just as beautiful.

These pictures are stunning! You’re so lovely!

You look fantastic. I though you were wearing something luxurious and was very surprised it was just H&M! Good work!

Kinga Kurek 16 December 2015 / Reply

These images are just stunning!!
I cant get over the vibe they give!

Kinga x

Really awesome and inspiring. Thank you! :D

I love those pictures. You looks so sexy here.

Wow I think you really deserved to be their face. xx Valerie

I cannot believe these pieces are from H&M, they look so expensive. These photos are absolutely stunning. I love the vibe of them all!

Congratulations!! You look stunning in all these photos xx

Wow your hair, your dress, your accessories, the make up: Only one word- PERFECTION!

I don’t usually leave a comment on your articles Kristina, not because I don( find myself in your stories, or because I don’t like Kayture, but because I love the whole concept of your blog and the world you build. I feel like it’s not necessary, because indeed, when writing down your stories, you expressed everything that I could want to write down here. For now on, I wanted to write down – beyond 120 people – congrats for now being a part of this incredible team that is L’Oreal Paris. There’s nothing I wish you more than being happy there. I may have missed the whole announcement, but I’m so glad and freaking happy for you guys! You deserve it, and the whole world of make up was totally designed for you. You’re a beauty and you know that make up isn’t something superficial, and that you can definitely express yourself through it.. I think there’s no better way to do it. I started my own fashion path and blog because you were a true source of inspiration and that I followed you since the beginning! I’m starting to believe that everything crazy and magic happens to whoever can wait! So thanks Kristina! xxx

Congratulations & best wishes from D’Oliveira Fashion Blog ;)

Love your eye makeup!

Amazing photos, love the style.

These are really cool shots, looks like a beautiful italian editorial…
I shot something like this for Elegant Magazine a year ago…please have a look at the links below…

Lacey xx

you’re just “magnifique” !

I just came across this on Bloglovin. I absolutely LOVE your view on makeup. It really is a fun way to get creative, enhance your natural beauty and just play with color. My 16-year-old “sort of” step-daughter (long-time boyfriend’s daughter) is absolutely amazing with makeup and plans to make a career of it. With her talent, I have no doubt she’ll make it. One day, though, someone close to her made a comment about how makeup is for clowns. At the time, he didn’t know about her career goals. Still, that judgmental bull and the look on her face broke my heart. Thank you for your empowering words. There’s nothing superficial about having fun and playing up your features with color!

Love your messy hair!! It’s on point!!! I really like it!!

Great pictures!! And love what you say about make-up – it can really be a well needed confidence booster at times! <3

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