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What are holidays for? Ever since I’m a little girl, holidays always meant for me lazying around in my bed and doing no-thing but sipping hot chocolate and devouring books. Ever since I took on the project of writing my own book, my spare time resumed in sitting in front of my computer and putting down on paper all my thoughts and rewriting paragraphs a thousand of times until it was perfect, until it was that exact thing that I wanted to express. Needless to say that once wrapped it up and typed the last words, it felt like a relief. Writing a book was one of the most fulfilling, nerve wrecking, challenging yet exciting things in my life. Having worked on it for over 2 years simply because my intention for it kept changing over the time and because of my crazy schedule, I was beyond happy when I finally could hold it in my hands. It was the most surreal feeling I had ever experienced…

2015 was all about traveling, from moving to Los Angeles to actually spending my time between two continents, but we’ll come back to that in our recap article coming on the 31st, my life these last 365 days has been a real roller coaster of emotions. To a point where I said to James : I am not moving a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e this end of the year. Anywhere. I wanted to stay in my new apartment, have my home cooked food and especially welcome my mom home and host her in my new tiny temple. That’s all I wanted. I didn’t want to pack, unpack or think about leaving the comfort of my house again. I wanted the simplest, coziest holiday possible. And that’s what I got.

I spent these last couple of days in a warm bubble of winter heaven and this is why I’ve been a little more distant from social media than usual. My head drowned in some of my favorite movies and I began reading dozens of books that I wanted to get ahold of for ages but never had the opportunity to. One of them was the novel “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov. There is something truly magical about books and you guys know what a huge importance words and sharing hold in my life. I truly couldn’t live without putting my thoughts down on paper, writing is a necessity for me. And so when I read, I get this harsh feeling of empathy which makes me completely drown into any story that I read and feel as if I am living it myself.

Books and various stories have influenced my fashion, style, vision and all together life while growing up. Thanks to books we have this incredible opportunity to live many lives at once and get into other character’s heads to understand their intentions, deepest fears, doubts or goals… Reading is one of the most calming and relaxing things I like to do and it is the perfect way for me to end this year. Now Lolita hold a very special place in my heart because from the very first lines of this incredible story, I got enchanted by this twisted character lost between childhood and adult life with his wicked fascination for candid beauty and innocence. A part from the perverse aspect of it, I found such a poetic beauty in it, and such intense passion and love. So with this being said, I wanted to share with you guys this shoot inspired by the book and highly encourage you to discover it yourself. x

Cibelle x Kristina | LanvinRedBag_15Cibelle x Kristina | LanvinRedBag_11 Cibelle x Kristina | LanvinRedBag_18 Cibelle x Kristina | LanvinRedBag_28 Cibelle x Kristina | LanvinRedBag_47Cibelle x Kristina | LanvinRedBag_51


ROBE : Olivia Von Halle

BAG : Lanvin

Shot by Cibelle Levi


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J’adore ce look. Tu es vraiment sublime dans cette tenue. Le rouge à lèvres est aussi super beau ;)
Superbe article! Ça fait plaisir de te voir partager tes pensées avec nous :)
xoxo, Lily <3

Nice Lolita look! I love Nabokov, and if you liked his novel “Lolita”, i highly recommend his stories. He’s a great storyteller, he’s narrative is ingeniously crafted and just for the sake of the story itself .

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Leer sin duda es una de mis pasatiempos favoritos!, no puedo esperar a tener tu libro en mis manos!
Feliz año linda!!!

bss desde Chile

Love red lips…my current choice for most of my looks!

❤ Kisses from

It sounds like you had a great holiday, Kristina! :) Loving these photos so much! And yes, I definitely agree – books are definitely magical and can transport you to a whole other world <3

XO, Elizabeth

These pictures are beautiful! I hope you spent amazing holidays!
Keep working hard on Kayture and all of your projects next year!

Love the bag and sunnies!

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Really love your pictures with pajamas – the Miss Dior post is also gorgeous!


hahaha looking incredible and beautiful as usual this book been in my amazon wishlist for too long an i was thinking to order it for January reads, now definitely will do…. keep up the good work and happy new year for you and for the whole Kayture team fiona, james and cibelle <3

You look so amazing!! Happy New Year!!

Lovely pictures, Kristina!
Thank you for your text which is really inspiring. You made me want to buy Lolita!
Happy to know that you enjoy your holidays at home. I think there’s nothing better.

Oh wow!! Outstanding photos! You’ve totally nailed it!

I definitely want to read Lolita, it’s such a classic! And I just love the pictures again :) xx

I loved following you during 2015 Kristina, you are such a beautiful person, have a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Beautiful shots! I love the sunnies!

Adore the edgy vibe to this shoot Kristina & all the red accents. You’re on the road so much I can totally understand why you just wanted to chill at your new place & enjoy some of that Cali sunshine.
Hugs Adele xoxo

Loving the fabulous out of bed but still looking fierce look!

Agnes x

Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown 30 December 2015 / Reply

I read Lolita when I was a teenager and remember feeling a lot if emotions, one of them angre. Now that I’m a criminal defence lawyer, I see nothing poetic or romantic about the story. I think I have too much insight into perverse minds of some people. Beautiful photos.

Beautiful shots! Very intrigued to read Lolita as well now ;-)

Omg, Lolita is my favourite book!

What brand are the sunglasses?

I’m loving the Lolita inspired photoshoot!

Beautiful photos! Enjoy the rest of your holidays xx

You are so beautiful Kristina ! :*

I love this series of pictures,you never disappoint
Wish you a happy and successful 2016
Kisses from Kenya

bonsoir kristina ! je viens de passer un instant agréable avec toi ! j’ ai lu le livre ” Lolita ” et aussi vu le film . j’avais été très bouleversé par cette lecture et la fin qui en découle !!!! continue à lire et écrire aussi !!! je te souhaite une bonne année 2016 ! à bientôt !

Beautiful pictures! Holidays are the best time to stay at home and be really lazy!


I completely understand your feelings about reading. When my anxiety issues were at its worst, reading was one of the few things that could calm me down. I may pick up Lolita. I always avoided reading that book due to its subject matter but I’ve been trying to broaden my reading material this year. Love the photoshoot.

I’ve actually been wanting to read Lolita for ages! Now I’m definitely going to pick it up!

bravo kristina pour cette calme fin d’année ! les photos sont séduisantes ! merci Cibelle !!! je li ton livre tout doucement pour être plus longtemps avec toi ! bonne et heureuse année 2016 ainsi qu’à tous ceux qui t’entoure ,ta maman ,tes amis !!!! gros bisous !!!

Love the pictures! I’m also a huge reader and book lover. I’ve never read the novel you’re talking about but since you love it so much I might pick it up :)
Can’t wait to get my hands on your book as well :)

Amazing photos! Love the light and what a great lipstick colour matching your bag!

love those sunglasses! you absolutely rock them i wish i could pull them off – really nice read too, great post! xxx

I wish You happy new year Kristina!!!
Czech Republic :*

Great shots! Have a great new year =)

Nice post Kristina <3 You look lovely as always! Wish you all a great year ahead :)

Je me souviens avoir lu ce livre !! Mais il y a déjà quelques années non ?! Je crois qu’il est assez dramatique, mais très beau. Profite de ces moments de calme, parfois (surtout avec la vie que tu mènes) il n’y a rien de mieux qu’être chez soi à “traîner” et ne rien faire de spécial.

Great look!

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Nice article, as always! I really like the ways you kind of “talk” with us, it feels like we really have you in front of us, talking about life and positivity. You’re by far my favourite blogger, I admire you more then anyone else, so proud of all you’ve accomplished, hoping 2016 will bring you the joy you deserve, love♥

Fantastic photos! Totally love your sunglasses :)

What a beautiful bag! Love the color of your lipstick, it looks stunning on you! xx

Great pictures you look amazing!!

These are stunning images, as always – you look beautiful! You’ve achieved so much over the past year – it’s beyond inspiring.

Great look!
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Spending the holidays home with family is such a bless! Didn’t read yet the Lolita book, now in my list!
xx, Nataliya

LOVE THIS as always, you look beautiful!!!

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I love your blog all your outfits are styled so well awesome!!!

Oh my what a stunning look… Those sunglasses are to die for!! Happy 2016 xxx

Filipa x

Love your makeup, and the photos are pure perfection!

I love the mood of these photos! Those sunglasses are so sassy, so glam!

Like the Lolita look. You look amazing. Love this glasses. Thumbs up for the post.

Great look!
I think you’ll love my latest blog post: 10 commandments of shoes:

I bought that book some months ago. For the lack of time she’s still waiting for me to read it. I should take advantage of this cold weather, put some hot chocolate in my fav cup, get cozy in my bed and devouring that book!
Good writing, and good luck with your book!

Awesome! Very nice pictures.

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You look damn sexy!

The Good Rogue

I absolutely love all the shadows!

Characters & Carry-ons

You are so so gorgeous! Happy New Year!

You look simply gorgeous here!

Amazing photography! You look amazing

Awesome pics!!!

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I love your Lolita look. The red lips and red bag look great on white. You are my favourite blogger, keep it up

These photos are gorgeous! Love your look

Love this look !! You look so beautiful !!

Vladimir Nabokov 17 January 2016 / Reply

Did you actually read the book beyond the first page? It is about a 12 year old called Dolores who is groomed and sexual abused by her stepfather, a confessed pedophile (after her mother is killed in an accident) in a series of sordid motels. There is no fashion element to the book. The fashion ‘Lolita’ comes from the Japanese street fashion movement and has no connection to the novel. This article is hilarious. Keep it up. I suggest you read more Joan Didion and Truman Capote.

“Lolita” est superbement écrit. Et très ambigu, se situe entre amour/fascination et perversion. On ne sait jamais vraiment où se positionner. On peut basculer vite de l’érotisme au dégoût. Et tout ça à travers les mots… Le livre pose de vrais questions de société, essentielles.
Le film de Kubrick est à voir, et la version de Adrian Lyne m’avait beaucoup marqué.

Rien à voir, mais j’aime bien les lunettes de ce look!

Aside from fashion, you have a great talent for writing! I love reading your short stories, always enchanting!



Lolita Lolita Lolita.
La plus belle plume de la littérature. Merci Kristina…
Paris t’attendra pour ton prochain meet-up!

Love this look! So bold and fresh!

Great photos!! Perfection!! Love it!

Great Article With Nice Collection Of Photos. Thanks For This amazing Blog!!

Hey lolita you looks so hott..!


Very beautiful Lolita

salut j’aimerais juste savoir sur quelle site est tu allé pour crée ton blog

I love the book which is called “Lolita”.

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