Growing up, I always wanted to know what it would feel like to be living in my dreams… What it would feel like to have all these different elements from my imagination materialize right in front of me. On my wildest days, when my thoughts would drift away on an unexpected path, I would imagine myself traveling far, far away from home and discover surreal landscapes and meet people that would teach me important lessons or share with me another approach to life. In my craziest day dreams, I’d then project myself writing a book about all these stories I’d had learned throughout my journey…

It was the day after Christmas. I woke up with a light hearted feeling on my stomach. My alarm clock wasn’t ringing as it’s used to at 7.30am… It was a calm, quiet morning. A holiday morning and for once since ages, I could just stay in bed and not go anywhere. It was almost lunch time and my mom was right next door, in the living room. She was sipping tea while flipping through the pages of a book. And for a moment I forgot that I was 22 and that this was my adult life in Los Angeles, my adult apartment and my mom that came to visit me here… For a moment, I felt like I was 16 again, that it was the winter break in high school and that my mom was waiting for me to wake up to start making breakfast…

I stayed in bed, pretending I was still sleeping when I really wasn’t. So I just kept my eyes closed and mimicked a calm, peaceful, regular breathing. My thoughts started drifting away and I soon began to realize that these dreams I had, of traveling far away, meeting crazy, wild people, being adventurous and telling all about it in a book one day, all  these things were happening at this very moment. It just struck me like thunder and all of a sudden, out of a peak of joy, I began tearing up. As cheesy as it may sound. I wiped my tears off right away thinking “Not gonna cry—again” (yes I’ve been very emotional lately, in the most positive way possible though…I guess it’s just the winter magic and watching “Love Actually” too many times) so while pretending to wake up, I gently leaned and grabbed my phone to open my Instagram and what did I see? All of you guys, tagging my book in your Christmas pictures… I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that a part of me was with you on such a magical day of the year. That you might have been celebrating with your family and friends, cozy seated by the fireplaces, while my little head was peeking at you on the cover.

I stood up. Came straight to my mom and gave her a kiss. Until I realized that she was flipping through the pages of my book. So I sat down and we began our endless mother/daughter conversation. “Mom, do you remember what you bought be for Christmas when I was 16?”… Of course she remembered. It was my very first bottle of Miss Dior Cherie. My mom alway knew what a wanderer I was. Always free spirit, like a bird you can’t put in a cage. Sweet on the outside, wild on the inside. “I felt like it was the right time” she said, “I felt like a strong, beautiful, young lady was growing in you… and that it was only the beginning of everything”. It was December 2009 and I was sitting on the floor of our apartment in Switzerland with the fireplace making soft noises in the living room as I was unwrapping the red craft paper of the perfume box. It was my first perfume growing up and right away, I could feel like I was a little Miss Dior Cherie by heart. The sweet notes embodied exactly how I felt and I placed the bottle preciously on my nightstand, perfuming my wrists each morning as I woke up for the year to come.

That spirit, I feel like I have never lost it. And looking back at this incredibly special day in Cannes when we got to film this short clip, it felt like I was living a sweet reminiscence of my teenage years and that this feeling of freshness, of a free light heart always stayed awake and never truly left. I had the tremendous chance to work on this project with one of my closest friends, Justin Wu, who is one of the most talented directors I know. We share such a strong sensitivity for art, visual poetry and especially vision. This whole day, was pure joy (even though we began filming at 4.30am). I hope this video will keep reminding you to always have a young heart, no matter how old you are, to always smile, laugh, be happy, open and embrace each day with the same passion and will to make your dreams come true. Just like when you were 16, or 5, or 10 and that nothing seemed impossible. A huge thanks to Dior for making this happen and for allowing me to channel my little Miss Dior Cherie, just like in my wildest dreams.





Pictures by Alexandra Utzmann

Music by Nick Leng, “Tunnels and Planes”


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Kristina, tu es une femme d’ambition et je t’apprécie énormément pour ça. Tu as su te démarquer des autres blogueuses et ainsi te créer un univers. Tu m’inspires énormément et j’aimerais vraiment être une blogueuse aussi talentueuse que toi.
J’espère que tu verras mon petit commentaire ;)
Bisous, Lily <3

You’re amazing! I love your blog

You are so unoriginal. You claim you started with a clean slate out of high school; you’re really just a decoy for high-end fashion designers. You have 2.2million bloggers who may support the pretentious world you convey. No one in their right mind can afford all that your portray. You try to sound on a connective level, but you’re far from being real. Enjoy your stay in this world; you may want to find time to embrace who you really are instead of pirating others’ posts. Peace out, girl with no identity.

Absolutely sublime. I love how your words and the vignettes in the video evoke the same childlike spirit. Beautiful, and happy almost new year! :)

Anastasiya xx

I beber comment, buy what a nice video!! Loved it!!

These photos are great ,love that perfume

Really loved this article so much, Kristina :) Your words truly touched my heart and inspired me. We should never give up on our dreams because one day, they will come true <3 Thank you so much for this heartfelt reminder, especially in these last few days of the year. And of course, your photos are so beautiful as always! :D You're truly an inspiration! Hope your holiday was merry and bright, and wishing you a wonderful new years as well!

XO, Elizabeth

Ur everything a girl could ever dream of becoming.. One day, i will have that exactly same feeling of crying tears of nothing but pure joy.. You’re a blessing Kristina

With ❤ from Tanzania

You are an inspiration to many. Such kind soul you have there (:

Congrats, Kristina!!! :) I loved reading your story, it’s so sweet! I just love the way you’re writing, always so personal <3


Congratulations, Kristina! This is beautiful.

Loved the video and the photos as well! You look absolutely stunning! And I have to say that somehow I’m so proud of you, even though I don’t actually even know you, for all of your achievements, opportunities and success! Keep it up girl, you’re doing such a great job! Love from Finland xx

My first and favorite fragrance.
Beautifully done.

What an AMAZING video! I just love watching it!
You are such a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So natural, so sweet and so cool! :)
I can’t tell how much I just LOVE this video of you!
Pure inspiration! ♥♥♥

You can be so, so proud of yourself Kristina!
You are a stunning woman! :)
Keep up your great work! *_*

And at this point I wish you the best New Year’s Eve that you
ever have! I also wish you a beautiful, good and healthy new year
Madame! :) ♥


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I just can’t get enough of your writing Kristina!

Oh wow, these photos and that video are just absolutely stunning! Congrats girl on everything you have accomplished, how far you have come :)


Oh wow!! You as “Miss Dior”!!!! Pure perfection!!

I am always inspired by people who live their dreams. Who worked hard and made it possible. Reading your words makes me happy for you and for myself too, because I know it is possible. It encourages me to keep going, to work hard and keep believing.
I love your words and I guess that’s mainly why I started following you on your journey. I am not so much into fashion, sometimes feel like I don’t really understand it. But that’s okay. I don’t haven to get everything ;)
The video though is beautiful. Just s couple seconds in and you get the story. It’s beautifully shot and you look amazing. It’s cute and sexy and made me smile.

I wish you a wonderful end of this successful year and may 2016 bring you lots of success, health and happiness too. I will continue following you and make my thoughts wander while reading your inspiring stories.

Maria Chiara 28 December 2015 / Reply

I loved the video, it’s very you, I mean, I always imagined you in that precise way!! I think that you’ll accomplish anything you want since you’re so natural and so nice, you do everything with heart and love and there’s literally nothing that can stop you!!! I would love to meet you one day, sitting on a tea shop and just talk about art and life!! I do hope that one day I’ll meet you

What an amazing short film, Kristina! I love the flirty and playful attitude you expressed and since I’ve never tried this fragrance, I’m assuming that’s just what it is!

Perfume is one of my first beauty memories with my mom. Lancome’s Tresor and Poeme fragrances hold such dear places in my heart because they were her first purchases. She just got a Tresor set from me for Mother’s Day last year and I’ll never forget how her face lit up! I don’t even think she’s used it yet, haha!

Perfume is SO important. It’s the final touch to an outfit and leaves a memory of you when you walk by a crowd or hug that special someone. I love that your moment with Miss Dior came full circle. It’s so crazy to see how moments in life can make a complete 360 degrees. Congratulations on this amazing project, Kristina!

P.S. I’m patiently waiting for the English version of your book. I can’t wait to add it to my new apartment that I’ll be moving to soon! xo

Really great movie and pictures! I think you should try to start an acting career while in LA- you look great on camera! I loved the text too- very personal and sweet <3 Well, all the reasons you're my favorite blogger!

Dear Kristina,
I loved your post and especially your style of how you wrote it and of course the video is magic! You are someone who always has dreams and does her best to achieve them, without forgetting who you really are. Please guard this quality with care. You are a wonderful person.

These pics are so beautiful xx
Dark Roseberry | Fanpage

Such an inspirational story. Happy Holidays!!

I adore the shot of you in the bath, your make up looks gorgeous! And the video is fab.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
Hugs Adele xoxo

You look stunning here!

Zara Giveaway –

I really admire and I hope that in 2016 continue success. XOXO

Love miss dior!!!!

Happy holidays!!


Your smile is gorgeous the video was nicely done and I mean who doesn’t want a Dior fragance ?? btw I just received your book

Beautiful pictures!

Your weekly inspiration and motivation on

Such a cute article! Enjoy your holidays and spending time with the madre!

Agnes x

simply awesome and the pictures are great

Desesquelle Lise 28 December 2015 / Reply

Tu es magnifique, ça révèle parfaitement le côté jeune et frais du parfum,
I hope to see you one day


Love this perfume!

❤ Kisses from

Kristina, you look amazing as always. Literally. I’m happy for you and the video also looks fantastic!

Amazing !!!! You should be the dior’s testimonial girl!

Amazing shots!

You should be so proud of yourself and all that you have achieved.
XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

Miss Dior always has a special posstion in my heart thanks for its gentle ,sexy and so powerful smell only for ladies :)

Beautiful article darling! It is so great to see you grow and make your dreams come true!


Amazing Kristina… I was crying while reading all your post… and then watching the film… I share with you similar feelings and I can totally understand what you are talking about. Keep doing things like that dear!!
Happy Holidays!!
Mónica Sors

Kristina, tu eres sin duda una de mis más grandes inspiraciones!!!. Las fotos son hermosaaaas <3
Felicitaciones por tanto.

bss desde Chile

You are outstanding Kristina! Amazing video and photos <3


Cette vidéo retranscrit ton naturel, ta sensibilité et bien sur ton incroyable beauté. Bravo Kristina :)

What a great adventure you are living! Keep going :)

Maë –

Wow the video is amazing

Kisses from

I loved this video!

Happy New Year, Kristina!

You are so pretty :)

simply beautiful! you are such an inspiration

Nancy F.Martinez 28 December 2015 / Reply

I loved it , you look beautiful . You don’t know how excited I am to see how much you’ve accomplished after these years that being led reading your blog .

I get inspired every day.

You are so beautiful Kristina! Love the photos and video, and this post was too sweet. Miss Dior Cherie was also my first perfume, and I loved the feeling that I got when I wore it. Congratulations on the book and collaboration, and happy holidays xx

These pictures are amazing and the video is great as well ! I am so happy for you that you get to live your dreams because, from what we see on the blog, you really are a passionate hard working woman. You really inspire me to be a better version of myself!

What a beuatiful text, Kristina. I sure miss more articles like these. I can tell you are a great girl and deserve the good things you have. So congratulations for you! I hope you and your team remain humble and grateful. Even though I didn’t enjoyed the video that much (the man hand felt a bit strange hehe!), it’s a good step in your creatitivity. Keep up the good work, even though I personally purchase different aims for my life, you remain a great inspiration and one of the VERY FEW bloggers I like to read :)

What a great video! Love it!
xoxo Lynda

unbelievable story, don’t even want to think about my dreams coming true one day….

Such a beautiful story Kristina. Wild and sweet. Love it!
xx Sandra

love this post! Thanks for sharing =)

I always enjoy I’m gaining myself years from now and seeing what I do with my life and all the adventures I’ll endure. I really want to travel the world as well and work with wildlife.

Wow so proud of you to get your dreams come true, looking really good as a Dior girl. Congrats!!


What a beautiful post. Makes me feel sentimental and happy for good things to come. Recently I had an emotional 10 minute breathing session like that, and it brought up some emotions and tears for me as well…happy tears, but also some bittersweet tears. I think it’s very important to stop and take in the world around you, especially where you are right now — achieving so many dreams! It’s nice to take time to let them sink in. Wishing you and your mom a wonderful new year!

xoxo – Kelly

Wow! I love the commercial and the photos. It’s SO Dior! You’re gorgeous and flawless as always :)

This text is so beautifully written and the video and pictures are just amazing, but you didn’t post any Christmas-related things. Maybe because in LA there’s no snow or you’re not in Switzerland anymore, idk but it’s kinda sad. There was always something – like the Louis Vuitton posts last year. Anyway, I wish a very happy (and productive) New Year.

Amazing photos and the video is beautifull.


You made me cry, Kristina, really. I’m so happy for you that your childhood dream came true :)
You really helped me to believe that I can achieve what I want as well, if I work hard as you do. Thanks for that.

Thank you for being an Inspiration♥
Olya, x

Such a beautiful story. That moment between you and your mom is a memory you should cherish forever. Happy holidays, Kristina!

This article is amazing, really heart touching, I love your style of writing..and the story you’re talking about is so close to everybody’s life, we are all growing as person and getting so much experience from life, but family is so important! Take care of your mom, no one can support you more, than mom, enjoy your holydays and be happy, Kristina!
xx, Nataliya

I think it’s my favourite video that you’ve made! the beach scenes are amazing! and your dresses are to die for :)

This text is absolutely beautiful, and so are the pictures! xx

Gorgeous post! Love your stunning pictures and your lovely clip!

I started tearing up just reading this! You are incredibly talented and you deserve all the success in your life. All the best, and have an amazing end of the year!

LIVING IN PLAID – Personal Style Blog from Brussels

This is so beautiful! I hope I can live out my wildest dreams like you one day.


such an amazing post and the photos are so beautiful!

The Pictures are so amazing!

Hope you had a nice Christmas! ;)

Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

very professional…you have a great team …

Kristina! I am so happy for all that happenned to you this year! I am so happy of what you became! Thank you to inspire a bunch of people! Thank you for being so close to your fans! You are my n°1 inspiration. You made me discovered the fashion world. I have a btter view of what is fashion thanks to you! I hope you spent a great christmas with your family. I wish you the best§
Love you so so sooo much! Des bisous de Montpellier :)

Congrats beautiful it must be wonderful to live out your dreams!
Great pics too


Beautiful photos! You are perfect for Dior. So stunning! xx

You are amazing Kristina! Truly inspiring <3


I love the way you describe things, your use of words is amazing!
Lovely clip of you.
XX Selin

Kristina ou la fille qui arrive à faire de ses rêves de jeune fille sa réalité de jeune femme. Tu es une inspiration, encore une fois tu nous donnes envie de nous battre pour réaliser nos rêves. Et cette vidéo est super, ton ami à réussi à faire de toi une véritable miss Dior. Il faut dire que ta tête de poupée s’y prête tellement bien !

Tu es superbe! La video est top et tu es parfaite pour Dior !! Xxx

You are incredible! Such an inspiration.

fabuleuse kristina !!! tu es un tout !!!! reste toi !!! écoute ton corps !!! respecte le !!! sois sage ma toute belle !!!à bientôt !!!!

I’m in love with your blog. Lovely post! Very well written. Keep in touch.

One of the best blog entries I’ve read in a long time:)
So true and emotional. Thank you for inspiring people and sharing this with world!

The part where you run around the house is probably my favourite. You look so beautiful.

What a colourful and cheerful look! Love it ..!

It’s her blog; she has the right to put whatever she wants on it. She succeeded because people like her! She worked hard for what she has now. And yes you’re probably right we live in a pretentious world, but she made a Dior perfume publicity it’s amazing. She has a fashion blog thats what she does. It’s her work to show high-end brands. I am proud of all the things she accomplished. Stop being a hater, Thanks

We really like your work kristina, very inspiring. From team summerlabel-
High end collection of best undiscovered private labels.