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Paris, Paris… Mon amour. I woke up this morning with a crazy desire to have a very long lunch at La Société (the tuna tartar and one, or many, glasses of Pinot Noir…Merci!) before walking around endlessly in Saint Germain. Oh Paris… I have such a strong attachment to this city and I can tell that I am missing it so much. To all my french readers, I hope that the situation is getting better. With this terrible tragedy that occurred, I have never seen anybody react like the Parisians did. My friends, who got locked up in their apartments for days when the conflict happened, told me some words that will never get out of my head :  ”What happened is a tragedy and an attack to humanity itself. But, they aren’t going to stop us from enjoying life, from being happy, from drinking our wine and having our endless dinners, from being honest, from throwing parties out of the smallest occasions, from making love and giving love to our beloved ones, no matter where they come from, no matter their color or gender, they aren’t going to stop us in our freedom of expression.”. So the next following days, they all decided to sit outside, on the terraces of their favorites brasseries and make it a statement “we won’t stop living, even if it’s worth dying for”.

Paris is inspiring me day by day. And even if I am so far away right now in sunny California, I can’t wait to be back in January. This year has been so, so incredibly impactful for us and I realize that we have spent almost half of it in France. It just feels so close to my heart, to what I know, to all my friends that are there and also my family that is so much closer. Having been raised in Geneva, which I heard some call the Paris of Switzerland, I have to say, culturally, there are so many similarities. Honestly, all I really care about is eating cheese and talking about Marcel Proust for hours while dressed in a black and white marinière and camel coat over the shoulders, with just a touch of red on the lips and finger tips…

Our long fashion month finally wrapped up early October in Paris after we circled through the whole globe. I still can’t believe that I haven’t properly shared with you guys our PFW recap. I guess there have been too many things going on. Which is always good, right? This season was pure magic and I think that my personal style has also evolved into something different compared to last year. Obviously the 70ies were a huge inspiration, with Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and all these other gorgeous french icons that I’ve been looking up to for ages. The pants were flared, the tops short, tight and cropped. I loved playing with collars, chokers and long fluid materials became my go-to. During most of PFW we were followed by the L’Oréal Paris production crew who were filming the short movie announcement for my arrival as the new e-Spoke in the team. So my make-up during the whole time was pretty much on fleek, I have to admit it. We experimented a bit with the lip colors (one of my favorite ones was a deep purple called “Préliminaire” that I wore to the Rochas after-party) and especially they eye, with my all time favorite wing. Curious to know which one of these looks is your favorite! xxx


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I’m obsessed with your style, all these outfits are amazing. And your photos are amazing <3

All beautiful pictures again! Really love all of your outfits, but the black and white on the first picture is my favourite <3

Kristina you look stunning! I love all of your outfits.

With all the buzz around Vintage Clothes, you should try putting some of them on in your looks, designer clothes from 70s or 80s can create amazing effects, I hunt for vintage gems on a daily basis, you can check some of my finds on my blog.
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I got the impression for me this wonderful post is as inspiring as for your Paris :) Enjoy!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Une belle rétrospective de tes looks de la PFW! Tes make ups sont superbes !
Tu penses faire une tournée pour la promotion de ton livre? :)

Love these shots! Amazing as always!!!!

xx Leesa & Kate
Travel inspiration?

I loved the “second to last” look!!! Color suits you so well. Its so chic and classy. Neither too formal nor too casual!
Hope to see more pictures from the same look. Thank you for inspiring us everyday :)

Each of these photos are gorgeous!


All your looks are amazing!!!! Love your style!

Amazing post! Love your looks, you have such an unique style. Can’t decide what’s my favourite but I think the white patent overknees are really special but look so classy on you!
best wishes

This is fabulous!

|| D I A N A ||

I really love all of your looks, but my favorite one is the one with the black fringe vest and the brown hat! Looks absolutely amazing

xxx, Lena

You look amazing, I loved the first black&white look the most, simple, but refined in every particular, I also love that look with a fringed jacket. Have a nice time there in LA!
xx, Nataliya

Now, that’s a fashion era that suits You perfect! I especially love the look with swallows. Great post!

amazing looks for PFW! LOVE ALL!


Hello Kayteam! I’ld like to post a sugestion: it would be nicer to see more videos at Kayture. Some covering of events, more personal stuff or criative videos of your own would be a lovely complement to the work you display here. It would add a interactive appeal to the website and I’m sure most readers want to connect to Kristina on another level. I’ve been following Kayture since 2011 and I think that’s a really blank space in it. Kisses!

si je tiens compte de la coiffure, des accessoires, du look en entier, le look avec manteau jaune et jean, et celui avec manteau beige à manches 3/4, sont mes préférés, les plus casual finalement. Par ailleurs, j’aime beaucoup aussi la tenue verte, avec les manches en dentelle. Quand à la tenue-je ne sais plus si c’était Dior?- avec la jupe jaune… ce look est superbe, mais beaucoup plus sophistiqué.

Me encantan las fotos!, como siempre tus looks perfectos! <3
preciosa Kristina!


Love all the looks, Paris is such a wonderful place. Congrats on the book Kristina!

I aspire to attend Paris Fashion Week one day; it looks absolutely mesmerizing! All of your looks are lovely, but I especially like the black and mustard yellow dress!

All these pictures are amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

Girl I love all your looks! I wish i could buy your book, but since i live in China i can’t get it. I see your accomplishments since the beginnig and it makes me believe that everyone can make their dreams come true. I just started my blog, i dream about being able to travel, live that glamorous life, take beautiful pictures, inspire other people,. I know that there’s sleepless nights, exhausting flights, and other catches, but i think it’s all worth it. Your blog makes me happy, i enjoy to read every post and even though i don’t know you as a person, i believe that you not only beautiful outside but inside you are very kind and frendly. I hope i will meet you one day, maybe when i become famous blogger and move to LA or when you come to Beijing ;) P.S. Aizhan

Ahhh, the look with the thigh highs and peter pan collar = I’m in love <3 Beauty overload in this post, but what a good problem to have xx

Anastasiya //

Great photo roundup and tons of inspiring outfits! Congrats on the book once again!

Such amazing looks, all of them ! My favorite it the denim skirt – cream combo ! So fresh and beautiful <3 I wish to have a wardrobe collection like yours one day, it is perfect !


I’m usually not a big fan of the flared pant but I love the look with the hat! Also the one with the white over the knee boots looks super good in my opinion! xx

Great looks, especially the first one! :)

What a great recap from PFW! Your pictures are always a great source of inspiration – loved your outfits!

Absolutely adore everything about these photos! The writing, the outfits and the shots :)

x Alona |

I like the green look, the coat with the birds and the look with a yellow skirt , so classy and modern at the same time !
The best makeup for me is the one you wear whit the coat whit birds !
Xo e.

Awesome look and congratulations for you book !!!

a good reason to go on…
you really rock, girl

Ooooh so hard to pinpoint a fave – I think out of all your fashion week looks, your Parisien outfits are some of the best. I adore the mustard yellow coat, & probably the thigh high split skirt & blouse.
Hugs Adele xoxo

Well, Paris may really still be the cultural capital of the world, and an example of freedom and liberty of living, so your passion for Paris makes a lot of sense, and your sense of style and expression turn you into an icon that brightens up the city of lights!

Absolutely stunning on every single picture! <3


That yellow coat is amazing, one of my fav outfit of yours


So many inspiring shots and outfits, especially the first one. You look absolutely incredible, as per usual. And your hair! Don’t get me started on your hair.

I must say, I do miss your more comprehensive and on-the-go blogging that you used to achieve, however I can just imagine how little sleep you would get if you kept that up (if any at all!). Still, I had to say because you’re seriously amazing at what you do and still manage to get me visiting here time and time again.

Kiara <3 //

Your picture amazing! Love the skirt of the first look!

I love the flares,and all the looks!


I love your blog! Your style is perfect and you look beautiful.

Love Charlotte Elizabeth xo

Lovely recap ! you style really has evolved and I like the 70ies inspired looks a lot :) You rock girl !

Best from Berlin
x Gitta

These photos are so beautiful Kristina! Loving the vibes of all of the outfits!

Agnes x

It’s incredible how you have made yourself a star just at 22 yo. I admire you!
BTW, you look terribly awesome in all pictures :)

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Have a nice week! M

Kristina? I’m done! ♥♥♥
You just look so AMAZING in every single photograph!
The outfits are flawless, like you!
I LOVE, LOVE the one with that cool yellow coat!
And the one with the sexy jeans skirt! – I think that one is my
personal favourite! So, so chic and edgy! :)

Keep up your fantastic sense of style BEAUTY! :) ♥
Lots of LOVE to you pretty Madame! :)

Photography & Fashion Blog


looking stunning head to toe in every look


I am obsessed with your style! You look unreal in everything! It’s heart breaking what happened in Paris, even for those that don’t live their like me it upset me! So cruel! xx

Eclética and Chic 7 December 2015 / Reply

Beautiful outfits and amazing inspiration!

Loving the camel coat plus white thigh high boots ensemble the most :D It’s so chic and effortless, and it makes you look even more beautiful than normal!

And yes, I totally agree with your friends, Kristina. These attacks were a tragedy, but we can’t let it stop us from living. Thank you for always sharing so many positive messages :) You’re truly an inspiration!

XO, Elizabeth

Gorgeous! I love each and every one of your looks!

Gorgeous photos, it’s honestly hard to pick one favourite outfit because you look amazing in all of them! x

Amy Bielawski 7 December 2015 / Reply

Can you tell me where you got the items in the first photo?

I love all of your pictures and outfits from Fashion Week! It’s so interesting to see each of the blogger’s perspectives from FW.

Ahh LOVE all the outfits you’re wearing!!

Stunning photos. And of course, your outfits were amazing!

- Maya at

Amazing photos Kristina!



These images a perfect, loved your looks!

coucou kristina!!! tu es magnifique et une vraie inspiration pour moi! tu me fais voyager et m’evader grace a tous tes partages! je viens de commander ton livre et j’ai hate de le lire!! j’espere rencontrer l’equipe kayture lors d’un de vos voyage , je t’embrasse et continue tes belles aventures!

My fashion icon! All outfits are simply amazing! <3
Best wishes from


thanks for sharing your PFW experiences. Love all your looks, but especially the yellow coat outfit =)

You look amazing dear! love this post.





All of your outfits are amazing, and I love the pictures, the background is perfeeeect ! So grateful to live here in Paris, even with everything happening now. xx

Great look with denim mini skirt. Very feminine.

All your outfits are so beautiful! I love your glam, classic looks and your modern interpretation of them. I especially love the shot of you getting into your car, you exude so much glam even in that very normal shot.

Characters & Carry-ons

Love this post so much, your PFW looks are bomb. Especially love the blouse and denim skirt look and the all black attire- so hot!


Woa Kristina, you look so super classy in all of these pictures! The girly look with the jeans skirt, the olive green look and the one with the swallow-blouse are my very favorites. I must say, I love it when you write about Paris. I’m living in Paris at the moment (I’m studying a semester abroad) and I just can’t believe that I will have to return home soon. I don’t want it to ever end! The city is so extremely wonderful and inspirational. Anyway, have fun in LA in the meantime!

xx B

I love every outfit you wore! Chic af.

Blog || Instagram

Well said, Paris is full of life and love and it won’t stop being what it is. It’s such a beautiful city to enjoy!!

Anna x

die Annakonda

what i can say about like this pictures really amazing and loved

A perfect shot ! You always stand like an inspiration !!

beautiful and inspiring

Beautiful looks. Paris such a beautiful an magical city

Kisses from

Loved the Chloé look ! And I actually saw you outside at the Elie Saab show !



I adore all these looks- each is so unique! Especially love the denim mini, pink coat & white boots though <3

These images are just stunning!
PFW must be one of the most glam fashion week out there!
Loved the outfits!

Kinga x

Those white leggings are killing me, they’re so gorgeous (just like every one of your outfits) ♥♥

Amy x

Loved this recap what amazing outfits!


I was in Paris 2 weeks after the attacks and despite the heavy military presence, Parisians did not seem phased – the joie de vivre was still there and it was amazing and inspiring to see. Made our experience that much more special (especially since I got engaged!)

Tania Biland 20 December 2015 / Reply

Your Make-up is so so SO amazing

Thanks for sharing, amazing blogs!

So in love with your post.Beautiful!

love you Kristina! all of your looks are so fabulous, I’m especially obsessed with that embellished Rochas skirt :)) I really admire the way that all of your looks are so different, yet all blend seamlessly into your diverse style

Beautiful styling and photography. In love with the statement Parisian looks – so sophisticated and playful!

the fringe jacket with the deep v blouse and camel high waisted paints is ON POINT. so 70s chic!

Pure perfection, can I just say!

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Nice outfit! You look so stunning :)

Wonderful styling and photography.

Hi ! top :D

I absolutely love your blog! You’re my favorite blogger and such an icon. I hope one day I will be able to go to PFW like you have! Your different looks are so gorgeous!

All of your outfit are all amazing!! Can’t get my eyes off you, so beautiful!!

No matter what you wear Kristina you always look beautiful.

Nice shoes on photo #3