Seduction. What is really seduction? Is it the act of attracting someone’s attention and imply just with one look our inner intentions? Or is it the very idea of making someone feel special? Now that we are in the middle of the holiday period of the year, it seems like the perfect time to think about that… Offices are closed, students are on a break and we all have a second to breath and allow ourselves to think about other things than our regular duties. It’s the perfect time to allow ourselves the freedom of letting our minds go. And that’s when the magic happens.

You might go out at a friend’s party, or you might simply be hanging out with your group of friends that night in a really cool bar in town and then it just hits you. This person, that you simply can’t take your eyes off. We’ve all experienced that, right? And it’s not even about the looks, it’s a whole aura. A charisma that’s so unique, different. It just struck you and it’s hard to explain why… In those situations, how do you even entail the process of seduction? What is it that you are supposed to do?

I always felt like a men’s fragrance was one of the most important parts of the seductive game. It can not only become a conversation starter but it is also something that’s beyond our vision… Our olfactive sense is stronger than you might think it is. It’s almost subliminal to a point, where it’s hypnotizing, unforgettable. Like a strong suit, a sharp stature, a fragrance becomes the very extension of a person’s demeanor. And isn’t that so fascinating?

I had the biggest pleasure working with the Hugo Boss team in London on this exciting new project evolving around their fragrance « Boss, The Scent » which is such a rich, sexy, masculine scent. It was my first time ever working on a men’s fragrance and I have to say, the whole filming crew really pushed my limits and made me say things that I mostly keep off the records. But it was so fun to go over some of my personal experiences and get to play it so sexy…

There’s no doubt that seduction brings us humans together. It makes us feel more confident, bolder, it makes us want to take more risks, look better… And if a fragrance can generate those kind of emotions in us, then what’s even more interesting than that? I feel like a fragrance has always been such a nice gift to offer to your beloved ones for holiday season, and especially when this ones comes with such an empowering message. You can shot the fragrance at Macy’s or find it in your local beauty stores. I’ll leave you with these thoughts and happy seduction guys ;)

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Oh, this is interesting that you like men’s fragrance as for me it’s absolutely the same :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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Your words are as captivating as this scent sounds <3

Anastasiya xx

OH GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O
It’s just amazing!
You look so sexy and beautiful Kristina! ♥♥♥♥
I really LOVE your pretty face! :)

Awww makes me cry! :D :) ♥

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Such a great experience!
Don’t miss today my new stiletto booties with an arny style coat….
❤ Kisses from

Great campaign. Love all the pics and love Hugo Boss. Such a great brand!

Kisses from

You are such an inspiration girl, I have loved this text very much!

Beautiful as always!

Love the pictures and the video too! Looking pretty as always <3

I am really curious how the scent of this fragrance really smells like after reading this post! Thanks for sharing!


Yes, Hugo is doing a huge campaign online… Nice collaboration! You look beautiful by the way.

Check out my lat post before Christmas. Get inspiration, find ideas, and thoughts about this time of the year.

Hugs!! M

I like the way you question about things, this philosophic side of your writing :)
good job

Anna x

die Annakonda

that scent sounds really really good and seductive

I am totally with you saying that a men’s fragrance is one of the most important parts of the seductive game. I am totally lost if one has this seducctive sent on haha and it is always fascinating how memories flash back if I smell a certain sent again.
Really cool project you have been working on :)

Best from Berlin
x Gitta

you are so lovely!

Sexy! Congrats on this amazing work – it looks so awesome!

xx Cindy

You are stunning as always Kristina! Great job with Hugo Boss team!

So beautiful I love what your wrote about seduction ! I Hope you’ve another commercial with because between pictures and video I think something missing. You’re beautfil and such an amazing inspiration for all girls around the world !

love frome France

I love this video, I love Hugo Boss!

Love your makeup! What a cool experience and great post <3

Congratulations on working with such a big brand like Hugo Boss, Kristina <3 You're always such an inspiration!

Yes, I totally agree – a man's fragrance can really add the finishing touch to a charismatic aura :) A nice suit, broad shoulders, clean scent, and great smile can make any man instantly confident and sexy!

Loving all of these photos, and especially the little clip! <3

XO, Elizabeth

There are definitely some mens scents that appeal. My husband wears the Tom Ford Noir for men & I love it! Mind you I love the womens version too!!!!
You look as gorgeous as ever in your video Kristina.
Hugs Adele xoxo

I applaude for making such a good article out of such a boring perfume concept… Don’t get me wrong, but I honestly think that the marketing around man’s fragrances is always repetetive and boring: either the main idea is seduction or strenght. It seems that the great brands can only target man if they sell the idea of a perfume that atracts women or gets them fancy cars and biceps hehe.
Either way, your text is divine and very well written as usual. You even manage to make the ideia interesting. The Hugo Boss team should invite you in!

It’s a very cool ad :) Very seducing <3

Hope you have a happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year !

Such a wonderful video campaign, love your message!

You look beautiful, congrats on working with Hugo Boss!

The photos are gorgeous and this video is just incredible. Very well done!

These photos are stunning! Merry Christmas. xx

Andreea Grigore 25 December 2015 / Reply

Merry Christmas Kristina!!!!

Fashion Blogger from BARCELONA

this scent….awesome

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Me ha encantado el video!!, gran trabajo Kristina,eres sin duda una gran inspiración! <3


I liked this post a lot. I actually prefer men’s fragrance to women’s. It is so much more mysterious.


really love this ads…..I can’t resist not to reply and reply again :) :D

You’re so beautiful! I cant wait to try out this perfume!!

You are simply gorgeous :) True that: a real man needs to wear a great fragrance ^^ As a cherry on the top! Greetings from Germany

Stunning! The final result was amazing!

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great video, amazing pics and hair !

You look so beautiful and elegant here. Love to see your hair like this.